Red Rose Thorn

Leaving the Opera Populair

Have you ever felt like you are walking a long distance, but you don't know where you are going or what your destination is? That's how I'm feeling right now. I'm walking down this long narrow tunnel and it's slightly dark. There are a few candles lit, so I can barely see where I'm going. I feel like I'm dragging something. I look down to see I'm wearing my "Think of Me" dress. I don't know why I'm wearing it. Suddenly, I stop because I am looking at two different entrances to go to. They both look the same to me. All of the sudden, I heard someone down in one of the tunnel's entrance.

"Brieanna, help me! Please save me!"

Christine? What's she doing there and what's wrong? I turned to the left to follow Christine's voice when all of the sudden I hear another voice in the right entrance.

"Brie, where are you? What's going on? Brie, come back!"

"Amber," I whisper in horror.

What in the world is she doing and how did she get here? No, she couldn't be here, but what if she was? I looked at both tunnels and was so confused. I did not know which tunnel I should choose, because I kept hearing Christine and Amber calling out to me.

"Brieanna, please help me. I'm you sister and you're the only family I have left. Please don't leave me!"

"Brie, please come back. What's going on? I don't know where I am. You're my best friend and I need you. Brie… Brie please!"

What the hell is going on? I don't know which side I should choose. To me it sounded like both my "sister" and my best friend were both in trouble. Before I could make a decision, the floor underneath me opened up. I screamed as a plummeted down into icy cold water. It felt like a thousand knifes stabbing me when my body slammed into that water. It was really hard to get my head above the water, because of the weight of my dress.

I finally got my head above the water. I looked up where the trap door had opened to see a shadowy figure staring down at me. I looked closely to see that the mysterious figure was Erik.

"Erik! Please help me," I screamed out to him.

Erik just stared down at me, not even moving to help me out. His eyes looked cold and his body was stiff as a board. Before I could call out to him again, something wrapped around my waist. I gasped as I looked down to see that a rope had wrapped around my waist. I tried to remove the rope, but it wouldn't budge. Suddenly, the rope was wrapped around my feet and arms.

I looked back at Erik and cried out, "ERIK, HELP ME! PLEASE HELP ME!"

Again he just stared at me. Then the rope wrapped around my neck and pulled me under the water. I felt the water entering my mouth as the rope continued to drag me down. The last thing I saw was Erik walking away from the trap door, before my whole world turned black.

I gasped with fright as I woke up. My hand touched my neck to feel that there was no rope. I looked around to see I was in Madame Giry's spare bedroom. To keep a close eye on Christine and I and to make sure we are safe, she allowed us to stay in her home for the time being. It was a nightmare; thank God it was not real. Ever since the murder of Buquet, I've been having these strange nightmares for the past week. One nightmare that I had was that I was strangled by a rope and another one was Erik and my family disappeared forever. The nightmares were becoming so real, that I was afraid to fall asleep.

The opera performance was cancelled because of the incident and everyone was still scared of Erik. Some of the families of the ballerinas took their daughters away from the opera house, fearing the Phantom would come after them next. Madame Giry knew it was not safe for either Christine or me, so she allowed us to stay with her and Meg for the time being. Raoul kept a close eye on us and decided it was best if we both spent the winter back at his mansion. He wanted us to be there for 3 months. Christine was all for it, but I was skeptical. It would be nice to go, but I kept on feeling uneasy that something bad would happen at the Opera House, if I left.

I remember the day when Andre and Firmin announced that the show was cancelled.

I smiled as I walked on stage to take my final bow. The whole audience stood up and applauded as I cruised. Some of the audience members were throwing roses to me. After the whole cast and I bowed one more time, the curtain finally closed.

Andre and Firmin walked up to the cast as Andre said out loud, "Yes hello, could I have everyone's attention please… please everyone…"


I gasped as I looked to see Madame Giry slam her training stick to get everyone's attention.

"Thank you; may I have your attention please. Due to some… events, the opera will continue until the end of the week," said Andre.

Everyone turned to each other looking confused and worried. I knew some of the opera members were worried about the Phantom's next attack, but others were upset because they weren't getting any more money. I looked to see Christine and Raoul silently talking to each other while Meg is being comforted by her mother.

I sighed as I sat down on one of the chairs, trying not to wrinkle the dress I was wearing. I felt like everything that had happened was my fault. I knew I should have remembered that Erik would kill Buquet, and yet I didn't do anything to stop it. I mean, he was a perverted ass, but he didn't deserve to die. I have seen the musical, watched the movie, and read the book so many times that I should have remembered everything that would happen. I think that the longer I stay here, the more I would forget what will happen next.

My thoughts went to Erik. Is he still mad at me for pulling off his mask? Did I make things wrong? I hope to God I didn't copy Christine, like she did in the musical. I really don't want to make the same mistakes she did.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I felt someone's stare at me. I looked behind me to see no one was there. If there is one person I know who was secretly watching me that would be Erik. It's weird because half of me was still excited to find him, but the other half was scared of what he had done.

Before I could walk closer, someone grabbed my hand to stop me. I looked back to see Christine was looking at me all worried while Raoul held my hand.

"Are you alright Brieanna," asked Raoul.

"Yeah… I'm fine. I just got a lot on my mind"

Christine walked up to me and hugged me when Raoul let go of my hand. I slowly placed my arms around her as she petted my head to calm me down.

"It's alright sister. I won't let anything hurt you," she whispered.

I softly smiled when I heard what she had said. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked up to see it was Raoul. He smiled back at me, silently saying that he is here for me too. It's good to feel like someone is there for me. Little did I know, two dark eyes glared at us and at Raoul's hand that was placed on my shoulder, before the figure silently disappeared.

I broke out of my daydream when I heard a soft knock at my door. I immediately ran to the door and quietly asked who was there.

"Brieanna, it is Christine. Are you ready," I heard my sister asked.

"Almost," I said as I grabbed a dress to change into quickly.

"Alright, Raoul and I will be at the carriage waiting for you," I heard her say.

After I changed into a dark green dress and put my hair in a bun, I grabbed my suitcase and walked outside. Meg and Madame Giry were outside with Christine and Raoul all waiting for me. Meg immediately ran up to me and slammed into me as her arms wrapped around my body.

"I wish you could stay a little longer. I'm going to miss you so much," she said as she silently cried.

I smiled sadly as I whispered back, "I know Meg. I'll miss you too."

"You have to promise me that you'll write every day," she pleaded.

I laughed as I promised her. After saying goodbye to Madame Giry, Christine and I got into the carriage, while Raoul's horseman placed our luggage in the carriage. Raoul held the rains and looked back at us. He smiled at me telling me we are ready to go. Christine and I waved goodbye to Meg and Madame Giry as the carriage slowly pulled away. I looked back at the Opera House silently saying goodbye for now.

Little did I know, a dark figure stared at the moving carriage. The figure was still heartbroken and furious at the passengers of the carriage and to make it worse, his angel of music was leaving for 3 months. His eyes widen when his angel turned to look back at the Opera House. He felt like she was staring right at him, pleading him to not let her be taken away. How he wanted to jump out, grab her, and take her away with him.

He closed his eyes when the carriage disappeared from his sight. His angel was gone again, and this time he wouldn't see her in 3 months. He snarled when he realized she and her sister would be with… him, that boy! He remembered hearing that even Christine was now afraid of him. She wouldn't even call to him to sing to her or tell her a story, for the past week. He wouldn't let that fop take his angel and her sister away from him. He will have Brieanna! The thought of his opera came to mind. While he was planning how to get his angel back, he would continue to write his masterpiece. With one last look at the vanishing carriage and the two Girys walking away, the Phantom dissolved into the shadow to retire back to his lair… where he was planning how to get his angel back and continue to write his opera.

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