Red Rose Thorn

Begging For Forgivens And Opera House

Stupid rich boy; stupid Raoul! Man, I really hate him! Why can't he think before he speaks? How dare he say that I am going to live alone! He doesn't say who I should date! Gosh, I wish I could just knock some sense into that idiot's head!

I sighed as a sat down under the cherry blossom tree. I looked up to see the pink flowers were in bloom. As the sun shined down through the branches, the flowers looked like they were dancing in a spotlight. A soft breeze touched my face. I looked over at Scarlet to see her drinking some cool water in the creek.

I smiled as I thought this place was like paradise. However, paradise was ruined when I heard another horse galloping close by and someone calling out, "Brieanna! Brieanna, where are you?"

I groaned as I realized whose voice that was. I turned to look behind the tree to see Raoul on his white steed trying to find me. I gasped when his eye landed on my eyes and I turned around so that I would not look at him. I closed my eyes when I heard his feet land on the ground. I slightly opened my eyes to see Raoul dragging his stallion by his reins to the creek, so that the horse could drink some water. He slowly turned to look at me, before I turned my head away from him. I am so not going to forgive him that easily.


"Go away," I said harshly.

Raoul sighed as he slowly and cautiously walked up to me. "Brie, please let me explain."

He stopped suddenly when he saw my eyes glaring at him. "I don't want to hear it. Just leave me alone."

He ignored my warning and continued to walk up to me. "No, I am not leaving until you listen to what I have to say."

I sighed, before I looked into his pleading eyes. Oh no, not the puppy eyes! I hate it when everyone uses the puppy eyes on me. "You have three minutes to speak to me."

Raoul nodded his head as he said to me, "Look, I know I said that you will be alone-"

My eyes harden when I was reminded of what he had just said. Screw the puppy eyes guilt! I am still pissed off at him! "Thanks for that reminder. Your three minutes are pushed up. You can leave now."

I stood up and walked over to Scarlet. Before I could reach her, Raoul grabbed my arm and turned me around. "Let me finish, I said that you will be alone… but I was wrong. I should have never said that to you, and for that I apologize."

"Apology not accepted," I said to him. I turned and started to pet Scarlet to calm myself down. "What you said really hurt me."

I lightly jumped when I felt one of Raoul's hand placed on my shoulder as to comfort me. "I know and for that I am truly sorry. I didn't realize what I had said until after I have said it. You will never be alone since you have me and Christine. I implore you to forgive me and my foolish behavior," begged Raoul.

I slowly stopped petting Scarlet and looked at Raoul… and he's doing the puppy eyes again! "Alright fine, but I am still mad at you. Plus, I'm sorry for… you know… the slap…"

Raoul laughed as he said, "No, that is alright. I did deserve it."

I smiled as Raoul led me back to the cherry blossom tree and we both sat down. For the next hour or so, Raoul and I talk, laughed, and had a good time together. I smiled as I thought Christine is lucky to have a guy like him. My mind drifted back to the Opera House, Madame Giry, Meg, and… Erik. I wonder what is going on with them.

3rd POV

It has been one month since Christine and Brieanna has left to stay with Vicomte de Chagney. The Opera House has been quiet for quite some time. Christine and Brieanna have been writing to Madame Giry and Meg saying how much they missed them and cannot wait for the gala on New Year's Eve. Meg has been occupying her time practicing her dancing and spending time with one of the violinist named Timothy. You can tell she was smiting with him. She has been writing to Brieanna and Christine too. Telling them that the Opera house was not the same without them. She giggled when Brieanna wrote that Christine and Raoul have spending A LOT of time alone. She hopes that Timothy and she would have a strong relationship like Christine and Raoul.

Madame Giry was happy the girls were well, however she was worried about one particular person. Erik has not made an appearance around the Opera House for the whole month. She knew he has been in his lair doing who knows what. She fears that when Christine and Brieanna, especially Brieanna, return to the gala, that Erik has something dreadful planned.

It has been two months since his angels have left him. Christine and… Brieanna, his angel of music. And she had to leave him with that loathsome miserable fob! He taught her to sing! He showed her his world! And how does she repay him, by tearing his heart out!

Erik slammed his hands on the organ keys making a terrible noises coming out of the pipes. The thought of the fob touching his angel, hugging her, KISSING HER, it just boils him to even think about it.

He ease dropped on the two Girys, while they were reading their letters from the girls. His heart did leap when he heard that they will return for the gala. However, he had a vision of both girls in the arms of that… boy! Erik cannot and will not lose his precious Brieanna again!

As he continued to write his opera, he turned to look at one of the pictures he drew of Brieanna. He grasped the picture and slowly traced his finger on the picture of Brieanna's cheekbone. He imagined touching her real flesh and smelling her rose flavored hair. Oh, how he wanted her back in his arms again. He placed the picture back on the shelf and turned to the pages of his almost finished masterpiece.

"You will be mine Brieanna Daae. You belong to me and no one else! That I promise you!"

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