Red Rose Thorn

Masquerade and Why So Silent

The day of the masquerade ball is finally here. I was so excited to go back to the Opera House. I've never been to a masquerade party or ball before. As the carriage pulled up to the Opera House, I started to fidget with my necklace that had a ring attached to it. No, it is not an engagement ring, but it was Christine's and my Mother's ring.

It was Christmas day when I received the ring as a present. Madame Giry kept the ring safe ever since she brought Christine and I to the Opera House after our Dad died, according to Christine. I was so surprise that Christine was giving me her mother's ring. I was protesting saying that Christine should keep it, because she was the eldest. Christine wouldn't hear of it and insisted that I should keep it. I placed the necklace through the ring and put it around my neck. I promised Christine that I would never lose it.

Another surprise is that Raoul finally proposed to Christine. I was really happy for them. However, Christine still wanted it to be a secret engagement. She told me that she does not want everyone to fuss over the wedding and she was worried about our Angel of Music. She was worried he might be mad if he found out she is dating Raoul, let alone engaged to him. Of course, she didn't tell Raoul one of the reasons was because of Erik.

Anyways, as I was saying before, tonight is the night of the New Year's Masquerade Ball! Besides, the ring necklace totally matched my outfit for the ball tonight. I am wearing a dark blue dress with small silver stars crystals attached, silver high heel shoes, a black mask, and my hair is up in a bun, but with some wavy curls hanging down.

As Raoul helped Christine and I out of the carriage, I looked to see Andre, Firmin, and their "dates" taking a picture in front of the Opera House. I smiled as Christine, Raoul, and I entered the Opera House. My mouth dropped wide open when I saw the inside of the Opera House. The lobby was so beautiful and the guests were dress in beautiful attires and colorful masks. My smile widen when I heard a familiar song as everyone began to sing while dancing.

"Masquerade! Paper faces on parade! Masquerade! Hide your face so the world will never find you. Masquerade! Every face a different shade, masquerade! Look around there's another mask behind you. Flash of mauve, splash of puce, fool and king, ghoul and goose, green and black, queen and priest, trace of rouge, face of beast, faces! Take your turn, take a ride."

One of the female dancers sang, "On the merry go round."

"In an inhuman race," sang a male partier.

"Eye of gold thigh of blue true is false. Who is who? Curl of lip, swirl of gown, ace of hearts, face of clown. Faces! Drink it in; drink it up, till you've drowned, in the light, in the sound."

There was one man who was dressed in gold with a woman who was dressed in black and white. They looked at each other as they sang, "But who can name the face?"

"Masquerade! Grinning yellow, spinning reds, masquerade, take your fill let the spectacle astound you. Masquerade! Burning glances, turning heads, masquerade, stop and stare at the sea of smiles around you!"

The dancers tiptoed as they softly sang, "Masquerade. Seething shadows, breathing lies, masquerade, you can fool any friend who ever knew you."

Then the music started to get louder and the dancers picked up the tempo. "Masquerade! Leering satyrs, peering eyes, masquerade, run and hide, but a face will still pursue you!"

I looked up to see Carlotta, Piangi, Andre, Firmin, Meg, and Madame Giry slowly walking down the stairs.

Carlotta smiled as she sang, "What a night!"

"What a crowd," sang Piangi.

Andresang, "Makes you glad!"

"Makes you proud. All the crème de la crème," sang Firmin.

"Watching us and watching them," Carlotta smirked.

"3 months of relief."

"Of delight."

"Of elysian peace," sang Andre.

Firminsang out loud, "And we can breathe at last."

Carlottasighed as she looked at Piangi and sang, "No more notes!"

"No more ghost," he sang back to her.

"Here's to health."

"Here's a toast to a prosperous year," sang Andre.

"To our friends who are here," sang Firmin.

Carlotta and Piangi sang out, "And may our splendor never fade."

"What a joy," sang Meg.

"What a blessed release."

Madame Giry waved her fan as she sang, "And what a masquerade."

All of a sudden I heard Christine sing, "Think of it! A secret engagement! Look, your future bride! Just think of it."

Raoulsighed as he said, "But why is it secret? What have we to hide? You promised me."

Before Raoul could lean in to kiss her, Christine stops him. "No, Raoul, please don't, they'll see."

Raoul looked frustrated for a moment. "Well then let them see. It's an engagement, not a crime."

"Raoul, she just doesn't want anyone to know yet. Just please, do this for us," I begged him.

Raoul looked at us and sang, "Christine, Brieanna, what are you two afraid of?"

Christine shook her head and whispered, "Let's not argue."

"Let's not argue," sang Raoul.

"Please pretend. / I can only hope. You will/ I'll understand in time." both Christine and Raoul sang.

Raoul let go of my arm and led Christine to the dance floor. I smiled as they began to waltz with the other dancers. I looked over to the left to see Meg dancing with a dance partner who was dressed all in black, wearing a dark blue cape, and a blue mask. I smirked as I realized that the dancer must be Timothy. I got to admit, they are so cute together.

About 2 to 5 minutes later, I felt someone tap my shoulder. I looked behind me to see Christine and Raoul was standing behind me. Raoul held up his hand to me and asked, "May I have this dance Brieanna?"

I looked at Christine to see if it was ok. She smiled and nodded her head. I looked back at Raoul and said, "I would be honored Raoul."

He grasped my hand and led me to the dance floor. He placed one of his hands around my waist and grasped my hand. He then led me into the waltz. I was smiling and enjoying this dance. As we continued to dance, I did not realize that we passed Carlotta as she glared at me. After the music started to slow down, I stopped dancing and dragged Raoul back to Christine to see the fan dancers of the musical.

"Masquerade! Paper face on parade, masquerade. Hide your face so the world will never find you. Masquerade! Every face a different shade, masquerade. Look around there's another mask behind you."

I felt Raoul's arm wrapped around my waist before placing a kiss on top of my forehead. I looked to see Christine and Raoul smiling and holding hands while watching the dancers. I was smiling at the site of them, but I kept thinking that Erik would not approve of this. Oh, why am I worried? I'm sure it would be fine. I looked back at the dancers to see them continue to dance on the stairs with their gold and silver fans in their hands.

"Masquerade! Burning glances turning heads, masquerade. Stop and stare at the see of smiles around you. Masquerade! Grinning yellows, spinning reds, masquerade. Take your fill let the spectacle astound you…."

And that's when everything went from amazing to horrible. The lights in the room dimmed down, but not the lights at the top of the stairs. Everyone looked up to see a man wearing a red outfit, a black mask that covered his forehead and nose, but it stopped at the tips of his cheekbones. Around his waist was a black belt and a sword was attached to it. He was dressed as Red Death.

Everyone gasped in fright and backed away from the man. My heart dropped when I realized who that man was… Erik! I have not seen him for 3 months. I started to shake in fear as I realized that this was the moment he would sing "Why So Silent." Since I was here, I have no idea if the song will stay the same or be completely different. My breathe got caught inside my throat as he slowly walked down the stairs staring at everyone around the room.

"Why so silent, good Monsieur's? Did you think that I had left you for good," he sang in the most hauntings voice.

I felt Raoul tighten his grip around my waist as Christine reached over and grabbed one of my hands. I looked at her to see her eyes widen with fear realizing that this was our Angel of Music. He has come to claim us!

"Have you missed me, good Monsieur's? I have written you an opera." He held up the papers to his masterpiece. "Here, I bring the finished score." He tossed the papers near Firmin's and Andre's feet as he unleashed his sword out. "Don Juan Triumphant!" he looked at his sword as he sang, "Fondest greeting to you all. A few instructions just before rehearsal starts."

During this whole time, I did not realize that Raoul had left Christine and me and Christine moved in closer to me. Erik turned to a shaken, scared Carlotta, who grasped that this was the monster who has been torturing her and her career for the past 3 years. He eyes expanded when Erik slowly walked over to her and pointed his sword out to her.

"Carlotta must be taught to act. Not her normal trick of strutting round the stage."

Carlotta gasped and was insulted when Erik claimed she cannot act. She whimpered as Erik ruffled the feathers in her hair with his sword. Piangi glared at Erik as he pushed Carlotta out of the way and stood right in front of her. But alas, he lost his courage when Erik turned his sword at him and it was Piangi's turn to be taunted.

"Our Don Juan must lose some weight. It's not healthy in a man of Piangi's age," sang Erik as he pocked his sword into Piangi's stomach.

Piangi looked like he was about to cry when Erik mentioned his weight. As Carlotta was trying to comfort her lover, Erik turned to Firmin and Andre.

"And my managers must learn that their place is in an office, not the arts," Erik sang as he pointed his sword at the two frightened managers.

My hand grasped Christine's tighter as I knew what Erik was going to say next. He is going to say who is the star in his opera. "As for our star…" Here is comes… "Miss Brieanna Daae."

No…No, No, No, And No! Not me; it's supposed to be Christine Daae, not Brieanna Daae! I heard my sister gasp and turned to look at me with terror. However, I could not keep my eyes off of Erik.

"No doubt she'll do her best. It's true here voice is good She know, though should she wish to excel she had much still to learn. If pride will let her return to me her teacher, her teacher…"

Erik's eyes landed right onto my hazel eyes. He was breathing very heavy. I could feel myself going back into a trance. I gradually took off my black mask and let go of Christine's hand. I ignored my sister's plea to come back as I walked up the stairs to the Phantom. We both disregarded the stares of everyone in the room. As I continued to walk up the stairs, he slowly descended down the stairs to meet me. We stopped and continued to stare into each other's eyes. I could see that in his eyes there was joy, remorse, and loneliness. Did he really want me or is it just a sick game to him?

His eyes slowly lowered down around my neck. His eyes started to harden before he reached over and yanked something off of my neck. The trance he held on me broke and I gasped when I saw what he was holding. In his hand was Christine's Mother's ring.

I looked right back at Erik as he sang, "Your chains are still mine!" he lowered his head to me and hissed out, "You belong to me, Brieanna!"

I shook my head as my eyes widen with horror. "Erik, please give me back that ring," I pleaded to him.

Erik glared at me before he turned and ran up the stairs. I picked up my dress and started to run after him. No, he cannot believe that ring is my engagement ring like in the movie with Christine's ring. I cannot let him take the last thing that belongs to Christine's mother. I won't let him take it!

I was about to reach him when I was pulled back. I looked to see that Christine grab my arm. I turned to Erik to see him giving me a smirk and a glare before he disappeared in a puff of red smoke. He was gone and he took the ring with him. I gasped when I saw someone running down the stairs to the trap door where Erik disappeared.

"No Raoul, don't do it," I screamed before he jumped into the trap door.

The trap door closed and the guests of the party started to panic and run out of the Opera House. Christine was comforting me and checking to see if I was ok. However, I did not notice her as I continued to stare at the trap door where Erik and Raoul disappeared to. This is my entire fault! What am I going to do now!?

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