Red Rose Thorn

The First Rehearsal

3rd POV

Raoul wasn't thinking as he ran down the stairs and jumped into the trap door. He remembered Brieanna yelling at him to stop, but it was too late. When his feet landed on hard floor, he stood up and unleashed his sword. His eyes refocused to see he was surrounded by many mirrors. He started to panic as he spun around to find the phantom. He gasped in fright when he saw the phantom's mask in the corner of his right eye. He turned to his right and swung his sword. However, the phantom wasn't really there. Raoul looked around at the mirrors trying to find the real phantom. He kept swinging when he thought he saw the phantom. He heard something behind him. He looked to see a noose hanging from the ceiling. He could feel the phantom near and taunting him.

All of a sudden, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He gasped and turned around to see Madame Giry in front of a hidden door.

Raoullooked at Madame Giry all confused as he said, "Madame Giry-"

Before he could say anything else, Madame Giry interrupted him and said, "Come with me quickly."

As Madame Giry led Raoul into the hidden door and closed it behind them, Erik walked out of his hidden place and glared at the hidden door. How dare Madame Giry save that fop! A few more seconds and he could have strangled the boy and Brieanna would be his. Erik closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He needs to concentrate and worry about his opera and winning his angel back. He opened another secret door and walked back to his lair.

Brie's POV

My head was spinning ever since last night. I remembered from the movie that Madame Giry saved Raoul from Erik's death mirror trap and told him about the story of little Erik. I still cried thinking about the flashback scene in the movie. How could they be so horrible to a little kid? They even sold him to be in a freak show and they called him "The Devil Child." I cannot even image what he went through.

Ever since the masquerade ball, things went from bad to worse. Today was the first rehearsal for Erik's new opera. I couldn't sleep at all last night. When I woke up, I looked in the mirror to see that my hair looked like a bird's nest and I had dark circles under my eyes. I looked like an actual zombie.

After I took my bath and got dressed, I walked to the stage, but I noticed something was wrong. I was the latest gossip, and not the good gossip. As I passed some of the performers and ballerinas, they were whispering and looking at my direction. I knew they were talking about me. Every time I looked at the ballerinas who were whispering about me, they turned away from me and pretended they were not talking about me at all. I hate the feeling of being talked about behind your back… literally. I finally saw Christine and Meg practicing their pirouette. When they saw me, they stopped their practice and walked up to me. I could tell they were worried about me.

"Brie, are you alright," asked Meg.

I gave her a look that said, are you seriously asking me that. She looked down at her feet like she was ashamed to ask that question. Christine sighed as she placed her arm around my shoulder like she was comforting me.

"It will be alright. I saw Raoul this morning and he said he'll think of something," said Christine.

All of the sudden, I jumped when I heard a loud shriek that could have broken a crystal glass. I looked to see Carlotta marching away as the managers and her servants were following her.

"Signora, you must understand this-," Andre was trying to explain to her.

"Understand what!? Have you seen the size of my part? I only have a few lines while that… that tramp has the whole show," she shrieked out.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Breathe in the good energy, let out the bad energy. Do not let that witch get inside your head.

"Signora, we will try our best to figure this out for you, but we must start the rehearsals immediately," said Firmin.

Carlotta huffed as she stomped to her seat. I saw her glaring at me with hatred. She was such a jealous drama queen. Christine grabbed my hand and led me to three empty chairs. Meg, Christine, and I sat down on the chairs as we waited for the rest of the chorus and the dancers to sit down around the piano. As everyone was getting to their seats, I looked up to see a shaken Reyer as he was walking up and holding in his hands the lyrics to Erik's opera. As Reyer was handing out everyone their music sheets, Carlotta was still fuming. I laughed to myself as I thought, I guess she never heard the saying, "There are no small parts, just small actors."

Reyer stood in front of the piano and said, "Alright ladies and gentlemen; let us begin."

As Reyer started to play the piano, the chorus members started to sing, "Hide our sword now wounded knight! Your vainglorious ascended brought you to your final fight for your ride, high price you've paid!"

My eyes widen when I realized this was a scene from the Broadway musical. I remembered that they didn't have this scene in the movie.

I looked down at my script and sang out, "Silken couch and hay-filled barn, both have been his battlefield."

We all looked at Piangi as he sang out loud, "Those who taangle with Don Juan-"

And again he got the lyrics wrong. Reyer shook his head and stopped playing the piano.

"No, no, no! Chorus rest, please," said Reyer. Piangi looked around to see who messed up, but realized it was he who messed up. "Don Juan, Signor Piangi -here is the phrase." Reyer touched a few piano keys as he demonstrated, "'Those who tangle with Don Juan.' If you please?"

Piangi looked at his script and again sang out, "Those who taangle with Don Juan."

Reyer groaned with annoyance and said. "No, no. Nearly -but no. 'Those who tan, tan, tan.'"

"Those who taan, taan, taan," Piangi said in frustration and rolled his eyes.

And to make things worse, Carlotta opened her big mouth and said, "His way is better. At least he makes it sound like music!"

I glared at her as she and some of the singers started to laugh. Do you think it's funny to joke about Erik's opera?

Madame Giry had the same thought as she asked Carlotta, "Signora -would you speak that way in the presence of the composer?"

Carlotta stood up from her chair and scoffed. "The composer is not here. And if he were here, I would-"

Madame Giry cut her off and asked, "Are you certain of that, Signora?"

Carlotta's smirk dropped; what if Erik heard her and will drop another sandbag on her head? Carlotta slowly sat down to her chair while everyone else looked frightened and looked around the opera house to see if Erik was here. I even looked behind the chandelier to see if Erik was hiding behind the ceiling trap door. Christine must have sensed my discomfort as she grabbed my hand and squeezed it. I looked at her to see she was giving me a smile, but you could tell from her eyes that she was scared to death, too. Meg shook in fear, but she felt comfort when she looked at the orchestra pit to see Timothy giving her a smile.

Reyer was getting scared as he turned back to Piangi and said in a rush and shaken voice, "Once again, if you please Signor Piangi -after seven." Everyone looked at Piangi as his hands and his script started to shake. Reyer started to count out loud, "Five, six, and seven…"

Piangi took a deep breath and softly sang, "Those who might who taangle with Don Quan."

Everyone groaned when he messed up again. Some singers started talking to each other while others continue to practice their lines. I mentally slapped my head with annoyance. We are not getting anywhere with this rehearsal. Carlotta stood up from her chair and was fed up about the whole thing.

"Ah, pi— non posso! What does it matter what notes we sing? No-one will know if it is right or if it is wrong. No-one will care if it is right, or if it is wrong," she said. Carlotta looked at her script and mocking said, "Those who tangle with Don Juan!"

I sighed and shook my head. I turned to Meg and Christine and whispered, "This does not look good at all."

As both girls nodded their heads and Reyer was getting everyone's attention, he said, "Ladies. Signor Piangi. If you please."

Suddenly, everyone stopped talking when they heard music playing. Everyone's eyes widen in fear when they all turned to look at the piano to see it was playing by itself! No one was near the piano at all. They must have figured out the phantom was near and watching everything.

Afraid to get on his bad side, the chorus members started to sing very loudly, "Poor young maiden! For the thrill on your tongue of stolen sweets you will have to pay the bill -tangled in the winding sheets!"

I felt like they were singing that part directly right at me! After four to five hours of rehearsals, we were all excused for the day. Our "instructions" were that everyone had to be ready for tomorrow's rehearsal at nine in the morning sharp.

Raoul led Christine and I back to our rooms. Since my room was connected to Christine's, Raoul said he'd stand guard at both our doors just in case. He insured us that he'd come up with something to stop this monster. Before all three of us said our goodnights, Raoul laid his hand on my check, kissed my forehead and Christine gave me a hug. Once I closed my bedroom door and changed into my nightgown, I looked around my room to see if there was a trap door anywhere for Erik to sneak in. Once I was convinced that I couldn't find any trap doors, I blew out my night stand candle and laid on my bed, trying for once to get some sleep. However, I was not aware that two eyes were in my room watching me as I closed my eyes.

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