Red Rose Thorn

Wandering Child And Sword Fighting

I sighed as I wiped a tear from my eyes. I looked behind me to see if Christine was near, but she was still not here. How long does it take to go back to the carriage to retrieve flowers? Maybe I should go back to see if everything is alright. I stood up and started to walk back. Suddenly, I stopped when I thought I heard a soft melody playing. The melody lifted my sorrow away.

I didn't realize that I had closed my eyes before I heard, "Wandering child so lost so helpless; yearning for my guidance."

I gasped and looked all around me. Erik? Where is he? I felt a presence near the Daae tomb.

All of a sudden I opened my mouth and sang softly, "Angel or father; friend or phantom? Who is it there staring?"

"Have you forgotten your angel?"

My mind slowly started to fog and I couldn't remember what was going on around me.

"Angel oh speak what endures longing echo in this whisper," I sang softly.

"To long you've wandered in winter far from my fathering gaze."

A small smile slowly moved up on my face as I sang, "Wildly my mind beats against you."

I swore I could have heard a little anger in his voice as he sang, "You resist."

"Yet your/the soul obeys," we both sang together.

I slowly looked up to see the Daae tomb doors light up and the doors opened all by themselves. With the soft melody, the magical doors, and the soothing of Erik's voice, I was slowly going back into my trance.

"Angel of Music! I/You denied you/me, turning from true beauty . . . Angel of Music! My protector/Do not shun me . . . Come to me/your strange Angel . . ."

After singing the last note, the melody turned into that haunting hepatizing music. My smile slowly dropped and my eyes didn't blink. My feet started to walk to the entrance of the tomb.

"I am your angel of music. Come to me Angel of music," I heard Erik sing in a voice that would bring me into an immediate trance.

All I could think was that I needed to find Erik. I am coming Erik, my angel. Since I was in a trance, I didn't hear horses galloping towards me or a female voice calling out my name.

"I am your angel of music. Come to me Angel of music."

I must find Erik. I'm coming to you, my Angel of Music!

"No Brieanna! Wait! Wait!"

I must find Erik. I'm coming to you, my Angel of Music!

"Brie! Sister! Please wait!"

I must find… wait a minute, who's calling for me? My feet suddenly stopped and I slowly started to blink my eyes. My head felt like it was smashed with a hammer. I jumped and gasped in fright, when I felt someone grab my shoulder and started to pull me away from the tomb.

My eyes started to refocus to see Raoul was holding my shoulder and Christine was standing by the bottom of the stairs. There were also two horses near one of the tombs waiting for us. I'm guessing either Raoul brought two horses or Christine took one of the horses from the carriage.

"Raoul… Christine, what's going on," I asked worriedly.

Raoul gently pushed me behind him and near Christine as he said to me, "Whatever you believe, this man, this thing, is not your father."

I felt Christine grab my shoulders as I narrowed my eyes at Raoul, as I said, "I know that-"

I gasped in fright when something bright and red was thrown right at Raoul. Luckily Raoul jumped out of the way before he was hit. I realized that what almost hit Raoul were the fire balls from the Broadway show. Erik was throwing fire balls at us!

"You're not going anywhere," I heard Erik say.

We looked around the cemetery to find him, but we could not see him anywhere. Where is he? Raoul was steaming when he saw how scared Christine and I were.

"Leave her be you monster! Do not go near Brieanna and Christine, you hear me," cried out Raoul as he unleashed his sword.

Erik suddenly laughed before saying, "Miss Brieanna is mine! She belongs to me!"

Christine was shaking in fear as she barely whispered, "Angel."

I nearly screamed when another fire ball shot down near us. Christine held me closer to her and looked scared.

"Brieanna doesn't belong to you! You will never have her," yelled Raoul.

"Raoul, watch out," screamed Christine.

I covered my mouth in shock as Erik leaped down from the roof of the Daae tomb and unleashed his sword. Erik was blind with rage. He would have had Brieanna again, if it wasn't for that boy. Oh, how he HATED that boy so much! He glared at Raoul and swung his sword at Raoul. Raoul blocked the attack and swung his sword back at Erik. They continually dueled each other until Erik backed Raoul to a wall that was as high as his waist. Before Erik could make his final blow, Raoul jumped up over the wall and landed on the snowy ground. Erik jumped over the wall to go after Raoul. Christine grabbed my hand and pulled me down the stone stairs to follow the boys.

"Christine we have to stop them," I said to her before I tried to run up to the boys, but Christine pulled me back.

"But you might get hurt too," said Christine to me.

I looked back to see Erik push Raoul back against a tree. Raoul rolled out of the way as Erik swung his sword at him. Because Raoul rolled away, Erik slammed his sword into a tree branch.

Ok this really needs to stop before they get hurt or worse! "No, stop it! Please stop fighting," I screamed, but of course they wouldn't listen to me.

Their swords suddenly got stuck in an iron fence and they struggled to remove their swords. Erik glared at Raoul and he thrust his elbow into Raoul's stomach. Raoul gasped in pain as he stumbled away. He was able to reach for his sword, before Erik could make another attack. The men were suddenly at opposite ends of another tomb. Erik's eyes narrowed at Raoul.

Both men moved to another space, but when Raoul looked at another space, Erik was nowhere in sight. Raoul looked confused when he saw Erik wasn't there. Erik snuck behind Raoul to make a surprise attack, but Raoul saw him and blocked the attack. They continued to fight when they reached near the steps of the Daae tomb. Suddenly Erik swung his black cloak over Raoul's head, just able to distract Raoul and he slashed Raoul's arm. Raoul gasped in pain and his left arm had an open wound.

Raoul was not only mad at Erik, he was now injured and so he swung his sword madly at Erik, hitting Erik's sword out of his hand. It dropped to the ground. Raoul stepped on the sword and kicked the sword away from Erik's reach. Erik tried to retrieve his sword, but before he could reach it, Raoul raised is sword above his head to make a final strike.

NO! I HAVE TO STOP THIS! I yanked my arm out of Christine's hands, ignoring her pleads, and rushed over to stop them. Before Raoul could make his strike, I grabbed his arm to stop him.

"Raoul, stop this," I screamed.

Raoul and Erik looked at me with shock, because I stopped Raoul from killing Erik.

"Raoul please. Not like this," we heard Christine say.

Raoul looked at us before staring down at the man he was about to kill. Erik was still glaring up at Raoul, waiting to see what the "boy" would do. Raoul slowly slower his sword and grabbed my hand to pull me away from Erik.

"Christine, you take one of the horses back to the opera house. I'll bring Brieanna," said Raoul.

Christine nodded her head before she rushed right up to one of the horses. Raoul led me to the white horse and helped me sit onto the horse before sitting behind me.

As Christine galloped away with one of the horses and Raoul kicked our horse's side to make it start trotting away, I looked back at Erik to see him glaring at us and breathing very heavily. His eyes were staring right into mine. I could feel the anger, longing, lust, and hatred from him. I shivered as I turned away from him.

When the horse started to pick up speed and Raoul's arm around my waist, I swore I could hear Erik say in a low voice, "Now, let it be war upon all three of you!"

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