Red Rose Thorn

What Am I Going To Do?

It has been one week since the cemetery incident and it's been one stressful day after another. We have been rehearsing Erik's opera all day and all night long. Every 30 minutes or less, while we are rehearsing and thinking we have everything done, another note is sent to us. Some of the notes that need to be worked on were one of the violinists. He needs to work on his musical composition or he will be fired. The sets need to be bigger and a few chorus dancers need to work on their foot work.

"Alright everyone, let's take it from the top," said Reyer. Everyone groaned and walked back to their places.

I was waiting on the side of stage left for my queue when I heard Reyer's musicians start to play the beginning music of Erik's opera. The chorus members, including Carlotta walked on stage and began to sing.

"Here the sire may serve the dam; Here the master takes his meat. Here the sacrificial lamb utters one despairing bleat. Poor young maiden for the thrill on your tongue of stolen sweets"

I had to cringe when I heard Carlotta trying to sing higher than everyone else. It still sounded like glass was breaking. I thought they were going to continue singing, but Carlotta opened her big mouth. "Stop! Wait a minute," Carlotta shrieked out.

Everyone groaned as they stopped rehearsing because the drama queen had another complaint.

"What is it now," asked Reyer.

Carlotta walked right up to center stage, points to one of the chorus girls whose name was Abigale and said, "Why does this little nobody have a solo and not me? I should have that part!"

Abigale looked down at her feet and was trying not to cry. I felt really bad for her. Oh how I wanted to walk right up to that witch and punch her so hard that her teeth would come right out.

Reyer sighed before saying, "Signora, Miss Smith has the part and-"

"And nothing! I should have more solos, and not this rat!"

Ok, that's it; I can't take it anymore. I walked up to Carlotta and said, "Will you shut up! I am so sick and tired of hearing your voice! Abigale has the part fair and square! Even though this is her first part, she is a much better singer than you'll ever be!"

After my rant, I was breathing really hard. I slowly looked around to see everyone was staring at me in shock. I looked at Christine, Meg, and Madame Giry and I noticed that Meg had covered her mouth in astonishment. Christine was looking at me with disappointment and Madame Giry shook her head at me. Abigale looked both surprised and appreciated that I had stood up for her. I looked back at Carlotta to see her whole face was steaming red and you could see smoke coming out of her ears. I took a deep breath a slowly walked away.

"How dare you, you little wretch! You have no right to say that to me! You are nothing, but a wretched poor excuse of a singer!"


I jumped when I heard the loud noise and a few of the girls scream. I looked back to see a sand bag had landed right next to Carlotta. I raised my head to see a black cape move away from the catwalk. I knew Erik was up there. He must have heard everything and either released or cut the rope to the sandbag. Thank God I had moved away or maybe I might have been hit. I looked back at Carlotta to see her white as a ghost.

Reyer looked visibly shaken as he slowly turned to Carlotta and said softly, "Perhaps we should start from the top now please."

Carlotta nodded her head and said, "Si… of course."

After a long and stressful 5 hours of rehearsal, everyone departed for the day. Christine and I decided to try to relax in the kitchen while having our dinner together. As I was eating my dinner, I looked over at Christine to see her poking at her meat and in deep thought for the past half an hour.

"Ok, what's wrong," I asked as I placed my fork down.

Christine looked up at me and asked, "Nothing is wrong."

"Oh come on! You have barely touched your dinner and you've been poking at you meat like there's something on it. So apparently, something is on your mind."

Christine sighed and lowered her fork. "You are right; something has been on my mind. I've been thinking about our angel… or the phantom. We have known him for at least 10 years and he has been lying to us and now he's murdering and he's after us. Brie, I know I'm the older sister, but I am scared he might hurt you or me."

I felt very concerned for Christine. She was shaking like a leaf and had tears in her eyes. I reached over the table and grasped her hand to show her comfort. I realized that Erik must have been hurting her, too. He was her angel and made her think that he was her dead father. I guess reality did hit hard for her and I can understand why she's worried if Erik was really after us. I am not the only one who is stressed out and worried about Erik.

After we finally were able to finish our dinner, Christine said that she was going to find Meg. Later, Raoul decided to escort me back to my room. He wanted to make sure I was safe and sound in my room. He didn't want to take any chances. He was still very concerned that Erik might attack or something. Once we reached my bedroom door, I turned to bid Raoul goodnight. However, before I could say anything, Raoul opened his mouth.

"Are you alright," he asked.

I had a small smile as said, "Yeah, I'm just really tired, that's all."

Raoul smiled before he cupped my face with his hands. I stared right into his eyes to see the sincere and love of a brother.

"I promise you Brieanna, I will never let anything happen to you or Christine. I will find a way to end this madness and keep you both safe."

I had no idea how to respond to that. I could see that his words were true and that he would stick by them. It did touch my heart. Besides my parents and Amber, I never really had anyone who cared enough to protect me. Before we said our goodbyes, Raoul leaned over and kissed my forehead. I waved goodbye to him, walked into my room and closed the door behind me.

3rd POV

The dancers were softly talking to themselves before they looked up to see Andre, Firmin, Carlotta, Piangi, and Madame Giry following a very determined Raoul. After he said goodnight to Christine and brought Brieanna to her room, a brilliant idea came to him. He knew how to stop the Phantom once and for all.

"We have all been blind and yet the answer is staring us in the face. This could be the chance to ensnare our clever friend," said Raoul.

Andre and Firmin were suddenly interested as they said, "We're listening. Go on."

"We shall play his game, perform his work. But remember, we hold the ace. For if Miss Brieanna Daae sings he is certain to attend," said Raoul.

Everybody's eyes widen when they heard Raoul's plan. Everyone was starting to like this plan, except one, Madame Giry. Madame Giry was worried, because they wanted to use Brieanna as bait. How shameful she thought.

"Will Miss Daae follow this plan," asked Firmin.

Raoul looked at him and replied, "Do not worry, I will talk to her. If I cannot convince her, than her sister Christine certainly will."

Andre smiled as he said, "We are certain the doors are barred."

"We are certain the police are there," Firmin agreed.

Raoul smirked as he said, "We are certain they're armed."

"The curtain falls, his reign will end," said the three men.

Raoul stopped and looked at the group that followed him. "Get everyone prepared; for in 2 weeks when his opera is debuting, we will catch him."

Brie's POV

One week gone and one more week before Erik's opera was to be performed. Everyone was either out "partying" or had gone to sleep. I however had been rehearsing my lines for the past hour. Sad to say, I've been really struggling with my lines. I think it's either because the stress or the lack of sleep.

"You have brought me… umm… You have brought me… oh right, to the moment when words run fry- I mean dry! To that moment when speech disappears into… Man, what am I doing?" I sighed as I took a deep breath.

I ran my slim fingers through my now thick brown hair. I was freaking out and contemplating on what was going to happen in a couple of weeks. I sat on my bed and placed my head into my hands.

You know the feeling that a person has when he/she is about to take an exam that is half your grade or when you are about to take your driving test and you do not want to fail? Well, multiple that stress by 10 million, plus lack of sleep and you'll know how I was feeling right now!

I remember the big climax in the movie and Broadway play. Erik will take Piangi's part to try to win Christine over again. If this follows the Broadway version, Erik will wear a dark cloak and Christine will take the hood off to reveal the Phantom. At the end of the scene, Christine will take off his mask. If this follows the movie version, then Erik will be wearing a black mask and at the end of the scene, Christine will rip his mask off. However, that is one problem… I am taking Christine's part. I do not want to take Erik's mask off. That was one of Christine's biggest mistakes in my opinion, but if I don't take off the mask, I have a really bad feeling that I'll make the story even worse.

During rehearsals, I had noticed that security has been doubled and everyone was still looking over their shoulder to see if Erik was near. What was really interesting was that Raoul and Christine were being so secretive. Both Raoul and Christine kept looking over at me and continued to talk to each other. It's starting to worry me, because I have no idea what they are whispering about. Christine looked very concerned and she kept glancing at me.

I laid my head on my pillow to try to rest, but I couldn't sleep. The stress and the worry was taking its toll on me. I didn't realize it, but I was started to cry. This is killing me. All of a sudden, I heard a soft melody. It sounded like string music from heaven, a violin to be precise. The music was soothing and it made me close my eyes. I was about to fall asleep when I heard the music stop. Thank goodness my back was turned away, because I heard a sound of a door opening, and I knew it was not my bedroom door. I could hear soft footsteps slowly walking up to me. My heart was beating really fast when the footsteps suddenly stopped. I suddenly felt my blanket which was covering me being pulled tight almost like someone was tucking me in. I held my breath when a fingertip glided softly upon my check. I had a feeling I knew who was in my room with me. I held my breath and held back a shiver, when I felt a cool breath near my ear.

I swear I heard someone softly whisper in my ear, "bonsoir mon ange."

I was perfectly still when I heard a creak and a sound of a door closing. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around me to see no one was there. I laid my head back down on my pillow and just as I was about to fall to sleep, I thought back at what my "visitor" whispered to me.

"Bonsoir mon ange"… "Goodnight my angel."

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