Red Rose Thorn

Past Of No Return

3rd POV

Tonight is the night, Erik thought as he fixed his wig. Tonight is the opening night to his opera. Those fools think they can catch him. Well Erik has some tricks up his sleeve. He made sure his black mask was secured on his face before he picked up a lit candle.

"Seal my fate tonight I hate to have to cut the fun short but the jokes wearing thin. Let the audience in. Let my opera begin," Erik sang out loud as he walked over to a model of a stage that resembles his opera. He slowly dropped the candle onto the model, making the small stage light up in flames.

Brie's POV

Tonight is the night; gosh, I am so scared and nervous. I have never been so nervous about anything in my life. I have been pacing in my dressing room for the past half an hour. I feel like I am about to faint or throw up… oh second thought, I feel like I am going to do both. Ok Brie, you can do this. Just do Erik's show and DO NOT take his mask off! Just one simple thing, and who knows, maybe Erik won't take Piangi's place. And maybe he won't kill Piangi either. Oh man, here come those butterflies again.

I looked myself into the mirror to see my reflection. I was wearing the same dress Christine wore from the movie. I didn't know if I liked the dress or not. To tell you the truth, I loved the Think of Me dress more than this one. I nearly jumped when there was a knock on the door.

"Brieanna, can I come in?"

I walked and opened the door to see Christine standing behind the door. She was already in her costume, which was the exact outfit as Meg and the other ballerinas. I still did not like that Erik had the female dancers dressed up as prostitutes.

Christine gentle grabbed my hand and led me to the Prima Donna bed. I could tell by the way she looked that she was really nervous or scared about what was going to happen in this opera.

"How are you feeling," asked my sister.

I sighed and looked down at our hands. "I guess I am ok. I'm just nervous something bad is going to happen."

I looked back at Christine to see her face was turned away from me and she was chewing her lower lip. I narrowed my eyes at her, because every time she chewed her lip, I know she was hiding something or she knew something was going to happen.

"Christine." She looked into my eyes, waiting for me to talk. "What are you hiding?"

Christine's eyes widen and she tried so hard not to shake in fear. "I am not hiding anything."

"Christine, every time you look away and chew on your lip, you are either hiding something or you know is going to happen. Please, just tell me what is wrong," I pleaded to her.

Christine sighed and looked down. "I didn't want you to worry, but Raoul just told me that he has the police all around the Opera House, just in case the Phantom tries to do anything. He's worried that the Phantom might do something during the opera."

My eyes widen when I heard what she had just said. I was about to say something else, when there was a knock at the door. Both Christine and I jumped in fright and our hands gripped each other.

"Come in," I called out.

The door opened and Meg popped her head out. "Hello, it's almost time," she said meekly.

Christine and I stared at each other and I could tell Christine was scared for hers and my safety.

Christine and I stood up and Christine reached over and gave me a big hug.

"Please be safe and remember I love you sister," I heard her whispered in my ear.

"I love you too," I whispered back to her.

After Christine reluctantly let me go and followed Meg out of the room, I turned to look back at the mirror and sighed. Well, I guess it's now or never. I really did feel like I was going to burst into tears. God, if you can hear me, I am begging you. Please be with me and protect me. I am scared right now and I don't know what to do.

After five minutes passed, Madame Giry knocked on my door and she led me backstage to get ready for the opening number to Erik's Opera. I started to shake when I saw Reyer instructed the musicians to begin the opening number to the opera. As the musicians started to play their instruments, the curtains opened up the stage. The set for the opera was a gypsy theme, filled with black and red cloths and cardboards were cut out and painted to look like fire. The actors in the opening number, including Carlotta, walked or rushed on stage. Their costumes were supposed to be in Spanish attire, like flamenco dancers.

"Here the sire may serve the dam; here the master takes his meat. Here the sacrificial lamb utters one despairing bleat," sang the chorus members as they started to move around the stage.

"Poor young maiden for the thrill on your tongue of stolen sweets, you will have to pay the bill tangled in the winding sheets," sang out Carlotta. The only problem was that she was trying to sing higher and louder than the other actors.

"Serve the meal and serve the maid," sang the chorus members.

Carlotta repeated the chorus by sing out loud, "Serve the meal and serve the maid."

The audience members' cringed at either Carlotta's singing or the way Erik's opera was portrayed. The chorus members and Carlotta continued to sing. "Serve the master so that when tables plans and maid are laid. Don Juan Triumphs once again!"

The chorus pointed to the center of the stage and the red and black curtains opened up. Out came Piangi as Don Juan and Meg as a prostitute. You can see barely behind the red and a black curtain was a bed. Piangi tossed to Meg a bag filled with coins. She caught the bag and smiled to the audience. Christine entered stage right skipping and twirling on stage. She turned to look at Piangi and blew him a kiss. She grabbed Meg's hand and they exited stage left. Piangi turned to mini Piangi and an actor who played Passarino.

"Passarino faithful friend, once again recite the plan," sang out Piangi.

Passarino smirked before he sang, "Your young guest believes I'm you! I the master, you the man."

While Piangi sang out, "When you met you wore my cloak, she could not have seen your face! She believes she dines with me, in her masters borrowed place! Furtively we'll scoff and quaff, stealing what in truth is mine, when it's late and modest starts to mellow with the wine."

Raoul was sitting in Box Five as he glanced down in the audience to see the police in their position. He was so nervous; hoping his plan to stop the phantom will work.

I stood backstage off of stage left waiting for my cue. The butterflies in my stomach was really about to explode. Christine sensed my nervousness, so she placed her hand on my shoulder and rubbed it for comfort. In the corner of my eye, I could see Madame Giry rubbed her palms on the head of her staff, trying to calm herself. She really hoped that Erik would not make a mistake and put him or others in danger.

Mini Piangi smiled and rubbed his hands together, like he loved this plan. Passarino laughed as he continued sang, "You come home, I use your voice. Slam the door like crack of doom."

Piangi handed Passarino his sword, hat, and cloak as he sang out, "I shall say 'come hide with me' where, oh where? Of course, my room!"

Both Passarino and mini Piangi shook their head as Passarino sang, "Poor thing hasn't got a chance."

"Here's my hat, my cloak, and sword. Conquest is assured if I don't forget myself and laugh… Ha, ha, ha," sang Piangi before he placed a dark black mask over his face and walked behind the red and black curtain.

Ok, now I'm really freaking out. It's my turn to go on stage! What do I do? Do I follow the movie/musical or change it completely? I felt I couldn't move my feet and stand completely still like a statue. Eventually, Christine pushed me forward and I stumbled a little bit. I gained my balance before I slowly walked on stage. In my hand was a basket filled with beautiful red roses.

I looked at the audience to see their eyes staring at me. My hands were started to sweat and my heart was beating really fast. I took a deep breath and softly began to sing.

"No thought within her head, but thought of joy. No dreams with her heart, but dreams of love."

I pretended to not notice mini Piangi pointed to me and Passarino looked at me. I knelt to the floor and started to softly touch the rose pedals.

"Master," I heard Passarino sang out.

"Passarino…go away, for the trap is set and waits for its prey."

My eyes widen slowly when I heard 'Don Juan' sang out. That voice was not Piangi. I turned my head to the right to see 'Don Juan' looked like he lost a lot of weight and his voice really changed. Starting right into my eyes was Erik. I quickly looked back to the roses and pretended I didn't notice that Erik, the phantom, was on stage singing to me.

Raoul sat in his seat, but he was in complete shock and his eyes expanded in horror. He knew that voice and the monster was on stage with me, his future sister-in law! Christine stood backstage watching the performance. Her hand immediately went to her mouth and started to shake in fear. He was there; the man that tricked her for more than 10 years. Christine was scared for me, knowing that I was in danger.

"You have come here; in pursuit of your deepest urge," sang Erik as he slowly walked up to me like a predator stalking his prey. I slowly looked back behind me to see Erik was walking up to me as he continued to sing, "In pursuit of that wish which till now has been silent…silent."

Erik smirked as he held up his finger to his lip, indicating to me not to give him away. I slowly turned my head back to the audience and closed my eyes to hear his sweet, beautiful voice.

"I have brought you that our passions may fuse and merge. In your mind you've already succumbed to me," sang Erik as he dramatically twirled his back cape over his shoulder.

I opened my eyes again, looked back at Erik, and gradually stood up, leaving the basket of roses on the ground.

"Now you're here with me, no second thoughts; you've decided, decided," he sang softly.

I stared right into his deep blue eyes as he walked closer to me. I felt like I was starting to be entranced with him. I started to study his features; his silk black hair matched his black mask and his outfit. I got to admit, he was really hot! Snap out of it Brie! Stop checking him out! Oh who am I kidding, I cannot stop stare at him.

"Past the point of no return, no backward glances, our games of make believe are at an end. Past all thought of if or when, no use resisting, abandon thought and let the dream descend," he sang to me as he slowly started to circle around me.

Erik and I were oblivious of the audience and the dancers who were dancing a seductive dance behind us. Madame Giry stood backstage, near the curtain and her breath was caught up in her throat. She knows HE was planning something, but she didn't think that he would go this far.

Erik suddenly grabbed my arm and pulled me into his chest. One arm was wrapped around my waist while his other hand held my neck gently. His fingers lightly stroke my neck and his touch was burning me with pleasure. My eyes instantly closed and I melted into his arms.

"What raging fire shall flood the soul? What rich desire unlocks its door," he sang into my ear. I opened my eyes once I felt him release me and his hands glided on my right arm until he softly grasped my waiting hand. "What sweet seduction lies before us?"

Erik slowly led me to center stage and reluctantly released my hand. "Past the point of no return, the final threshold! What warm unspoken secrets will we learn? Beyond the point of no return," he sang to me.

I turned my back away from him and started to think. My head was spinning and my legs felt like rubber, that I almost missed my cue.

"You have brought me, to the moment when words run dry." I sang to the audience.

I did not notice Erik stare right into Box Five and glared at Raoul. Raoul nodded his head to the police officer and to Firmin and Andre, who were both in their box. He was started to worry about me even more since I was still on stage with the Phantom.

I looked back at Erik to see in his eyes were admired and love. "To that moment when speech disappears into silence…silence. I have come here, hardly knowing the reason why. In my mind I've already imagined our bodies entwining defenseless and silence. Now I am here with you, no second thoughts, I've decided…decided."

I slowly walked backwards to my spiral staircase, which was at stage left. I didn't take my eyes off of Erik as he gradually walked over to his staircase on stage right.

I carefully walked up my staircase as I sang out, "Past the point of no return, no going back now! Our passion play has now at last begun! Past all thought of right or wrong, one final question! How long show we to wait before we're one?"

We both stopped in the middle of our staircases. I stared right into his eyes, and I felt myself getting lost in them again. I softly smiled at him and tried to calm down my racing heart. Man, I feel like I am about to explode soon.

We continued to walk up our spiral staircases as I continued to sing, "When will the blood begin to race? The sleeping blood burst into bloom? When will the flames at last consume us?"

When we both finally reached at the top of the catwalk, we stared into each other's eyes. We were oblivious to what was going on around us. Erik removed his black cape and draped it over the rail. We then slowly walked forward towards each other; nothing was stopping us.

"Past the point of no return, the final threshold. The bridge is crossed, so stand and watch it burn. We've passed the point of no return," we sang together with such passion.

Once we met in the middle, Erik reached over to grab my forearms and pulled me into him. I stared into his blue eyes to see the pure love and lust in them. He then turned my body around until my back was pressed into his chest and we facing the audience. My eyes slowly closed and my head rest on one of his shoulders. One of his hands guided my hand to rest on my stomach while his other hand started to crease my throat as to massage it. His face was buried into my dark, brown curly hair. My whole body started to shutter and I felt like I was in heaven.

I was not aware that the whole audience, cast members, and the police stopped to stare at what was happening on stage. The passion between Erik and myself was intense. There was one person who looked like his heart had been removed from his chest. Raoul continued to stare as a tear fell onto his cheek. He could not believe the phantom was using me to do those things. He felt like he just lost someone important to him.

I felt like nothing would disturb us until I heard a soft voice singing a haunting melody.

"Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime. Lead me save me from my solitude. Say you want me with here beside you," Erik sang softly into my ear.

My eyes immediately opened and I was in complete shock. Erik, the Phantom of the Opera, was confessing that he loved me! ME! Brieanna Moliter, a girl from the 21st century who is an average student and is always the understudy or a chorus member! ERIK LOVES ME! This is a dream come true. I turned to look at Erik as he grabbed my hands into his to hear him sing is love for me.

"Anywhere you go let me go to," he sang so loudly for the whole room to hear.

I started to tear up and smile. Oh. if Amber could see me now. In my heart, it's telling me that I might have feelings for Erik, not the character, but the actual person who is standing right in front of me.

"Brieanna. That's all I ask of-"

All of the sudden, Erik's mask and his hair were ripped off of him. I was in complete shock. It wasn't me; I didn't remove his mask or his wig. Erik and I looked behind him to see a trembling Christine standing behind him, holding in her hands Erik's mask and wig. Once she saw Erik's deformed face, she dropped the mask and wig and screamed in fright. That's when I realized that Christine had never seen Erik's face before. The whole audience and the female cast members screamed in fight at the sight of Erik's face. Madame Giry tried to stop the police officer who was backstage from shooting at Erik. Once Raoul saw what Christine did, he immediately got up from his chair to rush out to the stage.

Erik turned back to look at me. In his eyes, I could see he was hurt and felt betrayed. I was too shock and stunned to say or do anything. I thought that since I took Christine place, I could have changed this outcome and prevent this from happening. I did not know Christine would sneak up behind Erik and rip off his mask.

Erik looked out in the audience to see the police officers were running up to try to get on stage to stop him. He glared at me before he reached over and pulled me into him. His grip around my waist was so tight that I grunted in pain. Christine backed away when Erik pulled a knife from his waist and cut a red rope that was close to him. I looked up at the chandelier remembering that this is when the chandelier crashed and destroys the whole opera house. I realized if Christine was still on stage when the chandelier crashed, she might be hurt or killed.

"Christine, run," I screamed.

Before Christine or anyone else can do or say anything, Erik kicked a lever with his foot and the trap down under us opened up. I wrapped my arms around Erik's neck, closed my eyes and I screamed as Erik and I fell though the trap door. As we fell down, I remember hearing the gasps and screams from the audience.

The last thing I remember before the door closed above us was Christine crying out my name. When Erik and I landing on solid ground, I opened my eyes and I realized I was standing in the dark passages under the opera house. I looked to my right to see standing right in front of me was a very angry phantom. Oh boy, I am in so much trouble now.

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