Red Rose Thorn

Down Once More

3rd POV

Christine's eyes widen with horror when she witnessed the Phantom and her little sister was falling down and then disappeared. She screamed for Brieanna. The monster took her little sister. Christine suddenly heard screaming and she looked up to see the chandelier starting to shake. She gasped in horror as the chandelier fell from the ceiling. It was falling right towards the stage… AND HER! Christine ran off stage before chandelier could reach her. The audience was screaming in horror, running away, trying to avoid the falling chandelier.

As the audience was running towards the exit, Reyer looked at his musicians and screamed "GO!"

He jumped out of the orchestra pit, barely being hit by the chandelier. The chandelier smashed right into the first row, the orchestra pit, and the stage. The chandelier burst into flames and the wooden stage and silk curtains caught on fire. Everyone started to panic when they saw the Opera House was on fire!

Carlotta looked behind the curtain and gasped with fright. Lying on the floor was a motionless Piangi with a lasso around his neck.

"Piangi my love. Mi amora," crying Carlotta as she laid her head on Piangi's chest and sobbed for her dead lover.

Andre and Firmin stood from their balcony, staring at the destruction of the Opera House.

"Oh my God," scream Andre

"We're ruined Andre! Ruined," cried Firmin before they ran out of the balcony and fled for their lives.

Christine was running back stage, trying to find Raoul and trying not to be pushed by the terrified actors, dancers, and crew members. She wasn't looking where she was going, because she suddenly tripped over a small prop table. She hissed in pain when her right knee collided with the wooden floor. She looked back at the table, when she saw something sticking out underneath the table. She reached over and grabbed the item. Her eyed widen with shock when she realized that in her hands was a map to the Phantom's lair. Someone must have put the map underneath the table just in case. On the map, there was a secret passage way from the costume room that had no booby-traps. Her eyes harden and knew what she had to do. With the map in her hand, she ran to the costume room to find the trap door and save her sister.

Raoul was in a panic when he saw Brie being taken away. To make matters worse, now he couldn't find Christine. He had a feeling that she either escaped, the phantom got her too, or she was trying to find a way to save Brieanna. He saw Madame Giry and ran up to her.

"Where did he take her and have you seen Christine," he asked frantically.

Madame Giry knew what needed to be done. She nodded her head and said to Raoul, "Come with me Monsieur. I will take you to him. But remember keep your hand at the level of your eyes."

Meg ran up to them and said, "I'll go with you."

Madame Giry shook her head and grabbed Meg's shoulders. "No! Meg, No! You must stay here. Find Christine." She turned back to Raoul and said, "Come with me Monsieur."

Meg sighed before she turned around to see a crowd about to follow her mother and Raoul.

"No," she cried as she blocked the crowd from following. In her mind, she hoped Raoul would save her best friend.

Brie's POV

Ok Brie, do not panic. You are going to be ok. There is nothing to worry- OW! HE IS PULLING MY WRIST REALLY HARD!

So, you know the feeling when you feel that something bad is going to happen and sure enough it does? Well, that's how I felt right now and I was terrified!

Erik was currently grabbing my wrist as he dragged me down the dark tunnel. While his left hand had a tight grip on my poor swore wrist, in his right hand he held a torch to light our way. I kept trying to pull my wrist out of his hand, but his grip was so tight that my wrist was starting to turn blue.

"Where are we going," I asked.

Erik did not look back at me as he hissed out, "Be quiet."

As we continued to walk down the dark narrow tunnels, I cringed when I felt my wrist burn and started to swell up. I knew if he added more pressure to my wrist, he might break it.

"Erik, please let my arm go." I narrowed my eyes when he did not listen and continued to pull my wrist. Ok, now I am not only scared, but I am pissed off! "Let go of my arm!"

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard Erik scream out loud, "I said be quiet!"

I started to shake even harder in fear as I softly said, "Look Erik, I know you are… kind of mad, but please let go-" I immediately stopped what I was going to say when he pulled me around one of the corners. "Ow, Erik you are hurting me!"

Erik suddenly stopped making me accidently run into him. He turned his head to look at me. I started to shrink away from his hard cold eyes. My eyebrows rose up when he started to slowly chuckle like I had told him something funny. "Hurt you? My dear, I will do more than hurt your precious little arm, if you don't shut up!"

I suddenly felt stiff as a board and my mind raced to all the horrible things he could do to me. Now, I was beyond scared. Before I could reply back, he turned back around and he continued to drag me down the tunnels.

I took a deep breath and asked, "Ok seriously, where are we going?"

Before I knew it, Erik opened his mouth and started to sing the most haunting and core wrenching song. "Down once more to the dungeons of my black despair; Down we plunge to the prison of my mind!" I looked behind us to see how far we had gone or to see if anyone was following us. I suddenly turned back to Erik when he yanked my wrist again and continued to sing. "Down the path into darkness deep as hell!"

"Erik please, you have to listen to me! I had nothing to do-"

I immediately stopped what I was going to say when he unexpectedly stopped and turned to look into my frightened and shaken form. His haunting eyes glared at me as he sang with much force, "Why you ask was I bound and chained in this cold and dismal place? Not for any mortal sin but the wickedness of my abhorrent face!"

We finally reached the gondola. It was like the boat was waiting for us. I shrieked in fright when Erik wrapped his strong arms around my tiny waist and forced me into the gondola. My right hip was in pain when the wooden gondola slammed into it. I screeched and rubbed my poor side as Erik stepped into the boat and started to push the black pole like a mad man, making the gondola to move in a fast pace.

Above us, I swear I could hear the mob singing, "Track down this murderer he must be found. Track down this murderer he must be found."

I wasn't paying attention, because I was shocked that the gondola had reached the gates to the lair. The gates immediately opened up and I turned around to see the gates closed right behind us when we entered the lair. My face immediately turned white when I realized that I was trapped. No way to get out of here. Once the gondola touched the stone floor of the lair, Erik jumped out and turned to me. I was shaking my head, pleading to him to calm down, but he ignored me and grabbed my arms. He pulled me out of the gondola and dragged me to my identical twin mannequin. My back hit the stone wall as Erik's hands gripped my shoulders and his face was suddenly inches into mine.

"Hounded out by everyone; met with hatred everywhere. No kind words from anyone; No compassion anywhere. Brieanna… Why?" I looked into Erik's face to see the hurt and betrayal in his eyes. I opened my mouth to defend myself, but Erik's face harden and he hissed as he shook my shoulders,"Why?!"

I looked at him into his eyes and said, "Why what? I didn't do anything!"

Erik's eyes harden even more and his hands put a lot more pressure on my shoulders. I tried not to cringe from the pain and when he yelled at me. "You knew your sister would take my mask off! You were part of their plan all along!"

All of a sudden, my fear turned into anger. Now I was pissed off. He was accusing me of something that I didn't do. "What!? No, I didn't know she was going to take your mask off, I swear!"

Ok maybe I knew she would take off his mask and wig just like she did in the musical and in the movie, but I thought I could prevent it from happening and I didn't know she would sneak up behind him.

He shook his head and shouted out, "Lies! You would say anything! I am not a fool Brieanna!"

"Erik, I am telling you the truth! Why won't you believe me?"

He looked at me for a moment before he released my shoulder. I snuck to the ground as I watched him walk towards the mannequin. He walked back to me and threw the wedding dress into my arms.

"Put it on," he demanded.

My eyebrows rose up as I asked, "Excuse me?"

He looked at me and said in a slow firm voice, "Put on the dress."

Oh no, no way, he's going to force me to wear the wedding dress. I looked down at the dress and said the one thing that came to my mind.


I looked right back at Erik to see his eyes were like fire.

"I am sorry, what did you say," he asked in a low and dark voice.

I glared right at him and said, "I said no! I am not going to wear this dress! You can't make me!"

Erik's eyes slowly started to glare at me and he took a deep breath, trying to not lose his temper again. As he slowly walked towards me, the bravery that was inside of me start to slowly vanish away. I knew I should have kept my big mouth shut.

Erik's face was right into mine and he said in a dark haunting voice, "You will put on the dress or I will put it on you myself. It is your choice my dear."

I started to shake in fear again. He was really acting like a monster right in front of me. I took a deep breath and said in a low voice, "Fine."

I walked pass him and into the Swan Room. When I closed the curtains of the Swan Room's entrance, I placed the dress on the bed and stared at it. A few moments later, I was on the ground sobbing my eyes out. This is a nightmare. Please, help me! I feel so alone!

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