Red Rose Thorn

Angel Of Music

As the curtain closed, after the final bow, I was being congratulated by the cast and crew. I felt so happy that I finally got to live my dream. I had never gotten so many praises back in my world. I was always in the chorus or the understudy.

I jumped when I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around to see it was Christine. She smiled at me and immediately hugged me.

"Brie, I am so proud of you."

I looked at her all confused because I couldn't hear her from the noise everyone was making.


She looked at me and screamed out, "I said, I am so proud of you."

But alas, I still couldn't hear her.

"I can't hear you."

Christine sighed before she looked around before grabbing my hand and pulled me through the crowd of cast and crew. We walked down a hallway and down a spiral stairs. Christine opened the doors to the chapel room and we walked in.

I looked around in awe of the room. It's so beautiful. There was a glass stain window of angels, candles, a cross hanging over the wall, and more.

I looked back at Christine to see her sitting on the floor and was looking at one of the candles. I sat down beside her to see what she was looking at. In front of one of the candles was a picture of her father Gustave Daae. Now that I think of it, in this world, he's my dad too. I suddenly became sad as a thought came to me. Will I ever see my family and Amber ever again?

Christine touched my shoulder when she saw a tear slide down m face.

"What's wrong sister," she asked.

I couldn't tell her the truth to why I was crying about missing my family, so I said, "I just miss father very much."

Christine smiled sadly at me before she gave me a hug.

"It's alright Brie. I miss him too and he would be so proud of you." She released me from the hug and picked up one of the sticks used to light the candles. She turned to me and said, "Here, why don't you light father's candle?"

I smiled at her as I took the stick from her. I placed the end on the stick at one of the already lit candles and lit Gustave's candle. As I blew the end of the stick, Christine grabbed my hand as we looked at the candle. All of the sudden, there was a voice that sounded so magical in the air.

"Brava Brava Bravissima!"

I nearly gasped when I heard the voice… HIS voice! I couldn't help but smile as big as I could. Christine squeezed my hand and I looked at her to see her smiling as well.

"It's our angel," she whispered to me.

Erik, he's here I thought. Inside of me, I was literally jumping with joy. He's not only Christine's angel… BUT MINE AS WELL! Now I know I'm dreaming…or it's a dream come true. There was another voice we heard that sounded like Meg's.


"Christine…Brieanna," sang Erik, aka the Phantom.

Man, I always get chilled when I hear him sing. Christine and I continued to search for the voice from where we were sitting. We snapped back to reality when we saw Meg enter the chapel and walked right to us.

"Where in the world have you two been hiding? Really Brie you were perfect. I only wish I knew your secret. Who is your great tutor?" sang Meg.

Christine and I looked at each other and smiled. I knew that Christine was about to tell Meg hers, well now ours, angel of music secret.

"Meg...When your mother brought us here to live, whenever we'd come down here alone two light a candle for our father, a voice from above would sing to us," said Christine.

I know what happened but then I started to say, "And in my dreams he was always there. You see...when our father lay dying he told us we would be protected by an angel. An Angel of Music."

Meg looked confused as she asked, " you believe? Do you think the spirit of your father is coaching your sister Brie?"

Christine smiled at me and said, "Who else Meg? Who?"

I smiled to myself because I realized that the next song was "Angel of Music," and I loved this song. When I heard the melody to the song, the words from the song would come out of my mouth.

"Father once spoke of an angel. I used to dream he'd appear. Now as I sing I can sense him. And I know he's here," I sang out softly.

Christine looked around the chapel room as she sang, "Here in this room he call me softly. Somewhere inside hiding. Somehow I know he's always with me. He, the unseen genius..."

As we all stood up, Meg grabbed my hand and sang to me, "Brie you must have been dreaming. Stories like this can't come true." She then took Christine hand and sang, "Christine you're talking in riddles. And it's not like you."

We exited the chapel and we were walking backstage where the backdrops were hanging.

"Angel of Music. Guide and Guardian! Grant to me your glory," Christine and I sang together

"Who is this Angel? This..." sang Meg

Suddenly all three of us sang our hearts out. "Angel of music, hide no longer. Secret and strange Angel."

All of a sudden, Christine stopped where she was and looked scared.

"He's with me even now."

Meg looked concerned for her friends as she grabbed Christine's hands.

"Your hands are cold," she snag.

"All around me."

I turned Christine's head to see she was pale as a ghost.

"Your face Christine, it's white," I sang softly.

"It frightens me," sang Christine as she was shaking in fear.

Meg and I both sang together, "Don't be frightened."

As we continued to walk slowly backstage, I looked up in the rafters and staring down at us was sick, drunken, perverted man, Buquet. I knew he was listening in on us, and now he knows about our angel of music. As Meg, Christine and I walked back to the Prima Donna Dressing Room, all I could think about was I can't wait to see what happens next.

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