Red Rose Thorn

The Rose, Raoul, And the Mirror

As Meg, Christine, and I were walking back to the Prima Donna Room, we were suddenly bombarded by admirers and supporters from the audience. They were pushing to get to me, holding roses and flowers for me to take. I could barely hear with all the shouting and clapping going around the girls and me. I don't know if I was surprised or worried with all the pushing and attention I was getting. I looked over at Meg and Christine to see them squished and scared from the crowd. Thankfully we were saved by none other than Madame Giry.

As she grabbed my hand, she turned to her daughter and said, "Meg, you and Christine go back to the ballet dorms. I'll escort Brieanna back to the Prima Donna Room."

Meg nodded her head as she understood what her mother had said. I gave Christine and Meg a quick hug before they departed to their dorms. As Madame Giry and I continued to walk to the Prima Donna Room, I saw over one of the admirer's shoulder, Christine stop and hug someone. I smiled when I realized she was talking to Raoul. I was a little worried if Erik knew they were talking, hugging, and completely in love. I mean, Erik loves Christine like in the movie and the Broadway musical… right?

Finally, Madame Giry and I reached the Prima Donna room. As I walked back into the magnificent room, I could hear Madame Giry saying, "No...No!"

I knew she was telling the admirers, who were still trying to see me and hand me flowers, that I didn't wish to be disturbed. I was so shocked to see the room was filled with beautiful flowers. I guess I did do an amazing job tonight! I sat down in front of the makeup dresser as I thought about my best friend back home. I really missed her and my family. She would love it here as much as I do. If only Amber was here to see this. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Madame Giry smiling at me.

"You did very well my dear," she said. "He is pleased with you."

I was confused at first, but my eyes widen when I saw what she was holding in her hand. In her hand was a red rose with a black ribbon tied on the stem. I slowly and carefully took the flower out of her hand. I was paying too much attention to the rose, that I didn't noticed Madame Giry quietly exited the room. I could not believe it. I'm actually holding the famous rose that only one person hands out. This rose created a lot of questions which went through my mind. Why is HE giving me this rose? Wasn't Christine supposed to have the rose? What the hell is going on?

As I slowly touched the bloody red peddles, I hardly noticed the door slowly open in the room. My eyes widen when I heard someone talk.

"Little Lette let her mind wonder. Little Lette thought, "Am I fonder of dolls or of goblins and shoes?"

I turned my head and nearly gasped as I saw standing in front of me was Raoul. I looked in his hands to see a large bouquet of flowers.

"Raoul," I said.

Raoul smiled at me as he placed the flowers down on a small table.

He turned back to me and said, "Or of riddles or frocks?"

Since I memorized the lines I automatically said, "Those picnics in the attic."

"Or of chocolates?"

"Father playing the violin in front of us and Christine."

"As we read to each other dark stories of the north."

"No - what I love best, Lotte and Lette said, is when I'm asleep in my bed and the Angel of Music sings songs in my head!'"

Both Raoul and I sang sweetly, "The Angel of Music sings songs in my head!"

I was smiling with happiness. Raoul was right here standing in front of me. He immediately grabbed me and hugged me. I realized that the way he was hugging me was like a brotherly love hug, not a lover's hug.

Raoul released me and said, "You sang like an angel tonight."

I smiled back at him. I knew I had to mention about the Angel of Music to him.

"Raoul, do u remember when my father said, 'When I'm in heaven, I will send the Angel of Music to you'," I asked him.

"Yes Brie, I do remember."

I sadly smiled at him and said, "Well, he died Raoul, and Christine and I have been visited by the Angel of Music."

"Oh no doubt of it."

We both laughed together. I remembered Raoul and Christine talking and hugging earlier.

"I saw you with Christine earlier," I said with a smirk on my face. I giggled when I saw him lower his eyes and had a small blush on his cheek. "You still have feeling don't you?"

Raoul looked back at me and smiled.

"Of course I do. I love you both. Anyways, you, Christine, and I will go to supper," he said.

He stood up and headed towards the door. My smile dropped immediately as I realized Christine and I can't go with Raoul. Erik would be pissed.

"Um Raoul, I don't think that's a good idea," I answered nervously.

Raoul looked at me suspiciously and ask, "Why is that?"

"Um… Well the Angel of Music is very, and I mean VERY strict," I said trying to convince him.

Raoul laughed thinking I was joking. "I shan't keep you up late!"

"Wait Raoul, you need to listen to me," I pleaded as I stood up from my chair.

Raoul didn't listen to me as he said, "You must change. Christine by now is getting ready. I'll get my carriage. Two minutes - Little Lette."

"Raoul, please wait!"

Of course, Raoul was already out of the room. I sighed when I comprehended that there was no way I was talking Raoul out of this. As I walked behind the dressing screen, I was unaware that someone locked the door of the Prima Donna room.

I came behind the dressing screen wearing a red silk dress like pjs, I guess that what it is, and a beautiful white robe. I headed to the chest to pick out a dress to wear for dinner with Christine and Raoul, when a cold breeze swept in. I felt myself shiver from the chilly air and I had goose bumps. I looked to see all the candles in the room were blown out and the smoke from the candles were getting higher then dissolve. My eyes widen when I remember what part of the movie was next… THE MIRROR SCENE! I think I'm going to meet Erik! However, looking around me reminded me what happened in the dressing room back in my time. I was getting a little scared for some reason.

"Oh man, not again," I whispered in fear.

I quickly ran to the door, but I suddenly stopped when I heard an angry voice that came around the room.

"Insolent boy! This slave of fashion, basking in your glory! Ignorant fool! This brave young suitor, sharing in my triumph!"

I gulped and started to shake in fear and excitement. I was excited because Erik was here! Oh my gosh, this dream, if it's a dream, is getting better and better. I was shaking in fear because he sounded furious like he wanted to kill Raoul.

I knew I had to calm him down like Christine did. I closed my eyes and sang the words she sang in the movie.

"Angel! I hear you! Speak, I listen ... stay by my side, guide me! Angel, my soul was weak - forgive me ...enter at last, Master!"

I slowly opened my eyes when I heard his beautiful and angelic voice so soft and smooth answer back to me.

"Flattering child you shall know me, see why in shadow I hide! Look at your face in the mirror - I am there inside!"

As instructed, I looked right at the standing mirror and saw my reflection. I squinted my eyes, but my eyes widen and I gasped when I saw a figure shaping in the mirror. OH MY GOSH, HE'S HERE! HE'S REALLY HERE! Standing right in the mirror was none other than Erik, the Phantom of the Opera.

A mist seeped through the mirror and into the Prima Donna room. I was literally bouncing with happiness because I was looking right at him. As I heard the music in my head, I began to sing the next verse.

"Angel of Music! Guide and guardian! Grant to me your glory! Angel of Music hide no longer Come to me strange Angel!"

I was still smiling and excited! My smile slowly dropped when his voice sang to me the words he said that would put anyone in a trance.

"I am your Angel of Music. Come to me: Angel of Music."

Like a command, I slowly walked to the mirror. Erik had his hand extended to me to take it. I stopped moving when I heard something behind me. That person was Raoul. I knew Erik locked the door so Raoul couldn't get back in.

Raoul must have heard Erik because he started to panic and he called out, "Whose is that voice? Who is that in there?"

I snapped out of the trance that the Phantom had placed on me. I quickly turned my head to the door where Raoul was jiggling the handle and banging on the door. I was about to answer when I heard Erik's voice again.

"I am your Angel of Music."

I gradually turned my head back to the mirror and again, like I had no control, my feet slowly walked to the mirror. My mind once again was slowly drawing a blank when I heard his voice sing to me.

"Come to me: Angel of Music."

I was so focused on Erik that I barely heard Raoul pounding on the door calling out, "Brie! Brieanna!"

"I am your Angel of Music. Come to me: Angel of Music."

I suddenly stopped right in front of Erik. I raised my hand to take his waiting hand. I was about to touch his hand, but I stopped myself. I looked into his beautiful eyes to see that he was patiently and hoping that I would choose to go with him. I looked back at his hand and took a deep breath. Well, there's no going back now. Making my final decision, I placed my hand into his gloved hand. He cautiously closed his fingers around my hand. I looked back into his eyes to see he looked happy and relieved that I decided to come with him. As he gently pulled me through the mirror, the door to the mirror softly closed behind us, leaving me alone with the Phantom of the Opera.

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