Red Rose Thorn

Where Are You Brie?

3rd POV

Raoul was happy to see his childhood friends Christine and Brieanna again. He had just invited Christine to dinner with Brie and him. At first Christine was about to decline. The reason why is because of her fear that her Angel wouldn't be happy with her and Brie leaving with Raoul. However, after Raoul convinced her, she said yes. While Christine was getting ready, Raoul decided to go back to see if Brie was coming. He turned the door knob to open it, but alas it was locked. All of a sudden, he heard something behind the door.

"I am your Angel of Music; Come to me Angel of Music."

Raoul heard a man's voice loud and clear behind Brie's doors. He was on startled when he realized that someone was in the room with Brie.

"Whose voice is that? Who is that in there?" Raoul called out.

He kept on hearing the mysterious man's voice and he suddenly panicked when he thought Brie was endangered. He pulled the door knob to try to open it, but it still wouldn't work.

"I am your Angel of Music; Come to me Angel of Music."

Raoul started to bang on the door as he called out, "Brie! Brieanna!"

All of a sudden, the sounds stopped and he couldn't hear anything. No Brie, no mysterious man's voice. He suddenly became scared and started to bang on the door even harder.

"Brieanna, open this door!"

He was about to knock on the door again, when a hand touched his shoulder. He turned around quickly to see Madame Giry standing right behind him.

"Monsieur de Chagny, may I ask what you are doing," asked Giry.

Even though Raoul was still worried, he was grateful that Madame Giry was here.

"Madame Giry, something has happened to Brieanna. Someone was in there," said Raoul.

Raoul was hoping Madame Giry would find a way to open the door for him, but his heart dropped when he heard what she said next.

"I'm sure everything is alright."

His mouth dropped wide open. How can she say that? One of her ballet girls and his friend might be in trouble.

"But I heard a man's voice in there and the door is locked," screamed Raoul.

Madame Giry just smiled at Raoul and said to him, "I can assure you Brieanna is fine. I'm sure Brieanna is exhausted from her performance today." However, Madame Giry knew that the Phantom took Brie away, but she didn't want Raoul to worry or make a scene about it. "Now you must hurry, Miss Christine is waiting for you at the carriage."

Raoul looked back at the Prima Donna doors as he said, "But Brieanna…"

"I will make sure she is perfectly safe and I'll let you know if anything happens. Now please, you don't want to make Christine wait."

Raoul really wanted to make sure Brie was ok, but he didn't want Christine to worry or to think he stood her up. He was sure he heard a voice behind those doors, but he might have just imagined it.

He sighed as he said, "Very well, but I will be back tomorrow morning to see her."

"Of course Monsieur."

As Raoul walked away to go to the carriage, Madame Giry slowly took out a key and unlocked the Prima Donna doors. She opened it to see all the candles were out and that Brieanna was certainly not in the room. She looked at the mirror and silently prayed that Brieanna would be safe and Erik knows what he was doing. She slowly closed the door and walked away.

Around 30 minutes later, Madame Giry's blonde hair daughter Meg walked up to the Prima Donna's door. She saw Christine and Raoul leaving for dinner, but she was surprised that Brie wasn't with them. Christine did say to her that Brie was coming to dinner with them. Meg was starting to get a little worried about her friend Brie.

Meg knocked on the door very softly before calling out, "Brie? Brieanna?"

She opened the door to see that Brie wasn't there. As she walked into the room, she noticed a red rose lying on a table. When she picked the rose up, she suddenly felt a cold breeze hit her back. She slowly turned around to see the standing mirror was slightly opened. She was in shock to see this discovery. Being as curious as she was, she slowly walked to the mirror and opened it wider. Her eyes widen when she saw behind the mirror was a secret passage way. Meg gasped as she suddenly dropped the rose and it fell down to the floor. Without even thinking, Meg began to walk into the passage way.

As she continued to walk down the passage way, she was wondering if this was where Brie was. Maybe Brie found this passage way and decided to see where it lead too. Meg thought she felt something touched her foot. As she looked down, she made a tiny scream of fright to see there were rats near her feet. She tried to ignore the little creatures as she continued to walk farther.

Suddenly something grabbed her shoulder. She gasped as she turned around to see it was her mother, Madame Giry.

"Mama, what are you-"

"Come with me right now," said Madame Giry as she grabbed her daughter's hand and began to pull her back the way Meg came.

As they exited the mirror, Meg turned to her mother and asked, "Mama, what was that and how did you find me?"

"We will discuss this later. Right now, you need to get some sleep," said Madame Giry.

Not wanting to argue with her mother, Meg nodded her head and headed back to the dormitories. When Meg was at the dormitories, she wasn't surprised to see Joseph Buquet there. He always sneaks into the girls' dormitories to either flirt or scare them. Tonight, he decided to tell them of the tale of the Phantom. He spun around, holding a wool blanket around his shoulders like a cape. He growled and sneered at the girls, causing them to jump and scream and also laugh at the same time. Meg rolled her eyes when she heard Buquet starting his tale.

"Like yellow parchment is his skin ... A great black hole served as the nose that never grew ... You must be always on your guard, or he will catch you with his magical lasso," sang Buquet.

He held up a noose made of coarse rope, causing most of the ballet girls to gasp. As one of the girls tried to pass him, Buquet wrapped the rope around her waist and pulled her against him. The girl gasped but then she started to giggle. Meg started to feel sick to her stomach when she saw Buquet was grinning and began to playfully growl, pretending to go after the girl's neck.

Her eyes widen when Meg saw Madame Giry walk over and she yanked the rope away from Buquet. Madame Giry then sent the girl who Buquet lassoed off to her bed.

"Those who speak of what they know find, too late, that prudent silence is wise," sang Madame Giry. She turned to Buquet with and stern look on her face. "Joseph Buquet, hold your tongue!" She slapped him in the face causing several girls to gasp. Madame Giry suddenly placed the noose around his neck "Keep your hand at the level of your eyes!"

She quickly slid the noose up, but Buquet's hand stops it from choking him. Madame Giry turned to the girls and told them to go to bed at once. As Madame Giry escorted Buquet out of the dormitories, Meg hoped that Brie would be alright and be back soon.

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