The Fairy Girl

Well Deserved Break And An Encounter

Yui and Lucy were seated at the bar next to each other looking extremely bored.

"Mira san can I have a chilled strawberry milkshake please?" Yui asked Mira.

"I want my usual drink Mira san" Lucy said.

"Sure girls give me a minute I shall be right back" Mira said while smiling and proceeding to make their drinks.

"Ne Lu chan, could we head to the beach today? I'm feeling really bored and it could be a break from our training too. We deserve a good break after all that extensive training for a week"

"That's a good idea Yu chan. We could take a break for today" Lucy said while grinning, "I'll ask Levy chan, Erza, Wendy, Cana and Juvia if they want to come with us too"

Yui nodded eagerly and grinned.

"Here you go girls your drinks are ready" Mira said while smiling. Yui quickly told her about the beach break and Mira nodded excitedly.

"Could I ask Lisanna to come with us too"

Yui grinned and agreed.

-A little away from them -

"Psst…oi flame brain the girls are heading to the beach today. Do you think we should go with them?" Gray whispered to Natsu.

"Of course we should. The girls need us to be there for their protection. What do you say metal face?" Natsu said.

"For once you're right flame breath. We have to go with them" Gajeel replied.

The boys were fighting as to who should go and tell the girls they are heading to the beach too when Yui walked up to them.

"Hey boys Erza told me to tell you guys that we are all going to the beach and you boys have to come with us. Oh Gray Aayan is coming with us too" Yui said while smiling, "and please wear your clothes" she said while turning away leaving an embarrassed Gray behind.

-Two hours later -

The gang headed towards the beach but little did they know that a surprise was waiting for them. A few members of Lamia Scale AND Blue Pegasus had apparently chosen the same time as them to take a break. All the girls groaned when they saw the famous trio with their mentor Ichiya. Erza had a particularly disgusted face as he constantly winked at her.

The boys immediately tensed up and told the annoying trio to stay away from the girls with extremely scary faces. The trio sweat dropped and said they would stay away, meanwhile Lyon had started chasing Juvia around she started walking in circles to avoid the boy.

Natsu immediately challenged Gray into a swimming race and boys raced towards the waters.

Yui, Lucy, Levy and Wendy decided to stick together. Lucy wearing her usual white bikini that had pink flowers, Levy with her usual orange swimsuit and Yui decided to wear a pale blue bikini that had deep navy colored stripes.

"You look nice Yu chan" Lucy complimented Yui and grinned.

"You look good to Lu chan trying to get someone's attention?" Yui waggled her eyebrows at Lucy. She immediately turned red and replied.

"No I'm not why would I do that Yu chan?" Lucy said with a tint of pink in her cheeks.

"To impress a certain fire dragon slayer I'd say" Levy said while grinning.

"Yup I agree Levy chan" Yui said while laughing.

"And you two look so good to impress an ice make wizard and a certain iron dragon slayer is it not?" Lucy said while grinning and the other two girls immediately turned red.

"That's not it Lu chan you shouldn't tell on us to hide what you're doing" Yui countered her cheeks a soft pink.

Lucy stuck her tongue out at them and the two girls giggled. Wendy just sat there with a huge blush on her face while Carla crossed her arms and spoke in a disapproving voice.

"You should watch what you say as Wendy is here too" she scolded the older girls.

"Sorry Carla" the girls replied in unison and proceeded to lie down and enjoy the sun.

Meanwhile Cana, Erza, Mira and Lisanna were talking about three girls who were sitting a little away from them.

"They are so oblivious to whom they like" Mira sighed.

"I'm sure they will understand soon enough" Cana said while drinking a bit of booze.

"When they realize is when it's going to become fun" Erza said smirking. Mira immediately agreed.

"It would be so nice to see them dressed up in wedding gowns" she said as she sighed.

Erza immediately blushed and turned to lie face down so the others won't see.

"Psst Mira nee I think Erza just blushed" Lisanna whispered to Mira. The two girls giggled and followed Erza's example.

Yui, Lucy, Levy and Wendy decided to enter the waters and play ball. The girls were giggling and splashing water on each other completely oblivious to the three boys watching them.

"It's not nice to stare at girls when they don't know about it" Aayan said while grinning at the three boys. All three of them had a tint of pink in their cheeks. Natsu gave his trademark grin.

"You haven't told us what magic you use Aayan" Natsu said quickly changing the subject.

"He is a first generation Earth Dragon Slayer" Gray replied.

"How do you know that Ice breath?" Natsu asked him.

"It was Yui and I who chased of his assailants and brought him to our guild" Gray explained.

"So another dragon slayer, huh. So are you strong mud face" Natsu cheekily asked Aayan.

"Of course flame brain" Aayan grinned.

The boys immediately started brawling and fought like kids saying that one was stronger than the other till Erza had just about enough and went and thrashed them.

"I came here to take a break not to hear you fighting. Is that clear?" she threatened them.

All four of them shrunk and nodded their heads. Satisfied with their answer Erza went back to lying down in the sun.

The girls were wet and laughing while the boys sighed.

"Why don't you just go and confess flame brain? Everyone can see that you like bunny girl" Gajeel said while smirking.

"I'd like to see you try and ask Levy out metal face" Natsu countered which made Gajeel turn pink.

Gray and Aayan were laughing while looking at the other two dragon slayers.

"SHUT UP you two" Natsu and Gajeel said at the same time.

"You laugh at us while you don't have the courage to ask fairy girl there" Gajeel said while smirking at Gray. Gray started spluttering.

"Shut up will you? They could hear us!" Gray said while looking anxious.

"We are quite far away they won't be able too, besides even with heightened senses the three of us can't hear them how can they hear us?" Natsu said. The other two looked at him like he grew three heads.

"What?" Natsu said while looking annoyed.

"You just spoke logically?" Gray and Gajeel asked him simultaneously.

Aayan started laughing at them and the four of them started punching and shouting at each other again.

The boys were so pre occupied with brawling that they didn't notice Yui blushing and smirking at the time. The girls noticed her staring at the boys and asked what happened. Yui blushed and said everything that the boys were speaking. The two girls turned bright red and were glad that Wendy and Carla had gone to lie down.

"But how did you know Yu chan? Even the boys can't hear us at this distance with their heightened senses" Lucy asked looking confused.

"I'm an Elementary Guardian Fairy Lu chan, as long as I'm in one of my elements I can hear everything that is happening within that element. The boys are all standing in water which is the heated form of my ice element" Yui said while grinning slyly. "So even if they are miles apart I would know everything they are saying"

The other two girls grinned back.

The three of them looked at the boys and blushed. They swore to each other that they mustn't tell anyone else about what Yui had discovered.

"Yui I have a doubt? Isn't wind your element too? Does that mean as long as air touches you, you can hear everything?"

Yui grinned and nodded.

"It's almost like having the heightened senses of a dragon without being one but I can choose to hear only one element at a time in my normal form. If I'm in my Elementary Guardian Fairy form I can use all four at once. Right now I'm using just my ice element" Yui explained. The girls nodded understanding.

"The reason I am able to do this is because I can command Renga by becoming one with her mind after releasing her from the key which means I have dragon senses too" Yui explained to the girls. She didn't realize that Natsu and Gajeel had heard what Yui said and looked pale.

They walked over to the other boys and told them what happened but only after going out of the water hoping that Yui was using her ice element even now. Gray turned bright red and sulked with the other two.

Meanwhile Wendy was taking a stroll with Carla when suddenly three sinister looking men appeared and surrounded her. The girl stood defiant but was a little frightened in the inside. She silently signaled to Carla to inform the others. Carla flew as fast as she could.

"Aww look at that her cat flew away just when she needed her" the leader laughed.

"Stay away from me, I may look small but I'm a mage too" Wendy said. The other men just laughed at her.

"What can you do little fairy? You're all alone" the leader mocked her.

"I wouldn't say she is alone you bastard and better stay away from my little sister or else you shall pay" Yui appeared with Natsu, Gajeel and Aayan quickly catching up to her.

Yui stood in front of Wendy and shielded the girl. Yui's eyes widened as she recognized the leader.

The leader laughed and shot a cracker into the air. Slowly a number of men started walking towards the little group. The others from Fairy Tail quickly caught up with Yui and Wendy. Erza and Natsu were looking extremely pissed at the leader.

"Who are you all and what do you want with us?" Erza said while standing next to Yui.

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