The Fairy Girl

Revelation And Yui's Wrath


The leader laughed and shot a cracker into the air. Slowly a number of men started walking towards the little group. The others from Fairy Tail quickly caught up with Yui and Wendy. Erza and Natsu were looking extremely pissed at the leader.

"Who are you all and what do you want with us?" Erza said while standing next to Yui.


The leader threw back his hood and smiled sinisterly.

"Do you remember me little fairy? Aah I see the dragon has become one of your fairies too. He never could be a dragon anyways a measly fairy is all he could be" the man said while mocking Aayan and Yui.

"Shut up you bastard. You don't even know how powerful we are or what we are capable of. Mocking us is the biggest mistake you have ever done" Yui threatened the elder man.

Erza asked Yui how she knew him and she recounted of how Aayan, Gray and herself had fought against him and his minions to free Aayan. Aayan stood next to them and nodded.

Erza looked extremely pissed.

"You still haven't answered my question you bastard. Who the hell are you?" Erza asked the leader.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Aati, one of the squad leaders at Travelling Coffins, and the last time when fighting you three I made a tremendous mistake of keeping my minions out of the fight. I was too over confident. I got the punishment I deserved from my master. I shall never be arrogant again and that means you will fight not just me but my entire squad of minions AND me!" he said and laughed.

Yui smirked.

"The last time we fought you just the three of us were enough to wipe the floor with the fifteen of you with our combined strength today you are no match for us"

"She is right. I'm going to make you pay for threatening my nakama and trying to hurt them" Natsu said his hands already lit in flames.

"I shall give you a free meal Natsu" Yui said while smirking and already in her Fire Guardian Fairy form.

"Fire blast" Yui said directing a tremendous flame ball at Natsu. He easily ate up the whole thing and smirked at Yui.

"Thanks for the meal Yui. NOW I"M ALL FIRED UP!" Natsu said while lunging towards the men.

"ATTACK!" Aati ordered his minions.

The men lunged at the teenagers.

Erza had already reequipped into her Heaven's Wheel Armor and smirked at the lunging men. She unleashed a number of her swords at them. Few of them got hit and another few came at her.

"I can handle these people" Erza said changing into her Purgatory Armor and started fighting.

Natsu and the others nodded and left those five men to Erza. Natsu lunged at four men who were close to him and started giving them a good beating. Lucy decided to help Natsu and summoned her spirits.

"Open the Gate of the Maiden! Virgo! Open the Gate of the Lion! Leo! Open the Gate of the Ram! Aries!" Lucy commanded. Immediately Virgo, Loke and Aries appeared.

"Is it punishment time Hime?" Virgo asked.

Lucy shook her head and commanded her to attack the opponents. Virgo nodded her head and went straight to work. Soon many pits appeared in front of them and a few of their assailants had been pulled into the deep pits created by Virgo.

Loke and Aries nodded with determined looks on their faces and went straight to work after hearing what Lucy said to Virgo. Loke immediately lunged at few men who were close to him and came across Gray and started helping him fight. Lucy took out her whip and decided to stay with Aries and help her.

Gajeel, Panther Lilly and Levy were fighting another set of men together. Meanwhile Yui told Carla to keep Wendy safe and decided to fight Aati. She changed into her Ice Guardian Fairy Form and flew in the air trying to spot Aati. She threw lances made of ice at few men while in the air.

Wendy wanted to fight but since Yui had told her not to fight she complied but she decided to heal the people who were injured so that they could fight better. She stayed on the sidelines of the battle and watched out for her nakama and family.

Yui finally found Aati fighting with Aayan and descended next to them.

"Ice Pillar Punch" a pillar made of pure sturdy ice hit Aati head on.

He staggered a little and said.

"Well well see who has made her entry here, the Guardian Fairy. Did you know you can't use your Elementary Guardian Fairy form unless you perfect all your elements?" he mocked her.

"Shut up you bastard" Yui said while lunging at him and punching him on the face.

"Aayan go and help the others, I can fight this bastard on my own. Besides this is a fight for my pride" Aayan looked grim and nodded at Yui before going to help the others.

"You're finished little fairy, I'm not the same Aati you fought while saving that little dragon" Aati said his voice clouding and eyes turning purplish black.

"Master gave me and the other squad leaders a special boost after I delivered your message to him" he said his voice now completely clouded and eyes fully purple black, the color of shadows and looked straight at Yui.

Yui clenched her teeth and curled her hands into fists.

"You can't do anything to us. We are family while you guys don't care about each other even in the slightest bit"

Aati laughed.

"Look around you little fairy your fairy friends are all on the floor struggling to stand"

Yui panicked and looked at her precious nakama. They were indeed injured but all of his minions had been utterly defeated. Yui surged with anger.

"My friends are all still safe but your minions are finished" she said.

Aati cursed under his breath and looked at Yui with a glare.

"You made an enemy of the worst guild you could have made an enemy out of" Yui said her voice echoing and her eyes changing from chocolate brown to a pure shade of ice.

"I shall not forgive you for hurting my family!" she screamed and lunged at the older man.

Her gloves glowed and pure ice was encased around it.

"Ice Daggers" she said her voice laced with venom.

An array of daggers sharp and made of ice was unleashed at Aati. Gray's eyes widened when he realized Yui's eyes had turned the color of ice.

"Shit…it's happening again" he said struggling to get up.

Erza was next to him along with Natsu, Lucy, Levy, Gajeel, Happy, Panther Lilly, Aayan and a completely tired Wendy who had passed out next to a worrying Carla.

"What's wrong Gray? Why has Yui's eyes changed its color? What are you saying?" Erza asked with the last of her energy while watching Yui battle Aati.

Gray struggled as he remembered what happened once when they all were kids…

Yui, Gray and Lyon were waiting for Ul when three older teenagers surrounded them.

"Hey there little kids. What do you have in your pockets? Do you have any money?" the oldest out of them asked.

"Hey man, go easy that little girl looks cute right? We shouldn't harm the kids" another one said while mocking the three of them. The third one just laughed at them.

Lyon and Gray immediately stepped in front of little Yui and shielded her.

"We are the worst bad boys around here. Give us all the money you have or I shall kill you" the leader said.

"Leave my lil sis alone. I maybe younger than you but I'm a mage" Lyon threatened the older boys.

The older boys laughed at Lyon.

"You know what tough guy we are mages too" the older boys mocked Lyon.

"Leave him alone" Gray said as he backed Lyon up.

The two younger boys nodded at each other and took their stances ready to fight the older boys but they were easily knocked out by the older boys. After she witnessed the fight Yui was shaking with anger.

"Ice Fairy Guardian Form, TRANSFORM!" she said her voiced laced with anger.

Gray and Lyon were staring at her with shock on their faces. Her entire body was glowing in a different way than in their usual training. Yui's eyes turned ice blue and her voice became an echo of its own.

"How dare you hurt them…you shall pay for what you have done" she said her ice blue eyes glowing.

The older boys were shaken by her transformation but decided to fight as they thought she was a harmless little girl and couldn't do much damage.

"Wine Grasp" one of the boys said.

A series of wines wrapped around Yui and completely surrounded her. The older boys sighed in relief and smirked. Before they could say another word they heard an echoing voice.


The wines that had surrounded and submerged Yui completely a moment ago were turned to ice and splattered on the floor in pieces. The boys stared at her in shock. The next thing that happened was something they had never expected. Yui was striking blow after blow at them in a shocking speed and before they knew it the boys were completely knocked out and on the floor gasping for breath.

"We are sorry we won't trouble you ever again" the leader begged her but she refused to listen.

She continued to hit the older boys. Soon her anger got the best of her and she froze the entire space around the boys and the lake next to it. Her eyes were still ice blue and she was about to fire her ice daggers at the boys when she was pulled into a hug.

Yui squirmed and struggled to get free but when she saw Gray's worried eyes look at her she came back to her senses.

"That's enough Yui" he told her and soothed her.

Her eyes slowly changed back to their normal color and she fainted. Lyon struggled to walk and reached the two of them. He saw Yui unconscious in Gray's arms and the damage she had done in her anger. The boys silently carried the unconscious girl back home and told Ul what had happened in the market. Yui was unconscious for two days before finally regaining her conscious. As soon as she was told what she had done she started crying.

"I can't believe I did that Ul" she cried on the shoulders of her teacher, "I never meant to hurt anyone…except…except…"

"Calm down Yui" Ul soothed her and told her all the damages had been taken care of and she had helped to capture three of the most troublesome mages. Yui calmed down after she heard that and nodded at her teacher. The boys smiled at her and she smiled back.

"Can we go out and play today?" Yui asked while whispering. Considering everything she went through Ul nodded and smiled. Yui shouted with glee and ran outside with the boys.

Ul smiled at her students through her window before going back to household chores.

"I have to stop her before she kills him" Gray mumbled while trying to stand, and looking Yui who was lunging at Aati with blind anger. The man was unable to keep up with her anger and her power even though he had a shadow power boost, he was struggling and looked like he was about to fall down dead.

Gray stumbled to where Yui stood and reached out to her…

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