The Fairy Girl

The Unbreakable Bond and Love

~ Previously ~

"I have to stop her before she kills him" Gray mumbled while trying to stand, and looking Yui who was lunging at Aati with blind anger. The man was unable to keep up with her anger and her power even though he had a shadow power boost, he was struggling and looked like he was about to fall down dead.

Gray stumbled to where Yui stood and reached out to her…

~ Currently ~

Yui was so angry at Aati that she kept hearing the words he had said while they were fighting.

"Your mother is such a pathetic wimp and your father is nothing less. I wonder how they thought they could protect you from the world" Aati had said after he activated his shadow boost and smirking, "and you are almost like them, weak and pathetic"

She was furious and kept on unleashing attack after attack on the already terribly injured man. She barely spared a glance on what was happening around her. She was about to unleash her ultimate Ice attack the Ice Flower Grasp when she felt two arms wrap around her torso and pull her close. She turned incredibly angry and was about to freeze the person off when she heard his voice.

"Yui you defeated him…calm down now. We can capture him alive and make him tell us where Minikui's base is. Calm down Yui, I can't let you kill this man no matter how horrible he is because I know you will regret it every minute of your life" Gray said while holding on to her.

His warm breath on her shoulder calmed her down and when she turned to look at him tears flowed from her eyes. She sobbed on his shoulder and hugged him tight for a while before her eyes changed color and she fainted. Lyon struggled to walk and reached both of them and soothed out Yui's hair. Both boys nodded at each other and Gray proceeded to carry her bridal style back to the guild so that she could be treated.

Chelia healed herself from the injuries and helped the others as much as she could meanwhile Natsu, Aayan and Gajeel captured Aati and proceeded to drag him to the guild so he could be questioned.

Yui was unconscious on bed and Gray sat next to her holding her hand and refused to leave her side until she woke up. The others needed only slight treatment as Chelia and Wendy had healed most of their injuries on the way to guild itself. Mira was in tears when she saw Yui unconscious. The others were extremely worried too. Lucy and Levy refused to leave the infirmary like Gray until she woke but Polyushka has chased all of them out except Gray as he sat defiantly next to her bed refusing to move and since only one person could stay with her the girls left promising to check on her every day.

-The next day-

Mira walked into the infirmary to find Gray asleep next to Yui's bed while holding her hand. She brought a plate of food and gently woke Gray. He bolted awake and called out for Yui the second he woke. Mira smiled sadly and motioned him to be quiet and eat his food. At first he refused but after Mira looked at him sternly he agreed to eat. He asked Mira to look after Yui while he went to eat and shower. He promised he would be back within an hour. Mira nodded and asked him to go on.

"Kinana, could you look after the bar for me today with Lisanna for a while? I shall be back in an hour" Mira asked Kinana. Kinana nodded and said she would. Mira smiled and went to sit with Yui.

She was extremely saddened at how exhausted Yui had looked and how frequently she was mumbling in her sleep. Her beautiful features were contorted in worry. Laxus watched over her without her knowing and was frowning at how worried she was in the few hours that Yui had been brought in unconscious. Her smile had become fake and she barely had any life around her anymore. He walked up to her and placed his hands on her shoulders. Mira looked up with tears in her eyes and hugged Laxus while sitting. Laxus soothed her told her Yui would be alright. He was worried about the new girl too though he didn't show it.

-At Gray's house-

Gray placed the food that Mira had packed for him and went to shower. His bangs covered his eyes and tears flowed from his eyes.

"Weak…I was weak…she did this to herself all over again just because I wasn't strong enough to protect her…" he thought to himself as he banged his fist on the bathroom wall and cried to himself.

He didn't want to waste to time on his necessities and take a lot of time so he showered hurriedly and gobbled the food Mira had packed for him and hurried to the guild. He didn't want to leave Yui out his sight anymore.

He reached the guild and spoke to no one. He went straight to the infirmary. Everyone was worried not just about Yui but also of Gray. He had totally become dull and lifeless after Yui had fainted at the beach. Lucy sat at her usual stool at the bar with Levy and both girls were looking extremely sad. Erza sat next to her untouched strawberry cake and even Cana had stopped drinking. Master Makarov looked at his beloved children who were all saddened and were not their usual selves. He wanted them back to being their usual selves. Even Natsu who fought with everyone and caused trouble was sitting at a table with his head down with a worried Happy next to him. Lucy, Levy, Erza, Wendy and Natsu had been the closest to Yui after Gray and were the most affected. Aayan sat grimly opposite to Natsu and was stroking Loren, an exceed he had found while training.

Gray walked into the infirmary to find Mira sleeping and Laxus watching over her. He motioned Gray to be silent. Gray nodded and sat on the other side of Yui and watched her willing her to wake up. Mira woke up a few moments later and found herself in Laxus's arms. She blushed and apologized to Gray for sleeping. Gray shook his head and said it was alright. Mira nodded and left the infirmary with Laxus.

Gray watched Yui sleeping and took her hand gently in his. As soon as she felt his hand around hers Yui's face calmed down. Her features broke into a smile and she started breathing evenly.

"I'm right here Yui…I'm sorry for not being able to protect you. I won't leave you anymore please wake up Yui…come back to me" Gray begged his eyes filled with tears and his bangs covering his eyes.

Juvia stood outside the infirmary and cried to herself. She realized that Gray had loved Yui and not her. She ran out of the guild to her house.

-Five days later-

Yui was put on IV and had still not woken up. Gray was always beside her and barely left her. When he had to leave her he asked Lucy or Levy to look after her for a while and returned very soon. He was next to her bed and held her hand and never left the infirmary when he was in the guild. He refused to leave on missions and said that Yui was more important to him than the missions.

His example was followed by almost everyone. They all wanted Yui to wake up and talk to them again. Polyushka checked on Yui every day and left after she injected Yui with the necessary medications. Wendy too checked on Yui every day and looked downcast every time Gray asked her if she would wake up or not. He would look grim and ask her to leave and resume his normal position next to her bed while holding her hand and rubbing his thumb on the back of her hand.

-That evening -

Lyon had decided to come and visit Yui and entered the Fairy Tail guild hall. He hadn't thought that Yui was loved so much by her guild mates. Everyone was looking downcast. He asked Mira where Yui was and Mira motioned to the infirmary. Lyon nodded and headed to the infirmary.

He entered to find Gray sitting next to Yui holding her hand. Gray immediately tensed when he realized someone had entered the infirmary and relaxed when he realized it was Lyon. Lyon walked towards her bed and stood on the other side of the bed and held Yui's other hand. He was terribly broken that the same incident had happened all over again and that he couldn't protect his little sister. Lyon looked at Gray who was hunched over Yui's right hand and sobbing. Lyon's eyes filled with tears as he couldn't bear to see Yui this helpless.

The tears from both boys' eyes dripped on to Yui's hands simultaneously. Yui's eyes flickered open and the deep navy colored mark on her right hand glowed in Gray's palm. Her blurred vision soon cleared and she saw both boys leaning over her with tears in their eyes. The unbreakable bond between the three was the first thing that came to her mind when she saw them. She had a worn out smile as she saw the two of them. Lyon came out of his shock first and hugged Yui with tears streaming down from his eyes. The news that Yui had awakened quickly spread throughout the guild. Lucy, Levy, Wendy, Erza, Cana and Mira rushed into the infirmary and surrounded her. Yui's eyes filled with tears of happiness and she hugged the girls collectively.

Gray slipped out of the infirmary without being noticed and left the guild to stand in the grassy ground very close to the guild. He knew that the guild must have erupted with celebrations that Yui had awakened again after six days of being unconscious. He stood looking at the stars. He realized how lost he had been when he realized Yui could have died. He realized how important she was to him in these six days. He wanted to tell her how he felt about her but every time he tried to speak to her he lost his courage after seeing her smile. He didn't want to ruin the friendship he had with her by proposing. He knew there could be a possibility of getting rejected which would mean awkwardness around her and a ruined friendship. He didn't want that to happen. He stood with his hands in his pockets and stared at the sky again.

Yui smiled at her guild mates and laughed along with Levy and Lucy; but she wasn't completely happy. She had been looking for Gray for the past hour but she couldn't find him at all in the guild. She excused herself from the others and decided to walk outside for a while and clear her head. She smiled to herself when she thought of Lyon and Juvia.

"That idiot of a brother finally decided to confess and he got his wish" she thought to herself giggling.

"I wonder where Gray is though…Mira told me he sat with me the entire time never leaving my bedside except for necessities…I want to see him soon…" she thought to herself.

She had decided to shift her element to earth for a while and walked till she saw the grassy area next to the guild. It smelled like it had been freshly mown and she skipped till she heard a soft voice.

"I love you Yui…I always have and always will…I just don't have the courage to ask you"

Yui's eyes widened in shock and she saw a lone figure standing in the distance with hands in his pockets and staring at the sky. As she walked closer and closer she realized it was Gray. Yui's eyes filled with tears of happiness and she ran towards him.

Gray stood with his hands in his pockets oblivious to what was happening around him till he felt a pair of hands around his torso. His eyes widened when he heard sobs. He turned and faced Yui and placed his hands on her shoulders.

"What's wrong Yui why are you crying? Which bastard do I have to throttle?" Gray asked looking worried. Yui smiled and hugged him.

"I'm not crying because I'm sad. I'm crying because I'm happy you stupid Snowman" Yui said smiling into Gray's shoulder. Gray smiled and hugged her back.

"I'm glad you're back little Fairy…"

He hand one hand placed on her waist and the other caressing her hair. She had wrapped her arms around his back. They both stood there oblivious to their surroundings. Yui's mind was a mess as she thought of what she had overheard a few minutes ago. She decided it was best to ask him about it. She raised her head and looked at him.

"Did you mean what you said Gray?" Yui asked him timidly.

"About what Yui" Gray broke the hug and stared into her eyes.

"About loving me Gray…" Yui whispered looking down.

Gray placed a finger below her chin and lifted her head making her meet his eyes. He knew there was no point in hiding what she already had a hint of. He drew in a deep breath before looking into her eyes, his own reflecting his feelings,

"Yes…I meant every single word I said"

Yui smiled with tears of happiness glossing her eyes. Gray wiped them and leaned in towards her. Soon the gap between them disappeared and Gray kissed her.

Their eyes were closed and they were lost in each other's arms. They didn't realize that a few of their guild mates were staring at them and squealing with glee.

Mira smiled at the couple and chased everyone away giving them their private moment. She looked back one last time and smiled at the pair.

"I'm glad you both are finally together" she whispered and left.

They broke the kiss for air and Gray placed his forehead on hers and repeated his promise to love her forever.

Yui smiled and hugged him. They both stood there for a while in each other's arms before returning to the guild hand in hand.

A man walked back from the shadows to an underground base. He walked as fast as he could as he had news to deliver to his master…

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