The Fairy Girl

Guilt, A Lost Family And War

Yui sat on the ground hugging her knees and comtemplating everything that had happened in the last few hours. She had come again to the grassy area close to the guild. Her thoughts were clouded. She was guilty of hurting Aati blindly even after she had defeated the man. It reminded her of how she had hurt those three delinquents in her childhood. She sighed and hid her head in her arms.

"He was a horrible man and what he said about Mama and Papa wasn't right…it doesn't matter if I hurt him that badly he deserved it…" she said to herself.

"No matter how horrible he is…after being defeated does he really deserve that much of pain? You didn't just hurt him physically you hurt his pride too…" her conscious countered.

"So what should I do?"

"I think you know what to do…you should apologize…"

Yui sighed to herself as she sat with her head on her knees and contemplated on what her conscious had told her. Just when she was about to get up someone had ruffled her hair. Surprised she turned to find Gray smiling warmly at her. He sat beside her and sighed.

"Still guilty over what you did to Aati?" he asked her.

Yui nodded while looking down wondering over how he figured that out.

"You don't have to wonder how I figured that out. I was the one with you when almost the same incident had happened when we were kids…" Gray said while smiling at Yui with hurt eyes.

"You had to do that to yourself then…and now too just because I wasn't strong enough to protect you…" he said with his bangs covering his eyes.

Yui's eyes widened when she realized what he said. She turned to face him.

"No Gray you're wrong…"

Yui cupped Gray's face with her hands and made him turn towards her. He held her hands with his own with a pained look in his eyes.

"I couldn't control my power even though it has been almost 10 years since that incident happened…you shouldn't blame yourself at all…" she said her voice low.

Gray looked at her and shook his head.

"If I was strong enough you wouldn't have gone into that phase at all Yui. Both in our childhood and few days back…you were unconscious for six whole days Yui…I was so scared that I would lose you…"

"You won't lose me Gray…I'm not an easy girl to kill ya know?" Yui said while smiling at Gray. He chuckled.

"You know it's not just a guy who can get stronger when he has something to protect…a girl can too…" Yui said while holding Gray's hand.

"I have you to protect me and I have to protect you and every one of my nakama too" Yui said while smiling. Gray nodded and smiled at Yui.

"You know everyone is worried back at the guild and don't you have something you want to tell Aati?" Gray said while smiling at her. Yui smiled back at him and nodded. The two walked towards the guild hand in hand.

Lucy was sitting at her favorite spot at the bar and sulked. She was worried about Yui and the untouched drink next to her proved she was worried.

"Lu chan!" Yui said while hugging Lucy from the back and grinning.

"I'm sorry for making you worry I was just at the grassy area next to our guild" Yui said while smiling at Lucy.

"You could have told me Yu chan I was worried" Lucy said looking cross.

"Gomene Lu chan" Yui said while scratching the back of her head and grinning sheepishly.

"I will not talk to you for the whole day today" Mira said while standing with her arms crossed "I was so worried too"

"Gomene Mira nee I didn't do it on purpose" Yui said while looking down.

"Ara ara, its fine. Don't do it again ok?" Mira said while wagging her finger at the girl.

Yui nodded grinning. She noticed Erza sitting a little away and walked up to her.

"Are you angry at me too?" Yui asked while sulking.

"A little maybe, but it's alright I heard what you told Mira and Lucy so I'm not worried anymore. But you shouldn't do this again alright?" Erza said while looking stern. Yui nodded and grinned gratefully.

"Ne Erza, do you know where Aati is being held? I have something I need to tell him" Yui said while looking down.

Erza quirked her eyebrow,

"What do you have to tell him?"

"Please Erza just take me there. I can take care of myself I promise" Yui said while looking earnest.

Erza nodded and said nothing. After she finished her cake they both headed out.

Gray, Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Happy and Carla were following them silently hoping they wouldn't get caught. Suddenly Yui stopped midway while walking and sighed.

"You guys can come out now" she said while shaking her head. Erza stood in a defensive stance until she noticed the six of her comrades.

"What is the meaning of this?" Erza asked looking stern.

"It was ice popsicle's idea!" Natsu said immediately.

"No it wasn't!" Gray said looking panicky. Yui laughed.

"Calm down you all, I know you guys were just worried you could have told us ya know?" Yui said while smiling softly at the gang.

Lucy grinned sheepishly along with the others while Wendy smiled cutely and Carla crossed her arms. The gang continued walking till they reached the place where Fairy Tail was keeping Aati prisoner.

The gang walked in looking grim and Yui looked guilty. Aati was squirming as he was made to sit on a chair tied in ropes,

"Have you come here to torture me? Didn't I tell you yesterday itself I'm NOT going to-"

"I'm sorry" Yui whispered.

Aati had shocked etched on to his face as he realized what Yui had said.

"I shouldn't have hurt your pride or you that badly. Even though I knew you were defeated I kept on unleashing attack after attack on you for that I'm terribly sorry…" Yui said with her bangs covering her eyes.

Gray held her shoulders from behind, comforting her while the others were shocked beyond words at Yui's apology.

Aati looked at Yui grimly.

"I insulted your parents and you. I would have killed you without mercy if I had the chance. Why are you apologizing?" he asked her with a gentle tone he had only used with one little girl before.

"No matter how terrible you could have been. I shouldn't have done that…" Yui said with her voice shaking trying and failing to keep it steady as her tears pricked her eyes.

Tears slid down Aati's eyes. He couldn't understand why this child had apologized to him when he had been so horrible to her. The gang watched as his eyes were changing color and his body was glowing.

The bright light threatened to rob the onlooker o their eyesight. the teens shielded their eyes from the bight light. As soon as the light had appeared it disappeared.

Yui's eyes widened at what was happening in front of her. Aati's eyes had changed from purple to black and the man fainted. Wendy immediately went to work on him and the older man slowly opened his eyes. His vision was distorted for a while before it became normal.

"Wh-where am I?" Aati asked while holding his head.

The entire gang was staring at him open mouthed. He grew conscious and visibly uncomfortable. Then the fact that he had been tied dawned on him.

"Why am I tied up like this?" he asked looking confused and a little angry.

"Don't you remember anything Aati?" Erza asked while raising her brow skeptically.

Her question and a glance at the teenagers brought back memories of the fight and how he was brought here. Yui looked at the man and wondered where she had seen him as he looked awfully familiar.

"I never knew you could talk so gently after being so horrible to us" Erza said looking grim.

"We still can't let you go until you tell us where Minikui's base is"

"Minikui…so he was the one who cast that spell on me. I don't remember very clearly maybe I could remember with time" Aati said and his face contorted in pain while he held his head.

Erza looked shocked and asked him if he remembered what his name was. Aati nodded.

"I'm Aati Dreya. I had a brother but I don't know what happened to him or his family…my little niece…or his wife who was like a little sister to me…" Aati said his eyes having a faraway and pained look.

"Aati Dreya…Uncle Aati?" Yui said with tears stinging her eyes.

She immediately lunged forward tore away the ropes and hugged the older man. Aati had fill his core at seeing his niece alive and well after all those long, hard years he had tried and failed to find her and her family.

"My child…is that really you my little one?" Aati said while hugging the girl tight, his voice light and full of happiness.

The gang looked and smiled. Lucy had tears in her eyes and Natsu wrapped an arm around her shoulders. Gray and Wendy were smiling warmly.

"Minikui was the one who killed Mama and Papa. He was the one who did it uncle Aati" Yui said while holding onto the man's shoulders.

Aati's grip tightened around the girl. His hands closed tightly in fists.

"That bastard murdered my brother and his wife? I WILL KILL HIM!" Aati said looking enraged. Yui held his hand.

"No uncle. We are all in this together. We shall defeat him together and you should rest for now. The mind spell he cast on you would have weakened you and your magic. You must revive both yourself and your before you think of revenge uncle" Yui said looking concerned.

Aati looked at Yui's concerned face and smiled at her. He nodded and stumbled a little as he was still suffering the after effects of Minikui's spell. Gray held one arm and Natsu held the other and stabilized Aati so that he wouldn't fall. The older man smiled at the boys.

"I'm sorry for what I had done a few days back. I was unaware of myself" he said while looking guilty.

"Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah it's alright. Everyone makes mistakes" Natsu said while looking at Aati with his signature grin.

The girls and exceeds smiled and the gang walked back to the guild with Aati. Yui walked alongside Gray while Lucy walked with Natsu the exceeds were flying above Erza and Wendy.

Aati entered the guild supported by the boys and everyone burst into chatter.

"What is he doing here" Mira asked looking cross.

Yui quickly stepped forward and related what had happened to everyone. Aati looked downcast during the entire time.

"So please minna…forgive my uncle" Yui said looking at everyone in tears.

Mira immediately hugged her and soothed her telling her it was alright.

"Bring him to the infirmary, I shall send Max and Laki to get Polyushka" Mira told the boys.

Yui looked at Mira with tears in her eyes.

"Thank you Mira nee…" Mira hugged the girl and motioned to be quiet while Aati smiled gratefully at Mira and mouthed a thank you. Mira nodded and motioned the boys to move quickly.

Polyushka arrived and checked on him and gave him a few medications.

"He had been put on a very strong mind spell, only a strong shadow magic user can pull off this spell perfectly. I advise you brats to take full precautions against that man" she said and left. Everyone looked grim.

"For the promise I made to my mother for avenging my parents and my uncle I will get stronger and defeat that bastard" Yui said looking determined.

"You are going to fight him but not without us" Gray said while holding her hand. Yui nodded and smiled.

"Prepare for war Minikui" Yui said to herself.

"You're not going to get off the hook that easily…"

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