The Fairy Girl

A Surprising New Discovery

Aati being treated in the infirmary and the fact that he was Yui's uncle and was under a mind spell by Minikui was the most popular gossip around the guild. Everyone wanted to know the exact details of what Minikui was planning and the exact time he was planning his move.

Aati was deeply moved by how helpful everyone was and he was guilty that he had hurt these good hearted people. He swore to himself that he would avenge his brother and stay with these people till the end and repay his debt. Aati realized that he needed to prove he wasn't a shadow mage and his magic had been taken over by the shadow magic spell he had been under and he needed to revive his own magic. He spoke to Makarov about this and the older man agreed to help him and even made him a member of Fairy Tail. He also noticed how much Yui was loved by her guild mates. He heard of she had been unconscious for six days after he had recovered and also how she was looked after by a particular boy.

Aati watched how he behaved with her and was happy to see that Yui was happy with the boy and he managed to keep her happy. He smiled and also wanted to let the boy know how much trouble he would be in should he ever hurt his little girl. He decided to go and talk to Gray (as he heard the others calling him) about it. He noticed the red haired girl, Erza, call him aside for a talk. He decided to listen on what was going on.

"Gray I know it was only yesterday that you had proposed and she accepted and all that. I want you to know two things. One I approve of your relationship and I'm happy that Yui is happy too"

Gray grinned sheepishly and nodded. When he noticed Erza's scary aura returning he panicked.

"Two, if I ever hear that she has cried because of you, you're mincemeat you hear me?" she asked while looking extremely stern.

"And just so you know. Mira told me to tell you the same thing" Erza said while grinning sadistically.

Gray sweat dropped and nodded and promised he wouldn't do anything to make her cry. Erza nodded satisfied at what he had said and went to the bar and asked Mira for a piece of strawberry cake.

"Did you tell him Erza?" Mira asked.

Erza nodded and gave her a thumbs up. Mira nodded satisfied and went to work while smiling.

Aati stood surprised by what he had just heard. He realized that Yui's guild mates truly treated her as family and she would be looked after even if he wasn't there.

"Don't worry Danzo and Ushina. Our little girl has found a truly caring family after yours…" he thought to himself a gentle smile gracing his lips.

"Uncle didn't you eat your lunch? Mira nee was worried" Yui asked him.

Yui's question had broken Aati out of his thoughts and he smiled at her.

"I shall eat soon my little one, have you eaten?" Yui nodded and smiled.

Aati smiled and headed to ask Mira for his lunch.

Yui went to sit with Lucy and the two book worms soon started talking excitedly of a new book that had been released by their favorite author. Levy soon joined them and the three best friends were engrossed in their talk not noticing the boys talking.

Natsu, Gajeel and Aayan were sulking and Gray was sitting with them while smirking.

"How the hell did popsicle get a girlfriend before us?"

"You should ask Lucy out then you flame brain" Gray countered smirking.

"You wanna go popsicle?" Natsu asked head butting Gray.

"You bet flame brain" Gray countered when Gajeel tsked and Aayan drifted to his own world.

"Who are you thinking of mud face?" Natsu asked Aayan who turned red at his question.

"No one flame brain"

"Come on mud face you know you can trust us" Gajeel said.

"Alright alright…its Mira's sister. I think her name is Lisanna" Aayan said looking beet red.

"Hmmmm alright but you better not hurt her alright? She is a beloved nakama and a little sister to me" Natsu said looking firm.

"And trust me you wouldn't want to face the wrath of her sister" Gray said turning ghost white. Aayan gulped.

"And I have a bad feeling the other girls would whip you too" Gajeel said while looking away.

Aayan looked over to the girls and found Lisanna giggling with the three girls and gulped. He gestured the other boys to look and they nodded.

"Yup metal face was right. Hurt one and the face the wrath of all" Gray said while sulking.

"I think Mira, Erza and Yui would be the worst to whack us though" Natsu said while sulking.

Gray smirked at that and smiled proudly thinking of Yui.


"I'm quite strong in the offensive but I think it's a good idea to strengthen the healing powers of my wind element too. What do you think Lu chan and Levy chan?"

The girls nodded.

"I think it's a good idea too" Mira said sweetly.

Yui smiled and looked for Wendy and found her seated next to Romeo with Carla on her lap.

"Wendy" Yui called out to the younger girl.

"Coming Yui nee" Wendy answered.

"Gomene Romeo san I have to go see what she wants" Wendy said while smiling apologetically and hurried off to Yui.

"What is it Yui?" Wendy said smiling cutely.

"Could you help me with the healing powers of the wind element Wendy? I believe I need to master it to master my wind element" Yui asked smiling.

Wendy nodded looking excited. Yui grinned and gave her a thumbs up. The two girls headed to the grassy area next to the guild, Lucy and Levy accompanied the girls.

Yui stood in front of Wendy looked determined. She was on the brink of mastering the last element she needed to master before she could use her ultimate transformation the Elementary Guardian Fairy form.

"I'm just one element away from fulfilling my promise Mama. I will fulfil it Mama just wait and watch me"

The girls watched as Yui practiced to the extent that she was getting exhausted. Lucy placed a hand on her shoulder and Yui fell on her knees and her sky blue outfit disappeared and she was in her casual outfit again. Lucy looked at her smiling comfortingly the girls gave her a few sandwiches they had brought along with them and a small glass of juice to drink. Yui gained her strength back quickly and grinned at the others.

"Arigato minna!" she said while grinning sheepishly. The others grinned back.

Yui changed into her Wind Guardian form again and practiced. She shifted back to her normal form and tried a few spells to her astonishment they worked!

"Wonderful Yu chan I never knew your magic worked even without you being in your guardian fairy forms" Lucy said while looking surprised.

"I didn't know myself till now Lu chan" Yui said looking equally surprised.

She tried her other elements and she found out they worked on a very small scale than when she was in her Guardian forms. She was able to light a small fire, produce small ice crystals, use her healing spells on a small scale and a tiny piece of earth following her command. In short all her elements followed her command on a small scale. She was genuinely surprised and grinned at the girls.

"I'm glad I decided to learn healing powers today. If I didn't maybe I would have never found out I could control my elements even without my Guardian forms" Yui said and grinned.

The other girls grinned and winked back at her.

"I think it's getting pretty late. We should head back" Wendy said looking worried. Yui smiled at the little girl.

"You are a strong mage my little one. You shouldn't be scared" Yui said while ruffling her hair.

Wendy nodded and smiled. Carla crossed her arms and huffed. Yui bent down and carried the little exceed.

"You know Carla I have grown very fond of you" she said while nuzzling the little exceed.

Carla said nothing but blushed and crossed her arms. Yui laughed lightly and ruffled the little exceed.

Suddenly she sensed someone watching her from behind. She immediately stood in front of the others and called out.

"Who is that there? Come out right now if you don't wish to be hurt" Yui shouted looking firm.

All she saw was a shadow floating away.

"What is it Yu chan?" Levy asked looking worried.

"Nothing Levy chan" Yui smiled at the other girls.

They huffed out of relief,

"Moe! dont do that Yu chan" they complained.

"This isn't the first time I am noticing this presence though…the night Gray proposed to me I felt the same presence. Even when I went to see Uncle Aati for the first time in the shacks I noticed the same presence…I have a bad feeling about this…" Yui thought feeling distressed.

She didn't want to worry the others hence she grinned and said they should probably head back for now. The others nodded and the girls left for the guild. Yui looked back a few times but still didn't feel the presence.

"You can't hide for long I will catch you soon" she thought to herself and walked back with the others.

The girls entered the guild. Lucy, Levy and Yui went to sit at the bar, while Wendy went to sit with Romeo. The girls were so engrossed in their talks that they didn't notice what was happening with the boys at the back…

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