The Fairy Girl

The Double Proposals And Surprise


The girls entered the guild. Lucy, Levy and Yui went to sit at the bar, while Wendy went to sit with Romeo. The girls were so engrossed in their talks that they didn't notice what was happening with the boys at the back…


Natsu was looking pale and he was reluctant to even move. Gajeel looked almost the same, only he had his look of indifference wavering.

Lucy and Levy were chatting with Yui completely oblivious to the boys and their strange behavior. Gray was smirking and teasing Natsu.

"What happened flame brain got cold feet now do we? Funny I don't remember freezing your feet today though" he said and snickered.

"Shut it Popsicle. You said nothing to propose. She heard your confession and confronted you about it and you agreed"

Gray immediately paled but regained his senses soon enough.

"You idiot this isn't about me. If you want her you have to ask her! The entire guild knows the two of you like each other except you two! Just go and propose already! The same goes for you Gajeel" Gray said looking at the two boys.

Natsu's head just slumped and his face soon flat on the table with Gajeel just tsking and looking at Levy.

"FINE I will" Natsu said. Gray looked hopeful.

"But not today"

Gray face palmed.

"I have to make her speechless man! I can't just go up to her and say I like her! I need flowers, a small gift maybe and then confess!" Natsu said looking determined having decided to follow Lisanna's advice.

Gray looked a bit downcast and looked at Yui who was giggling with the others. He had never given her flowers or a gift till now.

"I will also but I think the flowers and gift is so not my style" Gajeel said while looking pale.

Gray face palmed and Natsu whisper screamed.

"YOU have too man! Don't you want her to be swept off her feet?"

"I do that almost every day. I just pick her by the back of her dress if I have too" Gajeel said looking indifferent again. Gray face palmed.

"You idiot it's not the same! You're proposing you stupid moron" Gray said looking desperate.

Gajeel tsked and walked off. Natsu and Gray looked at each and sighed.

"I hate to ask you this but could you come with me to pick out her flowers and a small gift for Lucy?"

Gray looked and surprised and nodded. He decided he could get Yui her favorite red roses and the book she had looked eagerly at a few days at a bookshop. Suddenly it struck him. Natsu could get a book for Lucy too. He immediately went and relayed his plan to Natsu. Natsu nodded and said he had thought of the same thing. The two frenemies looked at each other and grinned then immediately frowned at each other and walked in different directions.

"Tomorrow is sure going to be exciting" Mira said with hearts in her eyes.

The boys were so engrossed that they hardly noticed Mira listening to them. Mira could hardly wait for the next day. She was grinning and the other girls were confused as to why she was so happy.

"Did Laxus propose Mira nee?" Yui winked and the other girls giggled at Mira's red face.

"No he didn't" Mira said turning beet red. The others laughed.

"What is it then Mira nee? You're usually not this jumpy" Yui said looking confused. Mira shook her head and refused to reply. The girls shrugged and went back to their discussion.

"Tomorrow two more of my cupid plans is going to happen" Mira thought while squealing to herself.

"There shouldn't be a mess up and I will make sure there isn't one" she thought herself.

"The big day is here huh Natsu, you ready?" Gray said while grinning. Natsu shook his head.

"It isn't now I wrote her a note asking her to meet me by the Sakura trees today night but I don't know how to give it" Natsu said while sulking.

"Could you give it to her?" he asked looking hopeful. Gray immediately paled.

"And have everyone question me as to what it is NO WAY!" he said his eyes widening.

Natsu sulked. Then a brilliant idea crossed his mind. He tore up the note and walked towards the bar where Lucy and Yui were chatting.

"Luce, can I talk to you for a minute?" Natsu asked her.

Lucy was blushing beet red when she noticed Yui's smirk and nodded at Natsu. She mouthed a shut up to Yui who giggled at Lucy's response. The two walked out to the guild gates where no one was particularly listening.

Natsu had a slight tint to his tan cheeks.

"Lucy, could you meet me by the Sakura trees tonight? And come alone please" he said and ran out.

Lucy stared after him and was holding her thumping chest and turned beet red before returning to her usual spot at the bar. Yui and Mira immediately ambushed her.

"What did he tell you? Was it a proposal?" Mira asked looking hopeful. Lucy immediately sulked.

"No it wasn't Mira san"

Even Yui sulked at that. She so badly wanted to tease the girl.

"I think I'm going home now Mira san. I shall be back tomorrow" Lucy said smiling lightly.

"I'll come too Lu chan" Yui said.

Lucy nodded and the two girls left the guild while hooking arms.

Levy noticed the interchange and was about to walk towards them when Gajeel appeared next to her, picked her up and put her over his shoulder and walked out. Levy turned beet red when she noticed Mira smirking at her and started whacking Gajeel's back with her tiny hands.

"Let me down I can walk!"

"Keep quiet shrimp" Gajeel said and continued walking. Meanwhile Pantherlily was arranging the items the way Gajeel asked him to and was sulking.

"Why do I have to do this" he said looking pale.

"I just hope he doesn't mess this up"

The girls were walking towards the apartment they were staying. Yui noticed Lucy looked a bit downcast and decided to wait till they reached the apartment and ask her what was wrong.

As soon as the girls entered the apartment, Yui closed the door and placed her hands on Lucy's shoulders.

"What's wrong Lucy? Did Natsu say something bad to you?" Yui said looking worried. Lucy shook her head.

"Then what is it Lu chan?" Yui said looking confused.

"He asked to come to the Sakura trees alone tonight"

"That's great news! Why are you sad about that Lu chan?" Yui said looking confused.

"This happened once before Yu chan. He asked me to come alone to the South Gate park and when I went there expecting a proposal or at least a date. All he did was ask me to summon Virgo and dig a hole in the ground because there was a chest with embarrassing photos buried there" Lucy said looking downcast.

"I had dressed up so nicely too, it was all a waste Yu chan, I don't want to be embarrassed that way again" she said looking sad.

"Aww damn that must have been hard" Yui said sulking.

"But maybe this it's different Lu chan. Maybe he is calling you to really propose to you! You can't lose hope Lu chan. Come on let's get you ready" Yui said smiling and dragging Lucy who was struggling in vain against the determined girl.

Lucy was made to shower and wear a very pretty salmon pink dress that ended below her knees. Yui did her hair into a waterfall braid and did light make up for her. Lucy looked into the mirror and couldn't believe how pretty she looked. Yui really had worked magic with her hands. Yui was satisfied at how Lucy looked and placed a white headband with a pretty pink bow on Lucy's head. She looked beautiful.

"Wow Lu chan you look so pretty. I'm sure Natsu is going to stutter while talking" Yui said while grinning. Lucy blushed and shushed her.

A few minutes later Lucy left her apartment and headed for the Sakura tree that Natsu had asked her to come to. Meanwhile Yui decided to relax a little after all the tiring preparations she helped Lucy with.

Pantherlily had arranged everything beautifully and had flown out as soon as he noticed Gajeel's wild hair in the distance. Gajeel had roughly placed his large hand on Levy's small face and covered her eyes. His face turned pink and took his hands off and what Levy saw something she had never expected.

Her face turned pink when she saw the flowers and the book she was talking about to Yui and Lucy yesterday in a neatly tied bow.

"Like what you see?" Gajeel asked looking down at her.

Levy nodded her face a deep pink.

"I like you too" he said gruffly standing with his back to her so she wouldn't see his face.

She smiled softly and picked the flowers and the book and held them to her chest.

"Did you hear me talking to Lu chan and Yu chan about this book yesterday?" Levy asked timidly. She got an embarrassed gruff in response.

"You seemed excited so I just got it for ya" he said looking relieved that she liked what he had got.

"It's alright if you don't like me. I just wanted to get the weight of my chest" he said looking a bit sullen.

"What took you so long" she whispered keeping the book and flowers down as she turned to hug him from behind.

Gajeel was sure he would have missed it if he didn't have his heightened senses. Looking surprised she had actually accepted he turned around and returned her embrace.

"I thought you wouldn't…ya know…like me" he said.

"After what I -"

Levy placed her tiny finger on his lips effectively silencing him.

"That is the past…and I have noticed how much you have helped me and protected me after the mistake you did…Jet and Droy told me that you agreed to take a beating from them for what you did to me" she said turning pink.

Gajeel looked surprised.

"I told them not to tell -"

"Shush Gajeel….it's alright, you repented for your mistakes, that's good enough for me" she said blushing, Gajeel lifted her chin and made her meet his eyes, she blushed and wrapped her arms around his neck.

He blushed and closed the distance.

Pantherlily saw what was happening from outside the window and he smirked.

"So he didn't mess it up eh? Gihi now I have something to tease him with" he said and flew off to find some kiwis.

Lucy walked and soon found Natsu waiting next the Sakura tree as he had promised. She blew a sigh of relief when she saw he didn't have any shovel or digging materials with him. She called out to him and he turned. He was completely speechless after he saw her. She really did look beautiful.

Lucy blushed and walked towards him. He held out his hand looking extremely pink.

"Y-y-you l-l-look beau-beautiful Luce" Natsu stuttered.

Lucy blushed and murmured a thank you.

The two teenagers walked to the spot Natsu had set up by himself before she arrived. Lucy was stunned at what she saw.

A picnic basket laid out, a bouquet and the book she had been yearning to read for almost two months neatly arranged in front of her. She was surprised.

"Did you do this Natsu?" she asked looking baffled.

"Of course you weirdo. Who else do you think did this?" he said while holding Lucy's hand in his.

Lucy was blushing madly,

"Of course I didn't want you to taste my horrible cooking so I asked Mira to prepare some of your favorite dishes and Gray helped me with the flowers and I decided to get you the book as I see you looking longingly at it every time you cross that bookshop" Natsu said while scratching the back of his head and grinning sheepishly.

Lucy was speechless with joy and she hugged Natsu while grinning.

"Thank you so much you baka" Lucy said while letting go and blushing. Natsu held her hand and pulled her towards him and embraced her.

"I like you Luce….maybe it's not just like but love" Natsu said with a tint of pink in his cheeks and gently raised Lucy's face and made her meet his eyes.

"Natsu…" Lucy started with a loss for words.

"It's ok Lucy…I just wanted to let you know that I love you" Natsu said releasing her and looking downcast.

Lucy said nothing and pulled him into a hug and kissed him. Natsu was surprised at first but slowly both of them melted into the kiss. When they broke for air Lucy said.

"You stupid baka what took you so long to tell me this? Couldn't you see that I loved you too?"

Natsu pulled her into a hug and shrugged.

"Nope" he said while grinning.

Lucy whacked his head playfully and blushed. The two stayed for a little while longer and then headed home.

Yui was already asleep when Lucy entered; she changed into her pajamas and went to bed without waking Yui up. She was scared that now because they were in a relationship things would change between her and Natsu. She was unable to sleep when she noticed Natsu grinning from the window sill.

"What are you doing here you baka? What if Yu chan wakes up and notices you? GO!" she whisper-screamed at Natsu.

He simply sulked.

"I thought I'd tell you a good night Luce. No need to shout at me" he said while sulking and leaving.

"See ya tomorrow Luce" he shouted before leaving.

Yui stirred and shifted. Lucy turned beet red and hoped Yui wouldn't wake up. Lucy heaved a sigh of relief when Yui slept on without waking up. She slept peacefully giggling silently and murmuring Natsu would never change.

Mira was anxiously waiting for Lucy and Levy to enter the guild with Natsu and Gajeel respectively but to her disappointment Gajeel came as usual with Pantherlily and Levy was nowhere to be seen. Even Natsu was missing in action.

Mira's eyes glistened when saw Yui and Lucy came together as usual and come to sit at the bar. Mira immediately started questioning Lucy. When she saw her red face and stuttering, she was certain that Lucy and Natsu were a couple.

"I wonder what happened with Levy and Gajeel though"

"What? What are you saying Mira san?" Lucy asked looking excited. Mira replied back with equally excited.

"Gajeel carried her on his shoulder and took her out from the guild yesterday after the two of you left. Oh my God you should have seen her red face" Mira was giggling.

The two girls grinned.

"I just don't know why she didn't turn up though" she said looking disappointed. Lucy and Yui sighed along with her.

Levy entered the guild and was immediately ambushed by Lucy, Mira and Yui. She was stuttering and stammering and the other girls were giggling and teasing her, she turned red. Mira was so happy she was literally jumping up and down.

"Minna we have two new couples today! Put your hands together for Natsu and Lucy and Levy and Gajeel!" Mira screamed.

The entire guild erupted in celebrations with a lot of them saying 'finally'. Mira was grinning and Erza had a smile on her lips as she watched the four people concerned were pink with embarrassment.

Yui was grinning with Mira and winking at Lucy and Levy when she was pulled unexpectedly from behind into the arms of Gray. She blushed and hugged him back. He kissed her and whispered that he had a surprise for her. He refused to reply when she inquired as to what it was and hence she went with him.

He led her with closed eyes to the exact spot where they had first confessed to each other. A beautiful bouquet of red roses and a recent book by her favorite author was neatly arranged in front of her. She stood speechless and turned to Gray. He hugged her from behind and whispered in her ear asking if she liked his surprise. Yui turned and kissed him again.

"I love it Gray…it's amazing" she said after they broke for air. Gray smiled and pulled her close and held her.

Yui smiled contently and placed her head on Gray's chest and hugged him. Gray placed his head on hers and smiled with his eyes closed.

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