The Fairy Girl

The Unforgotten Memories


He led her with closed eyes to the exact spot where they had first confessed to each other. A beautiful bouquet of red roses and a recent book by her favorite author was neatly arranged in front of her. She stood speechless and turned to Gray. He hugged her from behind and whispered in her ear asking if she liked his surprise. Yui turned and kissed him again.

"I love it Gray…it's amazing" she said after they broke for air. Gray smiled and pulled her close and held her.

Yui smiled contently and placed her head on Gray's chest and hugged him. Gray placed his head on hers and smiled with his eyes closed.


Yui and Gray smiled at each other and walked back to the guild with her head on his shoulder and his on hers with interlinked arms.

As soon as they entered the guild everyone was smirking and teasing the couple as they noticed the flowers and gift in Yui's hands. Both of them turned pink and asked them to stop the teasing. Aati had laughed at Yui's red face and hugged her with happiness shining bright in his eyes. Yui hugged him back looking red and smiling shyly.

Aati held Yui at an arm's length and looked at her with eyes full of love.

"I'm so happy to see you this happy my little one" he hugged her again.

"So happy…"

Yui hugged her uncle tight and assured him that she was very happy. Aati nodded and smiled at her.

Mira decided to have a camp night for the celebrations and everyone enthusiastically agreed and went along.

Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Yui, Gajeel and Levy were the ones at main focus and were pink during the entire time. The boys went to collect firewood and the girls decided to prepare the ingredients required for the meal to follow.

The boys returned with a large amount of firewood especially Elfman who was balancing a huge amount of firewood and was flexing in front of Evergreen who turned pink and walked off leaving a sulking Elfman behind. Mira noticed the interchange and giggled with the other girls. The fire wood was assembled in a huge bundle in the center and Natsu, Yui, Romeo and Macao were asked to help with creating the fire. They gladly agreed. Natsu, Romeo and Macao were having loads of fun burning each part of the great bundle and chasing each other around but Yui stood transfixed looking at the fire she was creating: the fire that was swirling with figures. She seemed to have no control over what she was doing. It was as if the spell was engraved in her bones.

Aati and Gray noticed her first and walked towards her.

"What's wrong Yui?" Gray said looking concerned.

Aati saw the figures and stood frozen just like Yui.

"Yui…its ok my child" he said placing his hands on her shoulders with tears in his eyes.

Yui gave no reaction to the kind hand Aati had placed on her shoulder and instead just stared at the swirling figures in the fire a tear slipping out of her eye and running down her cheek.

The others soon realized that something was wrong when they realized Yui was crying and surrounded her.

"What's wrong Yu chan?" Lucy and Levy asked at the same time.

Yui shook her head and said nothing. She was just staring at the figures in the fire: two men, one woman and a little girl who were playing without a worry in the world.

Aati stood grim next to Yui with his hand on her shoulder holding back his grief for the sake of his niece. Yui shook of his hand and ran into the woods. Gray assured he would bring her back and ran after her. Aati finally let go and fell on his knees next to the bonfire looking at the figures in the fire that were slowly disappearing…

Macao and Wakaba placed their hands on Aati's shoulder and asked him why Yui was so distressed and had run off and as to why they had looked so pained looking at the fire she created. Aati took a while to calm himself before he proceeded to tell the others at Fairy Tail what those figures meant…

Nine year old Yui was so excited that she couldn't sleep. Her favorite uncle was coming tomorrow and they were going to have a camp!

"Mama Uncle Aati is really coming tomorrow right? We are really having a camp tomorrow right? I can't WAIT Mama!" Yui said literally jumping on her bed with excitement.

Ushina laughed at her daughter's antics.

"Of course sweetheart, now if you don't sleep how will you be energetic tomorrow? Won't uncle Aati feel sad if he sees you without energy and sleepy?" Ushina said ruffling her little daughter's hair.

Yui sulked and nodded.

"Now now don't be so sad little one. Think of the excitement we could have tomorrow and sleep well alright? Uncle Aati always keeps his promises right? And he promised me that his little girl is going to have a great day tomorrow. Don't you want to have the same amount of fun Yui?" Danzo said while grinning.

Yui grinned back at her dad and nodded.

"Ok Papa I'll go to sleep. Goodnight Mama, Goodnight Papa" Yui said and snuggled under the bed.

Ushina and Danzo stood on either side of her bed.

"Goodnight my sweetheart" Ushina said and kissed Yui's forehead.

"Goodnight my angel" Danzo said and kissed her forehead just like Ushina had done.

The two looked at each other and smiled. They switched off the lights and went to bed.

-The next morning-

Ushina woke up early to find Yui sleeping peacefully in between Danzo and her. She laughed softly and ruffled her hair, Danzo had protectively placed an arm over her and she was more than happy to snuggle into his arms. Ushina shook her head and headed to make the food for the big day today.

She showered, did her hair in her usual long braid and headed to the kitchen. She was preparing breakfast when Danzo hugged her from behind. Ushina smiled.

"Didn't feel like waking us up now did you?" he asked while snuggling her neck. Ushina laughed.

"Of course not you two looked so peaceful sleeping I couldn't even think of wanting to disturb that Danzo" she said. Danzo laughed.

"Mama Papa, where are you?" Yui said coming down while rubbing her eyes.

"In the kitchen sweety" Ushina called out to her.

Yui was walking down the stairs still a bit sleepy and was about to trip. Danzo was by her side in a flash and caught her. He started tickling her stomach and Yui was giggling.

"That tickles Papa stop" Yui said laughing uncontrollably.

Ushina looked at the two of them and smiled gently.

"I love the two of you very much" she thought to herself.

Danzo brought little laughing Yui into the kitchen and made her sit on the table.

"Are we ready for the big day?" Ushina asked poking Yui gently in her stomach.

Yui giggled and nodded profusely. Ushina laughed.

"Come on then be a good girl and have a bath, after you're done Mama will comb your hair and by that time I'm sure Uncle Aati will be here to take you shopping" Ushina said.

Yui nodded and ran to bath. The two adults laughed at how excited she was.

"When is Aati coming Danzo?" Ushina asked Danzo.

"He said he would be here bright and early, though I'm not sure when" Danzo said.

Ushina nodded and went back to cooking breakfast.

Yui bathed as quickly as she could and came downstairs in one of her favorite dresses: Aati's birthday present when she turned nine.

"Mama I'm all done" Yui said grinning and standing with her hands behind her back at the entrance of the kitchen.

Ushina laughed and ruffled her wet hair. Yui giggled.

"Danzo just look after the stew, I shall come back after doing my little girl's hair" Ushina said while carrying Yui to the room.

"So how do you want your hair done sweety?" Ushina asked Yui.

Yui sat with her little face scrunched with concentration then she said excitedly.

"Like yours Mama" she said while giggling. Ushina laughed.

"Alright" Ushina said and started plating her hair into a cute braid when Danzo called out saying Aati had arrived.

Yui was jumping with excitement. Ushina laughed and made her sit.

"Wait little one I have to put the earrings your Papa bought for you" Ushina said while laughing.

Yui was jumpy the whole time that Ushina was putting on the earrings and soon as she was done she ran into the hall where Aati was.

"UNCLE AATI! LOOK WHO IS HERE!" Yui said while shouting and running towards Aati with her arms outstretched.

Aati laughed and picked her up. He tickled her and laughed.

"Is it my little one?" Aati said laughing along with Yui who was giggling.

Yui nodded looking excited.

"My my look at all this noise Aati" Ushina said walking into the hall and laughing.

Aati and Danzo laughed along with her and watched Yui who could barely contain her excitement.

"You should have seen her yesterday Aati I thought she break the bed into two" Danzo said laughing.

Aati laughed with him.

"Is that so little one?" he asked Yui gently.

Yui grinned sheepishly and shook her head feigning the innocent look. Aati laughed and tickled her a bit more and Yui giggled.

"So are you ready for some shopping?" Aati asked Yui. She nodded.

"Not before all of you have breakfast" Ushina said wagging her finger at Aati and Yui.

Aati and Yui looked at each other and shrugged. Ushina was very particular when it came to meals.

They all sat down and had breakfast and Aati and Yui left for shopping.

"She always gets so excited when Aati comes home" Danzo said laughing. Ushina laughed along with her husband.

"Of course and he spoils her a lot too" she said while smiling.

"Not that we spoil her any less" Danzo said teasing her.

Ushina laughed.

"Yea yea we do Mr. Danzo Dreya" Danzo laughed.

"Yes Ms. Ushina Fayette" Danzo said laughing with his wife.

"I believe it's Mrs. Ushina Dreya now, or am I wrong?" she said her tone teasing.

"Yes...yes it is...and I'm honored that you decided to have me" he said nuzzling her neck his voice completely sincere, his arms wrapped around her torso as he hugged her from behind.

Ushina squeezed his hand her eyes bright,

"I want to teach her the invisibility spell tonight during the camp Danzo. Wouldn't it be exciting?" Ushina said.

"Of course and I could teach her a little fire trick" Danzo said winking at Ushina. She looked at him confused.

"What trick Danzo? Can't you tell me?" Ushina said looking surprised. Danzo shook his head.

"Nope it would more exciting if you would see it" Ushina waved him of and went to prepare the items they needed for the camp that night.

-A few hours later-

Aati entered with a laughing Yui and few shopping bags with him. Danzo greeted him and helped him with the bags and brought them in.

"MAMA!" Yui shouted for her mom.

Ushina came down and welcomed her daughter. Yui hugged her and pulled her to the hall where all the shopping bags were.

"Mama, guess what's inside" Yui said while giggling.

Aati winked at Yui and motioned her to be quiet. Ushina was surprised.

"Why am I left with so many of surprises today?" Ushina said laughing.

"Come on Aati just tell me what it is" Ushina said looking at Aati.

He just laughed and nodded. He pulled out a beautiful red long halter dress and gave it to Ushina.

"That's for you Ushina"

Ushina looked at Aati and smiled.

"You didn't have to Aati"

Aati just shook his head and went to the next bag and pulled out a shirt that matched Ushina's gift and handed it to Danzo.

"You're going to go broke one day giving us so many gifts all year round Aati" Danzo said laughing.

Yui immediately wrapped her arms around Aati's waist while standing on tiptoes.

"No uncle will not, I will give him money" little Yui said looking serious, her brows scrunched up.

The adults all laughed together. Aati bent down and picked her up.

"Of course you will my little one. You know uncle has something for you too" he said and pulled out a little red dress and gave it to her. Yui squealed with excitement.

"I didn't see you buy this uncle. How did you buy it without me seeing?" Yui giggled and asked Aati.

"Your mom's invisibility spell is a life saver you know?" Aati winked and Yui giggled.

Ushina and Danzo laughed.

"We have something for you too Aati" Ushina said coming back into the hall with a bag in hand.

Aati opened it to find an off white shirt and black pants staring back at him. Aati was moved and looked at Danzo.

"Ushina agreed when I said that a little gift for you would be perfect today" Danzo said smiling at his brother.

Aati hugged both of them and said thanks. Yui sulked.

"No hug for me, uncle Aati?" she said pouting.

Aati laughed and knelt down to hug the little girl. Yui giggled and hugged Aati back.

"You all have to wear what I gave you all today" Aati said.

"Only if you wear what we gave you Aati" Ushina looking sly. Aati nodded and laughed soon everyone was ready.

"Can we go light the fire now Mama?" Yui asked Ushina. Ushina nodded.

"All three of you go and light the fire, I shall get dinner and some marsh mellows to eat" Ushina said.

The two men nodded and walked with Yui who was jumping with excitement.

The firewood was soon collected and the fire was soon lit. Danzo walked up to Yui and held her hands in his.

"Watch my hands little one" Danzo said as he started molding the fire in front of them into figures.

Yui looked at it excitedly. She collected her magic and was in her fire guardian fairy form in front of her father. Aati stood next to them and watched them while grinning. Yui was laughing and asking Danzo to teach her how to do it. Danzo laughed and taught her how to do it.

"Let's surprise your Mama when she comes alright?" Danzo said grinning.

Yui nodded and giggled and quickly dispersed her magic.

"Dinner's here" Ushina said as she brought the food.

Everyone sat to eat dinner around the campfire. Yui was grinning and Danzo winked at her. Ushina noticed it but said nothing as she knew it was the fire trick that Danzo was talking about earlier.

After dinner was over and Ushina had left the dishes in the kitchen and returned Danzo and Yui were ready with the trick they had practiced earlier. Ushina was surprised at the figures molded in the fire: two men, one woman and a little girl playing. She had tears of joy in her eyes and she hugged the two of them. Aati watched the three of them with tears of happiness in his eyes. Ushina pulled Aati also into the hug and Yui was snug in between the three of them.

"I want to teach you something too my little one, the invisibility spell Aati was talking about earlier" Ushina said looking at Yui. Yui nodded looking excited.

"But you must promise me something" Yui looked at her mother with confusion.

"You must never use the spell to play a prank on me, Danzo, Aati or anyone. You're very precious to us Yui. We can't lose you alright?" Ushina said looking at Yui.

Yui looked solemn and promised.

"Promise Mama I won't do that" Yui said her little face all serious.

She looked so funny that all three adults started laughing. Yui looked cross that they were laughing at her but soon started laughing with them. Ushina taught her the trick and Yui found it difficult at first but soon learnt it.

The entire night passed away with laughter, teasing and more laughter. Yui fell asleep in Aati's arms and after he tucked her in Aati turned to leave but Ushina stopped and said Yui would be disappointed if she didn't find him in the morning. Aati sighed and said he would stay. Ushina and Danzo beamed at his words and went to sleep. Aati slept with Yui in his arms…

~Back to the present~

Almost everyone had a pained look in their eyes after Aati finished what he had said. Laxus looked grim and saddened and stood with his back to the others.

-With Gray and Yui-

Gray ran after Yui but suddenly just in front of his eyes Yui had disappeared. He stood transfixed. He called out for her desperately to no avail.

"Please Yui don't use that spell again come out please" Gray fell on his knees and begged.

Soon he felt two arms encircling his torso and the sounds of silent sobbing. Gray turned around and held her, soothing her till her sobs died down.

"Your highness, my informant tells me that the guardian fairy has mastered all her elements"

Minikui looked impressed his eyes momentarily widening.

"Mastering two elements within this short span of two months...I must say I'm impressed"

His mind slave bowed.

"Should I send a team to bring her to you your highness?" he asked Minikui.

Minikui waved off his mind slave.

"Not yet, I have another two weeks till the full moon appears. Renga would look most beautiful and commanding on that particular night. Let her enjoy the last few days she has to live with her new friends after all she isn't going to live once she has summoned Renga for me" Minikui said with his laugh echoing around the walls of the room.

"Shall I prepare your bed for you Master?" Minikui nodded and his mind slave took his leave to prepare Minikui's bed.

"The best part is not you dying after summoning Renga Yui but my little surprise for you" Minikui said grinning evilly and retiring for the night.

Gray returned to the camp fire with Yui in his arms. He returned and was about to narrate why she left so abruptly when everyone nodded and replied they knew about it and he didn't have to repeat it. Aati took Yui into his arms. The girl stirred and fresh tears glossed her eyes as soon as she saw Aati. Aati held her tight and soothed her. She fell asleep in his arms the same way she had fallen asleep all those years ago.

The others watched the older man sleep along with her in his arms with saddened faces.

A shadow slinked away without anyone noticing…

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