The Fairy Girl

The Dream & A Different Training

White…as far as she could see…pure white…

"Hello is anyone here?" Yui asked the empty endless hallway.

"Open your eyes child and see beyond the white walls" a voice called out to her.

Yui turned but found no one around her.

"I can't see anything" she said.

"Look closely child. Release your powers and focus. Look beyond the white walls" the voice called out again.

Yui closed her eyes and focused on her elements. She didn't expect what she saw when she opened her eyes.

A beautiful, lush garden filled with the prettiest of flowers in neat rows. A frozen pool right next to it with snow falling from above just on the pool and nowhere else, a beautiful breeze blowing about and flowing in and out of her hair and surrounding her, a blazing fire fountain that didn't harm the flowers or the frozen pool next to it.

Yui was staring at her surroundings in wonder when she heard the same voice again.

"Congrats my dear, you have been brought here due to the fact that you have managed to master all your elements. Do you see how your elements exist together in perfect harmony? That is how it should be when you attain your final form as the Elementary Guardian Fairy"

Yui stood frozen. She finally recognized the voice that she had been hearing.

"Mama? Is that you? Please show yourself Mama" Yui said tears stinging her eyes.

A form materialized in front of her. It looked like an exact image of Yui, only older and taller and looked exactly like her mother. The figure was dressed in a dress that was pure white and had wings that were pure white too. Her hair was done in a long braid with a white ribbon at the end exactly the way Yui's mother had done her hair.

"I am not your mother my child" the woman told her.

Yui stood frozen unable to speak. The woman smiled kindly at Yui.

"I share your name and your looks. In fact you are my descendant" the woman said.

"Your descendant?" Yui said confused.

"I don't understand"

"I shall explain my dear" the woman said and flew and waved her hand.

Immediately Yui and the woman were seated next to each other in the lush field. Yui looked amazed at the woman's ability. She merely laughed.

"Don't be surprised my child, this is merely something that you should be able to do also once I'm done with teaching you" the woman said kindly.

"Did you just say you will be teaching me?"

The woman nodded.

"But I still don't understand…who are you and where am I?" Yui said.

"My name is Yui Saishono Fayette. I was the very first Elementary Guardian Fairy and I'm not surprised that your elements were the exact ones I control" the woman said smiling.

Yui was shocked beyond words.

"You and I were born about ten thousand years apart. That is why you have the same elements I control and my power. I actually suspect that you might have more power than me" the woman continued while smiling.

"What? How are you -" the woman stopped Yui.

"Let me explain dear" Yui nodded at the older woman.

"You are my descendant; you have gained these powers from your mother's lineage. Your mother's family line are my direct descendants. In fact your mother's family line is one of the oldest and most powerful of mages. When your mother was born your grandmother noticed that she was very powerful but unfortunately your mother possessed power only over three elements. When Ushina married Danzo, your grandmother was very afraid that the family line would be corrupted and an Elementary Guardian Fairy would never be born, but your birth changed everything. When you were born your grandmother not only noticed that you looked like Ushina but also that you carried the family's pure line magic. You had power over the four elements that an Elementary Guardian Fairy possessed. Even as a child you had immense power; your parents were very scared that you would be kidnapped"

Yui looked downcast fresh pain stabbing her heart when she remembered how their fears had come true and Minikui had destroyed her family. The older woman placed her hand on Yui's shoulder and smiled sadly at her.

"I am aware of what had happened and how Minikui had destroyed your family but my dear you can't and shouldn't awaken your Elementary Guardian Fairy powers based on only revenge, it would not only wreak havoc but you may also not be able to control or summon those powers"

Shock was etched into Yui's features.

"Well that explains how I went out of control the two times I had used my Ice Guardian Fairy form ruthlessly" Yui said looking downcast.

"It wasn't because you were ruthless my child. You had no control over your anger due to the fact that your loved ones were injured. You were driven by your blind anger and didn't notice what damage you were creating"

Yui looked at the older woman with a sad smile and nodded. The older woman continued.

"You are now in your inner world child this is purely a dream. I appeared here to teach you how to mold your elemental attacks and how to use those elemental powers to teleport. Teleportation can be a very useful tool not only to defeat your enemy but also to save your loved ones"

Yui nodded trying to process the new information she was receiving.

"How did you appear here?"

"I am a very powerful fairy my dear. The elements I control are not only the strongest but also the most compliant. My physical body is no longer there. You are now looking at my spirit. I cannot help you much in a real battle. The maximum I can do is to teach you how to utilize your powers effectively but I can't do this outside. It must be here where all your elements are present in abundance. There are only two weeks left till full moon, the time when Renga is most powerful. I suspect Minikui might try to capture you within a week"

Yui nodded trying to process all the information she was receiving. She looked at the older woman in wonder and admired her quick reasoning abilities. She continued.

"You can summon Renga as many times as you wish if you have the key but remember summoning the legendary Elementary Dragon isn't a joke. You must only summon her when it's absolutely necessary. Renga is most powerful under the influence of a full moon as you will be under the same conditions. Your powers will be in full bloom during full moon"

"I have only this time to teach you how to control your new and most powerful abilities, but this comes with a risk factor: you must always be here which means you will not be able to protect your body or what happens to your current friends"

Yui looked distressed.

"WHAT? Impossible I -"

The older woman stopped her before Yui could finish her sentence again.

"You cannot be a complete Elementary Guardian Fairy until you know what I am about to teach you. Which means you can't summon these powers or be able to protect your friends against Minikui's attacks"

Yui was torn…she didn't know what to decide, to stay and learn those techniques so that she could protect her friends better or if she should forsake it and try to protect them with her current powers.

The older woman understood Yui's dilemma.

"I shall offer you a solution child. I shall take you into the dream of one person you chose. You can inform that person of your training with me and how you will be within your inner world for the fourteen days to follow"

Yui nodded enthusiastically and agreed to the older woman's plan. She smiled at Yui who grinned back.

"For me to effectively start training you I must do it as soon as possible. Who have you decided to tell?" she asked Yui.

Yui looked downcast.

"There are a lot of people I want to convey this message to…"

Flashes of all her close nakama and Gray appeared in her head.

"My dear I know it is so but we do not have the time to do so. You must choose one person and you must choose fast" the older woman said.

"My uncle Aati" Yui said her voice clear.

The older woman nodded and proceeded to teleport Yui and herself into Aati Dreya's dream…..

Aati had just returned to the guild after finishing a simple job with his newly revived magic. It had been tiring but it was worth it. He smiled at the others and proceeded to tell Makarov about his success. He was however a little curious as he hadn't seen Yui the entire day at the guild. He decided to ask Mira about it after he spoke with Makarov.

A few minutes later he went to bar and found Lucy sitting and chatting with Mira but Yui was nowhere to be seen. He walked up to them.

"Mira, Lucy, have you two seen Yui anywhere?" Aati asked looking concerned, Gray stood next to them as he intended to make the same inquiry.

"Yui is asleep at home uncle Aati" Lucy said smiling at him.

"For this long?" Gray interjected unable to contain his curiosity. Lucy nodded.

"She was training really hard yesterday. I think she deserves her rest"

"No my child you don't understand. Yui is a bundle of energy no matter how hard she exerts herself, after a few hours of sleep she would be back to her usual self. She has been sleeping for far too long" Aati said looking concerned.

What happened next was completely unexpected. Aati had fallen to the floor unconscious and the others around him rushed towards him in full panic.

Aati was in a long never ending hallway that was pure white. He saw two figures a little ahead of him in a blur.

"Who is there? Show yourselves" Aati said while standing in a defensive stance.

Yui ran towards her beloved uncle and hugged him. Beside her another older woman who was dresses in pure white with wings and resembling Yui flew behind her.

"Who is this woman my little one and how are you here I thought you were sleeping at the place you and Lucy shared?" Aati asked looking confused.

"That is true uncle I am actually sleeping in the place Lucy and I are sharing but I have come here to tell you something and I don't have much time left" Yui said placing a hand on her uncle's hands.

"I shall leave you two alone for a while" the woman said and flew off. Aati looked lost.

"What is happening, my child?" he asked Yui.

"I have to be sleeping for another fourteen days uncle. The older woman you saw is the spirit of the very First Elementary Guardian Fairy and she is going to train me. I want you to inform the others and bring my body back to the guild where I can be protected. Minikui might come after me. I can't say anything more uncle you must trust me. Please inform the others and do as I told you to" Yui said slowly disappearing…

Aati awoke with a start to find himself in the infirmary of the guild and Wendy sitting next to him looking relieved. He smiled at the little girl and ran outside.

"Lucy I need to go to your apartment and bring Yui here to the guild my dear. I'm in the earnest please tell me where your place is" Aati said looking desperate.

"I must get to her before danger does" Aati said looking distressed.

"What do you mean by that?" Gray, Lucy and Mira asked him at the same time.

Natsu and Erza appeared next to him hearing all the commotion.

"She is not only going to sleeping today but for fourteen days more. She is training with the spirit of the First Elementary Guardian Fairy in her dream. Her physical body is defenseless while she is training. She came to me in my dream and asked me to inform everyone and get her body back to the guild" Aati said in a rush.

Natsu immediately ran out hearing the news and Gray followed him. Aati looked confused as to what was happening.

"Don't worry uncle Aati, Natsu knows where my house is and now that Gray has gone with him I'm sure the two of them will bring Yui back here safe and sound" Lucy said smiling and trying to calm the older man.

Aati nodded and sat at a table looking restless.

Natsu and Gray soon returned with Yui in Gray's arms. They immediately went to the infirmary and placed her in one of the beds there. Aati was relieved after he saw Yui safe and sound. He thanked the boys and asked them if they had seen anyone trying to capture her.

"There was this one weird looking thing. A shadow sort of thing that looked like it was following us but I burnt its trail off. Maybe it wouldn't follow anymore" Natsu said. Gray nodded,

"Did you say shadow like thing?" Lucy asked.

Natsu and Gray nodded.

"Why are you asking?" Aati asked growing concerned.

"We went with Yui and Wendy a few days ago as Yui said she wanted to improve the healing powers of her wind element while leaving she told us that she sensed something but she waved it off as nothing when we couldn't find anything. I think she hid it from us" Lucy said looking alarmed.

The others around stood listening to her not knowing what to do,

"Let her be I'm sure she will explain once she wakes up" Gray said sitting next to Yui.

The others nodded and decided to go about their daily chores.

Lucy, Levy and Wendy stood at the infirmary door and looked at the two of them before leaving. Natsu went with Lucy and Gajeel accompanied Levy back to her place. The entire guild was worked up as they were worried about Yui and wondered if Minikui would make his appearance.

Everyone was being extra careful and Mira made sure that everyone went in groups of three or four to make sure that everyone was protected.

As Laxus had requested Freed made a rune barrier not only at the entrance of the infirmary but also at the entrance of the guild hall such that only those with the Fairy Tail mark may enter them. Aati and Gray thanked him and Freed nodded and promised he would check the runes everyday so that it wouldn't weaken.

Aati visited the infirmary often and always found Gray sitting next to her while holding her hand. He knew she was well protected as Gray wouldn't leave her even if his life depended on it.

"I hope this all ends smoothly" Aati thought to himself and walked off with his group mates Macao and Wakaba back home.

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