The Fairy Girl

Warnings & The Strongest Emotion

-Eight days after Yui had started training in her dreams-

Aati came back to the guild early and went straight to the infirmary to see his niece. He expected to see only Gray there but another white haired boy sat on the other side of Yui's bed.

"Who are you?" Aati asked the boy satisfied that Gray didn't find it a problem to have him sit next to Yui but curious to know who it was.

"My name is Lyon. I came to see Yui as soon as I got Gray's message. I'm like a brother to Yui. I would never harm her" Lyon said smiling sadly at the man.

Aati nodded at the boys and smiled sadly.

"She had just recovered from a 6 day unconscious bout and here she is again forced to sleep for another fourteen days" Lyon said looking sad.

Gray nodded looking gloomy.

"It wasn't even a month ago" he said sighing. Lyon nodded looking equally gloomy.

Aati fell on the floor unconscious and the two boys panicked.

"Lyon go and get Wendy I'll stay here" Gray said.

Lyon nodded and immediately ran out and brought Wendy along with him. Mira who had grown to love Aati like a father followed her in.

Mira helped Gray to make Aati lie down on a bed next to Yui. Wendy immediately started to check what was wrong with him.

"He is getting his memories back but the shadow residue in his brain is a bit strong" Wendy said struggling.

"But I shall try my best" she said looking determined.

Mira nodded and said she'd send for Polyushka just in case Wendy couldn't overcome it but Wendy said she could do it. Mira nodded and Carla stood next to her looking worried that the girl would over exert herself.

A few minutes later Aati showed signs of waking up. His hands started trembling and his eyes quivered behind his eye lids. The others watched in anticipation and finally he woke. Wendy smiled looking extremely tired but relieved. Aati picked the girl up and placed her on the bed and asked her to take rest.

Aati looked at the others in the room and nodded at them. Gray looked relieved and Lyon smiled.

"I have important news that could help us defeat that bastard and I think everyone in the guild has to know this, but before that please bring Freed to me I have to ask him something" Aati said his voice grim. Mira nodded and quickly sent for him.

Freed was soon down with the other Raijinshu members and Laxus himself.

"Freed, my child, you have placed runes all over the entrances haven't you?" Aati asked him.

"Yes I have Uncle Aati" Freed said.

"But I made a special exception for Lyon as he absolutely refused to leave without seeing how Yui was doing" Freed said. Aati nodded at that.

"But my child, the walls and floors are very much accessible to shadows. Natsu and Gray told me that a shadow had followed them when they brought Yui back to the guild" Aati explained.

Freed looked surprised as he hadn't thought of that.

"I shall put runes all over and I shall start immediately" he said. Aati raised his hand and gestured him not to now.

"No my child I have some important news to deliver. I want everyone to listen if they wish to accompany Yui to battle Minikui"

Freed nodded and smiled.

"Alright uncle"

Aati nodded at him and stood in the center.

"Minna I have some important news to deliver. Please gather around if you wish to accompany Yui and me to the battle against Minikui"

Chatters were heard all over the guild. Soon everyone gathered around Aati. Unknown to them Jellal, Meredy and Ultear were listening to what was happening standing in the corner of the guild. Of course all three of them were given exceptions by Freed's runes.

"The news I'm about to deliver are the details of the Travelling Coffins when I was a part of it…that was about 2 weeks ago. Travelling Coffins is made of members who don't know each other and don't care for each other. Power separates everyone there. There were 5 squad leaders including myself and if Minikui hasn't replaced me by now there should be 4 more squad leaders you should know about. They are powerful wizards and I'm afraid I was the second weakest of the five. Oroshi is the strongest of the four. Hidoi is the second strongest with Zanko following him and Yowa the weakest. Don't underestimate Yowa. Though the weakest he is very cunning and sly. The man is a natural cheater and con. Oroshi is the strongest and he is a a complete sucker for Minikui, meaning he would do anything to please that man, not to mention he is a dictatorial leader. His squad members hate him. Each leader has about fifteen to twenty men in their squads. The men in Yowa's squad were new comers of the guild and they are kind of weak. I think like myself, the other squad leaders have also been put under a mind spell. Hidoi was often made fun of as he took care of his squad members very kindly but he can't be taken easy. His strength is no cake. Zanko is a bit off…he was always in his own world but he loves a good fight. They all possess magical powers greater to mine except for Yowa whose magic is way weaker than mine" he explained and took a deep breath.

The others stood around trying to process the information they were receiving. Jellal walked to the center and greeted Aati.

"Your information is almost perfect. I have information about the current state Travelling Coffins is in" Jellal said while smiling at the man.

The entire guild was in awe and started chattering. Meredy, Ultear and Erza stood with proud expressions on their faces.

"How did you manage to do that" Natsu asked grinning. Jellal grinned back.

"I placed a tracker on one of Minikui's mind slaves but the tracker not only allows me to track the man but also to hear everything around him" Jellal said smirking.

"Back to the topic, as uncle Aati had said, there are four squad leaders. Only Yowa has been promoted to your place uncle Aati and there hasn't been a fifth guy appointed to take Yowa's previous position, which means there are four squad leaders and Minikui himself who is the self-instated master of the guild. Their guild mark is a half open coffin with a skull on the open part. It's easy to recognize"

"I shall specify my runes to particularly keep out anything that has that mark" Freed said.

Aati nodded gratefully and the others nodded.

"Unfortunately the squad leaders and the others also have been told to train hard under Minikui's new orders. We have to be very careful of Oroshi's squad as the man is brutally training his men. We can be vary off but we shouldn't underestimate Hidoi's squad. Zanko's squad is neither strong nor weak, but they can be good opponents. Yowa's squad is almost like Yowa himself: weak but smart"

Everyone nodded and decided to heed the warnings given by Jellal and Aati. Aati smiled at Jellal and praised him for his skill in obtaining the information.

"We have to train hard to minna. We have to do this for Yui and Aati who are our nakama" Erza said pointing her sword in the air.

Everyone shouted their approval. Lyon smiled at all the commotion and immediately got an idea.

He walked up to Jellal and proposed his idea. Jellal seemed a little uneasy but nodded. Aati heard it and agreed it was a good plan. Jellal spoke to his other guild members and they were uneasy like him too. Crime Sorciere couldn't stay in a place for too long, but since this was for the greater good they agreed.

Messages of urgency were immediately sent to the representatives of Lamia Scale and Blue Pegasus. The members replied back that they would arrive in a few hours. Jellal looked at Lyon and nodded. He nodded back and headed to the infirmary to tell Gray the information he had heard.

"Concentrate Yui you wouldn't be able to do this if you can't concentrate my child. An unfocused teleportation is highly dangerous" Saishono warned Yui and asked her to focus.

"I am trying the best I can" Yui said sweating terribly.

"This is so hard" Yui said.

She was struggling with teleportation.

"It's been eight days and still I'm not progressing" Yui said looking frustrated. Saishono shook her head.

"My dear this is very powerful and intense magic. Even two weeks wouldn't be enough to perfect it. You mustn't lose hope"

Yui nodded and tried teleporting again to have the same result of failure.

Saishono sighed.

"Do you want to try the Elementary flower grasp for a while and then switch back to teleportation?" she asked Yui.

Yui groaned,

"Like that is any better" she thought to herself. Reluctantly she gave her command.

"Elementary Guardian Fairy Transform!"

Nothing happened like before. Yui was frustrated. She changed into her Ice Guardian Fairy form and stood in front of Saishono who shook her head in disapproval.

"Try to bring out the Elemental Guardian Fairy form my child. With one element you can't control all four" Saishono said.

"I tried the First but it isn't coming forth" Yui said almost in tears.

Saishono walked towards the girl and placed her hands on Yui's shoulders. She smiled and said,

"My dear, what is the strongest emotion in this world?"

Yui's eyes widened as she remembered her mother's words…

-10 years ago-

Ushina was in the kitchen busy with making food for everyone. Danzo had already eaten breakfast and left early for work. Little Yui was still sleeping.

Ushina covered the food she had just prepared with an air shield so that it wouldn't get cold and contaminated and went to see what Yui was up to.

Yui had just woken up and was almost in tears when she couldn't find Danzo around.

"Papa" she called out for her father.

"Papa where are you?" she said her voice shaking.

Ushina immediately entered the room and hugged her little daughter.

"Papa had left for work sweety. He will be back soon" she soothed her daughter.

"Papa…went? Papa really left without telling me?" Yui said looking at her mother with tears in her eyes.

Ushina smiled brightly at her daughter and nodded. Yui sulked.

"Mama has a lot of fun planned for you. You want to get ready and go play?" Ushina asked smiling.

Yui nodded enthusiastically and immediately brightened.

Ushina laughed and proceeded to get her daughter ready. Little Yui was soon dressed up and had her hair plaited in French braid. Ushina fed Yui her breakfast and the two of them set out for the playground that was there nearby.

Yui's eyes sparkled with excitement when she noticed the slides and swings. She immediately ran towards the slides and started climbing the stairs up to one. Ushina watched her daughter running around excitedly and laughed softly to herself. Yui was enjoying herself and giggling joyfully. She noticed a group of kids and decided to go play with them but the kids were not as nice as she expected.

"Hello I'm Yui, can I play with you?" Yui asked the kids hoping they would accept her and play with her.

The kids looked at her with contempt.

"You're too small and weak to play with us" one boy said and pushed her down.

Yui immediately got angry and changed into her Ice Guardian Fairy form and froze the boy completely. The other kids got scared and ran off. Ushina looked alarmed and immediately walked towards her angry daughter and the frozen boy.

She unfroze the boy and asked both of them to apologize to each other. The boy refused just like Yui. Ushina suspended both of them in the air and forced them to apologize to each other. Both the kids reluctantly did so and they were on the ground again the boy immediately ran off. Yui looked at her mother and crossed her arms.

"Why did you make me apologize to him Mama? He pushed me down first!" Yui said looking cross.

Ushina bent down on her knees and placed her hands on her little daughter's shoulders.

"Anger is a powerful emotion sweety but there is an emotion even more powerful and stronger than anger. Do you have any idea which one it is?" Ushina asked her daughter gently.

Yui calmed down and shook her head.

"I don't know Mama" she said. Ushina smiled at her daughter.

"Love" she said and made a soft cushion entirely of air and suspended it in the air making Yui sit on it.

Yui giggled as she played with the stray air. Ushina smiled at her daughter.

"There is often a talk that all magic was born from one. Most people say that One Magic was power but it is actually love. Love is the strongest and the most powerful emotion. Never use your magic while angry my child. The results could be disastrous. Always use magic wisely and with love. While protecting loved ones you must be firm and resolute but you should never be consumed by hatred or revenge my child. Hatred is the opposite of love and will consume your very soul if not kept in check"

Ushina smiled at Yui who was confused at what her mother had said. Ushina smiled at her daughter.

"You will understand better when you're older sweety. Shall we go home now?" Yui nodded at her mother.

Ushina smiled and held her daughter by hand and walked home.

-Back to the present -

"I finally understand Mama" Yui thought to herself with tears in her eyes.

"Love" Yui said with her voice slightly shaking. Saishono smiled at her and nodded.

"Correct. Try to focus on bringing out all your four elements at one time now" Saishono said while smiling at Yui.

Yui nodded and thought of her family and each of her beloved friends with her eyes closed a gentle creeping into her lips. She took in a deep breath and gave her command.

"Elementary Guardian Fairy Transform!"

A bright glow surrounded Yui's body. White surrounded her. Her beautiful long hair was braided in a French plait with a white ribbon at the end. A beautiful long white dress with lace details adorned her body. A pair of beautiful butterfly wings completely white with lace detailing just like her ankle length dress appeared on her back. Laced transparent gloves appeared on her hands. Beautiful laced white heels adorned her feet. A white tiara adorned her head. The white tiara soon turned silver in color. Saishono noticed the change of the tiara's color and smiled.

Yui looked breathtakingly beautiful. Saishono looked at her and smiled softly,

"I was right my child, you do have more power than me" Saishono said nodding in approval to Yui's transformation.

Yui was confused.

"But the First how am I more powerful than you? You were the very first Elementary Guardian Fairy"

Saishono said nothing and pointed to the tiara on her head and the lace detailing of her dress.

"My dress is white the same as yours but it doesn't have lace detailing. The tiara on your head is proof enough" Saishono said while smiling.

"The tiara was formed from Renata's scales. Renata was my Elementary Guardian Dragon. Renga is a descendant of Renata. The tiara hasn't changed shape but it has changed color. Renata's scales were pure white in color, hence my tiara was white, but since the tiara has now changed color to silver, I believe its allegiance has changed to you and it bears the color of Renga's scales"

Yui touched the tiara in wonder and smiled at Saishono who smiled back.

"Now my child, try to use your elementary attacks"

Yui nodded at the older woman and prepared to train.

"Elementary Guardian Fairy punch!" Yui said and proceeded to punch the target board in front of her.

Her hands glowed white and immediately the target board broke into thousands of splinters. Saishono nodded in approval,

"Very good. Now try the other attacks the final ones" Yui nodded at the older woman.

"Elementary flower consume" Yui shouted.

Immediately a huge white lotus surrounded the next target board and consumed it. Saishono shook her head,

"This technique of using it would be good to completely destroy monsters but for people you must try to use it to just keep them in place. Try again with the next target board" Yui nodded.

"Elementary flower grasp" the white lotus appeared again.

This time its petals surrounded the target board and kept in place and immobile. Yui smirked at her victory. Saishono nodded her approval.

"That was beautiful Yui. You have almost learnt everything within these eight days. You truly are a very powerful Elementary Guardian Fairy. I'm sure Ushina and Danzo would have been very proud of you" Saishono said smiling at the younger girl who resembled her.

Yui nodded sadly and smiled. She continued training her newly formed powers. The toughest was teleportation. She just couldn't do it. Yui was missing Gray more and more as time passed. She wanted to see him again. She sat down dejected as she thought of him.

She didn't realize her heart was filled with love and her magic was resonating with it. Almost immediately she had disappeared and reappeared in Gray Fullbuster's dream…

Gray sat next to Yui and held her delicate hand in his.

"It's surprising how your delicate hands hold so much power Yui" he thought to himself and smiled,

"I do hope you wake up soon…I miss you very much"

Lyon entered the infirmary and told Gray what had happened in the guild hall. Gray nodded and said he had understood. Lyon nodded his head and sat on the other side of Yui and held her other hand.

Gray fell asleep on Yui's hand unexpectedly. Lyon panicked for a second but calmed down after thinking he just might have been tired after looking after Yui for so long.

Gray stood in a white hallway that suddenly turned into a lush garden full of roses. Gray was standing and admiring his surroundings when he heard her voice.

"Hey Snowman, did you miss me?" Yui said.

Gray's eyes widened.

"Yui? Is that really you?" he asked not believing what he was seeing. She looked incredibly beautiful.

Yui laughed and flew towards him.

"Like my final form?" Yui said poking his cheeks. Gray pulled her into his arms.

"Like it? You look beautiful Yui" he whispered to her.

A light blush coated Yui's cheeks and she smiled at him.

"I missed you very much" she said to him. Gray placed a finger below her chin and raised her face to meet her eyes.

"I missed you too" he said and kissed her.

The two were blissfully oblivious to their surroundings. A few minutes later when they both pulled back for air, Yui had started to fade. She willed herself to stay.

"But I don't understand how is this possible, Yui?" Gray asked her. She smiled.

"I teleported into your dream. Actually this is the first time it worked" she said grinning.

"I have to go now Gray. The First would be looking for me" Yui said while longingly looking into his eyes. Gray nodded looking disappointed that she was leaving so soon.

Yui slowly faded and Gray waved goodbye…

Gray awoke slowly and gently took Yui's hands into his and smiled at her. Lyon noticed that he woke up.

"Welcome back Gray" Lyon said smirking at Gray. Gray grunted in return and looked at Yui and tightened his grip on her hand.

"Well now that you're back I will go and see Juvia. I shall be back soon" Lyon promised and left the infirmary and searched for his girlfriend.

Gray barely heard him.

"I hope you would wake up soon so that I could hold you properly" Gray thought to himself and smiled.

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