The Fairy Girl

The Attack & Yui's Return

-12 days after Yui is still in her inner world-

Gray grumbled as he returned from another one of the 'absolutely necessary' visits to his apartment. He honestly doesn't know why Mira insists that he should go back to his house and make sure everything is in place. He only uses those visits to shower and nothing else. All he had in his mind was to get back to Yui as fast as he could.

He walked faster when he noticed the guild hall gates come into view and then he saw them. A group of cloaked people with the mark of Travelling Coffins trying to enter inside the guild but Freed wasn't the master of runes for nothing. Though no one noticed the men were repeatedly blocked entrance into the guild hall. Gray tightened his fists in anger and he sneaked behind them freezing them up to their necks.

The men were surprised and completely immobile except for their heads. They were struggling to get free. Gray caught the collar of one of the men.

"Who are you all?"

The frightened guy immediately replied.

"From Travelling Coffins, Yowa's squad, please let me go!"

Gray remembered the men of that squad being newcomers and not too harmful. He kicked all four of the frozen men as hard he could. They rolled down the path one behind the other. Gray walked into the guild hall satisfied that they weren't coming back. Little did he know the plan Minikui had set in motion…

Gray walked into the infirmary to find Lucy and Mira next to Yui. Lucy and Mira both were equally sad. As soon as Mira heard footsteps she looked up ready to punch but relaxed once she realized it was Gray.

"I see your back Gray" Mira said smiling sadly. Gray nodded in reply. He stood with his arms crossed and looked at Yui.

"2 more days…I wish they would pass quickly" Gray thought to himself as he watched her.

Lucy and Mira looked at each other and nodded looking sad. They were about to get up when Gray interrupted them,

"It's alright you both can sit. I'll watch from here" Gray said a small melancholy smile on his lips. The girls nodded.

-That Evening-

The guild was bustling about but the usual life and cheer was lost. Though they knew Yui was well but they still missed talking to her.

Natsu was itching for a fight with Gray but he knew he shouldn't bother him. Gajeel felt just like Natsu but he knew that even he would be worried sick and wouldn't want anyone to trouble him if Levy had been in Yui's place.

Max came running inside with a very worried look on his face.

"Minna we have be prepared. There are a group of cloaked men approaching our guild and I'm sure they are part of Travelling Coffins. They all had a mark on their arms similar to what Jellal had described the other day and they are headed right this way minna!"

His statement set everyone off. Laki went to check if what he said was true and indeed there was a very large group of men headed to the guild, about 40 men to be exact, behind the group two lone men followed.

The news reached the infirmary and Mira looked positively livid along with Lucy who was equally determined. Natsu and Laxus were at the infirmary door in a flash as soon as they heard the news. Mira walked out of the infirmary ordering Gray, Natsu and Lucy to stay within the infirmary and guard Yui.

She met Erza on the way to the guild's stage and told her to have everyone positioned out. Erza nodded and said she already gave them positions and everyone was already at their respective positions. Mira nodded,

"Minna they have come here to take away one of our precious nakama and we can't allow them to do it because we are FAIRY TAIL!" Mira said and boosted everyone's morale.

The cloaked men reached the guild hall but Freed's runes kept them all out. Freed was smirking along with the rest of the Raijinshu when they noticed they couldn't enter. The men spoke amongst themselves when one of them came and started to cancel out the effect of the runes. Freed couldn't control his anger at his runes being changed and attacked the man and re-changed his runes back.

Mira transformed into her Satan Soul and hauled a huge blast at the men. They all flew about ten feet from the guild hall.

Mira and Erza led the others out. They went towards the cloaked men who by now had already gotten up and recovered from the blast. A few of them had torn cloaks from Mira's attack.

Mira looked defiantly at them.

"I will not let you take away the girl who is like a sister to me. You made the wrong decision by coming here to kidnap her and now for your mistake you shall face not only mine but the wrath of our entire guild. You all will soon know the strength of our bonds" Mira said looking at the men her eyes flashing with rage.

Mira's aura started to become scarier by the minute.

"You all shall soon realize that you have made enemies of the worst possible guild you could enemies out of and I shall make sure YOU ALL PAY FOR TRYING TO HURT YUI!" Mira said and lunged at the men.

The two lone men at the back paid no heed to what was going on and walked up to the guild hall as their men fought with Erza, Mira, Gajeel, Levy and the Raijinshu. Max blocked their way to enter the guild.

"Going somewhere?" Max asked ready to attack with his sand rebellion spell but unfortunately these men were too powerful for him. He was knocked out in a single attack by one of them.

"I don't think you stood a chance against one of my men and yet you dare to challenge me? I'm the third most powerful wizard of the Travelling Coffins: ZANKO!" the man shouted and laughed.

"More like third most powerful squad leader…" Yowa thought to himself rolling his eyes as he watched Zanko laugh.

Zanko had hardly started laughing when a powerful spell hit him and the air crackled with lightning.

"You can't waltz around without answering the question of one of my nakama" a voice boomed.

The smoke cleared and Laxus stood there with lightning buzzing about him.

"I don't care who Minikui is or what he intends to do with Yui but I'll hold you responsible for hurting my friends. Fairy Tail is my family and Yui is a part of it too and I will crush my family's enemies. Since you have decided to make Fairy Tail your enemy, I will crush you too" Laxus said smirking and electricity crackling all around him.

"Don't get cocky just because your spell hit me. I admit you must be powerful but alone you're nothing" Zanko said and laughed.

"I wouldn't laugh if I were you and you're gravely mistaken if you think he is alone" another voice was heard and Aati stepped out of the shadows and stood next to Laxus.

"It's been a while since I saw you Yowa, are you enjoying your new position as the 4th general?" Aati asked Yowa who scowled at Aati.

"My my, look who is here, our dear Aati, so you have become one of those measly fairies have you Aati?" Zanko looked at Aati and smirked while mocking him.

Aati retorted back.

"Don't you dare insult my family Zanko. We care about each other and we will protect each other with our lives, unlike your men and fellow general who will run away if they have the slightest doubt that you are losing"

Anger flashed in Zanko's eyes.

"No can defeat me except for the 1st and 2nd general and I highly doubt that one of these measly fairies can defeat me. Even all of them put together can't defeat me" he said with self-pride in his voice.

Laxus said nothing and launched another attack at Zanko who was hit right in the stomach and struggled to stand.

"All of us put together can't defeat you? Don't make me laugh. Just three of us, who I must say are weaker than me, were enough to wipe the floor with fifteen of you. Today the entire guild is at war with you. Do you think you stand a chance without your 1st and 2nd generals?" Laxus said with lightning sizzling up his arm.

"You are struggling to stand with just a simple attack of mine. I'm not even using my dragon force" Laxus said advancing menacingly towards the two older men with lightning sizzling around him.

Suddenly Zanko started laughing hysterically. Laxus and Aati watched him cautiously. Yowa stood next to Zanko and stepped behind as he realized Zanko had lost his temper and was about to get serious.

"Be careful child…he has just gotten serious" Aati warned Laxus, who nodded and stood defiantly refusing to back down from a fight.

Zanko's body was glowing with waves of black surrounding him in spirals…


While everyone was focused on their respective fights, a small group of Yowa's men led by two of Zanko's men were at work at the runes preventing their entry into the guild hall. Freed's runes were quite strong and they were having a difficult time trying to rewrite his runes.

-In the infirmary-

Gray, Natsu and Lucy were tightly strung and were ready to bash anyone who tried to get Yui. Lucy was sitting with little Asuka in her arms on Yui's bed and the boys stood a little away from the bed. All three teenagers were aware of the fight going on outside the infirmary. Levy had a written a special rune on the border of Yui's bed such that only Lucy, herself, Gray, Aati, Natsu and Mira could get through the barrier at Mira's request.

-Outside the guild hall-

Lisanna, Elfman, Juvia and the exceeds were watching the moves of the men who were attempting to rewrite Freed's runes. Lisanna asked Kinana to stay as far away from the fight as possible as Kinana wasn't a mage and she can't protect herself if she faced any of them.

Elfman didn't like the idea of waiting for them to break through the runes. He proposed that it would be better if they didn't allow them to rewrite the runes and come to them and Pantherlily agreed. Lisanna and Juvia nodded looking determined.

Elfman and Pantherlilly rushed at the group of men. The two men from Zanko's squad asked the ten men from Yowa's squad to hurry and rewrite the runes. Alzack and Bisca left Asuka on Yui's bed next to Lucy, Gray and Natsu and decided to join the fight. They shot skilled shots at the men trying to rewrite the runes but their shots fizzled before reaching the men as the men had a shadow barrier around them.

Pantherlily and Elfman had managed to defeat the two men from Zanko's squad but they were exhausted. Pantherlily shrunk back to his normal form and Elman's take over vanished. The men from Yowa's squad decided to form two rings to prevent further damage.

Six men formed an outer ring and 4 men formed the inner ring. The men in the outer ring protected the ones in the inner ring and the ones in the inner ring were focusing on rewriting the runes.

Cana and Wendy arrived on the scene with Lisanna and Juvia. Wendy immediately went to work on Elfman and Pantherlily while Cana, Juvia and Lisanna decided to battle the men from Yowa's squad.

Cana started off by throwing barrier cancelling cards at the men and their barrier dissolved but the men in the outer ring kept creating the barriers again and again. The men in the inner ring had almost succeeded in rewriting the rune barrier.

All of Fairy Tail was fighting for the girl that had become an important part of their family…

"Focus my dear, this is the last hurdle you need to cross before you complete your basic training" Saishono said.

"But I can't the First…no matter how hard I try I can't. Please let me go I need to save my friends!" Yui said while looking desperate.

"I was the one who teleported you here but I will not teleport you out of here. If you wish to save your friends, who are risking their lives for you at the moment, then teleport yourself out of here. Basic Elementary Guardian Fairy training is enough for you to defeat Minikui and that is the only reason I proposed to let you go once you were done with it. Else I would have made you stay till you complete the advanced techniques too. If you are so desperate to help your friends in need, teleport there yourself" Saishono said with finality in her tone and Yui knew there was no point in pushing the topic any further.

She was so frustrated and desperate to teleport but no matter how hard she tried she just couldn't do it. She looked pleadingly at Saishono and the older woman sighed in defeat.

"Focus on love my dear. Don't you remember telling me that love was the strongest emotion? Focus on the love you have for your friends, imagine where you wish to be and you will be there" Saishono said giving the final piece of advice.

Yui was transfixed in her position. She thought back on all the times she had tried to teleport and how each and every one of them due to the fact that she had been either frustrated, angry or desperate. The one time it worked was when she longed to see Gray and she had managed to teleport into Gray's dream. Yui finally understood what she had to do…

Natsu was getting more and more impatient after Lisanna said that there were men trying to rewrite Freed's runes. Gray was tensed and worried. Lucy held little Asuka in her arms and soothed the scared girl. Natsu placed an arm around Lucy and Asuka and assured that he wouldn't let anyone or anything hurt them. Lucy nodded.

-Outside the guild hall-

Cana, Lisanna and Juvia were finally starting to overpower the men but unfortunately they had managed to rewrite the runes Freed had placed. Immediately one of them turned into a shadow and went to where Zanko and Yowa were facing off Aati and Laxus to convey the news.

As soon as the cloaked men received the news that the runes had been rewritten and they could enter the guild they created shadow clones of themselves and immediately diverted to enter the guild and capture Yui as they had been told to do.

Mira, Erza, Levy, Gajeel and the Raijinshu were still fighting with all they had. Some of the men managed to avert themselves from them and joined Yowa's men to enter the guild and capture Yui.

-Back at the infirmary-

The runes at the infirmary entrance hadn't been rewritten yet but Yowa's men were very cunning and since they had rewritten the runes at the guild hall entrance they knew they would be quicker at it.

Natsu blasted the few men in front and Gray handled out the next few but the boys were overwhelmed by the number of men there.

Natsu and Gray were standing back to back surrounded by five men from Yowa's squad and five from Zanko's squad. Lucy placed Asuka on the bed and came out of Levy's barrier. She looked determined to protect Yui and she nodded at the boys.

"Open the Gate of the Lion! Leo!"

"Open the Gate of the Maiden! Virgo!"

"Open the Gate of the Goat! Capricorn!"

Loke, Virgo and Capricorn immediately materialized in the room. Lucy was sweating with the strain she had to keep three golden key gates open. Loke held her and attempted to go next to the bed but couldn't due to Levy's barrier. Lucy understood what he meant to say and sat next to Yui's bed in the barrier. She ordered her spirits to hold the fort.

Loke immediately went to where Natsu and Gray were and took Gray's place. Gray thanked Loke and rushed to the infirmary. Few of Zanko's men were in combat with Capricorn and Virgo. He knew the spirits could take care of themselves and went into the infirmary to find Lucy sweating due to the strain. He asked her to close a gate but Lucy stubbornly refused. Gray nodded and walked towards the entrance to the infirmary to find two of Zanko's men smirking and advancing menacingly.

"I finally understand the First…I finally realized what I should do" Yui said smiling at the older woman.

"This isn't the last of you seeing me young lady, this is only the basic training you have gotten through, the advanced training awaits you, but first fulfill the promise you made to Ushina" Saishono said and smiled.

Yui smiled and nodded before she slowly started fading…

Gray's eyes widened when he realized that two of Zanko's men were approaching the infirmary. Before he could move a bright light blinded him.

Yui's body was glowing white and she was lifted up in the air while being suspended there in a standing position.

Her long hair was French braided with a white ribbon at the end. A long, white ankle length dress with lace details adorned her body hugging her curves nicely. A beautiful pair of pure white translucent wings with lace detailing appeared on her back. Laced transparent gloves adorned her hands and her feet were clad in beautiful white heels with lace detailing matching the dress. Finally the silver tiara appeared and completed her transformation.

Lucy stared at Yui with wide eyes. Asuka was shocked beyond words at what was happening. Yui opened her eyes and the first thing she noticed was Gray trying to fend off the two men from Zanko's squad.

"There have been enough amounts of misdeeds done HERE!" Yui shouted and shot a blast of energy at them.

Gray ducked just in the nick of time and saved himself from getting attacked.

Yui flew out of the infirmary and outside the guild hall and what she saw brought tears to her eyes.

Almost all of her dearest nakama were fighting with every last bit of energy they had to protect her. She grew increasingly angry.

"Minna I'm back!" she shouted to boost everyone's morale.

Mira evaded her current opponents and flew to where Yui was as soon as she heard her voice and hugged the girl.

"I'm so glad your back little one" Mira said with tears in her eyes as she hugged the girl midair. Yui's anger softened as soon as she saw Mira.

"I'm glad too Mira nee…but it's time to put an end to this nonsense" Yui said looking determined and Mira nodded. She flew back to her opponents with renewed strength and morale.

"Elementary hurricane" Yui shouted.

A powerful hurricane shot out from Yui's hands and attacked the men who were fighting against her nakama.

-Inside the guild hall-

Natsu made Wendy, Asuka, Lucy and Lisanna stay within the infirmary so that they wouldn't get hurt and ran outside to join the battle with Gray and Loke.

"Will they be fine?" little Asuka asked Lucy with tears in her eyes.

"I want to see Mama and Papa again" she said holding on to Lucy. Lucy smiled sadly.

"Don't worry. They are all strong mages and they can protect themselves. Nothing will happen to them" Lucy assured the girl. Asuka nodded and snuggled into Lucy's arms and the older girl held her protectively.

"I really hope so…Mira nee…Elf ni chan…minna…please be careful…" Lisanna thought to herself her eyes dimming.

-Outside the guild hall-

Yui's powerful attacks were evaded by few of the strong men in Zanko's squad along with Zanko and Yowa too. Zanko was in his released state with his entire body was blue black and his body had changed form. He looked like an overgrown ape.

"Finally you make your appearance Guardian Fairy" he said while mocking Yui.

Aati was seriously injured and Laxus was panting next to him. Yowa was also horribly injured but he too was in his released state like Zanko, only Yowa looked like an overgrown cat.

"Oh yes I have you overgrown ape" Yui said her eyes turning white and her voice echoing.

"You made a terrible mistake of hurting my nakama while trying to get to me. I will show you what will happen if you hurt my family. I will show you what pain is you bloody moron" Yui said looking absolutely livid and a large sphere of pure white elemental energy started to collect in her hands.

Saishono appeared in front of her.

"Love my child…focus on love…anger will only result in destruction" she warned for the last time that day and disappeared.

Yui immediately calmed down and lowered her hands. She closed her eyes and focused all her energy on the love she had for her nakama and her will to protect them from harm. She raised her hands above her head and pure white energy started collecting in her hands.

She unleashed the powerful sphere of energy at the men from Travelling Coffins and more importantly towards Zanko and Yowa.

Zanko countered with an attack of his own and was backed up by Yowa but the attack ended up hurting most of the men from both their squads.

Zanko unleashed a second powerful attack before Yui could react or conjure another spell. The attack hit her straight on the stomach. Yui rolled over to the side wincing in pain and biting her lower lip. Zanko was next to her in a flash.

Tears pooled in Yui's eyes and they changed back to their chocolate brown color with her conscious fading in and out.

"I'm sorry Mama…I couldn't do it" Yui said with tears flowing from her eyes.

Zanko stood over her with a smirk on his face. Now all he had to do was to capture the girl.

His hands reached over to Yui…

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