The Fairy Girl

We Met Again

It was a bright, sunny day in Magnolia and a lone girl walked up to the large gates and pushed it open.

~Gray POV~

"Oi flamebreath wanna go?" I smirked and called out to Flamebrain.

"You bet Icebreath"

He grinned and came at me and I was just about to whack some sense into him when I saw the guild hall gates opening.

As I was distracted by the girl who entered Natsu punched me square in the face.

"Don't be distracted ice popsicle" Natsu said grinning.

"Look there at the gates you moron. I have a feeling I have seen her before but I have no idea where" I said while thinking.

The girl looked at me and had a hurt expression which quickly turned into disinterest and she continued to walk towards Mira.

Lucy and Mira watched the girl as she approached them.

"Hello, what's your name and how can I help you?" Mira smiled at the girl.

She however simply replied with a clear voice,

"I'm Yui, Yui Fayette and I want to see the guild master"

"Oh, he is in his room upstairs" Mira said while smiling brightly at the girl.

She completely ignored Lucy and walked past her while going upstairs.

Lucy looked at her with confusion as she didn't get a reply for her greeting. She looked at Mira who shrugged and went back to her chores. I was trying to think of where I saw that girl and why she looked hurt when I said I don't recognize her.

~ A few minutes later ~

The girl walked up to Mira and said, "I was told that you had the guild stamp. May I have it stamped on me please?".

Mira looked at the girl,

"Oh my are you a new recruit?" she asked smiling brightly.

The girl looked at Mira with confusion as to why she was so happy but she saw no harm in returning the contagious smile.

"Yup" she answered simply a big grin on her lips.

Mira asked her where she wanted her stamp and she said she wanted it in her right hand.

As Mira stamped her hand it glowed white and then turned to a deep blue. Yui looked at her hand and grinned.

The entire guild erupted and welcomed her,

"Thank you minna" Yui said while grinning.

Flamebrain walked up to her and introduced himself,

"Hello I'm Natsu and welcome to Fairy Tail" he said.

Lucy, Erza and Levy quickly surrounded her and said their welcomes too.

"Gray sama please don't look at her, Juvia wants you to look at only her" she said fidgeting in her spot.

I sighed,

"Juvia please leave me alone for a while will ya "

"Hey Snowman wont you talk to me? Or is it that you have forgotten the little fairy Yui?" Yui called out.

My blood froze as I heard the hurt in her voice. I turned around slowly…


My eyes widened in shock…no one else called me snowman except for…

"Little fairy Yui… Yui is that…really you?" i voiced out my thoughts and a small smile graced her lips as she nodded.

I looked at her with wide eyes as I scanned her outfit. A simple black top that covered her ample chest. A cute black skirt to match her shirt while showing just enough of her long creamy legs and black boots to finish the outfit.

Yui grinned and the others around us were confused as to what was going on.

"Oi popsicle do you know her?" Natsu asked raising an eyebrow.

I was frozen in my place as I disregarded his question. I regained my senses after i felt the reality sink in. Before I knew it I was slowly walking towards her but she beat me to it. She ran towards me and gave me a hug.

I returned her hug on reflex.

"It's good to see again Snowman, and as I said…we met again" Yui said grinning.

"It's good to see you too little fairy" I said grinning back.

As soon as she let go of the hug she gave me a good kick to the gut. I groaned as I struggled to get up remembering how well she could kick in a punch.

"What the hell was that for Yui" I said as I slumped over and stood with difficulty.

"That's for forgetting me" she said sticking her tongue out her eyes having an expression of hurt.

Flamebrain was laughing his ass off.

"He just got owned by her" he said to Lucy who whacked him on his head and motioned him to be quiet.

Erza was standing and watching the fun with a smirk on her face. Juvia rushed to my side in an instant.

"How could you hurt Gray sama like that you love rival"

Yui looked confused,

"Love rival? What is that supposed to mean?"

"Juvia loves Gray sama" she said while blushing, "Juvia will not allow anyone to hurt Gray sama"

Yui groaned,

"Oh god Juvia relax will I'm not gonna kill your precious Gray sama" she said the disappointment in her eyes quickly morphing into annoyance.

"Hey I'm not her Gray sama alright Yui" I said while looking a little off and pleased at the same time.

As I thought she understood the situation and smirked at me while showing mock worry,

"Oh I'm so sorry Gray…NOOOOOOOOT" she said looking bored and turning to the others.

Yui looked at Lucy, Levy and Erza and asked them if a library was around here so that she could read some books. Lucy and Levy squealed at the same time and Yui looked and them with a look of surprise.

"You guys are bookworms too?!"

Lucy and Levy nodded their heads violently.

"No way you guys should tell me your favorite books and I'll tell you mine" Yui said grinning and the other two nodded while grinning back at her.

The three of them immediately became fast friends and started planning read overs

(A/N I just came up with that word).

"I forgot how much she loved books" I said while smiling to myself.

"You liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeee her" I blushed immediately.

"Go away you annoying neko"

I saw her looking at me at the exact moment I looked at her. I blushed and looked away.

"Gray your clothes" Cana said smirking at me.

"Shit" I mumbled under my breath and started looking for them.

I finally found my clothes and wore them and turned to see that Yui had a tint of pink in her face too.

"I bet I'm going to love my days in the guild even more than I did before" I thought to myself while smiling softly at Yui.

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