The Fairy Girl

Reinforcements And Yui's Capture

~ Previously ~

"I'm sorry Mama…I couldn't do it" Yui said with tears flowing from her eyes.

Zanko stood over her with a smirk on his face. Now all he had to do was to capture the girl.

His hands reached over to Yui…

~ Currently ~

All of Fairy Tail's members were either struggling to stand or walk as they were sustaining too many injuries. To worsen the situation Yui had fallen down unconscious. Zanko who was also injured reached over to her with his eyes glinting. He could finally capture the girl and get praised by his Master and finally get his superiors to acknowledge him.

"Not so fast" a voice interrupted and a wall made of earth formed within seconds from smaller compartments.

Zanko turned around looking for the source of the voice, angered that there was another interruption to capture the girl.

Gray reached Yui after falling and getting up again many times over before he finally held her in his arms but she was unconscious. Tears filled Gray's eyes as he formed a sphere of ice around himself and her. His bangs covered his eyes and tears flowed freely from his eyes. He broke the promise to protect her all over again. With trembling fingers he wiped the trail of blood from the corner of her mouth, and looked up wanting to see who had saved her within the nick of time and his eyes widened…

"I accept your proposal of having twenty five men in each squad" Minikui said looking amused, "but there is one thing bothering me at the moment", Minikui said to the two generals he had summoned to the meeting hall.

"What do you think is holding them back Hidoi?" Minikui asked looking at the second general.

"Probably Yowa has created a mess and Zanko is cleaning it up" Oroshi huffed in annoyance.

"Though usually Zanko doesn't take so much time…Yowa must have messed up pretty bad then" Hidoi said looking a little contemplative.

Minikui was about to respond when their meeting was interrupted by a series of repeated knocking on the door…

Gildarts had finally returned only to find his guild, his family, in war with a group of dark mages. Outraged could barely reach the extent of Gildarts's anger when he saw his only daughter injured and standing with difficulty against a wall.

"Who the hell are you and why did you interrupt me when I was about to capture the fairy girl that my Master ordered me capture?" Zanko asked him looking enraged.

"SHUT UP!" Gildarts lashed out in anger.

"Answer me first you swine, are you responsible for hurting her and all of the others?" Gildarts asked with his eyes flashing with anger as he pointed to Cana.

Zanko shrugged.

"Could have hurt her while trying to get the fairy girl, and yes I am the one responsible. What do you intend to do about it?" he said his arrogance of almost about to attain his objective getting to him.

Pure yellow magic surrounded Gildarts and his eyes flashed. Natsu noticed it and stood up while facing down, though his face almost covered by the smoke and dark, a grin was clearly visible.

"WE ARE FAIRY TAIL! WE NEVER GIVE UP! GET UP MINNA!" he screamed, "we have Gildarts back and Gramps will return soon from the council, is this what we are going to show him?" Natsu said standing with difficulty.

Lucy, Erza and Mira smirked and though injured badly they stood up with him. Gray tightened his hold on Yui, his eyes flashing with fresh resolve.

"Oi bastard, do you remember what was said to you earlier? You have made an enemy out of the worst guild to make enemies of, and now we will show you WHY" Natsu said and lunged at Zanko but Zanko just smacked him with a wave of his arm.

Natsu landed with a thud but he stood back up again. Lucy stumbled towards him and helped him stay up while watching the badly injured cat-like man standing in front of them.

Yowa was still in his released form like Zanko but he was panting breathlessly. He had totally miscalculated how powerful Aati would be without shadow magic and the release state shadow power given by Minikui to all the generals. Yowa had faced Aati in his released form and still Aati had managed to defeat him and join Laxus who had been battling Zanko. Aati had taken a powerful attack to his stomach and saved Laxus in the process but though the two of them had managed to save each other's lives they were still panting breathlessly as they faced Zanko.

Yowa knew these people had found a new moral strength due to the appearance of the odd looking man and would fight again even though injured. He knew he had made the right decision when he sent one of his men back to the main base and request them for reinforcements...

A small group of three men entered the guild. Lisanna shielded Wendy and Asuka by standing in front of them.

"I knew I shouldn't have let Lucy go outside and fight…" Lisanna thought to herself cursing her bad decision but Lucy had pleaded so much that Lisanna couldn't bear to keep her in.

Whatever the circumstances she was a Fairy Tail mage, and a member of Fairy Tail would never back down from protecting their nakama.

"Animal Soul: Cat" Lisanna said and activated her magic to protect the two younger girls.

The men took offensive stances and were about to attack when a voice had interrupted them.

"Only cowards would attack two small children and a girl who is alone"

The men had their faces contorted with contempt.

"We don't care about what you call us. Our Master told us to get the fairy girl by any means necessary" one of the men said.

"I won't let you hurt them, Earth Dragon's ROAR!" Aayan said unleashing an attack at the unsuspecting men with the last of his energy.

The three of them were pushed out of the guild hall entrance.

Aayan walked towards the girls stumbling. Lisanna transformed back to her usual self and quickly caught him before he could fall. Aayan grinned sheepishly at them.

"Thank you" Asuka said smiling. Aayan smiled back at her and nodded.

"Is everyone outside safe?" Lisanna whispered to Aayan with a worried look.

Aayan shook his head looking downcast. Lisanna's eyes widened. She needed to get to her siblings but Aayan held her arm and shook his head.

"It isn't sa-safe there" Aayan whispered back.

He stumbled and Lisanna sat down with him on her lap. His mouth had a trail of blood. Lisanna's eyes were filled with worry as she looked at him. Wendy immediately started her healing spell on him. Aayan smiled weakly at her. Wendy looked worriedly at the guild hall gates that separated the girls and Aayan from the battle going on outside as she heard what the two of them were whispering from her heightened senses.

Lisanna's eyes filled with tears and she hoped with all her heart that her siblings and nakama would survive the attack.

"I'm glad I could save you all at least" Aayan said smiling weakly. Lisanna wiped of the trail of blood from his lips with steady fingers.

"You did your part in saving the entire Fairy Tail Aayan. I'm proud of you" Lisanna said a soft smile on her lips and a tinge of pink in her cheeks.

Aayan nodded and closed his eyes and breathed evenly giving in to his exhaustion…

"My Lord there appears to be a slight delay at the capturing of the fairy girl. It appears they were stronger than we had anticipated. One of General Yowa's men has appeared and wishes for an audience with you" Minikui's faithful mind slave said.

Minikui waved his hand and motioned for the man to step into the meeting hall. The man who entered was badly wounded and trembling.

"Master…they are very strong. Our general and the Third were in their released states but they are still finding it difficult to overcome them. Our General has requested for back up" the man said trembling in fear.

Hidoi sighed and stood up and sighed.

"Sometimes those two just overdo things" he said and walked out of the meeting hall. Oroshi grunted in disapproval.

Hidoi gathered his men and ordered them to recruit five more men into the squad. The squad members smiled at their General and Hidoi smiled back at his men.

"I need ten of you to come with me. I have been ordered to complete a mission that couldn't be fulfilled by the other two generals and their respective squads"

Chatters immediately started within Hidoi's men and Hidoi ordered silence. He picked ten of the strongest of his squad and headed out towards Fairy Tail.

"If Zanko has a hard time even after being in his released state those fairies must be commendable" he thought to himself hoping Zanko and Yowa hadn't failed their mission…

Zanko held his injured left arm and bit his lips to forget the pain. He was too close to completing his mission to give up now. He looked at Gildarts with an angry look in his eyes.

Gildarts was positively livid at the amount of damage that was done not just to Cana but also to the guild.

"You hurt the people most precious to me. I will show you why that was a bad idea" Gildarts said his magic pressure and anger increasing by the minute.

"My my Zanko it does look like Yowa's man was right, you're in terrible shape. I didn't think this was even possible with the amount of power you possessed" Hidoi said coming out of his shadow form with his men quickly assembling behind him.

Gildarts lowered his hand and looked at Hidoi closely.

"Why does this man look so familiar" he thought to himself.

Hidoi looked at Gildarts and looked away like he was nothing. Zanko paled when he realized that Hidoi had appeared and he started to stammer.

"T-th-the Second…wh-why a-are y-you here?" Zanko asked.

He was still in his released form and the expressions he was making looked hilarious on his released form's face.

Hidoi started laughing with his voice booming across the lawns.

"You look hilarious" he said laughing.

Hidoi's men, Zanko, Yowa, Gildarts and the rest of Fairy Tail and Travelling Coffins looked at him with their lower jaws dropping to the ground in shock.

Gildarts recovered quickly enough.

"You are standing there and laughing like we are no threat to you" he said looking amused.

"I never underestimate my enemies. I wasn't laughing at you but at the expressions of the hilarious ape at the back" Hidoi said smirking.

Gildarts was analyzing what kind of a man Hidoi might be since he wasn't there when Aati had told the details of Travelling Coffins to the guild.

Hidoi's eyes had a serious look in them and he turned to look at Zanko the realiy of the situation weighing on him.

"Not only were you were unable to complete your mission but to think you have to struggle even in your release form implies these fairies cannot be taken lightly" Hidoi said looking serious.

"That's not it, Second. I was just going to defeat this guy and -"

"Enough" Hidoi said his voice ringing with authority.

"You know Master doesn't like delays and you have delayed the capture of the fairy girl for this long, do not talk to me and waste your time, instead think of what you are going to say to Master" Hidoi said looking stern.

Hidoi looked around and noticed the ice sphere Gray had created and that the girl he needed to capture with him.

"Please Second…I can still fight…please bel-" Zanko started only to be interrupted by an angry looking Hidoi.

"You are not much of a talker Zanko and that was a quality I liked in you because you wouldn't irritate anyone with your talking like Yowa would" Hidoi said his eyes flashing with anger.

Zanko immediately stopped talking as he realized Hidoi had gotten angry.

"Do you remember how many days are left? Do you realize how important this is? Do you know why Master gave you two this important mission? It was because of me. I was the one who thought that you two had improved from what you both had been and deserved some praise. I didn't expect much from Yowa but you disappointed me the most" Hidoi lashed out at Zanko.

Zanko hung his head in shame. Hidoi stood tall.

"Take care of this mess for now. My men shall aid you. I am taking the fairy girl back to Master" Hidoi ordered Zanko who nodded in reply.

"You are not going anywhere near Yui" Natsu, Mira and Erza said at the same time.

Erza had re-equipped into her purgatory armor. Mira was in her Satan Soul form and Natsu had his hands engulfed in fire with a tinge of lightning to it. He finally decided to use the power up he received from Laxus while fighting Hades.

Hidoi looked at the three of them and signaled to his men. Hidoi's men nodded at their General. Hidoi nodded back and walked towards Gray and Yui.

Gildarts still struggled with the fact that Hidoi had looked familiar but as soon Natsu had spoken he broke out of his trance.

"Stop where you are" Gildarts said to Hidoi and was about to stop him when Zanko stepped in between with a sadistic grin on his ape face.

"I'm your opponent here" he said grinning madly.

Hidoi paid no heed to what was going on and walked towards Gray and Yui. A few people from the guild tried to stop him but he didn't even flinch while sending out shadow spells at them.

Gray tightened his hold on Yui and increased the layers of the sphere and made the exterior stronger than it usually was. He noticed a figure that looked like Yui but was older pass through the layers and enter the sphere like there was nothing in between.

Saishono looked at Yui with a saddened expression in her eyes. She pressed a ball of white light into Yui's body and smiled forlornly at Gray.

"I'm afraid I can't help you to fight that man. I have done what I can for her. She will tell who I am when the time comes. Look after her" Saishono said and disappeared.

Gray was lost on what to do. Hidoi stood a little away from the sphere that had isolated Gray and Yui from the rest of the battle. He sent a flash of sharp dark shadow daggers at the sphere which blasted away the sphere. Gray jumped back in time with Yui in his arms and shielded her from getting hurt even further than she already was.

When Gray looked at Yui he realized that her clothes were torn and she wasn't in her elementary guardian form. She was in her casual clothes.

"Let her go and I shall spare you" Hidoi's voice boomed.

"I won't ever let her go even if it means I have to die" Gray said tightening his hold on Yui.

"Such an admirable spirit but I'm afraid i'll have to take her"

Gray looked defiantly at Hidoi, his grip sinking into Yui's flesh. Yui stirred and placed a hand on Gray's cheek.

"Gray…let me protect what I have to protect too…" she said her voice hoarse and smiling sadly.

She closed her eyes and was suspended in the air with white light swirling around her…

"I can't thank you enough for reviving me First, but I need to save my friends. How much magic power do I have left?" Yui weakly asked Saishono.

"This girl will never think of herself" Saishono thought to herself as she looked at Yui.

"I revived enough magic power for you to activate one of your elements, decide which would be the best one for the current situation. You can cast only one spell my dear. Think wisely" Saishono said.

Yui was confused as to what was the best thing she could do with the power of one spell when realization hit her…

Lyon sat at the bar looking tensed and worried. It has been twelve days after Yui was unconscious and Oba sama still didn't allow him to go and visit her, except for the single visit four days ago.

"She will be alright. Besides I don't think Gray would ever let her get hurt" Chelia said trying to calm Lyon.

Lyon looked at her and shook his head. He had a bad feeling and he wanted to see Yui now. He wanted to make sure she was okay. He went up to Oba sama's room and entered after he gained permission.

"Oba sama I want to go and see Yui. Please let me go" Lyon begged her.

Oba looked at Lyon and calmly replied.

"They are the strongest guild in the entire Fiore. Did you forget that? They can protect their members don't worry yourself" she said and waved him off.

Lyon finally lost his temper.

"FINE I am going. If I can only see her after leaving this guild I will do that also. I will do anything to make sure she is alright" he said looking angry.

Oba smiled at him.

"You don't have to do that. You can go and take Chelia, Jura and Sherry with you too" she said smiling at the boy.

Lyon couldn't believe his ears. He grinned and hugged the old lady tightly.

"Thank you Oba sama" Lyon said and ran out of the room.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

"I almost lost a good member" she thought to herself looking at Lyon running down to the guild bar.

Lyon went down and asked the three of them if they could come and they readily agreed.

"Wait for me Yui…I'm coming to see you" Lyon thought to himself as he boarded the carriage to go to Fairy Tail…

"Wind Guardian Fairy Transform"

The white light disappeared and Yui was in the air in her Wind Guardian Fairy attire. Her wings fluttered rapidly and Yui appeared struggling to maintain her Guardian Fairy form.

"Wind Healing Sphere" Yui said and concentrated all her magic into the sphere in her hands.

A large sphere of energy collected in her hands.

Hidoi watched with amusement and Gray stood wide eyed at what Yui was doing.

Yui broke the large sphere into many tiny spheres and sent one to each of her nakama.

The white sphere entered everyone. All of them were partially healed and their external wounds and a bit of their bruises and pain disappeared.

"Even in such a state your spell is this powerful?" Hidoi said watching Yui in awe.

A white light surrounded Yui and she fell to the earth in her casual outfit. Gray caught her before she fell to the ground.

"This is the most I can do minna…I'm sorry for making you all go through all this pain" Yui said with a tear sliding down her right cheek.

Gray looked at Yui with wide eyes. She fell unconscious in his arms barely breathing,

"Wake up Yui please" Gray said with a tear sliding down his cheek.

Hidoi turned and saw that Zanko was having a hard time with fighting Gildarts and sighed when he noticed that all of Fairy Tail had started to stand to fight again with renewed strength.

"It's time to end this and go back to master as soon as possible" he said to himself.

Hidoi collected a huge sphere of dark energy in his hands and unleashed it. It hit everyone including the two generals. Zanko and Yowa had gone back to their regular human forms and everyone was on the ground wincing in pain due to the strength of Hidoi's shadow sphere.

Gray extended his fingers towards Yui and tried to reach her.

Hidoi ordered his men to transport all the others back to the base. All of them turned into shadows and left. Hidoi walked over to Gray and picked Yui up and left in his shadow form. Yowa knew dragon slayers could catch her scent and trace the way back to the base hence he masked everyone's scent before he left with Hidoi.

Gray reached and tried to grasp Yui's fingers before he lost his consciousness…

"Lock her up and have your wife look after her. I need her in full strength within three days but neither you nor your wife must show your identities or talk unnecessarily to her" Minikui ordered his mind slave.

"As you wish my Lord, your dinner is ready and so is your bed my Lord" the mind slave said and took his leave. Minikui nodded and left to eat his dinner.

He carried the unconscious girl to the dungeons and locked her in and then he called his wife to tell her about Minikui's orders. She nodded and said she would take care of it to her husband. He nodded and left to finish his strolling duties and promised to return soon.

The lady walked into the cell and found Yui unconscious. She placed Yui on her lap and caressed her head. Yui slowly regained her conscious. The lady immediately got up and handed Yui a bowl of warm soup and left the cell locking it behind her.

"Drink the soup" the lady said.

Yui was in shackles and though she tried to use her magic she couldn't.

"Those are magic binding shackles. Master has ordered for you to be kept contained until otherwise" the lady said looking over her shoulder her hood hiding her face.

"Please break these and let me go back to my friends. They were all injured and hurt because of me. I need to apologize to them and heal them. Please let me go!" Yui begged the woman but the lady showed no signs of wavering.

"Drink the soup. You are to remain healthy by Master's orders" the lady said turning and walking away.

"I won't touch it! I don't care even if I die" Yui screamed at the woman and went back to the rough mattress kept there and sat on it.

The lady stopped walking looked back behind her shoulders narrowing her eyes before she turned and continued walking away…

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