The Fairy Girl

Minikui's Castle & Fairy Tail's Return

~ Previously ~

"I won't touch it! I don't care even if I die" Yui screamed at the woman and went back to the rough mattress kept there and sat on it.

The lady stopped walking looked back behind her shoulders narrowing her eyes before she turned and continued walking away…

~ Currently ~

Yui was lying down on the rough mattress staring up at the ceiling. She still couldn't believe that Minikui had managed to capture her even though all of Fairy Tail had fought along with her. She thought of all the pain and suffering she had caused the guild.

"I'm sorry minna…I'm sorry I couldn't come back earlier….I'm sorry for causing you all so much pain…" she mumbled to herself closing her eyes tightly.

Her tears slid down her cheeks her mind whirring back to the first lesson Saishono had given her regarding a battle...

"Yui a battle is a time of extreme stress and you maybe be compelled to take split second decisions a lot of times" Saishono said looking at the younger girl. Yui nodded.

"Consider this situation: you are the only one left with power and you can either use a powerful offensive spell or a powerful defensive spell. What would you chose?" Saishono asked Yui.

"A powerful offensive spell naturally. If I can obliterate the enemy wouldn't that save everyone?" Yui said without hesitation.

Saishono shook her head in disapproval. Yui frowned looking confused.

"My child, you yourself told me that love was the most powerful emotion. Do you think attacking someone defines love?" Saishono questioned her.

Yui shook her head and looked down.

"Why do you think that mastering the healing component of your wind element was crucial in mastering the element?" Saishono tried to clarify her point even further.

Yui looked at Saishono with confused eyes.

"My dear healing an injury is much more satisfying than obliterating someone. Reducing the pain of an ally is always better than hurting your enemy. Though there are many kinds of defensive spells like building a shield or encompassing everyone within a closed hemispherical dome barrier but the best of them all is healing. Besides if you have your allies don't you think it would be better than facing the enemy alone?"

Saishono lifted Yui's face and smiled at her.

"Healing is the purest form of love as it involves looking after someone, taking care of them and reducing the pain they're feeling. Do you understand now why I said that choosing a defensive spell at those moments is a better choice?" Saishono asked Yui. Yui nodded and smiled back at Saishono…

"You were right First…even if I had used the Ice Flower Grasp attack against Hidoi…chances are that he could have evaded it. I'm glad you told me this before…even if I can't be with them…I would be happy if I could at least know if they are fine…"

She looked at her hands and few tear drops fell on the shackles binding her hands…

-The next morning-

The sounds of two sets of footsteps could be heard echoing around the dungeons where Yui was kept. Yui stirred but didn't move from her spot on the bed as she was weak and a little tired due to the fact that she hadn't eaten anything the night before not to mention the entire time she was training she only had fluids replenished in her body.

Minikui had wanted to go see Yui the first thing in the morning to prove his point that he could do whatever he liked. He wanted to mock the girl he was holding prisoner.

"You're coming for me eh Yui? It looks like I beat you to it" Minikui thought to himself and smirked.

He turned his head lightly to see his mind slave following him and his smirk widened further.

"Aren't you going to love it when you realize the true identities of the people keeping you imprisoned here" Minikui thought to himself and grinned.

Minikui soon reached the end of the staircase leading to the dungeons and walked towards Yui's cell. His blood ran cold when he saw her weak and unable to move he became outraged.

"Send for your wife immediately!" he ordered his mind slave.

"Yes my Lord" he said and took his leave and hurried up the stairs.

He couldn't understand why his master was this angry. He soon reached the kitchen where his wife was and took her with him.

"I haven't even removed my apron what's the hurry?" she asked her husband. He said nothing and pulled her hood and covered her face.

"I don't why Master has summoned you but he is very angry" he said and led her towards the dungeons.

Minikui looked angrily at the woman and pointed towards Yui.

"What is the meaning of this? Didn't I tell you to look after her properly? Did I not tell you she is the most crucial key in winning my objective? She is weak and cold! Is this how you look after her?" Minikui lashed out at the woman.

She saw into the cell and noticed the untouched soup and food she had left the night before. Her eyes widened.

"So she hadn't being lying when she said she wouldn't touch the food…I thought she wouldn't be able to control her hunger and would eat it sooner or later" she thought to herself.

She looked at her Master who was extremely angry. She turned to look at Minikui as he withdrew a whip, which had spikes all over it, and her eyes widened in fear. She looked at her husband but he was frozen in his spot. Minikui ordered the woman to walk forward and she took shaky steps forward her head bowed. Yui weakly turned her head and watched the scene unfold.

Minikui whipped the woman as hard as he could. The woman screamed in agony. The man stood with his fists tightened at his side and tried to shut out the screams of agony of his wife. Yui weakly asked him to stop but her voice couldn't even reach beyond herself.

Yui weakly stumbled towards the end of the cell keeping her prisoner and held her hands outside the prison bars.

"Stop" she weakly called out to Minikui.

Minikui who had raised the whip to hit the woman again stopped midway when he noticed Yui.

"Did you just say something?" he asked the Yui.

She weakly nodded. He turned and walked up to her.

"Repeat what you said" he said.

"Leave the woman alone" Yui answered back panting slightly.

The woman's eyes widened. The man whipped his head up and looked at Yui.

"You have become weak due to her negligence, why should I leave her unpunished? She overlooked my orders and neglected them" Minikui said. Yui narrowed her eyes.

"I was the one who said that I wouldn't eat. She followed your orders perfectly. If I had eaten I wouldn't be weak. She was being faithful to you and this is how you treat her. Let her go you bastard" Yui said her voice laced with venom.

Minikui merely laughed her off.

"Fine, if by today evening you are well enough I shall let her go, if not something worse than whip will await her" he said grinning evilly and walking out of the dungeons.

The man immediately helped his wife up and made her sit in a stool. Though their hoods covered their faces from Yui, he wanted Yui to see his eyes so that she could see how grateful he was for saving his wife from Minikui's atrocities. Minikui almost turned around to call the man but changed his mind.

"Go ahead and have some family time. I believe this is the only single moment you will have in a very long time" he thought to himself and smirked.

The man looked at his wife, who was in wincing in pain, and cringed on the inside.

"I wish I could heal you…" he whispered to her his voice strained. Yui's eyes widened.

She motioned to the man and called him over. The man left his wife's side reluctantly and walked over to Yui.

"I can heal her, but these shackles are binding my magic. I can't heal her if these are not removed" she said. The man shook his head.

"I can't do that. Master has asked for you to be contained until otherwise" he said.

Yui looked desperately at the woman wincing in pain.

"I will wear them again after healing her. I won't do anything else I promise. She is in terrible pain only because of me…I feel responsible for the pain she is feeling…please trust me" Yui begged the man. He shook his head.

"Please I won't even come out of the cell. Just bring her here and I shall heal her and then you can put the shackles back on. Please believe me" she begged him. The man looked at his wife and finally relented to Yui's request.

He brought his wife over and made her sit next to the cell bars. Yui looked at the hooded woman and smiled weakly.

"I'm really sorry" she said to the woman.

The man removed the shackles from her hand and she immediately placed her hands over the woman's hands and started healing her.

"Don't heal her completely. Master will become suspicious if she healed so fast within such a short period of time" he warned. Yui nodded.

"I know that…I will remove all the pain and make the wounds into scars, that way you both wouldn't get caught, but please when someone touches the scars bite your lips or pretend to wince in pain" she told the woman. The woman nodded.

Yui soon finished healing her and reluctantly held out her hand for the shackled to be replaced. The man replaced the shackles and locked them.

The woman's hands shook as she held Yui's hands.

"Thank you" she said in a whisper.

"You're welcome" Yui said and smiled weakly and slowly walked back to the food that had been kept there the night before.

"I will bring fresh food for you" the woman said. Yui shook her head smiling forlornly.

"I'm only eating so that that bastard won't hurt you again. To me eating or not eating doesn't really matter…at least I was able to heal you so I know that you are alright…but my friends…I don't even know if they are alright" Yui said her eyes filled with pain and glossing over with fresh tears.

"I shall tell you how they are doing once my informant returns" the man said, "It's the least I can do for you for healing my wife"

Yui's eyes lit up immediately and she walked towards the two of them holding the bars of the cell tightly.

"You would really do that for me?" she asked him. The man nodded.

Yui held the man's hands through the bars her eyes glistening.

"Thank you" she whispered to him.

The man's eyes widened and he quickly let go of her hands and held his head. Flashes of vague memories appeared in his head. He closed his eyes and bit his lips in pain.

"What happened?" his wife asked him growing concerned but he shook his head and said it was nothing.

She looked unconvinced but said nothing. Yui watched the scene in alarm.

"Are you alright?" she asked the man.

He nodded and left the dungeons. Yui looked at his retracting back worriedly.

The woman looked at Yui and she took the food out of the cell using magic. Yui's eyes widened as she noticed the woman using magic.

"You can use magic?" she asked the woman. The woman nodded and laughed slightly at Yui's surprised reaction.

"My husband and I are powerful mages. In fact my husband is stronger than Oroshi too. That was why he was chosen to be Master's right hand" the woman said.

"What magic do you possess?" Yui asked her looking at her in awe.

The woman said nothing and walked away.

"I shall get you fresh food and soup" she said and left. Yui looked disappointed.

"Come on at least tell me what magic you use" Yui whined and sulked.

The woman grinned and left for the kitchen.

The woman entered the kitchen and prepared fresh food. She thought of the girl in the dungeons and suddenly a flash of pain appeared in her head. She held her head and flashes of vague scenes that were blurred appeared in her head. Vague figures filled her head and she was unable to recognize anything. She shook her head and it disappeared. She looked at the burnt food and sighed.

"Looks like I have to prepare it again" she said as she sighed and started preparing the food again.

-Few minutes later-

The woman entered the dungeons with the food and passed the food through the bars through magic. Yui closed her eyes and took a deep breath relishing the delicious smell. She immediately dug into the food.

"Whaack tuk you sho long?" she asked with her mouth full of food and the woman laughed.

"Looks like you were starving" she said teasing Yui. Yui frowned.

"Of course I was! I didn't eat anything since a long time! This food is too overdue" she said and sulked. The woman laughed again at Yui's expressions.

"If it was long overdue I wonder how you managed to control yourself and not eat yesterday night" she said teasing her. Yui frowned.

"Well even if I'm starving I will protect my pride" Yui said before stuffing more food into her mouth. The woman laughed lightly as she watched Yui.

Soon flashes of the figures and vague memories returned and though clearer than earlier they were still very vague. The woman held her head and winced softly. Yui noticed and asked her what was wrong but the woman waved it off as nothing.

Yui nodded and finished the food.

"Ah that was delicious. It's almost like the food my mom used to make when I was little" Yui said and smiled sadly to herself.

"I miss you Mama" Yui thought to herself. The woman noticed her expression and asked Yui what was wrong. Yui shook her head and smiled.

The woman nodded and left the dungeons.

-During lunch time-

The woman had come back again with Yui's lunch. Yui looked sadly at the woman.

"Did he return with any news of my friends?" Yui asked her. The woman shook her head and Yui's eyes dimmed.

"I see…" Yui murmured. The woman had a soft expression in her face that was hidden by the hood.

"Eat the food" the woman said kindly.

Yui nodded. The woman felt bad and entered her cell. She sat beside Yui and soothed her hair while she ate.

"Looks like you haven't combed your hair in a while" she said smiling softly.

Yui said nothing and quietly ate her food while slightly resting her head on the woman's shoulder. She soon finished eating and the woman got up and collected the dirty dishes.

The woman left with the dirty dishes. Yui looked at her longingly.

"I don't even know this woman…hell she is supposed to be the enemy since she is helping Minikui…but I can't help but wish she was with me again. I didn't even get to see her face" Yui thought to herself sighing.

-A few hours later-

The woman returned with snacks and juice and Yui watched her as she entered the cell. The woman made Yui sit down and eat her food while she plaited Yui's hair.

She was about to leave when Yui held her hands. The woman turned asked what she wanted.

"Would you please lift your hood and show me your face?" she asked her.

The woman immediately let go of Yui's hands roughly and locked the cell as soon as she left it. Yui quickly moved and held her hand through the bars again.

"Please…I beg you…please show me your face…" Yui said with tears in her eyes. The woman was torn between what to do.

"Master has strictly forbidden the two of us to show our faces to this girl, but I don't know why I can't bear to see her so down with tears in her eyes" the woman thought to herself as she looked distressed.

She didn't want to upset the girl who was kind enough to heal her even though she was locking her in. She was about to remove her hood when a voice boomed and echoed around the entire dungeons.

"I thought you learnt your lesson earlier when I told you not to disobey my orders" Minikui said and entered the dungeons.

The woman turned and immediately lifted her hood back. All Yui got to see was the woman's plaited black hair, which became hidden again within a few seconds.

"Leave the dungeons" Minikui ordered her.

The woman nodded and left after apologizing consistently. Yui looked angrily at Minikui.

"I'm healthy and alive. Leave this place I don't wish to see your face again" she said to Minikui. He laughed.

"I'm afraid mine is the only face you can see around here" he said walking towards her cell.

He attempted to touch her face and she backed away in contempt.

"Don't you dare attempt to touch me you bastard. Keep your filthy hands to yourself" she said her eyes flashing with anger. Minikui laughed.

"Do not attempt to know who that woman or her husband is. You will know their identities when the time comes" he said grinning.

"Meanwhile there is something here I do want you to see. I thought I could show you in the morning itself but you were so weak but now that you're fit enough I think you should see it" he said and snapped his fingers…

Lyon urged the carriage driver to go faster. He couldn't wait to see if Yui was safe. He saw the broken dome of the Fairy Tail's guild hall and panicked.

"Why is it broken? Did something happen? Please let her be safe" he thought to himself his heart almost shattering.

"I have a bad feeling we are too late for something…" Chelia thought to herself looking extremely worried.

"Go faster" Lyon ordered the driver. Jura looked grim.

A few minutes later they finally reached Fairy Tail and Lyon fell on his knees as tears filled his when he saw the sight before him. Chelia gasped and Sherry was frozen in her spot. Jura's eyes widened.

The once proud guild members were all lying on the ground sustaining injuries. Chelia immediately ran about trying to find Wendy while Sherry and Jura helped the people into the guild's infirmary.

Lyon walked up to Gray to find him hiding his face with an arm which was covered in bruises.

Chelia went inside the guild to find Wendy passed out and Lisanna with a child and a guy she hadn't seen before. She immediately went to her and healed Wendy. Lisanna thanked Chelia and Wendy soon woke up.

"Come on Wendy we are the only ones who can heal. We must help as many people as possible" Chelia said to Wendy. Wendy nodded and Lisanna asked the two of them to hurry.

"Please Wendy make sure Mira nee and Elf ni chan are ok" Lisanna said with tears in her eyes.

Wendy nodded and ran off with Chelia while Lisanna helped Aayan get to the infirmary. Asuka walked to the infirmary with Lisanna tears filling her eyes.

-A few hours later-

Everyone was in bandages except for Lyon, Chelia, Sherry, Jura, Wendy, Asuka and Lisanna. Lucy was sitting at the bar with Levy and both girls had tears stinging their eyes. Natsu was angrily pacing the guild hall. Erza whacked his head and made him sit. Mira was torn between feeling happy that everyone was safe and crying due to the fact that Yui had been captured. Asuka was sitting on Bisca's lap and sobbing. Alzack and Bisca were trying to soothe her to no avail.

Lyon was seething with anger. Gray had his head down with his bangs covering his eyes.

"You people call yourselves the strongest guild? You couldn't protect one of your own nakama from getting captured?" Lyon screamed at everyone. Gray tightened his fists and stood up looking down with his bangs keeping his eyes hidden.

"It was my fault Lyon…I let Hidoi take her away" Gray said his voice shaking.

Natsu punched him in the face and panted heavily. Lyon stood frozen and Jura's eyes widened.

"Will you just shut up already? Hidoi was too powerful and you were too injured to fight back. Stop moping around like this is all your fault!" Natsu said looking very angry.

Erza walked up to Natsu and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Natsu is right Gray. It's not just you who is upset we all are upset that we couldn't save her. We all did what we could but we didn't have a proper strategy to win against such powerful opponents. Hidoi and his men had appeared when we were exhausted after fighting Zanko, Yowa and the men from both their squads. Stop fussing over what you couldn't do and think of how we can get Yui back from those bastards" she said looking stern.

Gray looked away still staying silent and Erza walked towards Lyon.

"Lyon I apologize on behalf of all of Fairy Tail for Yui getting captured, but we shall get her back I promise" Erza said.

"Get who back you brats?" a voice boomed.

Erza's eyes widened and everyone immediately tensed.

Makarov entered the guild to find it damaged and all of his children hurt and covered in bandages.

"Why the hell are all of you this injured and covered in bandages? What happened here?" Makarov asked with his eyes flashing with anger.

"Actually Wendy and I didn't need to exert ourselves too much. They were only hurt from the outside. Their internal wounds were already completely healed" Chelia explained.

Tears stung Gray's eyes.

"Yui's healing spell…" he said and broke down.

"Explain what is going on right now!" Makarov ordered.

Erza took a deep breath and explained everything that happened in his absence beginning with the attack on the guild, the sudden appearance of Hidoi and how Yui was captured by them. Makarov was becoming angrier by the minute.

"Damage the guild, I don't care. Insult me, I don't mind" Makarov said with his eyes closed.

"But hurt my children and war is what you GET!" Makarov said and opened his eyes.

Both his eyes were entirely white. Erza and Mira gasped.

The last time they had seen him this angry was when Team Shadow Gear had been hurt by Phantom Lord.

"We shall bring Yui back at any cost" Makarov said.

The entire guild cheered. Lucy and Levy nodded with tear stained faces.

"Lyon contact your guild and ask them to send over the rest of the representatives" Makarov ordered.

Lyon nodded and quickly set to work.

"Mira contact Blue Pegasus and ask them to send over their representatives" he commanded next. Mira nodded.

"Erza call Kagura and tell her the situation. Tell her to talk to her guild master and say that I would be most grateful if some of their guild members could assist us" Makarov said looking at her. Erza nodded and immediately went to carry out the order given to her.

"Natsu and Gajeel contact Sting and Rogue and see if Sabertooth could send some members to help us. Had Giemma been the master I wouldn't have bothered asking Sabertooth but since Sting is the current master maybe they would help us" Makarov said. Natsu nodded and Gajeel grunted.

"Yui is a member of Fairy Tail and those bastards shall soon know they made enemies of the worst guild to anger!" Makarov said.

"No one can hurt our family and get away with it. Those bastards wanted war and now they shall get one! NO ONE CAN STOP US WE ARE FAIRY TAIL!" Makarov said raising the classic index finger sign of Fairy Tail.

Everyone cheered and responded with the same gesture.

"Yui help is on the way…we shall soon bring you back…Minikui will not get his dream accomplished…wait for us Yui" Gray mumbled tightening his fists.

Six men entered the dungeons as Minikui snapped his fingers. Minikui opened the cell and ordered her to be brought with him. The men held Yui in place.

"Keep the shackles on. You never know when she will overpower you. She is stronger than the six of you put together after all" he said chuckling and walking ahead.

Yui was struggling against her captors but the men kept her in place. Minikui walked out of the dungeons and the men followed him.

The woman saw what happened and followed them keeping herself hidden with an invisibility spell.

Minikui entered a room and led Yui to the center of the room where a box was kept on a table. He opened the lid of the box and beckoned the men to bring her closer. The men did as told. Minikui grinned.

"Do you know what this is?" he smirked and asked Yui.

Yui's eyes widened and she stood frozen in her spot…

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