The Fairy Girl

The Mind Slaves Reveal Themselves

~ Previously ~

Minikui entered a room and led Yui to the center of the room where a box was kept on a table. He opened the lid of the box and beckoned the men to bring her closer. The men did as told. Minikui grinned.

"Do you know what this is?" he smirked and asked Yui.

Yui's eyes widened and she stood frozen in her spot…

~ Currently ~

Yui stretched out her fingers and shakily touched the key. The key glowed slightly and pulsated under her touch. Minikui watched her, a grin on his face.

"I stole that from your parents you know?" he said and smirked.

Yui immediately grew angry.

"You shady bastard! How dare you!" she said lashing out at him.

Minikui just laughed at her and ordered the men to take her back to the dungeons.

"My friends will soon come looking for me. You won't be smiling for long you bastard" Yui said seething with anger.

"Your friends? You mean those measly fairies? Hahahahaha if they even think of coming here, they would be coming for their own funerals. Oroshi and Hidoi are very faithful to me and don't take intruders lightly. Especially Oroshi doesn't like it when his routine is disturbed and Hidoi hadn't even used a tiny portion of his powers while bringing you here" he said grinning.

He leaned in close to her ears and whispered.

"And my powers are something you never even imagined off"

Yui moved away disgusted by his proximity and the men lead her away.

"You don't know what we are capable of Minikui. You don't know what our strength is" Yui said as she was being led away. Minikui laughed.

The woman who had witnessed everything that had happened longed to know why the girl was so confident of her nakama. Was it perhaps she didn't know how powerful her master was?

She kept her thoughts to herself and quietly left for the kitchen.

Minikui who hadn't realized the incident was witnessed by the woman went back inside the room and picked up the key.

"I have waited a long time for this to happen, and now that it's finally going to happen I will make sure nothing goes wrong in my perfect plan of ruling this world" he said out loud and replaced the key that glistened in the low light back into the box and left the room.

The key pulsated and glowed within the box. The dragon engraved in the key grew tiny spikes on its tail and then the glow subsided…

-With Yui-

Meanwhile the men roughly threw Yui into the cell and locked her up again. Yui's mind was in turmoil as she tried to digest what she just witnessed. She was also distressed that the man still hadn't returned with any news of her friends. She was terribly scared and hoped her final healing spell had helped them.

The woman returned with Yui's food. Yui looked at her feeling distressed. The woman said nothing except for asking her to eat kindly. Yui sighed and nodded forcing herself to smile.

"Even though she had to go through so much this girl is able to smile?" the woman thought to herself.

After Yui had finished eating the woman took the dirty dishes and left.

Yui controlled herself till the woman left and as soon as she heard the faint footsteps disappear unable to control herself any more she started to cry.

Tears flowed from her lovely chocolate brown eyes.

"I want my friends to be safe…please let them be safe" she thought to herself as she cried herself to sleep…

-The next morning-

The woman returned the next morning with Yui's breakfast and found Yui curled up on the floor in fetal position. She walked into the cell to find tear stains on Yui's face.

"So she pretended to stay strong and kept all her inner turmoil to herself...what a strong minded child"

She attempted to wake Yui her eyes kind.

Half asleep and not aware of her surroundings Yui started crying again. The woman unable to leave her that way started soothing her and Yui hugged her in her sleepy state.

"Mama I want my friends to be safe…they all got hurt because of me…I want them to be safe…I don't know what to do Mama…" she said her voice all groggy and went to sleep again.

The woman dropped Yui on the floor roughly and held her head as she writhed in pain.

Shadow swirls appeared to be leaving her body…

A lone shadow was moving fast towards Minikui's castle. A lone figure stood at the entrance and awaited its return eagerly.

"What news do you bring?" the man asked.

"Bad news" the informant said and relayed everything that had happened in the Fairy Tail guild.

The man nodded looking grave.

"Go back and keep me updated on what is happening there"

The informant nodded and returned back to his shadow form and left for Fairy Tail.

The man turned and hurried to the dungeons smiling as he finally had news to deliver to the girl who had helped his wife so much…

-In the dungeons-

The woman was writhing in pain and was biting her lips and trying not to scream out in agony. Meanwhile a set of footsteps was rushing through the steps.

"I have news of-" the man started and stood frozen.

He had entered the dungeons hoping to see the girl either eating or waiting for him to return but he hadn't thought he would see the sight before his eyes.

He rushed inside the cell and sat next to his wife. She was writhing in pain and had purplish black swirls leaving her body. He gently carried her out and locked the cell before leaving. Yui had been sleeping the whole time and was unaware of what had happened.

"Hang in there…the room is close by" he said to his wife and hurried to their room…

-A few hours later-

Yui woke up with a bad headache and a delicious smell. She turned her head to find food on her bed table. She winced in pain and held her head before getting up and sitting on the rough mattress.

"How did I end up on the floor?" she thought to herself, "maybe I just rolled down" she said to herself and proceeded to eat the food the woman had left for her. Her eyes were red from crying.

She had just finished eating the food and turned around to the noise of footsteps hoping for the man to enter and smiled when he did.

The man entered the dungeons to find the girl with red eyes and dirty dishes next to her.

"I'm glad you're awake. I have news of your friends" he said.

Yui's smile brightened immediately.

"Really?" she asked her eyes lighting up. The man nodded.

He recounted everything that his informant had told him. Yui nodded and smiled genuinely for the first time in two days.

"Thank goodness...I'm glad they're all okay" she said softly her hands claspe at her chest happiness evident in her eyes.

The man said nothing and smiled. Yui realized that the food must have been brought by the woman but she was no where to be found.

"Where is the woman?" Yui asked him.

He smiled beneath his hood as he told her what had happened when he had first entered the dungeons that morning. With every word the man said Yui grew more concerned and asked him to bring her back here so that she could heal the woman. He hesitated but relented to her request.

"I shall bring her back after informing Master of Fairy Tail's plans" he promised. Yui nodded.

Sounds of footsteps were heard and a hooded figure stood at the foot of the stairs.

"He isn't our Master. Break out of his mind spell" the woman said.

"Mind spell? What is she talking about?" Yui thought to herself looking confused.

The man turned to see his wife at the foot of the stairs.

"You heard me. Break out of his spell. After 10 years it should have grown weaker. Break out of it" she said and hit him with a blast of bluish looking energy.

The man fell on his knees as the spell hit him on his head. He fell on his knees and started writhing in pain.

"Stop what are you doing to him? Isn't he your husband?" Yui said getting alarmed at the pain the man was in.

"I know what I am doing child please stay out of this" the woman answered without even glancing at Yui.

"What are you talking about?"

"He is under a mind spell that was cast on him 10 years ago. It was cast by the bastard who runs this guild. That bastard tried to steal our child and put both of us under his mind spell. I don't know how but the spell on me became weaker after I had come here…I don't clearly remember what made the spell crack…my memory is all blurry. Anyways I need to get him to break it and come with me. We need to go and find my daughter…I hope she is doing well. To think he had both of us calling him Master and treating us like slaves…that shady bastard…" the woman said seething with anger.

Yui wanted to fully understand what the woman was talking about but she was curious about the woman's daughter.

"You had a daughter?" she asked her. The woman nodded.

"She meant the world to me and my husband. She was the one who gave a new meaning and purpose to our lives. She was a bundle of joy… everything we had ever wanted…" the woman said her voice filling with joy.

"But she was very powerful even in that tender age. She was only nine when this bastard came for her, and to make things worse he had come to our humble house a week earlier and had stolen a precious heirloom of my family. It was a gift I had wanted to give my daughter when she had come of age…" the woman said her voice laced with sorrow.

Tears fell on the ground from underneath the woman's hood. Yui smiled softly at her.

"I'm sure your daughter is fine. If she was that powerful when she was nine I'm sure she is powerful now too" she said and consoled the woman.

The woman nodded. Yui had a faraway look in her eyes…

The woman noticed it and asked her what was wrong. Yui's eyes glistened with the tears that threatened to fall.

"Well just like he spoiled your family…he ruined my family too…I was also only nine when it happened. He killed my parents but my mother managed to keep him occupied till I was able to run away to safety…I miss my mother very much…and my father too…they both meant everything to me…but that bastard had to come and destroy everything I had" Yui said clenching the prison bars of her cell tight a tear sliding down her cheek.

The woman walked towards the girl and wiped her tear gently before she placed her hands over Yui's hands. Yui looked at her.

"Don't worry my dear, once my husband is back to his normal self I will make sure that bastard will pay for his sins, and I will take my family heirloom back and find my daughter too"

Yui nodded.

"Thank you so much…and good luck with finding your daughter" she said and smiled at the woman.

The woman nodded and turned to her husband. Suddenly Yui realized that she could see the woman's face now.

"Um…could I ask you one more thing?" Yui asked the woman cautiously. The woman turned and nodded.

"Could I see your face now?" she asked timidly.

The woman laughed her lovely laughter echoing around the room.

"Th-that laugh…" Yui thought to herself her eyes widening…

The woman finally removed her hood, and what Yui saw left her spellbound and frozen on the spot. Yui's eyes filled with tears,

"Happy now child?" she said kindly.

" could I have not recognized her voice till now?...How could I have not realized the food she brought me everyday was exactly the same way she prepared them all those years ago...why didnt i recognize you sooner..." Yui thought to herself her legs moving towards the cell bars unconsciously...

The woman stared at her strange look raising an eyebrow momentarily forgetting her husband.

"Why didn't I recognize you sooner..."

"Mama..." she said softly her voice barely audible as she stretched her hands outside the cell bars her lips trembling with bitter-sweet joy.

Ushina's eyes widened,

"Di-did I hear you wrong?" she said softly her eyes wide filled with shock.

"Mama…yo-you're alive" Yui said her voice shaking.

Ushina looked intently at Yui and silently asked her if she really was her daughter. Yui nodded her eyes brimming with tears.

Ushina immediately rushed into the cell and hugged her long lost daughter. Yui held on to her and sobbed. Ushina hugged her tight and soothed her.

"Shush…it's alright sweety…Mama is here now. Don't cry baby" she told her daughter as tears of happiness slid from both their eyes.

"I thought he had killed both of you Mama…my heart broke to think that both of you had died to protect me…" Yui said her voice shaking.

Ushina soothed her daughter and slowly she held Yui at an arm's length and placed a hand on her daughter's cheek.

"We aren't dead sweety. We are right here next to you…my my…look at you now… you have grown so much my little sweetheart" she said wiping Yui's tears.

"You look beautiful" she said smiling through her tears.

Yui looked at her mother fresh tears sliding from her eyes.

"Mama" she said and hugged her again.

Ushina held her daughter tightly against her chest.

"Don't cry baby. It's ok Mama is here with you" she said. Yui smiled against her chest.

"How dare he make me imprison my own daughter…he will pay for this" Ushina said her body shaking with rage insticntively tightening her hold on Yui.

Yui shook her head facing Ushina seriously,

"Not now Mama...not now...I need to stay here for now" Yui said her eyes flashing with her resolve.

"What are you saying Yui? We need to get out of here right now" Ushina said confusion coating her voice.

"No would be foolish to take a move now...besides we will need a strategy to fight him, but we can think of that later…right now I'm just glad I could see you again Mama…I missed you so much" Yui said hugging her mother tight.

Ushina smiled at her daughter and kissed her forehead. Yui smiled back and turned serious when she realized her father was still fighting the mind spell.

"Mama if we both heal him at the same time I think the spell would break faster. Could you remove my shackles?" Yui said.

"Oh my how careless of me to forget" Ushina said chiding herself and removed Yui's shackles.

As soon as the shackles left her arms Yui transformed into her Wind Guardian Fairy form and started helping Ushina break his mind spell, but there seemed to be no progress.

"Mama nothing is working though he is pain. I don't understand" she said looking confused.

Ushina thought for a moment frowning with worry.

"Just what made me crack the spell?" Ushina thought long and hard when it struck her.

"A memory trigger!"

Ushina turned to Yui a brilliant idea striking her mind.

"Yui do you remember the frie trick that Papa taught you during the barbeque? Maybe a memory trigger could help break the spell"

Yui nodded understanding what her mother meant. She transformed into her Fire Guardian Fairy form and kneeled down in front of her father.

She removed his hood and placed a hand on her father's cheek, her eyes glossing over.

"Papa…please come back to us" she said smiling and her voice breaking.

She conjured a small fireball and she started molding it into the figures he had taught her. Danzo's eyes widened as soon as he saw that. Danzo screamed out in agony and Ushina quickly conjured an airlock so that his shouts of agony wouldn't be heard beyond the dome she conjured.

Purplish black swirls were evaporating from Danzo's body and Ushina nodded looking satisfied.

"He is finally breaking free" Ushina said and smiled.

Yui dispersed her magic as a brilliant plan crossed her mind.

"Mama you can heal too right?" Yui questioned to which Ushina nodded.

"Perfect, take Papa back to your room and heal him and help him overcome the spell. Till Papa recovers pretend that both of you are still working for Minikui. When Papa is well enough tell him to act like he is still under Minikui's spell and then bring Papa back here. I will explain the plan I thought of. Till then lock me up again" Yui explained quickly.

"Why in the world would I -"

"Mama me on this. Even I don't want to be locked up in here but please...just trust me" Yui pleaded.

Ushina sighed and nodded relenting to her request. She carefully re-locked the shackles and kissed Yui on the forehead her fingers sifting through Yui's hair.

"I hope you know what you're doing sweety" she said looking worried. Yui nodded.

"Trust me Mama" she said smiling. Ushina nodded.

"We shall be back soon my dear" Ushina said kissing her daughter's forehead and hugging her one last time before leaving.

"We shall be together again Mama and defeat that bastard. I promise" Yui said looking determined.

Ushina nodded and wore her hood and replaced Danzo's hood over his head. She then turned and left the dungeons supporting Danzo on one arm.

"I can't wait to tell you that Uncle Aati is with Fairy Tail too Papa. We will be a complete family again" Yui thought to herself and smiled.

She closed her eyes and slept with her heart and mind at peace for the first time in a long time…

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