The Fairy Girl

What Happened 10 Years Ago

~ Previously ~

"I can't wait to tell you that Uncle Aati is with Fairy Tail too Papa. We will be a complete family again" Yui thought to herself and smiled.

She closed her eyes and slept with her heart and mind at peace for the first time in a long time…

~ Currently ~

-The next day: The day of the full moon-

Yui woke up looking happy, excited and a bit furious. She couldn't wait to see her parents again and at the same time she couldn't believe that Minikui had played such a sick joke on her family by making her own parents become her captors.

"Just wait for us Minikui. You wouldn't even know what hit you" she thought to herself and grinned.

A few minutes later Ushina arrived into the dungeons with the hood covering her face and entered the cell with her breakfast.

Yui jumped on her and held her tight.

"Mama" she whispered to her mother. Ushina laughed softly.

"Did you sleep well sweety? I'm so sorry for leaving you here in these dungeons" Ushina said placing a hand on her daughter's cheek. Yui shook her head.

"No Mama we can't afford to blow our cover. I'm fine really" Yui whispered and smiled at her mother.

Ushina nodded and smiled.

"Come on now eat your breakfast" she said smiling gently.

Yui nodded and sat to eat her breakfast. Meanwhile Ushina did Yui's hair.

"Where is Papa Mama?" Yui asked Ushina softly.

"He is still asleep. I have left his breakfast to his table. He will eat and be down soon" Ushina said and smiled at Yui.

Yui nodded satisfied with the answer and continued eating her food.

Yui soon finished her breakfast and Ushina left with the dirty dishes promising to return soon. Yui nodded smiling widely.

Danzo was asleep and was still recovering from the after effects of Minikui's mind spell. Ushina entered the room to see him still asleep. She pulled the covers and covered him properly and left the room locking it from outside and left to wash the dirty dishes in the kitchen.

Danzo woke up a little later with a throbbing headache and aching muscles. He took a long warm shower and exited the room to find Ushina smiling at him and food on the bed table. Danzo smiled at his wife.

"Well well it has been awhile hasn't it Ms. Ushina Fayette" he said teasing his wife a little.

"I still believe its Mrs Ushina Dreya" she replied chuckling.

Danzo had a hearty laugh before he settled with reality.

"What is this place? Where the damn are we?" he questioned before lazily wearing his shirt.

"All the answers can wait for later Mr. Danzo Dreya. You had better to get ready soon. Our daughter is waiting in the dungeons wanting to see you" Ushina said smiling brightly her voice light.

Danzo's eyes widened.

"Our Yui? She is here?" Danzo asked surprise and shock lacing his voice.

Ushina nodded.

Danzo had never changed or eaten this fast in his life. He closed the door behind him quickly and using every precious second to hurry to see his beloved daughter. He had hardly walked for a few minutes when his memories and everything that had happened after he had put under the mind spell came back to him with a powerful backlash.

He stopped dead in his tracks. Ushina loked at him confusion evident in her eyes,

"Danzo...what's wrong?" she questioned gently.

"Everything I've our daughter...collecting information to take her down...for her to be killed...and yet...and yet..."

Ushina wrapped an arm over his shoulder as he slid down to the floor on his knees completely breaking down his eyes dead.

"She is waiting there right now to see you...she will understand if you had absolutely no fault in this entire fiasco...don't you know her better than that?" Ushina chided him gently frowning a little.

He still refused to move his guilt scarring his heart. Ushina sat down next to him her eyes gentle and understanding,

"She loves you much longer are you going to make her wait?" she said softly.

Those words of encouragement seemed to do the required trick. He ran down to the dungeons with his wife following close behind chuckling at his rushed actions. He rushed through the entrance to find his daughter, all grown up and smiling warmly at him.

"Papa" Yui whispered, smiling through her tears.

Danzo hurriedly opened the cell and rushed inside and hugged his daughter. Yui snuggled comfortably in her father's arms and smiled.

"My sweetheart, I'm so sorry for hurting you for this long. I did it unknowingly sweetheart, will you forgive me?" he asked with a tear sliding from his eye.

Ushina's eyes glistened with tears that threatened to fall.

"Papa you have never hurt me and never will. There is nothing to forgive Papa" Yui said and hugged her long lost father tight.

Danzo returned her hug. Soon Yui pulled Ushina into the hug and the three of them stood in each other's arms for a few minutes forgetting their surroundings.

Danzo held Yui at an arm's length and smiled warmly at his daughter.

"Our daughter grew up so much don't you think so Ushina?" he asked his wife.

Ushina nodded and Yui blushed at her father's remark. Danzo laughed at his daughter's embarrassment.

"Papa, if you and Mama are alive what happened that day when Minikui came to capture me?" she asked looking curious.

Danzo and Ushina both looked at each other and nodded. It was time to let her know what had happened.

"A lot happened, my dear…a lot happened" Ushina said and closed her eyes remembering that dreadful week of 10 years ago that lead up to the events of that day…

-One week before that day-

Ushina woke early as usual and found Yui snuggling next to Danzo yet again. She laughed softly to herself.

"I wonder what your room is even existing for little one" she thought to herself and smiled.

She took a shower, dressed and did her hair and left the room to make breakfast. She crossed the storage room when she noticed the strange foreboding it had. She walked in to find the storage room in utter chaos. She stood petrified.

Old chairs, tables and portraits all upturned and broken on the floor. Her thoughts whirled around one box and her heart sunk when she realized it was missing.

Not knowing what to do next she immediately went to the room and woke Danzo up.

"What's wrong darling?" Danzo asked his voice groggy and thick with sleep but one look at Ushina's terrified face and all his sleep left him.

"Th-the storage room..." Ushina said her voice thick and unsteady.

He carefully unhooked himself from his daughter's hug and followed Ushina to the storage room. Danzo's eyes widened at the sight in front of him: utter chaos.

"Is it still here?" he asked her looking worried.

Ushina shook her head crying her eyes out. Danzo's eyes widened and he immediately hugged her soothing her looking extremely worried.

"What will mother say if she finds out that our traditional family heirloom is stolen?" Ushina said voice thick.

Danzo held her tight hoping to calm her.

"Don't worry Ushina. We will find it I promise I will get it back for you" he said trying to console his wife.

Ushina continued to sob.

"My mother wanted me to gift it to Yui once she was of age" Ushina said sobbing in her husband's arms.

Danzo held his wife tighter and kissed her forehead.

"We will gift it to her when she comes of age because we will have it then" he said smiling at his wife.

Ushina nodded looking shaken and grieving for the lost heirloom.

"Who could have known of the key and stolen it?" Danzo thought to himself and refrained from asking Ushina that question knowing that it would further aggravate her grief.

Meanwhile Yui had woken up and started crying finding that both Danzo and Ushina were not next to her. Danzo raised Ushina's face with a finger below her chin and kissed her forehead. Ushina nodded and wiped her tears. Danzo went to the bedroom to soothe Yui while Ushina went to kitchen to cook breakfast…

-The next day-

Ushina was still saddened over the fact that her family's traditional heirloom had been stolen and she woke up feeling slightly disoriented. She bathed, dressed and went downstairs to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Danzo had left early as he wanted to complain to the Magic Council about the theft while Yui was still asleep.

A bird made entirely of shadows was perched on a tree next to their house and observed everything that was going on…

Yui woke a little later and Danzo had returned for breakfast as promised. Yui sat in her father's lap giggling that he was tickling and playing with her when the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" Yui said giggling and Danzo nodded and went with her.

There was no one at the door but a piece of paper was on the floor. The shadow evaporated from the tree and Yui picked up the piece of paper and excitedly handed it to her father. Danzo took it inside the house still unopened.

"Who was it Danzo?" Ushina asked.

"No one was there Ushina. Just this piece of paper was on the floor" he said looking confused.

"Really? What does the paper say?" Ushina said coming to the hall while wiping her hands on the apron. Danzo shrugged saying he didn't know.

Both adults were shocked beyond words when they saw the note:

"I want Yui. She belongs to me and if you don't hand her over I will kill both of you and kidnap her"

Yui looked at her parents looking confused.

"Papa Mama what is written in the paper?" she asked as both adults stood spellbound.

Yui had never seen her parents act this way and she was quite confused.

"Papa?" she repeated pulling Danzo's sleeve.

Yui's voice broke Danzo's thoughts and brought him out of his trance. He knew Ushina was in no state to talk to Yui and he bent down to the level of his young daughter.

"Nothing important sweetheart. I want you to go to your room and play with your dolls. Your Mama and I have something important to discuss" he said keeping his voice as calm as he could.

Yui sulked not realizing the weight of the situation.

"Aww, fine, can I play with the new doll that you bought yesterday Papa?" Yui asked.

Danzo nodded forcing a smile. Yui gave him a big smile and hugged him.

"Thanks Papa" she said and ran upstairs to her room.

Ushina fell on her knees as soon as Yui left the hall letting go of her tough act and Danzo immediately hugged her. A few tears slipped out of Ushina's eyes.

"Yesterday the key gets stolen…today I receive a note saying my daughter belongs to someone else… what should we do now Danzo?" Ushina said sobbing on her husband's shoulder.

Danzo picked Ushina up bridal style and carried her to their room and locked the door.

"My dear, Yui might hear you crying…this is nothing darling I will never let anyone touch my daughter I promise" he said looking angered and crumpled the note which was in his hand. Flames engulfed his hand and the note burnt to crisp.

"Anyone who even attempts to touch my daughter will suffer a fate even worse than this piece of paper…I will make sure of it" he said his eyes flashing with his anger.

The burnt pieces of paper crinkled turning to ashes with a soft crackle.

Ushina sobbed onto Danzo's chest and he tightened the hold on his wife in an attempt to console her.

"My dear, we both are powerful mages. We can protect our daughter, don't worry about it" he said and wiped her tears.

Ushina nodded and held his hand. Danzo smiled softly and kissed her on her forehead.

"Let's go on a picnic tomorrow and have a day for ourselves" he said Ushina nodded. Danzo pulled Ushina up by her hand.

"Come on let's go and tell Yui" he said smiling. Ushina smiled back.

Danzo went to his daughter's room and knocked on the door.

"Come in" Yui said too busy playing with her doll to see who had knocked.

"Yui Papa has something to ask you" Danzo said sitting on the edge of Yui's bed.

Little Yui's eyes widened as she looked at him.

"Wh-what is it Papa?" she asked her little face all scrunched up in fear thinking she was in trouble.

"It wasn't me Papa! I promise I didn't freeze the fireplace 2 weeks back! It was an accident I really didn't!" She blurted out her voice shaking with fear before Danzo could even open his mouth.

Both the adults looked at each other blinking in confusion before they both gave in and laughed heartily at her reaction. Yui sulked and crossed her arms.

"Stop laughing at me" she said looking cross.

Ushina was still giggling and Danzo had a hard time keeping a straight face.

Ushina finally stopped giggling.

"You're not in trouble Yui, Papa wants to go on a picnic tomorrow, do want to come with us Yui?" she asked her eyes twinkling.

Yui immediately forgot that she was being laughed at a moment ago and grinned and nodded enthusiastically.

"Of course!" she said jumping on the bed with excitement. The adults looked at each other and smiled.

-The next day-

Ushina woke up even earlier than before and she couldn't go to sleep again. She sighed as she looked at the clock.

"Might as well prepare the food for today" she thought to herself and went into the bathroom to shower and get dressed. She came out a few minutes later and plaited her hair as she usually does and went downstairs to prepare food.

Danzo and Yui woke almost at the same time and Danzo smiled at his daughter who beamed at him.

"Good morning Papa" she said. Danzo pulled her nose and wished her back. Yui giggled.

"Come on go and get ready soon. We have a big day today" he said and smiled at her.

She nodded and ran to her room to bathe and get dressed.

Danzo walked into the kitchen and saw Ushina preparing sandwiches and juice for their picnic that day. He hugged her from behind. Ushina placed her hands above his.

"Don't worry dear, we will be able to protect her" he said and placed his head on the crook of her shoulder.

Ushina nodded and sighed trying to force the negative thoughts out of her mind.

"I'm READY!" Yui said and came running down the stairs.

Danzo let go of Ushina and walked towards Yui grinning and stretched his hands out in front of her and Yui gladly ran into her father's arms. He picked her up and swirled her around in the air. Yui giggled and laughed.

"Danzo careful" Ushina said laughing at the two of them.

Danzo sulked and let her down. Yui immediately ran to Ushina and hugged her legs. Ushina laughed and picked her up and she noticed her wet hair.

"My my, didn't you dry your hair little one" Ushina asked her.

Yui looked at her and shrugged. Ushina pretended to look cross and Yui immediately widened her eyes.

"Sorry Mama I won't do it again" she said looking distressed.

Ushina laughed out loud unable to bear the cuteness of her daughter while Yui looked at her looking confused.

"Come on Mama will dry your hair and plait it. Danzo just keep the food and juice in the basket. I will fix her hair and be back soon. We can leave after that" she told him.

Danzo nodded at his wife and Ushina carried her daughter to the room.

Ushina and Yui were soon ready and the three of them left for the park close to their house.

The family had a great time at the picnic and Yui was laughing about and playing with Ushina and Danzo. The three of them enjoyed themselves quite well and Yui fell asleep after a while due to exhaustion. Ushina sat with her head on Danzo's shoulder and Yui sleeping on her lap. Danzo kept his head on hers and Ushina smiled contently while slowly caressing Yui's hair.

"I hope this peace we have lasts for forever" Ushina said softly worry coating her voice as she looked at Yui's peaceful sleeping face.

"It will" Danzo promised squeezing her shoulder.

"Come on let's head back home Ushina, it's getting late" Danzo said after kissing his wife's forehead.

Ushina nodded and smiled at him. Danzo carried Yui careful not to wake her up and Ushina carried the basket and they walked back home hand in hand.

Ushina smiled at Danzo and opened the door. Her eyes widened and she dropped the basket on the floor pressing her hands to her mouth at the scene in front of her. Danzo's eyes widened at the state of the house…

The table and chairs were broken and shards of broken wood and glass were all over the floor. A note was written on the wall:

"This is just the beginning. Give her to me and I shall spare you else your fate will be the same as the table and chairs"

Ushina fell on the floor shock infiltrating her bones. Danzo was outraged at the state of his house.

"Let's leave the country Danzo…I'll perform an invisibility spell around us and the belongings we can carry for now. Please Danzo…I can't lose you or Yui…" Ushina said as if in a trance.

"No, I'm not going to run like a coward. If you noticed everything that has happened so far it looks like it's been done by a damn coward. Do you want to run just because some spineless coward is doing all this?" Danzo asked his wife.

Ushina shook her head still sobbing.

Danzo knelt down to her level with Yui still blissfully sleeping in his arms.

"Don't worry darling, nothing will happen to her or us" he said and smiled warmly at her. She nodded and snuggled next to Danzo with Yui sleeping in their arms…

-Four days later-

It was a routine morning at the house and Danzo had an early breakfast and left promising to return as soon as possible. The Magic Council had found a lead on the theft at their house 3 days ago and Danzo wanted to see what the investigators had found. Ushina smiled at him and asked him to return back soon. Danzo nodded and left the house. Ushina was still a bit shaken over the attack on their house a few days ago...

Ushina went up to Yui's room and sat on the edge of her bed watched her sleep peacefully and smiled.

"I hope we can protect you till you can protect yourself sweety" she whispered.

As if understanding Ushina's distress Yui turned in her sleep and held her mother's fingers with her own small one. Ushina smiled and a single tear fell from her eye…

A few minutes later Yui woke up and saw her mother sitting next to her a soft smile on her lips.

"Good morning Mama" she said her voice thick with sleep. Ushina smiled at her daughter and caresses her hair.

"Want to go to the playground and play today?" she asked. Yui nodded sleepily and Ushina laughed.

"Come on then go bath and get dressed I will do your hair and then we can go after eating breakfast" she said.

Yui nodded and wearily walked to the bathroom yawning as she walked in.

Ushina went down to the kitchen and set out the food. Soon Yui shouted from her room that she was ready. Ushina laughed softly and went to her room after placing an airlock on the food.

"So how do want your hair today?" she asked her excited daughter.

"Umm…a low ponytail?" she said. Ushina smiled and nodded. Her hair was done in no time and the two of them went downstairs to eat breakfast.

Breakfast was soon over and the two of them headed to the playground close to their house. Time passed quickly and soon it was time to return home.

After lunch, Ushina read one of Yui's favorite stories to her and Danzo returned a little while before the sunset. Yui was still full of energy and Ushina suggested they all play a game of catch. Yui gladly agreed and Danzo nodded grinning at Yui.

Yui ran outside and both adults stood at the porch and watched her closely.

"Did they have any news Danzo?" Ushina asked looking at Yui running around giggling.

"I'm afraid not Ushina. They are still on the process of finding the culprit but hey have narrowed it down to a few" he said. Ushina nodded and looked at Yui.

"Did anything happen while I was gone?" Danzo asked looking worried. Ushina shook her head and Danzo sighed looking relieved.

"Come on we promised her a game of catch" Danzo said and dragged Ushina outside.

"Mama, catch me" Yui said her flowing black shiny hair flying about her while running away and giggling.

"Yes Mama will catch you little one" Ushina said while laughing lightly.

Danzo watched as his wife and little girl playing catch and smiled tenderly. They looked so adorable and he knew he didn't need anything more to make his life perfect.

"If I could just held a hold on that bastard who wrecked the peace of our house" Danzo thought to himself his forehead crinkling with worry lines.

"Papa help me! Mama is going to catch me" Yui said giggling and running in circles.

Danzo broke out of his trance and laughed.

"It's ok you know Mama won't hurt you right?" he said laughing.

"Of course I won't hurt my little baby Danzo" Ushina said laughing lightly.

Little Yui was finally caught and made to eat her dinner.

A crack of lighting was all they heard and Minikui entered their humble home.

"Hand her over to me" he said grinning sadistically.

"Ushina take Yui and leave I shall face him" Danzo said his hands already lit in fire. Ushina nodded in fear and picked up little Yui and ran out.

"I won't let you hurt them whoever you are" Danzo said his hands the fire around his hands increasing.

"My name is Minikui and remember that name" Minikui said grinning as shadow swirls surrounded his hands.

It wasn't long before a blood curling scream was heard and the surroundings became eerily quiet. Ushina feared for the worst when Minikui came out looking for Ushina and her little daughter.

Ushina hid Yui behind a bush and cast an invisibility spell around her surroundings.

"Stay strong my Yui. I may not return but you must defeat Minikui and avenge your father's death. You are not strong enough now. Run away and train hard. Increase the strength of your elements and try using two together at once first, then proceed to three and finally all four together. I believe in you my love…now go run away. I shall buy you sometime" Ushina said kissing her forehead and ushering her to run.

Yui nodded looking scared and ran. She saw two figures approach her mother and she ran forward as fast as her little legs could carry her.

Ushina felt Yui running away and relaxed. She turned to see the man who had entered their house and Danzo behind him looking dazed and his eyes the color of shadows.

"Danzo what are you doing?" she asked looking confused the cold look in his eyes driving fear into her heart.

"He is no longer Danzo Dreya. He is my mind slave now and soon you shall be too" Minikui said grinning.

"Who would want to kill such a powerful mages when they can be useful to me?" he said.

"Who are you?" Ushina said her hands swirling with air and water in beautiful harmony. Minikui grinned.

"Just someone more powerful than you" he said and prepared to attack Ushina.

A little while later Ushina was on the floor panting hard. Minikui stood above her with Danzo behind him.

"Danzo…" Ushina called out weakly to Danzo but Danzo did nothing and just watched.

Minikui cast another advanced mind spell and sat down exhausted. Danzo quickly helped him up.

"Master, are you alright?" he asked with a drone like voice. Minikui grinned and nodded.

"Let me be and go and help your wife. She seems to be in pain" he told Danzo.

"My wife?" Danzo asked looking confused.

Minikui nodded grinning and pointed to Ushina. Danzo nodded and went towards Ushina.

"Calm down the pain will go soon, my wife" he told her.

Ushina was soon under the influence of the spell herself.

"I'm your wife?" she questioned looking at him. Danzo nodded.

"That is what Master said" he said. Ushina nodded back.

"Come with me, my dear mind slaves. We have work to do" Minikui said and teleported them to his castle…

Yui had tears sliding down her cheeks and hugged both of them tightly. Danzo and Ushina hugged her back smiling tenderly.

"That bastard thinks he can get away with whatever he can do…I will make him pay for what he did to us" Yui said holding her parents tight.

"Mama Papa, Minikui is planning to take over the world with the power Renga can give him" she said looking solemnly at her parents. Danzo and Ushina had their eyes wide at the information they were receiving.

"It's up to us to stop him. My nakama will soon come for me. I will tell you the plan I thought of" Yui said and looked determinedly at her parents…

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