The Fairy Girl

Yui's Ingenious Plan & FT's Return

~ Previously ~

"Mama Papa, Minikui is planning to take over the world with the power Renga can give him" she said looking solemnly at her parents. Danzo and Ushina had their eyes wide at the information they were receiving.

"It's up to us to stop him. My nakama will soon come for me. I will tell you the plan I thought of" Yui said and looked determinedly at her parents…

~ Currently ~

"Papa before I tell you of the plan…there is something else I must tell you off" Yui said smiling widely at her father.

Danzo looked curious.

"What is it Yui?" he asked.

"Uncle Aati is with Fairy Tail Papa! He is safe and sound" she said beaming.

Danzo was overjoyed as soon as he heard her say that. He held her at an arm's length with his eyes sparkling.

"Really? Aati is really with the guild you are currently in?" he asked disbelief coating his voice. Yui nodded grinning.

"But even for uncle Aati it wasn't easy Papa. Minikui had put a mind spell on Uncle Aati too. He was the fourth general here but after we had captured him I managed to break his mind spell. After that uncle Aati joined Fairy Tail" Yui said smiling.

Danzo's eyes dimmed a little.

"He was here all this while and I didn't notice him even once…" he said his voice slightly shaking.

Ushina placed her hand on Danzo's shoulder.

"You weren't aware of what you were doing Danzo. Don't be so hard on yourself" she said scolding him.

Danzo nodded and Yui hugged him.

"Papa none of this is your mistake. It was Minikui who ruined our family, and we are not just going to avenge him for what he did. We will also stop him from executing his plan to take over the world" Yui said looking determined. Danzo and Ushina nodded.

"This is my plan"

"Welcome my dear generals. Please take your respective seats" Minikui said looking at the four generals he had summoned.

The four generals were about to take their seats when Minikui spoke.

"Not just yet General Yowa and General Zanko. Would you two please do the honor of standing in the center?" Minikui said his sadistic smile in place as he looked at Yowa and Zanko.

The other two generals took their seats and watched the two of them.

"H-hai Master" Yowa said as he hurried to stand in the center.

Zanko said nothing and walked to the center with his fists tightened and a look of shame evident on his face. Yowa was looking scared as to what punishment he was going to receive. Zanko was neither trembling nor shaking like Yowa but he was looking down with his teeth bared and fists tightened. Hidoi noticed his posture and sighed. Oroshi looked disapprovingly at both of them.

"If you two are going to be this weak, what are they going to think of us?" he said looking angry.

"The fairies can't be taken lightly either" Hidoi said trying to ease the tension on the two a little. Oroshi grunted.

"And you were the one who recommended these two should undertake such an important mission. They would have failed it if you didn't reach there in time" Oroshi said his voice rising.

Hidoi sighed,

"Had they not been in their release states and took that much of strain I would have commended them too, but being in their release state, which increases their powers two fold, if they couldn't beat them, what is the use of even giving them their release states? Shouldn't they prove themselves worthy of it? I have a rather bad feeling that these two couldn't last a single fight against them if they don't-"

"That's enough Oroshi" Minikui said interrupting him. Oroshi looked surprised but kept quiet.

"Do you two have anything to tell me?" Minikui asked his voice having an edge to it.

Zanko shook his head his gaze still on the ground.

"I-I will do a better job next time Master" Yowa said immediately while trembling.

Minikui lashed at him and Yowa fell down unable to move.

"Why do you give me the same results every time after saying the same thing?" he said still smiling sadistically.

"F-forgive me Master" Yowa said his eyes tightly shut and trembling.

Minikui stood to his full height.

"You seem to be mistaken as to why you were given that were given that position not because you are smart when it comes to coming up with strategies to fighting an opponent or because I needed a general to fill in Aati's previous spot. I gave you that promotion because you had powers" he said looking down on Yowa.

Yowa trembled.

"I don't need weak people in my convention of generals. If you're my general you have to be powerful, and remember this, the next time you fail a mission your punishment wouldn't be so lenient" he said and turned towards Zanko and walked towards him.

Hidoi tensed a little and Oroshi grunted but Zanko still hadn't looked up from the floor.

"Look up, my General. I can't have my generals hanging their heads low" Minikui ordered Zanko.

"The reason I trusted this mission to you was not just because Hidoi had told me so, but also because I had also noticed the improvement you had made" Minikui said his hands folded behind his back, his back towards Zanko.

Zanko raised his head and looked at Minikui with widened eyes.

"I am angry and upset that you could have failed the mission had Hidoi not arrived at the right time but at the same time I know you aren't one to make fake promises just to escape punishment. I fully intend to make my plan work and all four of you should know that you four are my crucial pawns in winning this war. Since you do give me promised results I will let you go this time" Minikui said and motioned his two generals to sit.

Hidoi and Oroshi looked grim.

Zanko stood frozen in his spot for a few moments before the reality of what had happened sunk in and he proceeded to his seat while Yowa ran when he got the chance. Hidoi grinned and gave Zanko a pat on his back as he sat down. Zanko looked embarrassed.

"Now that that has been settled, I will now tell you all the real reason why I summoned you four here" Minikui said.

"Danzo has got some grave news indeed from his informant" he said. The four generals looked at him.

"It seems the fairies are preparing to fight me back" Minikui said grinning sadistically and told them the plan Fairy Tail had formed.

Danzo stood and watched the meeting silently.

"It looks like Yui has not only got the Elementary Guardian Fairy powers but also the ingenious ability to form great strategies from your mother Ushina. Our daughter is truly amazing" he thought to himself grinning underneath the hood that hid his face from the rest of them.

Ushina was washing dishes in the kitchen and pretending to be under Minikui's mind spell just like Yui had planned.

"To think my daughter thinks and talks exactly like my mother after all those years creeps me out a little but at the same time it also excites me beyond belief" she thought to herself grinning to herself beneath the hood, "but it has been such a long time since I ever acted. I hope Danzo is doing fine too"

Ushina prepared a light snack and took it to the cell just as Yui had told her too.

"Here is your snack" she said going inside and placing it on the table.

Yui nodded looking gloomy. The newly appointed guard standing outside was keenly watching everything that was going on. Without him realizing Ushina placed a spell on the shackles and stopped their magic binding ability.

"Hurry my dear. At most I can keep this on only for about 20 minutes" Ushina whispered to Yui.

Yui nodded.

"Don't worry Mama, I won't take long" she said grinning and closing her eyes…

The guild was bustling with renewed energy and life except for a single member of the guild, who was currently sitting on the grass field next to the guild.

Mira was unusually busy due to the arrival of the representatives from the guilds of the alliance and a few friends. Members from Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale, Crime Sorciere, Sabertooth and surprisingly some members from Mermaid Heel were there too.

"Erza's persuasive skills are the best just as they always were" Mira thought to herself smirking.

"Mira can we have 3 glasses of beer at this table please" a voice shouted.

"Of course, I will be right-"

Mira fainted halfway through her sentence and the glasses of beer she was balancing in her hand shattered on the floor. Laxus immediately rushed to her and carried her bridal style to the infirmary.

Gray was sitting plucking out random strands of grass and throwing it away.

"I haven't seen you this gloomy in years" Lyon said standing over him.

"Go away, I'm not in the mood to talk to anyone" he said waving Lyon off.

"Come on don't be that way. I know what is troubling you" he said and sat down next to Gray.

Gray's eyes widened.

"You're still thinking that you're not strong enough to protect her don't you?" he said looking ahead.

Gray hung his head and sat with his bangs covering his eyes and said nothing.

"Do you think I would leave her here with you if I thought the same?" Lyon said looking at Gray.

"You are not weak. In fact you're far from being weak. Don't think you're incompetent just because that bastard appeared and took Yui away. I heard the entire incident from Mira san herself. I'm not upset anymore. Had I been in your place probably the same thing would have happened" he said looking frustrated that Gray wasn't answering even now.

"Do you know what Juvia and the others are doing at the moment? They are training themselves and becoming stronger to make up for what they couldn't do and you, you're just sitting here plucking random strands of grass. How are you going to protect her if you're going to let the past hinder you, you bastard? Stop being gloomy and think of what you can do now instead of what has already happened" Lyon said and walked off.

Gray sighed and stood.

"Stupid bastard, why do you keep lecturing me all the time" he said to himself and smirked.

"I will fight that bastard who took Yui away on my own and prove that I can protect her" he said and grinned.

Wendy immediately tended to Mira. Everyone was worried as to what was wrong but after a moment later Wendy smiled and stopped her healing spell.

"What are you doing Wendy?" Laxus asked getting confused as to why Wendy had stopped her healing spell.

"Don't worry Laxus san. Yui nee is talking to Mira san in her dream. Mira san is perfectly alright" Wendy said smiling at everyone.

"But how do you know that?" Laxus asked her.

She simply smiled in return.

"Once Aati san had fainted that way and when I was looking for the source of his problem I realized that there was nothing but a rather pure form of energy swirling in his brain. He woke up a little while later and told us that Yui nee had visited him in his dream. Just now when I cast the spell on Mira san I felt the same type of energy, hence I'm not worried" she said and smiled at everyone. They all breathed a sigh of relief…

"The place is so white…" Mira thought to herself as she walked along the endless hallways.

"Is anyone here?" she called out.

"Mira nee!" a voice was heard and a figure could be seen running towards her. Mira stood frozen as she recognized the voice.

"Yui" she said with tears in her eyes.

Yui ran up to her and hugged her. They both stood that way for a few moments.

"I'm so happy to see that you're ok Yui. Why didn't you come in before? Mira asked her.

"Gomene Mira nee I was put in the dungeons with magic binding shackles hence I couldn't teleport into anyone's dream and inform them of my whereabouts" she said grinning sheepishly.

"If that is so how did you come here now?" Mira asked looking surprised.

"It's a long story Mira nee. Come sit I will tell you soon enough" she said and grinned.

"Sit? Sit where Yui? I don't see any chairs here" Mira asked looking confused. Yui grinned.

"Come on Mira nee" she said and pulled the older girl and ran.

Mira's eyes widened when she realized Yui was running straight into the wall.

Mira closed her eyes tight and expected to bash into the wall but was surprised when she felt nothing.

"Open your eyes Mira nee" Yui said and grinned.

Mira was frozen just like Yui was when she first saw the place. Yui was smirking at Mira.

"Like my inner world Mira nee?" she asked smiling brightly. Mira smiled warmly at her.

"Of course Yui it's beautiful" Mira said smiling. Yui nodded.

"Mira nee there isn't much time, but before I say anything else to you I want you to know something, my parents are alive" Yui said with tears glistening in her eyes.

Mira hugged the girl tight and had tears of happiness in her eyes.

"I'm so happy for you Yui" she said with her voice lightly shaking.

Yui hugged her tight and they both sat that way for a few minutes enjoying each other's company. However Yui soon let go as she realized she didn't have a lot of time left.

Yui smiled at the older girl and proceeded to tell her the precise battle formations and the plan she had told her parents. Mira's eyes widened and she said she would inform the others and the representatives who arrived of her plan. Yui nodded.

"I'm counting on you Mira nee" she said and hugged the older girl for the last time before teleporting out of her dream…

"You had us worried for a moment there Mira nee" Lisanna said hugging the older girl as soon as she had awoken from her stupor.

"It's alright Lis I'm not a person to go down that easily" Mira said winking at the younger girl. Lisanna grinned and nodded.

Lisanna walked back into the guild hall to sit with Aayan and Loren now that she was relieved her older sister was safe.

"Is she ok now?" Loren asked scratching his whiskers cutely. Lisanna picked up the little exceed and cuddled with him a little.

"Yes she is ok now" she said giving him a kiss on his head.

"Well I'm glad" Aayan said looking at Lisanna with a tinge of pink on his cheeks. Lisanna nodded hiding her face with Loren hoping Aayan wouldn't notice her evident blush.

Laxus was about to walk away without anyone noticing when Mira tapped his shoulder.

"I know you were worried, but you should believe in me a little more you know" she said a tinge of pink coating her cheeks.

"I always believed in you Mira" Laxus said and turned away before his slight blush could be revealed but Mira was quick to notice. She smiled to herself and walked towards Aati.

"About the plan Yui has come up with-" Mira started only to be interrupted by Aati.

"Yui told me about it, my dear. I think you should inform everyone else" Aati said looking at Mira. She nodded and smiled.

"I will talk to Master immediately" she said smiling at Aati.

"There is nothing more to talk amongst us. I have been informed about it too. It's time everyone else knew it" Makarov said looking grimly at Mira and Aati. They both nodded.

Makarov cleared his throat.

"Gather around brats, Mira has something important to tell you all regarding the battle we are to have today" Makarov said in his commanding voice.

Everyone was shocked at the news they were receiving. Mira stepped up confirming what was said.

"Master, I have some grave news to report" Mira said looking downcast. Everyone's faces turned grim.

"Minikui knows of our plans to intercept him because of his informant who was here" she said looking a little saddened.

Freed was outraged.

"How could he have crossed over my runes Mira? You're being ridiculous" he said.

"No Freed, you had placed the runes before Yui had been captured. After she was taken away, everyone was busy with healing and calling in the representatives that no one remembered to remind you to put the runes back on" she said.

Freed was frozen in his spot.

"She's right…I completely forgot about the runes" he thought to himself and tightened his fists.

Everyone else was in a state of turmoil.

"If Minikui knows of our plan and strategy to intercept him, he is bound to have taken counter measures regarding it by now. Even if we are powerful in offense it's going to be absolutely useless now that he knows our plan. I'm sure he has thought of defensive counter measures for it" Jura said looking grim.

"Before I say anything else, I want to make sure it will only be us knowing this information" Mira said changing into her Satan Soul.

"There is no place for a double agent in our guild!" she said and threw a ball of black energy at the entrance.

The shadow that was listening there unnoticed till then immediately took form to counter it. Freed was quicker than the informant though. He placed runes almost immediately to block out any kinds of noise going outside from the inside.

"Now he won't be able to listen to anything, or even enter" Freed said sheathing his katana with a glint in his eye, and replacing the runes to block entrance to the shadow within seconds.

Gray was still sitting on the grass not wanting to go back inside. He was lying down on the grass when his vision became white…

Everyone was still recovering from the shock of the double attack from Mira and Freed.

"Now that that has been taken care off, gather around minna I have some happy news to deliver too" Mira said smiling sweetly in her normal form again.

"Yui's parents, who were thought to be dead, are actually alive and Yui has reunited them" Mira said smiling at everyone.

Lucy's eyes filled with tears and she looked at Levy who had tears in her eyes too.

"Really Mira san? Yu chan found her parents again?" Lucy said her voice shaking.

Mira nodded smiling at the two girls. Erza smiled and Natsu grinned.

"Yosh! Now that is something worth listening" he said his trademark grin in place. Mira raised her hand to quieten everyone down.

"We don't even have to worry anymore about Minikui knowing our plans. Yui has thought of a perfect plan that will assure our victory" Mira said smiling at everyone.

She proceeded to tell everyone the battle formations and the strategy that Yui had told her just a few minutes ago…

As soon as he saw he was in the familiar white hallways that turned into the lush gardens filled with beautiful flowers Gray's eyes started searching for that one girl he would gladly die for. He was almost about to close his eyes in frustration when he heard her voice.


He turned around and saw her. She stood with a tender smile on her lips and a hand outstretched towards him. Gray ran towards her and she mimicked his actions.

Soon the two met midway and hugged each other tight.

"I'm sorry…I'm sorry for not being able to protect you again…" Gray said as held her head gently with one hand and wrapped her waist with his nose buried in her neck.

She tightened her hold around his back.

"No Gray…it's me who was incompetent…if I had perfected the techniques earlier…no one would have got hurt…" she said her bangs covering her eyes and a tear sliding down both her cheeks.

"Yui this isn't your fault. We, no, I was the one supposed to protect you and I didn't. It's all my-"

"Enough Gray" Yui said getting angry and broke his hug.

"I was also supposed to protect my nakama but I failed too, you don't have the slightest idea as to how much I was cursing myself because I let my friends be harmed, it's not your fault that Hidoi was able to capture me. I know everything that happened Gray…please don't be so hard on yourself" she said lashing out her pent up frustration.

Gray was paralyzed and he stood frozen in his spot unable to move. Slowly he came to his senses and he walked up to her and pulled her into his arms.

"You're right…I'm sorry I won't do that again…ever…I promise" he said placing his forehead on her shoulder. Yui smiled and tightened her hold on him.

"I'm glad" she said and caressed his hair. He looked into her eyes and smiled.

He gently held her face with both his hands and kissed her forehead. She smiled her hands moving to hold his wrists. He smiled at her.

"Go back to the guild baka. No one is going to blame you for anything" she said whacking his head. He laughed.

"Ok little fairy" he said grinning at her. She smiled and held him close.

"Come and get me soon…I miss you…" she said burying her face in his chest. He hugged her tight.

"Yes I will…wait for me…" he whispered.

She nodded and disappeared…

"Amazing…not only did she teleport into three different minds within a day, she came up with such a perfect plan. I don't even know how she managed to analyze everyone's strengths and weaknesses within the short period of time that she was us" Erza said smiling in admiration.

"Well if it's three without me, then I think she teleported into four peoples' dreams today. That girl never ceases to surprise me" Gray said entering the guild hall grinning and his eyes flashing with excitement.

Erza and Natsu smirked.

"Finally you come back to your senses" Erza said and punched his shoulder. Gray stumbled but grinned.

Known only to the Fairy Tail members, Mavis sat on the top and watched everything that was going on.

"Such a brilliant plan…to think of such a strategy within such a short time, that girl is a natural tactician" she thought to herself and smiled.

Makarov looked up to ask for approval and Mavis showed him a thumbs up and smiled.

"Let's show them what it means to mess with the number one guild in all of Fiore" Makarov said and raised his index finger showing the classical Fairy Tail sign.

"YES!" the entire guild cheered on doing the same as Makarov.

Sting laughed.

"Tch, these fairies are just too persistent" he said his eyes glinting.

Rogue nodded with his classic stoic smile in place.

Makarov lead the entire battalion of representatives from Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, Crime Sorciere, Sabertooth, Blue Pegasus and Mermaid Heel out to battle, with his eyes flashing with resolve.

"Just a few hours more Yui…and you will be with us again…I promise" Gray thought to himself tightening his fists…

Danzo watched as Minikui was giving out orders based on the information he had given earlier.

"Not only is he despicable but he is a great strategist too…this is going to be a battle of wits…" Danzo thought to himself.

"It's a good thing he doesn't know the actual plan that is going to be followed to defeat him, else we would have been at a disadvantage" he thought to himself admiring both Yui and Minikui.

"The plan is perfect Master. If we follow your orders perfectly, those fairies don't stand a chance against us" Yowa said trying to please Minikui after his slip up.

Minikui grinned intimidatingly Yowa immediately stopped smiling.

"Of course"

"And now that we have 25 men in each squad, this should get over without much ado" Hidoi pointed out.

"Well easy for you to say, but it was a good measure that was taken, though I had a lot of trouble finding good members for my squad" Oroshi grunted.

Hidoi laughed.

"They can still train Oroshi. You mustn't let such trivial things get in the way" Hidoi said smirking at Oroshi.

Oroshi grunted in response.

"As we speak my older squad members are training the newcomers. This is the day Master has been waiting for a long time now…the night of the full blue moon" Oroshi said looking at Minikui.

Minikui smiled at his first general.

"Yes Oroshi, the night of the full blue moon…the time when Renga would be most powerful and intimidating" Minikui said closing his eyes and imagined himself commanding the legendary elementary dragon.

"The day when I will finally rule this world" Minikui said out loud and grinned.

His voice echoing across the room.

"And the day I will kill the last of the most powerful line of mages in the world" he thought to himself and grinned.

"Won't it be amazing to see the reaction on Yui's face when her own parents kill her, and also it would be fun to break their spells for a moment and let them suffer the guilt of killing their only daughter" he thought to himself and laughed.

Minikui looked at Danzo and smirked before standing with his back to him. He was so intent on accomplishing his cruel plans that he failed to notice he had already lost the most powerful members of his guild…

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