The Fairy Girl

The Faceoff & An Unexpected Ally?

~ Previously ~

"Won't it be amazing to see the reaction on Yui's face when her own parents kill her, and also it would be fun to break their spells for a moment and let them suffer the guilt of killing their only daughter" he thought to himself and laughed.

Minikui looked at Danzo and smirked. He was so intent on accomplishing his cruel plans that he failed to notice he had already lost the most powerful members of his guild…

~ Currently ~

-In the dungeons back at the castle-

"Mama I'm done" Yui said looking extremely worn out and almost about to fall. Ushina rushed and held her daughter.

"Are you alright?" she asked Yui looking worried. Yui nodded looking at her with a rather tired smile.

"When is this child ever going to stop over exerting herself for the sake of her nakama" Ushina sighed smiling to herself.

She made Yui lie down on the mattress and left the drink and snack she brought on the side table and locked the cell door after leaving it. She looked one last time at Yui peacefully taking rest and smiled before leaving her hood already in place.

"I hope Danzo is doing fine" she thought to herself as she walked towards the kitchen.

-After a few hours-

"Gather around my guild members. Today is the day you will fulfill the purpose of being in this guild. The day when all my plans fall perfectly into place" Minikui said to all the guild members of Travelling Coffins who had gathered in the assembly hall of the castle.

The key to summon the legendary dragon glistened in his pocket. Danzo and Ushina narrowed their eyes under their hoods.

"We all will be heading to Hidden Moon Village an hour after sunset" Minikui said grinning at everyone.

"Make sure you all are prepared to leave by that time. I will not tolerate tardiness" he said giving of an aura of authority.

All the guild members were frozen by the amount of authority and power his aura was giving of. They all nodded.

"The Generals and High Minds should leave for the meeting room to finalize the battle details. I shall join you soon" Minikui said and left the assembly hall.

Oroshi grunted and left for the meeting hall followed by an amused Hidoi. Zanko was determined to make up for his mistake and Yowa followed him sulking. Danzo and Ushina followed the four Generals into the meeting room and found it empty. Minikui still hadn't arrived yet.

The four Generals were already seated in their respective seats. Danzo and Ushina were at the foremost seats of the table on the right and left of Minikui's seat. Silence reigned in the room…

-In the dungeons-

Yui woke an hour later slightly tired of having done four different teleportations within fifteen minutes. She found a glass of cider and sandwiches next to her and smiled.

"You work too hard Mama" she thought to herself and smiled.

She washed her face at a basin that was nearby and wiped her face clean with the towel Ushina had left next to it. She felt a little refreshed after that.

"I have to conserve as much energy as possible" she thought to herself looking grim, "I have to defeat him"

She ate the sandwiches and drank the cider with relish.

"Mama, your cooking is the best" she grinned to herself and soon finished her snack.

"Enjoying your stay now are you?" a disgustingly familiar voice behind her startled her. She froze.

"Too bad it will be your last day here" Minikui said sneering.

"What the hell are you doing here Minikui" she said her voice laced with venom not even turning behind to know who had spoken to her.

"Now now you mustn't be so rude to someone who is offering you shelter" Minikui said his sadistic smile in place.

Anger flashed in Yui's eyes as she turned to face him her arms crossed over her chest,

"You were the one that brought me here against my will and I wouldn't exactly call this hole as shelter" she lashed back at him.

"I wouldn't rant like that if I were you" he said his eyes flashing.

"Well I'm not you, am I bastard" Yui retorted back.

Minikui closed his eyes and tightened his fists in an attempt to calm him down.

"It's so difficult not to kill you till the time comes" Minikui said.

Yui smirked,

"As if you would, if I'm not there you will have to wait another 10000 years for the next elementary guardian fairy to be born with my powers not to mention the miraculous blue moon appearing within this period of time" she said a smug smirk on her face.

Minikui cursed under his breath.

"My resolve to not kill you till the time comes is growing weaker the more time I spend here. I have other business to attend to my fair Yui. Now if you will excuse me" he said grinning madly and turning to leave.

"Don't you dare call me by name you bastard" Yui said tightening her hold on the prison bars.

Minikui just left without paying heed.

"That freaking bastard" Yui cursed under her breath, "I will show you what it means to mess with my family"

Yui sat on the floor of the cell and started meditating and concentrating her powers…

Minikui was exploding with anger, his facade of calmness long gone.

"That wretched kid…I thought of giving her a fast death but now I've changed my mind" he said to himself grinning with his bangs covering his eyes.

"She will die a tortuous death" he mumbled under his breath and walked briskly to the meeting room.

-At the meeting room-

"He could have told us to assemble after an hour. It's seriously awkward in here with the High Minds here" Hidoi thought to himself.

"The tension is almost fatal" he thought sighing.

The door to the meeting room banged and opened with the doors falling of their hinges. Everyone assembled in the room had wide eyes.

The smoke soon cleared and Minikui entered the room with wildly flashing eyes. Danzo looked alarmed but his hood hid his expression.

"He looks extremely angry…this is giving me a bad feeling" Danzo thought to himself narrowing his eyes.

Everyone stood as he entered the room.

"Sit down" he commanded them after sitting down himself.

Everyone assembled in the room mimicked his actions.

"An hour after sunset we will be leaving. It is the ideal time and we will have plenty of time to finish those miserably annoying fairies before the moon rises" Minikui said looking formidable.

A bead of sweat rolled down Hidoi's head.

"I have never felt this kind of an aura from Master before…"

Oroshi grunted and nodded.

"Have all your men finish their preparations well before time. I will not tolerate any delays" Minikui said with his eyes flashing. The Generals nodded.

"You two High Minds play an important role for my plans to become a success. Make sure neither of you are late either" Minikui said staring point blank at Danzo and Ushina.

The two of them nodded.

"Well then meeting over. You six are dismissed" Minikui said and left the room.

He traced the key in his hand.

"Finally…finally all my dreams are coming true…" he grinned to himself and went to his room…

The camp ground set was eerily quiet.

"If Yui's predictions were right, they might leave at sunset or an hour after that" Makarov said to everyone in front of him. Jura looked grim.

"That means we have about 4 hours till they arrive at the Hidden Moon village" Erza said. Makarov nodded.

"Only fight your assigned opponents" Makarov warned.

"We cannot be reckless here. Even if he gains control over Renga, it's fine. We mustn't at any cost allow him to harm Yui and her parents. That is our most important objective here" Makarov said.

Everyone from Fairy Tail nodded and Jura looked grim.

"They don't even care if the world is in danger. Keeping their nakama safe is more important to them. Makarov dono you are truly commendable" Jura thought to himself smiling.

Gray had his fists tightened. He wanted to fight Zanko, but Master isn't allowing him to. He decided to try one more time.

"Master…please let me fight Zanko. I will defeat him" Gray said.

Makarov shook his head. Erza having had enough of his selfish pleas slapped him with her flashing. Gray stood there stunned.

"Why do you think that girl is fighting so much? If you die because of this do you think she can ever be completely happy again? Do you think she will genuinely smile anymore? Stop thinking so selfishly" she lashed at him panting.

Gray's eyes widened.

"How many times have I told you stupid bastard, she believes in you. You don't need to defeat anyone to prove that you're strong to her" Lyon chided him.

Gray looked down his bangs covering his eyes and hung his head in shame. He thought of Yui's laugh, the way her hair flowed with the breeze, the way her eyes sparkled when he surprised her with something. He thought of the way she blushed when he held her in his arms. Images of her crying over his death due his own selfish desires flashed in his head and his eyes widened making him realize how selfishly he had spoken earlier.

"Gomene Yui…I didn't think of how you would feel about this" he thought to himself.

"Alright…I shall follow with the assigned plan" he said grinning.

"There is no way in hell I'm letting any bastard touch her again" he said his eyes flashing with resolve.

The others around him grinned.

"Finally your back to your stupid self, ice popsicle" Natsu said grinning.

"Ah…yes I am fire breath" he replied back grinning.

Ushina went to the dungeons with Yui's lunch. She unlocked the cell and went inside.

She saw Yui meditating on the floor. With her air manipulation she noticed most of Yui's powers suppressed due to the shackles but the remaining were concentrated in the center of her being. Ushina was amazed and her eyes widened.

"Even though these shackles are cancelling out her magic, she is able to concentrate this much of power in the center of her being" Ushina thought to herself looking amazed.

"Amazing…truly amazing sweety" she thought to herself and smiled.

Few minutes later Ushina placed her hands on Yui's shoulders. Yui opened her eyes and smiled when she realized it was Ushina who stopped her meditation.

"Mama" she said and hugged her.

Ushina caressed her daughter's head and told her to eat. Yui nodded and smiled at Ushina.

"I can see how nervous you are sweety but its fine. You have all of us with you" she said smiling.

Yui placed her head on Ushina's shoulder lightly and sighed.

"I'm a little scared Mama" Yui said sighing. Ushina giggled.

"My strong daughter is scared?" she said teasing Yui a little. Yui looked cross.

"Mama" she whined crossing her hands above her chest. Ushina ruffled her hair and smiled at her.

"All jokes apart, eat now sweety. You need every ounce of strength you can get. This is not going to be an easy battle" Ushina said looking serious. Yui relaxed and nodded looking determined.

"Get ready brats, we have a tough battle ahead" Makarov said.

Everyone looked grim and determined.

A group of six men entered the dungeons as per Minikui's orders and she was brought outside with her shackles on. Yui resisted them but they held her in place.

"Resisting won't work. You can't use your magic till those shackles are removed from your hands" Minikui said sneering at Yui. She nothing and looked down and grinned to herself.

"The first part of my plan is going perfectly as planned" she thought to herself smirking. She raised her head and pretended to look angry.

Minikui smirked thinking her reaction was genuine. He turned and walked off to the main entrance where the rest of the guild was awaiting his orders.

"Alright everyone since the alliance is a part of this battle it may be tough. Do not underestimate your opponents. I'm sure you all know I will not tolerate anything other than victory" Minikui said to the entire guild.

"Now let's leave. Hidden Moon village awaits us" Minikui said laughing eerily.

The six men who were handling Yui followed Minikui. Danzo and Ushina followed close behind. The four Generals and their respective squads followed after them.

"You have a big surprise waiting for you Minikui and I promise it's not going to be a good one for you" Yui thought to herself and smirked.

Ushina cast a spell on the binding shackles without the six men knowing and Yui immediately teleported into Makarov's mind and warned him of the approaching enemy. Makarov nodded and said everything was already going according to plan. Yui nodded and returned back.

She looked at Ushina and nodded. Ushina removed the spell and walked alongside Danzo. Danzo noticed the exchange between the two and walked forward without saying anything.

"As I thought the fairies are here" Minikui said grinning and spread his arms.

"See how pathetic this looks my Generals" he said smirking.

Aati stood in the center, as per Yui's plan, and Makarov left the battle scene to another rather important place.

"You aren't going to get your wish Minikui. We will make sure of that" Aati said his eyes blazing.

Minikui stood in the center with Ushina to his left and Danzo to his right. Oroshi and Yowa stood on Danzo's side and Hidoi and Zanko stood next to Ushina.

Yui was right behind Minikui.

"Uncle Aati" Yui said smiling. Minikui sneered at her.

"So you found your uncle eh?" he said mocking her.

"Bastard" Natsu said standing on Aati's right with Lucy, Erza, Jellal and Meredy.

"Yu chan" Lucy called out to Yui.

"Yui…" Gray who stood on Aati's left with Wendy, Lyon, Juvia and Ultear called out to her.

Yui smiled at her precious nakama.

"Minna…" she said smiling with tears glistening in her eyes.

"My my how emotional this is" Minikui said mocking everyone.

Erza tightened her fists.

"If it's to protect our family be it kingdom or the entire world we would make anyone our enemy that's what it means to be in Fairy Tail" she said her eyes flashing with anger.

Minikui laughed loudly.

"The entire world eh?" he said mocking Erza and sneering at her.

"That's right" Erza said smirking. Natsu already had his hands engulfed in flames and smirked along with Erza.

All the representatives looked determined to stop Minikui. He sneered at them and snapped his fingers.

The six men holding Yui brought her forward. Gray tightened his fists while Lyon asked him to calm down.

"Do you see the state in which I have kept her?" Minikui said provoking them.

"Just as Yui predicted" Lyon thought to himself with his eyes wide.

"I'm perfectly as strong as ever" Yui grinned with her bangs covering her eyes.

Minikui sneered.

"Is that so? How are you in such a sorry state then?" he said grinning. Yui looked up at him.

"Who says I'm in a sorry state?" she countered grinning.

"Now Yui" Ushina whispered.

Yui broke the shackles and knocked out the six men holding her down in one blow and joined Aati.

Minikui was frozen with shock.

"N-no way…how is this possible?" he thought to himself with his eyes wide.

She hugged Aati while Minikui watched his eyes wide in shock.

"How are you uncle Aati?" she asked her eyes nearly filled with tears.

On the opposite side Danzo tightened his fists.

Yui gave a silent command and she stood before Minikui in her Elementary Guardian Fairy form with her nakama behind her.

"I've missed you" Gray whispered in her ears she giggled a blush evident on her cheeks.

"And I have too" she whispered back smiling.

The two of them stood facing the enemy with fingers interlocked.

Danzo's eyes flashed at seeing a guy holding his daughter so close.

"How dare he" he thought to himself tightening his fists. Ushina noticed this and giggled to herself.

Minikui's eyes flashed with anger. He looked at Ushina and Danzo and calmed down.

"I don't think she could have broken their mind spell or know that they are her parents"

He looked up calmly at Yui.

"You may have broken the shackles, but you're going to need this if you have any chance of winning against me" he said his eyes bleak and a menacing grin in place as he held Renga's key in his hand.

Yui tightened her fists and looked down.

Minikui sneered at her.

"Hahahahaha giving up already Yui?" he said laughing.

Yui laughed loudly and looked up grinning at him.

"No I don't really need it, but I will have the key soon enough" she said laughing.

Minikui was frozen with shock and narrowed his eyes in anger.

Ushina grabbed the key form his hand and joined her daughter. She lifted her hood and Minikui stared in shock at her brown eyes.

"Y-you broke free from your mind spell?" he asked his eyes going wide.

"It isn't just her" Danzo said lifting his hood revealing his black eyes and swiftly followed his wife's example and stood next to Yui.

"Like my surprise?" Yui said grinning at Minikui.

"H-how is this possible?" Minikui asked with wide eyes frozen in his spot.

"She broke our spells two days ago. We pretended to be under your spell as per her plan" Ushina said grinning at Minikui.

Oroshi, Zanko and Yowa were equally surprised at the events that were happening. Oroshi cursed under his breath as he looked at Danzo who taunted him with a mocking smile.

Danzo held Gray but the collar of his surprisingly unstripped shirt.

"How dare you hug my daughter and hold her that close" he said looking murderously at Gray.

Gray immediately paled.

"Papa, let him be. We can deal with all this after this battle" Yui said getting annoyed at her father's lack of focus.

Danzo immediately released Gray who fell to the floor with a nasty bump.

"Of course" he said glaring at Gray.

Gray paled and Natsu snickered.

"Danzo" Aati said smiling at his long lost brother.

Danzo hugged him tight. The two brothers were overjoyed to see each other. Yui and Ushina smiled.

"There is another surprise for all of you" Hidoi said grinning.

Minikui looked at him with wide eyes. Yui looked at him narrowing her eyes.

Gildarts stepped forward and grinned.

"Come on now, you can't stay there. It just doesn't suit you man" he said grinning at Hidoi.

Hidoi sheepishly grinned and stood next to Gildarts in the blink of an eye. Everyone was shocked.

"Gildarts is an old friend. He managed to get me to come to my senses when we accidently met after I captured Yui" Hidoi said grinning at everyone.

"An unexpected ally" Ushina said smiling.

Gildarts nodded grinning.

"When he had come to capture Yui I noticed he looked familiar, but it has been about 20 years since we saw each other, so I couldn't recognize him immediately, but the aura he gave off troubled me. The next day I un-expectantly met him and had a battle. The way I fought was exactly as our rival battling 20 years ago, that broke his spell" Gildarts explained. Hidoi nodded grinning.

"My my, looks like you're going to have trouble winning this battle Minikui" Yui said sneering at Minikui. Minikui narrowed his eyes.

Ushina handed the key to Yui and the key glowed under her touch. She looked at it with awe.

"It's your rightful heirloom. My mother wanted me to give this to you when you came of age" Ushina said smiling at Yui. Yui smiled back and clenched the key in one hand.

"It's time to end this" Yui said her eyes blazing.

She sent a huge fire blast towards Natsu and he swallowed it without even lifting a finger.

"Thanks for the meal Yui" Natsu said grinning. Yui nodded.

"Levy chan, Wendy" Yui said looking at Levy and Wendy. Both of them nodded.

"Iron, light, shadow, lightning, poison" Levy shouted writing in the air with her script pen.

Gajeel, Sting, Rogue, Laxus and Cobra ate their respective elements. Wendy swallowed in a good amount of air. All the dragon slayers grinned.

Yui assumed an offensive stance.

"You are never going to rule this world Minikui. It's just a dream that you will never achieve" she said grinning at Minikui. Minikui grinned sadistically,

"Watch me as I achieve it then Guardian Fairy" he sneered.

"Ready minna?" Yui said looking at her nakama. Everyone nodded.

Shadows swirled around Minikui's hands.

"I have been patient for far too long" he said shadows engulfing him.

"Limiter release" Minikui said his voice echoing.

Oroshi, Zanko and Yowa felt shadows completely engulf them. All three were in their shadow release states.

"I have increased your powers tenfold" Minikui said a sadistic grin in place.

"Finish them" he commanded.

Oroshi, Zanko and Yowa all had their eyes turned to the color of shadows and changed shape.

Oroshi, Zanko and Yowa grinned completely consumed by the amount of dark energy suddenly given to them and took offensive stances.

Yui narrowed her eyes...

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