The Fairy Girl

The Promise & The Battle Begins

~ Previously ~

Oroshi, Zanko and Yowa grinned completely consumed by the amount of dark energy suddenly given to them and took offensive stances.

Yui narrowed her eyes…

~ Currently ~

"Just look at the confidence you measly fairies have. The entire guild together was no match and yet you have such few members of your guild here to fight mine. Don't you think the number is a bit low? Even if you have members of other guilds helping you out, this is a lost battle for you. No matter how hard you fight, the result will remain the same: you losing" Minikui said his eyes glistening and arrogance evident in his tone.

Yui clenched her fists and was thinking if she should formulate a new strategy to fight the generals now that their power had been increased to 10 times their original power.

Minikui noticed her clenching her fists and mistook it for uncertainty to fight him and his guild, he decided to taunt her further and see if her will to fight was really that strong,

"When Yowa and Zanko had only 20 men in their squads your entire guild couldn't face against them. Now the three remaining generals and their squads of 25 men each stand before you. Not to mention the limiter release and the 10 fold increase in the power of the generals. Do you honestly think with such few people you can win this battle?" he said sneering at her.

Yui had had enough of his taunts and she already decided the new plan based on the current circumstances.

"True you have 25 men in each squad right now but think now that Hidoi oji san is on our side do you still think his men would fight against him? Moreover I teleported multiple times into the minds of most of my nakama here and told them the most effective way to train and become stronger without worsening their injuries" she said smirking.

Minikui was seething with anger.

"Not yet, even if they key is with her she needs to summon Renga for me to control it. It doesn't matter if I have the key or she has the key while summoning. It's the summoning that counts. Once I cast my spell on Renga, these fools are done for" he thought to himself and calmed himself down.

"You still don't know the true strength or power of our guild Minikui" Yui said her hands lighting up with elemental energy and smirking.

Minikui decided to play along with her game.

"And what exactly is this power?" he asked.

"Our feelings, our hearts and the bonds that unite us" Yui said raising her head proudly.

Minikui laughed at her face. Yui immediately narrowed her eyes.

"That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard anyone say" he said laughing at the girl.

"Authority is the best and the only way to run a guild" he said looking down on her.

"No Yui is right. I thought that way earlier too, but I realized my mistake and understood that nakama and the bonds you share can actually strengthen you and make you become stronger" Laxus said. Yui smirked.

"There you have it" she said grinning.

The entire Raijinshu was proud of what Laxus had just said. Freed smiled, Bixslow grinned and Evergreen smirked.

"And there is something very important that you are forgetting" Yui said smirking. Minikui raised his eyebrow in anticipation of what she was going to say.

"The last time Yowa and Zanko had fought me I was weak from being bedridden for 12 days, however now the situation is completely different. I'm at my full strength, not to mention today is the full blue moon" Yui said her magic surrounding her in the form of a white envelope. Her hands were glowing with elemental energy.

"We-weak from being bedridden? She was bedridden for 12 days and she managed to deflect my first attack and produce such a powerful healing spell while at her limit? Is this really me…or is it possible that she has powers that could defeat the First in his current 10 times increased strength…" Zanko thought to himself a bead of sweat travelling down the face of his released state.

The three generals who stood on Minikui's side looked truly formidable. Yowa resembled an enlarged cat in his released state but what was terrifying were the patterns on his enlarged cat body. They seemed to have a life of their own and pulsated with a strange blue light in the setting sunlight.

Zanko resembled an overgrown ape. His broad shoulders looked even more terrifying than before and he appeared to be even larger than he already was when they had come to capture Yui. There were patterns all over his body too like Yowa's only his glowed yellow and Yowa's was blue.

Oroshi was the most terrifying one of the three. The most powerful general resembled a huge fox in his released state. His pointy ears had shadows dancing around them. His body glowed and pulsated with the red patterns swirling all over his blue-black shadow consumed body.

Yowa launched a black sphere ball against the fairies and their alliance only for it to be stopped by another black sphere much like his own.

The smoke cleared and Hidoi stepped out shielding the entire alliance. His body too was blue black like the other generals and had green pulsating swirling patterns around his body. He was no longer in human shape rather he looked like a huge cheetah.

Everyone was shocked. Minikui was transfixed.

"How is this possible?" he asked his eyes shaking. Hidoi simply smirked,

"The limiter was released for all generals, and all the generals received the 10 fold increase in power. I am still a general" he said grinning. Yui smirked.

"You all need to be taught a lesson which you will never forget" Minikui said his anger finally taking control and his voice echoing.

"Destroy them" he ordered his three remaining loyal generals and their squads.

Oroshi, Zanko and Yowa nodded and ordered their men to attack.

"Minna! Stick to the original plan. There is no need to change your opponents. This is our last chance, LET"S GO!" Yui said lunging at Minikui with her parents and Aati following close behind.

"Papa, Mama, Uncle Aati be careful and…remember your promise" Yui said looking at them one final time before unleashing her attack on Minikui.

"Ah…wakata" all three of them replied smiling and surrounded Oroshi.

(A/N wakata = I get it, here it seemed more appropriate to put that instead of I get it hence I did so :D ^^)

"Danzo…you're one man I always wanted to defeat" Oroshi said bringing his nose dangerously close to Danzo before raising his face again.

"Looks like I have my chance today" he said a lopsided grin forming on his fox face.

"Oi fox face, it's not going to happen" Danzo said looking smug.

"We'll see about that" Oroshi said becoming annoyed and lunging at Danzo, who stood still without moving.

"Water hurricane" Ushina shouted and sent a hurricane composed of water at Oroshi's paw. Oroshi stopped it but was pushed back a little and he cursed. His right front paw was slightly grazed.

"Get serious Danzo, did you forget the promise?" she said looking sternly at Danzo. Danzo grinned.

"Ah I remember" he said grinning.

"Let's get this over with soon and help Yui. She is powerful but Minikui might be a little off her league" he said. Aati nodded.

"Lava stream" Danzo shouted.

A stream of concentrated, hot molten lava shot out from Danzo's hands and headed straight for the same limb Ushina had attacked earlier.

Oroshi quickly formed a wall of lost dark spirits and managed to ward of 90% of the attack, however a little bit of it grazed his leg again.

"That does it!" he said screaming and lunged at the three powerful mages.

"Bring it on" Ushina said smirking, her hands encased with water and air in perfect harmony. Danzo and Aati grinned with their hands encompassed in fire and earth respectively.


Zanko launched an attack at Yui's back when a sphere of lightning countered the attack.

"You should focus on your opponents" Laxus said grinning at the large ape. Zanko seethed with anger.

"You were one of those fairies who interfered and made me lose my reputation with the Second and Master" Zanko said his eyes flashing.

"That's right. I was and I will keep interfering and ruining your Master's plan" Laxus said with a smug grin.

"I will kill you" Zanko said and raised his huge hand and was about to land a direct surprise hit on Laxus when 5 pillars made of earth intervened and pushed his arm back.

"Laxus dono you have to be more careful when fighting a strong opponent" Jura said coming out of the smoke.

"A few hits won't kill me" Laxus said grinning.

Jura smirked and stood next to Laxus while facing the humongous ape.

"Looks like we will be slightly delayed in helping Aati san"

"Yep, it seems this ape will be a pain in the ass" Laxus said cracking his knuckles. Lightning crackled all around him.

"Let's finish this as soon as possible and help the others" Jura said and smirked.

"You think I will be defeated by the likes of you? Especially now that I have 10 times the power, you fairies are done for" Zanko said arrogance ruling his tone.

"Well Aati san was already a little tired from battling Yowa and he suffered a serious injury while saving me. Besides I hadn't used my dragon force while fighting you the last time" Laxus said and smirked.

"Today however I don't intend to hold back" he said as lightning crackled all around him.

The magic energy and pressure around Jura was creating a depression in the ground around him.

Zanko was starting to feel a little vary but still he refused to back down.

"You think just the two of you can defeat me? You are over estimating yourself" he said and launched an attack. Jura countered it with his pillars.

"Looks like it's going to be fight where I can lose control and be completely okay with it" Laxus said grinning and lunging at Zanko.

Yowa wanted to help Zanko but unfortunately he was facing two opponents himself. Two opponents with whom he cannot afford to lose concentration with but had a 99% probability of losing to.

"Go ahead and help Laxus and Jura, I will take care of this kitten on my own Gildarts" Hidoi said and grinned.

"Are you sure of this Hidoi?" Gildarts asked looking vary. Hidoi grinned.

"Don't insult me Gildarts. This guy can't take me on even if I'm at my original power level. Now with my released state and 10 fold increase in power this guy doesn't stand a chance" Hidoi snarled. Gildarts smirked.

"Alright then, make sure you come there soon. We have to help the others who are facing the squads too" Gildarts said smirking. Hidoi nodded.

"Count a minute for me and I shall be with you" Hidoi said and lunged at Yowa who moved and saved his life in a second.

"Your reflexes aren't bad at all Yowa, but that is not going to help you for long" Hidoi said and lunged at him for the second time.

"Oi oi don't show off too much alright?" Gildarts said smirking at the large cheetah.

"No promises" Hidoi said grinning.

"Tch, maybe there I shall get to show my skills" he said smirking and left to help his comrades.

-With Laxus and Jura-

Laxus and Jura were fighting and getting slightly out of breath.

"This 10 fold increase in power may have given him a 10 fold increase in energy and stamina too" Jura said lightly panting. Laxus nodded.

"Are you having trouble boys?" Gildarts joined them looking smug. Laxus and Jura were surprised.

"Gildarts what are you doing here? Weren't you supposed to battle Yowa along with Mira and Freed?" Laxus asked.

"Well Hidoi joining our side was unexpected so it was decided that just Hidoi and I would be enough for Yowa hence Mira and Freed are fighting Oroshi's squad along with the others but Hidoi after receiving the 10 fold increase in power said that even he was too much and he said he could handle Yowa on his own. So I came here" he said grinning.

"What? The Second is facing Yowa? That can't even be called a battle! Yowa is nothing in strength compared even to Aati, that battle is extremely one sided but I won't lose to you all. Even if it's the three of you against me, you still stand no chance" Zanko said his eyes burning with rage.

"You were the one that came in the end and put me to shame before the Second's eyes. I will not forgive YOU!" he said and lunged at Gildarts.

Earth pillars surrounded him from all sides and wrapped him in a cage.

"Don't forget us" Jura said smirking. Zanko was lashing inside his earth pillar prison.

"You think this weak barrier can cage me?" Zanko said growing angry.

"ARRGGGHHH" he screamed and broke out of the pillars.

The pieces scattered everywhere and the explosion pushed the other back.

"Looks like we have to be careful" Gildarts said looking serious. The other two nodded.

-With Oroshi's squad-

"Men our General is the best and the most powerful after Master and the High Minds but right now he is in trouble we have to help him as much as we can" the second in command Yami said to the 25 men facing him.

"Really? You think we will be able to defeat all of us and get to Oroshi before he is defeated?" a voice called out to him.

Yami turned looking confused.

Natsu stood with his hands already aflame, Mira stood in her Sitri Satan Soul form and Freed was in his demon form. Aayan, Gajeel and Sting were all grinning. Even Rogue had a smirk on his stoic face.

"Wh-who are you all?" Yami said a sweat drop sliding down his face.

"People who you shouldn't take lightly and fight with all your strength" Mira said grinning.

"If you don't you may end up losing your life" Freed said his katana glinting.

"Men, you all know what Oroshi sama would do if we lose. We can't afford to lose here!" Yami commanded them.

"Now now Natsu, don't be too reckless, remember this is the strongest squad in Travelling Coffins" Mira warned Natsu.

"Yosh! I'm all fired up!" Natsu said grinning.

"Minna don't underestimate them and be on your guard" Mira warned the others. They all nodded.

A spear of shadow energy was suddenly thrown at them. Freed quickly cut through it with his katana.

"So you're ready to roll eh" Yami said grinning sadistically.

Sting and Rogue smirked.

"You ready Rogue?" Sting said smirking.

"Ah" Rogue nodded.

"White Drive"

"Shadow Drive"

Magic power surged through Sting and Rogue as they activated their dragon force.

"Fire Dragon's Talons" Natsu said and lunged at Yami.

-With Zanko's squad-

"Listen up everyone. We were the third strongest squad in Travelling Coffins but now since the Second's squad has decided to side with our enemies we are now the second strongest squad in our guild. Our General has always been overshadowed due to the fact that we couldn't do anything against the Second's squad. Today we must prove them wrong and make our General proud. We shall defeat the Second's squad!" the second in command of Zanko's squad, Yuri, said motivating his men.

"ALRIGHT!" all the men cheered back.

"My my look at all this noise, for shadow users they are pretty motivated" a voice spoke behind the smoke. Vague figures could be made out in the dark.

"But they can't beat the maidens of Mermaid Heel right?" another voice quite close to the previous voice spoke out.

"Aww I thought at least a few nekos would be here" Milliana said looking sort of depressed.

"Don't worry Milli chan I'm sure we can find time to play with a few after we defeat them. They can't defeat the spider webs now can they?" Arania spoke out.

"Enough focus and don't underestimate your enemies. I don't think I'm necessary but since we are all here to help Erza san don't you all dare disappoint me" Kagura said coming out of the smoke with Riley, Milliana and Arania close behind her.

"Beth couldn't have handled this it was a good idea in keeping her away" Riley said smiling.

"Thanks for those words Kagura. I'm really happy you said that" Erza said walking out with Jellal.

Jellal pulled his mask down.

"Now shall we finish this off quickly?" he said smirking.

-With Yowa's squad-

"We may be the weakest squad in terms of strength but we are the strongest when it comes to strategy. Don't let their words bring you down minna! We must not shame our General" Yowa's second in command, Hijiko, said trying to bring his cowardly men to fight.

"Hai" the men answered back with an uninterested voice.

"This is the most cunning squad of the Travelling Coffins minna we can't be taking them for granted. We must show them our true strength. Yui believes in us" Lucy said.

"Oi baka yaro! First defeat us and then think of joining the main battle and helping your General" Lucy challenged the second in command.

"Who are you woman? You think you can do anything alone?" Hijiko sneered and snickered.

"Who said she is alone?" Lisanna said coming up behind Lucy with Levy and smirking with her.

"Come on ladies lets show these men some girl power" Ultear said grinning. Juvia, Evergreen, Yukino and Laki grinned with her. All the girls had determination shining in their eyes.

The men snickered thinking they could easily outsmart the girls, little did they know that Lucy could see through them.

"Don't think you can outsmart us. We are the smartest of our guilds after all" Lucy said smirking.

"I will not show you any mercy" Hijiko said his eyes flashing.


-With Yui and Minikui-

"My my you do have a little spunk I must say, but I still don't find it worthy to fight you at my full strength" Minikui said unfazed by Yui's attacks.

"This is my strongest form Minikui but you still haven't seen the best of it yet" she said grinning. It was finally time to get serious.

"Ice Dagger Hurricane!" she said and unleashed a powerful attack at Minikui. His eyes widened for a moment.

"She can segregate her elements and combine any number of elements as she wills even though the Elementary form fuses all her elements…she might be worthy enough to fight at my full strength after all" he thought to himself and grinned.

"Let's see how long this girl can last"

He stopped the attack with a shadow wall but was surprised when the attack passed through the wall shattering it. He quickly created a second stronger shadow spirit wall. This time the attack cancelled out the shadow spirit wall.

"Yare yare, so you did grow stronger in your stay with the fairies after all eh. To block two of shadow spirit walls one after the other especially with the second at twice the strength" he said smirking.

"But you seem to be running out of energy little fairy" he sneered at her.

Yui looked up at him anger evident in her eyes and panting slightly.

"I have enough energy to take you on, and even if I am running out of energy it just means I have to defeat you before I run out of energy" she said smirking.

Minikui's smirk disappeared and a rather vary expression donned his face with his eyes becoming serious.

"If that's what you want then fine I shall fight you and defeat you and make you feel the bitterness of defeat" Minikui said his body glowing with shadows.

Yui's eyes widened. Minikui was absorbing shadows from everywhere. His eyes turned to the pure color of shadows. Dark purple black and his body seemed to have rifts that were filled with shadows.

Ushina looked at her daughter worriedly.

"Yui be careful!" she shouted out to her. Oroshi swung an attack on her which she evaded in the nick of time.

"Concentrate on your own opponent" Oroshi said with a smug smirk on his foxy face.

Yui watched as Minikui's body slowly kept on absorbing shadows. His final form had the same patterns on his body as the generals who received the 10 fold increase in power had. His patterns, however, glowed in a pale purple color with his entire body shadow black.

"Come Yui. Feel the fear of facing the Dark Lord, and slowly cringe with the horror of defeat" he said holding his hand out challenging her with his voice echoing a smug grin evident on his face.

Yui was transfixed in the air her eyes went wide.

"T-the D-Dark Lord" she said her voice trailing…

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