The Fairy Girl

The Battle Ends, It's Finally Over

~ Previously ~

"Come Yui. Feel the fear of facing the Dark Lord and slowly cringe with the horror of defeat" he said holding his hand out challenging her with his voice echoing a smug grin evident on his face.

Yui was transfixed in the air her eyes went wide.

"T-the D-Dark Lord" she said her voice trailing…

~ Currently ~

Makarov hurried as fast as his legs could carry him. He sent his children in to battle and left immediately after giving them their positions.

"Stay strong brats, don't you dare die on me. I shall be back as soon as possible" Makarov thought to himself as he hurried to the Magic Council.

He entered the council.

"What brings you here Makarov? Are you here to submit another letter of apology?" the Chairman asked a smug smirk on his face which disappeared with one look at Makarov's face. Makarov shook his head looking grim.

"I do not have time to fool around. As we speak my children are fighting a dangerous enemy with their lives on the line" Makarov said.

"The Alliance is facing off an enemy who has the power to conquer the world if he is not stopped" he explained.

The Chairman's eyes widened.

"Who is this dangerous enemy you speak of?" he asked.

"Does the name Minikui Yora strike a bell?" Makarov replied his face grim.

At his reply all the Council members turned white.

"What? That's impossible! He was proclaimed to be dead years ago!" the chairman said his face turning pale and shouting out of desperation.

Makarov shook his head.

"That was a mere act. He is alive and he intends to take over by gaining control over Renga" he said his voice grave.

"My children are fighting him with their lives on the line. We need to leave now else it will become too late!" Makarov said his eyes blazing in anger at the disregard the Council members were exhibiting.

"R-Renga? You don't mean the legendary elemental dragon" the Chairman said his eyes wide. Makarov nodded grimly. The Council members had their eyes wide.

"Summon Lahar and Doronbolt immediately" the Chairman ordered.

The bell boy nodded and bowed before he left. Within minutes the two said officers had arrived.

"Lahar and Doronbolt reporting Sir" Lahar said bowing.

"Take the best of your Rune Knights and go with Master Makarov. Contain the criminal with any means possible and render him unable to use his magic. He has committed a great many sins he has to repent for" the Chairman said looking grim, "this is a very important mission Lahar and Doronbolt. I expect you two to successfully complete it"

"Hai" the two of them said bowing and left immediately with Makarov. Twenty of the best Rune Knights were selected and they left for the Hidden Moon Village where a gruesome fight had just started…

Yui was transfixed and suspended in the air with her eyes wide, her mind whirring with her thoughts. Ushina, Danzo, and Aati watched her with a worried look on their faces.

"What's wrong Yui? Did your resolve to fight me suddenly wane? Do you finally realize the difference in strength?" Minikui said laughing.

Yui was frozen and made no reply whatsoever. Minikui decided to end her life once and for all.

He launched a shadow spear at her. She was disoriented and it was too late before she realized he had launched an attack and it hit her directly in her abdomen.

"YUI!" Ushina, Danzo, and Aati screamed.

The smoke cleared and she was still suspended in the air. Her wings were fluttering to maintain her position. She gagged and blood splattered out from her mouth.

"Yui" Ushina screamed running towards her daughter when suddenly a tail whacked her back.

"Ushina" Danzo said rushing towards his wife.

"I am your opponent, am I not?" Oroshi said a feral grin on his fox face. He was injured like everyone and it was only the 10 times increase in his power keeping him going.

Scars and bruises covered every inch of Yui's body and she looked like she might break any second. She closed her eyes when suddenly a bright light emanated from her. A white ray of light emanated and formed a sphere with her heart as its center. Everyone had wide eyes.

Minikui was surprised and his eyes went wide.

Meanwhile everyone on the ground had injuries and was panting. Most of Travelling Coffins were injured to the point of immobility.

"F-First" Yui stuttered. Saishono stood with a stern look on her face.

"You return with him still there? Do you understand the consequences of what you have done? Do you not care about the nakama you speak so highly of? Do you not believe in yourself anymore child?" Saishono asked her voice emanating controlled anger.

Yui stood with a look of shame. She hung her head in shame and tightened her fists with her bangs covering her eyes.

"I-I don't know what to do anymore…he seems to be too -"

The sound of a slap echoed around the space and Yui's eyes went wide as red mark appeared on her cheek.

"Too powerful? Is that what you intended to tell me? Did you forget what you are?" Saishono said finally snapping.

"You are the maiden chosen to guard the four elements you control, and I did tell you before didn't I? Had your basic training been insufficient for you to beat that vile creature I wouldn't have let you leave this place. You have enough energy and power to defeat him" she said panting.

Yui's eyes widened.

"Look at the state your inner world is in. Look at how your elements reflect your emotions of fear and weak resolve" Saishono said her anger taking over completely.

Yui looked around to find her inner world in chaos.

The lush gardens that were once lined with pretty flowers of a variety of different colors seemed to be marred by ice and fire with the wind blowing the charred and frozen petals around. The frozen pool was covered in soot and mud and the blazing fire fountain was frozen in numerous places. Saishono looked at her frowning.

"You are the Elementary Guardian Fairy Yui" Saishono said towering over the girl.

"The Maiden who was chosen to guard Ice, Fire, Wind and Earth. Rise Guardian Maiden" she said walking towards her and picking her by her shoulders making her stand. Yui stood with her bangs covering her eyes.

"The Guardian Maiden is not to hang her head low in any circumstance. Raise your head Maiden" she ordered. Yui raised her head high her eyes glowing with fresh resolve.

"Bring the chaos in your inner world to a standstill. Your elements reflect your emotions. If you don't believe in your own power that will become the factor that leads to your own downfall" Saishono warned.

"Now, first revive your elements" she commanded.

Yui nodded and focused on her elements.

Slowly her inner world changed. Her elements soon returned to their previous state of harmony and Yui smiled looking relieved. A small smile returned to Saishono's face.

"My child you have all our beliefs and love supporting you. You have our trust and the bonds you share as your strength. Believe in your power. Believe in your strength and remember the promise you have to fulfill. You know how to defeat him. The answer lies in your heart. Find it and win this battle my child" Saishono said disappearing…

Yui's body glowed and pulsated. Raw power emanated from her. The sphere surrounding her seemed to have become thicker. Minikui fired several shadow spears to no avail all were shattered by the white sphere. Minikui was beyond outraged.

"Did you summon that sphere and lock yourself away due to fear to face me? Is that the power of your so called resolve? Is this the limit of your guild's true strength? Does that mean you wouldn't mind if I broke a few of your nakama?" he asked her his smug smirk returning.

The white sphere slowly shrunk in size and entered Yui's heart. Minikui's eyes went wide and his smirk left his face as soon as it had returned.

She stood to her full height with her eyes still closed and her wings grew in size. Her gloves, which earlier only reached her wrists, went up till her elbows. A few of her injuries opened due to the pressure and blood streaked her clothes. Raw power emanated from her and she opened her eyelids to reveal pure white eyes.

Gray and Lyon had their eyes wide open. They looked at each other the same thoughts running through their minds.

"Has she snapped and lost control?"

Gray had worry marring his features.

"Losing control of just her ice element caused so much of damage…if she has truly lost control of her elemental form she could kill everyone here with a single blow"

"Minikui Yora…you destroyed my family and separated us from one another for ten long years" she spoke with her voice echoing.

"I cannot forget that no matter what but had you repented properly and apologized to us, I would have been able to forgive you. But you did not stop with just my family. You destroyed countless others and now you wish to take over the world and corrupt it with your heartless shadows. That is a crime which I cannot forgive" she said pointing a finger at him.

Minikui was frozen in fear but he regained himself and scoffed to mask his fear.

"And so what if I did? Are you going to pass judgment on me the so called Elementary Guardian Fairy" he scorned.

"This is the end for you Dark Lord. I, the Maiden chosen to guard the four elements, shall now defeat you and stop you from your disastrous plan of taking over this peaceful world" she said her voice echoing throughout the entire village. All the representatives who were fighting had wide eyes.

The key glowed in her hands and Minikui was frozen in the air but when he realized she was about to summon Renga his carnal side took over.

"That's it Yui…summon the dragon…summon her so that my victory is assured. Summon her and I shall win this war with your demise being the pivotal turning point. I have been waiting for this moment for over 10 years. I haven't been idle in the time I have searched for you. My Shadow Conquer spell has no weaknesses and is perfect" he thought to himself a feral grin appearing over his face.

"By the power of the elements I guard, I summon you Renga" Yui chanted.

A blinding white light covered the entire village.

A loud roar filled the air and when the smoke cleared Renga stood in the center with Yui above her. She was majestic and commanding. Her beautiful silver scales appeared to be sparkling under the moonlight. Her silver scales resonated with the tiara on Yui's head.

Minikui's eyes lusted after he saw the dragon.

"Quite a sight to see is it not Yui? But I think she would look much better with black scales" he said a carnal grin appearing on his face.

"SHADOW CONQUER" he screamed.

Immediately a huge beam made of shadows appeared from his hands and fell directly on Renga's head. Yui's white eyes widened as she saw Renga's scales turning black starting from the head. A broken voice was heard in her mind.

"M-Master re-regain c-c-control over me…else I might end up des-destroying ev-everyone…"

"REBIRTH OF LIGHT" Yui shouted.

A beam of white light appeared out of her hands and fell on Renga's head. Renga roared and thrashed.

Renga's scales were wavering in color from black to silver.

"I have been waiting for this moment for over 10 years. I will not let a measly fairy like you destroy my chances" Minikui shouted and focused every ounce of strength he had into the spell.

"I will not let you corrupt this world" Yui retorted back.

"Besides I am not just a measly fairy. I am the Guardian Maiden, the Elementary Guardian Fairy" she said her voice rising and echoing around the entire battlefield.

Half an hour later, both of them were panting due to the stress. Yui was struggling and she had almost reached the limits of her power. The light beam wavered and thinned.

Though he was tired and panting as well as soon as he saw Yui's beam had waned Minikui grinned.

"Limiter RETURN" he shouted. Four blood curling screams were heard.

The four Generals who had 10 times increase in strength all had their power sucked out. They returned to their original release state sizes and the glowing patterns disappeared from their bodies. Minikui's purple patterns were glowing with an almost blinding light. The shadow beam increased in width.

Yui's eyes widened. She really was at her limit and she was exerting beyond her limit. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She had an eye closed and was panting biting her lip to keep the pain down. She focused all her power into the light beam but she seemed to be failing. Her body was almost breaking under the over abuse of her power. Blood trailed down a few of her injuries.

"Renga…fight it with me" Yui said transmitting her thoughts to the dragon but her eyes widened when she realized Renga's voice had changed.

"Fight what?" she sneered.

Renga's scales were almost black.

"Support Magic" a timid voice shouted with determination and a blue seal surrounded Yui. She felt her magic surge.

"Oi oi Yui, I thought you said you were going to defeat that black ass over there. Guess you can't do it without us eh" Cana said winking with an arm slung over Wendy. Chelia stood side by side with Carla smiling from flying above. Macao, Wakaba and Max grinned while Kinana stood smiling.

"Reinforcements reporting Yui nee" Wendy shouted out to her smiling broadly.

"Win the battle Yui nee!" she said her face lit by her determination.

Relief and fresh resolve surged through Yui.


The light beam that appeared from her hands increased to 5 times its original width,

Minikui's eyes widened.

"I'm not losing to you measly fairy" he shouted and poured all of his magic power into the beam.

"Stay away from Renga's perimeter minna!" Yui warned her voice still echoing.

Renga thrashed about as the silver color returned to most of its scales.

Soon the white light increased to 10 times its original width and cancelled out the shadow beam. Renga was engulfed in a hemisphere of white light before emerging roaring with her scales all purely silver again.

"Master you have now gained complete control over me. The reason that he was able to almost get me under his control was that all elementary dragons decide their Master after their first summon. Usually if not otherwise the dragon choses the one who summoned them the first time to be its Master, hence only the Elementary Guardian Fairies would have been able to control us, but under special circumstances such as this one we might be taken over by dark magic. Hence the first summoning is an important one" she explained to Yui. Yui nodded taking in all the information Renga was telling her.

"However the first summoning is the only time we can be taken control over. Now that you have successfully regained control over me there is no need to worry any further I cannot be taken over again no matter the strength of the enemy you face. I shall serve you as you see fit Master" Renga said a smile evident in her voice.

Yui smiled at the dragon with her white eyes kind and showing no signs of anger or loss of control. Renga's onyx eyes glinted.

Yui landed on Renga's head with her wings opened to their maximum width.

"We have to stop him Renga" Yui spoke telepathically to Renga.

"Of course Master. You only need to command and I shall follow your orders" Renga replied back. Yui smiled.

"YUI FAYETTE I WILL MAKE SURE YOU DON'T LEAVE THIS PLACE ALIVE AND I WILL CONQUER THIS WORLD!" Minikui shouted his rage and hatred further fueling his power. Yui narrowed her eyes.

He launched a string of continuous attacks on her with full power. Yui's dress fluttered in the breeze the attacks created. She however was unharmed, and Renga folded her wings back. Renga's wings had blocked all the attacks.

"Renga are you alright?" Yui asked a little worried.

"Yes I am Master" she replied back. Yui nodded.

"It's time to end this" Yui said her echoing voice rebounding.

The moon seemed like it was particularly shining on the dragon-master duo.

"Resonate" Yui commanded.

Renga's body glowed along with her. The two seemed to be increasing each other's power indefinitely.

"NO YOU WON'T" Minikui shouted and launched yet another powerful shadow attack on them.

The force field around the two negated the effect.

"Fine then Fairy, I shall get serious too" Minikui said his voice getting and edge.

He held out his hand and shadows were rapidly entering a sphere that was created and were reforming. Yui narrowed her eyes.

A large sword made of shadows formed in Minikui's hand and he grinned.

"Shall we end this fight" he said lunging towards the two.

"The full moon would not only increase Renga's powers but also your own. Both your powers will be in full bloom during the full moon. In fact more than twice your original powers"

Saishono's words came back to Yui and she smirked with her eyes flashing wildly.

"Minikui, do you remember today is the full blue moon?" she said her eyes glinting. Minikui froze for a moment.

"Which means Renga and I are at two times our original POWER!" she shouted.

"AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH" Minikui screamed trying to land a hit with his sword. Renga's body glowed.

"Tail Slash attack" Yui commanded. Renga's tail grew spikes and slashed Minikui and he fell back.

Deep gashes were present on his chest and blood gushed out from his wounds.

"Your plan will never succeed as long as I'm alive. Elementary Flower Grasp" she chanted.

A huge white lotus appeared out of the earth and Minikui fell into its core. The petals surrounded Minikui and latched him in place. Yui winced in pain but ignored it.

"Ultimate Flower Drain" she chanted again and a horrible scream was heard from the Dark Lord.

His size shrunk and he was going back to his normal human height.

"Your power is slowly being drained. Do you still want to corrupt this world Minikui?" Yui lashed out in anger.

"I will end this bloodshed right now"

"Renga Roar Attack!" she commanded.

The dragon reared up and let out a tremendous roar and the attack hit Minikui head on.

The smoke cleared and Minikui was still in the grasp of the flower with his magic slowly being drained out.

"Ultimate Flower Drain Cease" she chanted and stopped his magic from being drained any further.

She flew towards him but maintained her distance.

"If I drain your magic any further you will die. Did you forget a mage's life force is their magic power?" Yui said flying towards Minikui.

"Hold out a little longer...I'm almost done" Yui willed her body as she felt her own erratic heartbeats.

He seemed to be unconscious with his body covered in blood and bruises and they were no longer black. The purple patterns that glowed had disappeared and she sighed when she realized he was unconscious.

She was about to touch the flower when.

"Stop right there" Lahar's voice was heard.

Runes glowed around Minikui and Yui smiled wearily at Lahar, Doronbolt, the Rune Knights and Makarov.

"The Rune Knights will be taking the criminal over" Lahar said.

Yui nodded weakly and Makarov looked at her with wide eyes.

"Arigatou Master" she said smiling at him before falling from the height out of weariness.

Renga's body was wavering.

"Call me in times of need master and I shall assist you as much as I can however calling me forth will use a large amount of your magic power so please be considerate of yourself too" Renga told her, "and as a word of caution, the elementary flower grasp and ultimate flower drain spells are extremely taxing. It will strain you more than you think. Please use it only when necessary" she warned before disappearing.

"I will remember what you said Renga. Thank you for helping me" she said a tear drop falling from her eye on the key.

She tightened her hold on the key and fell unconscious. A bright light surrounded her and she was in her casual attire again. Her eyes shifted back to their original chocolate brown color before closing shut.

"YUI" Gray screamed and ran towards her catching her before she hit the ground. She wasn't moving.

"Y-Yui…p-please wake up…if you die this whole battle means nothing! DON'T YOU DARE DIE ON ME YUI" he screamed in anguish but the girl didn't even stir in his arms. Tears fell on her cheeks from his eyes.

"Y-Yui please…please don't leave me again" he said tears choking and his voice breaking.

"I love you" he said holding her to his chest and crying.

Everyone stood frozen. Many were on the floor injured and unable to stand without support but not a single soul dared to speak.

"Come back to me Yui…I want you with me again…j-just come back to me. I can't lose you…" he wept and tightened his hold on her.

Danzo, Ushina and Aati walked towards him slowly. Ushina placed a hand on his shoulder kindly.

"Let me have a look" she said gently.

Gray reluctantly opened his arms. Ushina's hands glowed blue and she pressed her hand on Yui's chest.

Danzo and Aati stood next to her not even daring to breathe.

"She is just unconscious due to the strain and the overuse of her magic. She pushed herself beyond her limit" Ushina said her eyes glossing over and relief filling her core as she knelt down next to Gray with her hand on Yui's head.

Danzo, Aati and the entire Alliance breathed a sigh of relief. The Rune Knights along with Lahar and Doronbolt smiled along with the rest of the mages.

"Stubborn girl…right till the end she fought with her own power and didn't let us interfere" Danzo said smiling warmly.

"Well she is stubborn like you ni san" Aati said grinning tears of relief falling from his eyes he wiped them away with one hand and sniffed. Ushina laughed.

"I agree" Ushina teased him.

Danzo huffed in annoyance and pouted before looking away. Everyone's mood lightened.

"Yukatta…" Mira said holding her hands to her chest.

Laxus stood next to her his smirk never leaving his face with a few injuries present on his body. He clutched his abdomen and winced a little but the smirk never left his face. Mira helped him walk by placing one of his arms over her shoulder and supporting him.

(A/N Yukatta = it's a relief)

"Oi Gray, believe in that kid a little more. She is a tough nut to crack like you. Did you forget she is a Fairy Tail mage too?" Laxus snorted grinning. Mira smirked next to him.

"Ah…wakata" Gray said a smile of relief adorning his features and hugging Yui tight.

Danzo overshadowed him and Gray paled when he realized Danzo towered over him.

(A/N wakata = I get it)

"Can I have my daughter back now" Danzo said his voice having an aura of venom.

Gray nodded paling and reluctantly handed her over. Danzo picked her up bridal style glaring daggers at Gray.

"Let's all head back now. We need to tend to our wounded comrades" Aati said smiling.

Danzo nodded looking around at the others.

Natsu was on Lucy's arm both of them all battered up but grinning. Gajeel was carrying an injured but smiling Levy. Erza and Jellal were supporting each other. Sting and Rogue were helping each other with their exceeds on their heads. Ultear was supporting Meredy. Elfman had his arm around Evergreen and showed a thumbs up sign grinning. Lisanna had Aayan supported on her arm. Kinana was helping Cobra while Wakaba and Macao were helping Freed and Bixslow.

"Chelia san if you could please" Wendy timidly asked her friend. Chelia nodded smiling brightly. Danzo, Aati and Makarov raised an eyebrow.

The two girls were walking around and tending to the injured members of Travelling Coffins.

"What are you two doing?" Danzo said his eyes widening when he realized what the two girls were up to.

"We can't leave while knowing someone is injured" Wendy said smiling cutely.

"Besides Yui nee always said we can't leave someone who is injured if we can help them. She won't forgive us if we didn't do this"

Danzo looked at his unconscious daughter, who was barely breathing in his arms.

"You have such a kind heart Yui. I guess you inherited your mother's kindness and my stubbornness" he said chuckling to himself.

Ushina had tears of happiness in her eyes when she heard what Wendy had said.

"The best of qualities from both of you" Aati said grinning.

"W-we almost killed you all and yet so are so kind to us. On behalf of the guild I apologize. Should you need our help do contact us…wherever we are we will rush to your aid" Yami said tears flowing from his eyes unable to meet the eyes of the mages of the Alliance.

Danzo smiled kindly at him and nodded.

"You possess the ability to even turn your enemies into allies eh my little sweetheart" Danzo said placing his forehead on hers and straightening with a proud smile on his face.

"You guys go on ahead. I'll stay back and get those two" Cana said showing a peace sign.

"I'll stay with them" Gildarts volunteered. Cana kicked the older man in his abdomen.

"I'm not a weak little rabbit. Go back and get your wounds treated. I shall bring them back myself" she said getting pissed.

The entire group of mages chuckled to themselves. Hidoi grinned and proceeded to drag Gildarts on the floor.

"Come on come on you heard what she said" Hidoi said smirking and enjoying pulling Gildarts by his collar.

"Dreya san I have a humble request" Makarov said walking up to the fire mage. Danzo looked slightly surprised.

"What is it Dreyer san? And please just call me Danzo" he said smiling at the older man. Makarov smiled back.

"Can we please take her back to our guild?" Makarov asked Danzo.

"We want to able to see her as soon as she awakens, after all she is a part of our family now, and it's also the closest place with good medical facilities" he requested.

"Of course Master" Aati said smiling and stepping in.

Danzo smiled back nodding. Ushina agreed with the idea.

The guild waved good bye to most of the representatives from the other guilds. Lyon stayed back saying he would return to Lamia Scale after Yui awakens. He was a little worried as though she was asleep since the night before she hadn't awakened yet.

Jura nodded saying he would pass the message on to the guild master.

Danzo was currently seated in one of Fairy Tail's many tables looking terribly annoyed. Aati was sitting next to him and Ushina sat across the two of them giggling at Danzo's behavior.

"Why is that HE gets to stay in while I have to stay OUT of the infirmary" he said banging the table in anger.

A slight dent appeared on it.

"Well you ran out after looking at that woman's scary face while he was brave enough to sit through it" Ushina said teasing him.

"Tch" Danzo said looking away in annoyance. Aati and Ushina smirked.

-Few hours later, in the evening-

The guild had become oddly silent with only a few murmurs going on here and there. Everyone was sulking that Yui still hadn't woken up. Danzo looked around the guild in wonder with a sense of happiness and relief filling his heart.

"They are like this because Yui hasn't awakened yet?" Danzo asked in awe and Ushina gasped. Aati nodded smiling warmly.

"Since this is the first time you two are here it may be shocking to you two. The guild honestly loves her like she is a part of their family ni san. This guild truly sees their guild members as family independent of the time period spent here" he said smiling warmly.

"I really want to go and check on her" Ushina said feeling slightly low. Danzo smiled gently and stood up.

"Let's go then. We waited the whole night and the entire day today, didn't we?" he said gently taking Ushina's hand and heading to the infirmary.

They entered the infirmary to find Gray asleep over Yui's hand in a sitting position.

Danzo had a soft smile on his face.

"He watched over her the entire night without sleeping. He even refused to eat anything yesterday. That boy truly loves her Danzo" Ushina said a gentle smile on her face.

Danzo nodded smiling back.

"They look adorable together, don't they?" she said resting her head on Danzo's shoulder.

"No they don't. I'm going to kill that boy when he wakes up for hogging all my time with my daughter" Danzo said puffing his cheeks in annoyance.

"Kawai" Ushina said giggling.

Danzo was about to reply when she shushed him and pointed to the two of them her eyes wide.

(A/N kawai = cute)

Yui's fingers moved under Gray's cheek and he bolted awake.

"Yui? Yui are you alright?" he asked gently his voice strained with worry and fear.

She stirred and looked at him. Ushina and Danzo stood frozen in their spots.

"G-Gray?" she said her voice groggy and slurring. Gray nodded hugging her gently.

"Is everyone ok?" she asked wincing a little. Gray loosened his embrace a little and nodded. He placed a hand on her cheek.

"I…I'm so glad you're ok" he said burying his face in her shoulder. She pulled him into a hug.

"B-baka you don't have to cry…"she said her own voice shaking.

Gray tightened his hold on her and neither of them noticed Danzo and Ushina.

(A/N baka = idiot/stupid, here idiot)

"Where are Papa, Mama and Uncle Aati?" she said letting go of his hug. He paled a little.

"They were here at the guild the whole time, though I'm sure your dad is pretty mad at me for staying with you the whole time and getting Polyushka san to kick him out" he said grinning sheepishly. Yui giggled.

"You bet I am" Danzo said walking towards the bed. Gray froze and fell of the bed.

"Well you ran out as soon as she had the broomstick in her hand Danzo. Don't blame the boy. He had the courage to stay" Ushina said winking at Gray and Yui. Gray noticed the look of longing in Yui's eyes and moved away giving the three of them space.

"P-Papa…Mama" she said tears filling her eyes.

Danzo hugged her tight while Ushina caressed her hair smiling through tears.

"Yui you're awake?" Aati said entering the infirmary.

Gray silently slipped out without the four of them noticing and he decided to give them some family time.

"Uncle Aati" she said smiling. The three of them held her hand.

"We are a family again Mama" Yui said whispering gently.

"Just like we wanted"

"Ta-tadaima Yui" Danzo said his voice cracking.

"O kaeri nasai Papa" Yui responded hugging her father tears flowing from her eyes.

The other two smiled warmly at the two of them with tears of happiness in their eyes.

(A/N Tadaima = I'm back home/ I'm back, o kaeri nasai = welcome back home/ welcome back)

New spread like wildfire around the guild that Yui was awake again. Mira, Lucy, Levy, and the other girls quickly went into the infirmary to greet her.

The girls collectively hugged her with relief and celebrations erupted in the guild.

"You're back eh?" Lyon said entering the infirmary and sitting next to her on her bed.

"I thought you went back Lyon?" Yui asked questioningly. Lyon shook his head.

"This time I couldn't. The last time I left you like that I came back to see you were kidnapped and that can't happen again" he said kissing her forehead. Yui smiled.

"Go and give your girlfriend some attention, baka" she said giggling. Lyon blushed.

"She was the one who sent me here. I'm leaving in an hour. Looks like Oba san is pretty mad at me" Lyon said grinning sheepishly. Yui laughed.

Yui was healthy enough to see Lyon leaving and she waved at him making him promise to return soon. Lyon promised and kissed Juvia before leaving. Juvia was blushing scarlet and Yui teased her a little before all the girls went back in giggling.

Yui searched the guild a while later and found Gray missing again. She sulked a little. She slipped out unnoticed and shifted her element to air and concentrated on finding his voice.

She heard a soft chuckle which she was sure was from Gray. She released her element giving everyone their privacy and ran towards the guy who stood in the grassy area next to the guild watching the sunset with his hands in his pockets.

She hugged him from behind. Gray smiled softly and placed his hands above hers.

"So you found me eh?" he said chuckling softly. Yui smiled into his back.

"Well you know I'll find you anywhere you go" she said giggling a little.

Gray pulled her to the front and hugged her.

"I missed you" he said his breath tickling her collar bone. She giggled in response hugging him tighter.

"I missed you too" she said smiling with her cheek pressed against his bare chest as somehow in this scuffle he had stripped his shirt (again!).

"I'm glad this is finally over and that I got my parents back" Yui said her voice a mere whisper. Gray tightened his embrace.

"I am too" he said placing his head over hers. She buried her face in his chest.

"There is one more thing I missed" he broke the hug and looked into her eyes.

She smiled and placed a hand on his cheek. He held the hand that cupped his cheek gently as his other arm found its way around her slender waist and pulled her closer. Her cheeks immediately became pink.

"What is the one more thing you missed?" she asked locking eyes with him.

"Your blush" he said pulling her closer. Her blush intensified and she pouted while Gray chuckled.

"I love you" he whispered leaning in.

"I love you too" she whispered back.

The two of them were lost in the sensations their kiss was creating. Their lips merged as if they were two puzzle pieces made just to be joined with the other. Gray tilted his head deepening the kiss and she kissed him back with equal passion weaving her fingers through his hair. His grip around her waist tightened.

Soon they had to break apart for air. He placed his forehead on hers and she smiled back shyly her face red.

The two were so lost in each other's embrace that they failed to notice the figure hidden in the shadows seething in anger at their proximity…

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