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~ Previously ~

The two of them were lost in the sensations their kiss was creating. Their lips merged as if they were two puzzle pieces made just to be joined with the other. Gray tilted his head deepening the kiss and she kissed him back with equal passion weaving her fingers through his hair. His grip around her waist tightened.

Soon they had to break apart for air. He placed his forehead on hers and she smiled back shyly her face red.

The two were so lost in each other's embrace that they failed to notice the figure hidden in the shadows seething in anger at their proximity…

~ Currently ~

"How dare he" he seethed and he was about to shout out to Gray who was holding Yui close when suddenly a hand closed his mouth with an arm holding both of his.

"Not another word Danzo" Ushina said anger evident in her eyes.

"Don't you dare ruin their moment" she said pulling him by hand and dragging him away.

Yui giggled in Gray's arms and Gray raised his eyebrow.

"Why are you giggling?" he asked her looking confused. She shook her head and smiled.

"Nothing" she said.

He shook his head and hugged her tight smiling. She wrapped her arms around him with a content smile on her face…

Yui and Lucy were walking back to the guild arm in arm when suddenly both girls stopped halfway.

"There is something I have to tell you" both of them said looking at the ground.

At the other's reply they both whipped their heads up and looked at each other shocked.

"What?" they both said simultaneously again.

They stared at each other for a minute and burst out laughing.

"You go first Lu chan" Yui said grinning. Lucy smiled and turned red.

"N-N-Natsu proposed" she said her cheeks all red. Yui stared at Lucy with her mouth agape.

"WHAT! OMG Lu chan! CONGRATS!" Yui said becoming all excited.

"You definitely have to give us a treat for this" she said getting all excited.

"How come I didn't notice the ring?" she questioned suddenly remembering.

"I-I hid it and made sure you didn't see before I told you" Lucy said turning scarlet. Yui grinned.

"Come on show it to me" she said grinning.

Lucy nodded and showed her left ring finger and as she said there sat the engagement ring.

"It's so pretty!" Yui said smiling fondly and hugging her best friend.

"If that guy ever hurts you he is getting it from us" she said laughing. Lucy laughed with her.

"So what did you want to tell me? Did Gray propose too?" Lucy said teasing Yui. Yui blushed scarlet.

"No no he didn't. Rather this is a totally different matter Lucy" Yui said going back to normal. Lucy raised an eyebrow.

"Mama and Papa want me to stay with them and they said even uncle Aati would be staying with us" Yui said her eyes lighting up then realizing what it meant she smiled sadly at Lucy. Lucy smiled back encouragingly.

"Go for it Yui. I'll help you pack today evening after we return from the guild" Lucy said smiling. Yui smiled gratefully.

"Thanks Lu chan" she said.

Both girls walked arm in arm to the guild.

"Good morning minna!" both girls greeted.

"Good morning Lucy and Yui" the guild members greeted back.


Yui raised an eyebrow Lucy had a confused look on her face.

"I NEED TO TALK TO YOU COME WITH ME" he said and pulled her out of the guild without another word.

Yui instinctively pulled Lucy who was closest to her. When Gray saw Yui being dragged by Natsu along with Lucy he started running after them.

A few minutes later the three teenagers had reached a clearing.

"Natsu, you BAKA!" Lucy said hitting his head hard. Natsu held his head and rubbed it to ease the pain.

"Oww what did you that for Luce! And what are you doing here" he asked looking confused. Yui was still reeling from the shock of being pulled so hard.

"You dragged her and she pulled me along" Lucy said getting annoyed. Yui finally pulled herself together panting.

"What did you want to talk to me about Natsu?" she said raising an eyebrow.

"Could you please summon Renga here right now? I want to ask her something" he said his eyes pleading. Lucy's eyes widened.

"Igneel" she thought to herself. Yui raised an eyebrow.

"Ask Renga something?" she said confused. Natsu nodded his eyes pleading. Yui sighed and gave him a strained smile before nodding.

"I just recovered from the battle of two days ago and summoning Renga is going to leave me exhausted but something tells me it's an important thing for him…well…here goes nothing" she thought to herself before pulling out Renga's key out of her pocket. Lucy frowned looking at Yui and seeing her strained smile.

"Elementary Guardian Fairy transform" she commanded.

Instantly her attire changed and she spread her wings flying into the sky.

"By the power of the elements I guard, I summon you Renga"

As soon as she gave her summoning command, the key in her hand glowed and she bit her lip to hide her pain. Her heartbeat was becoming very erratic.

"Why is my heart beating like this?"

Renga appeared her scales glinting in the sun light. She had a disapproving and worried look in her eye.

"Master why did you summon me again when you have barely recovered from the battle two days ago?" she said her tone stern.

"I couldn't help it Renga. A friend of mine wanted to make an enquiry" she said giving a weary smile. Renga sighed.

Natsu and Lucy were staring at the dragon with awe. Completely taken over by the magnificent creature's beauty but Natsu soon came to his senses.

"Renga do you have any idea of the dragons that disappeared suddenly about 14 years ago?" he said his eyes expectant. Renga shook its head.

"Do you know any dragons by the names of Igneel or Grandine or Metallicana?" he asked again. Yui was wincing and trying to overcome the strain she was undergoing.

Renga's eyes widened when she heard the names mentioned by Natsu but immediately turned back to normal. Yui noticed it but said nothing and narrowed her eyes.

"I have heard of them but unfortunately I do not know of their whereabouts" she said sadly. Yui conveyed the message to Natsu and his face immediately dimmed.

"Thank you Renga" he said smiling at the dragon. Lucy placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled encouragingly. He smiled back at her.

"Master you're at your limit. I'm leaving now. Please do have some concern for yourself and do not summon me for another week and please don't use your Elementary Guardian form either" Renga said chiding the girl and disappearing.

Yui immediately fell with her attire back to normal and Natsu caught her in time. Yui was sweating and panting hard. Natsu's eyes widened.

"Yui" Natsu panicked and Lucy's eyes widened.

"I'm fine Natsu. I'm just a little tired as I didn't sleep properly yesterday night" she said smiling and wincing as she held her chest.

"Don't lie Yui, I was watching over you the whole night. You were sleeping like a log" Gray said finally reaching the clearing a little out of breath. When he saw her on the floor panting his eyes widened.

"What's wrong Yui" he says panic coating his voice.

"Stop it you two I'm FINE!" Yui said and got up with a little difficulty and stumbled. Gray rushed to her side and helped her stand.

"Can you take me back to the guild?" she asked him.

He nodded and carried her in bridal style without another word while glaring daggers at Natsu. The four teenagers finally reached the guild and unknown to the other three Yui was healing herself.

"Mira nee can I have a strawberry milkshake please with two ice cubes?" she asked when Gray set her down on the bar stool. Mira saw the state she was in and nodded.

"Right away" she said and went to make one.

"I'm sorry Yui" Natsu said sitting next to her. She placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I know what it means to lose your parents and wanting to see them again Natsu. It's just that I didn't fully recover yet" she said smiling at the guilt stricken boy.

"Lu chan told me all about Igneel"

Natsu looked guilty she hugged him and smiled.

"Come on let it go Natsu" she said smiling brightly. Natsu smiled wearily and nodded. Gray who was initially glaring daggers at Natsu sighed.

"I'm not letting you out of my sight again and that's final" he said sternly to Yui.

She looked at him with a raised eyebrow but said nothing and giggled to herself.

In the blink of an eye two years passed since the battle between Yui and Minikui and his arrest by the Council.

Mira was bustling about planning for the grand party for tonight. They were commemorating the 2nd anniversary of the successful prevention of Minikui taking over the world.

Everyone was busy with either decorating or getting clothes or inviting the representatives who fought in the battle and helped achieve victory.

The guys were considerably in tension as Mira promised them each of them wonderful methods of torture if they don't wear suits and look presentable. After all the Council Chairman and important Council members were chief guests of the party.

Mira called out to all the girls.

"Girls you will all come to the guild with your dresses that we purchased together. We all will change and get ready in the guild. Make sure to be here before 5pm" she said waving to all those left. Cana still had her bottle in hand.

"Oi Mira do I really have to wear that stuffy dress?" she asked looking indifferent.

"Cana" Mira said looming over her with a sickeningly sweet smile in place. Cana freaked out and Erza smirked.

"Jeez ok OK!" she said scurrying away. The other girls giggled.

-In the evening-

"Mira san" Levy called out to Mira. She stood with her dress neatly folded in a bag she carried. Lucy and Yui stood next to her.

"Coming!" Mira called out to them and hurried towards the girls.

"Ah good that your earlier than the others girls. Come on come on let's get started" she said pulling the girls to the changing room she had prepared.

The girls were overwhelmed by her. Soon the others arrived and all the girls had changed into their respective dresses.

"Lucy, could you summon Cancer please? Erza could you help me with their hairstyles too please" Mira asked the two girls in question. Both of them nodded.

Erza had re-equipped into her dress with a perfect hairstyle and Lucy summoned Cancer.

"Why did you call me here ebi?" Cancer asked striking a pose with his scissors.

"Could you help me get their hairstyles together please Cancer" Mira asked. Cancer nodded.

"Leave it to me ebi" he said.

Flashes of the scissors were all that were seen and soon all the girls were in very pretty hairstyles that went well with their dresses.

Mira squealed at them as they all looked very elegant and cute at the same time.

"You all look beautiful girls!" Mira gushed.

"So do you Mira nee" Lisanna said smiling.

Yui, Levy, and Lucy nodded. Mira blushed and thanked the girls.

"I'm sure all the guys are going to be blown over though" Mira said giggling. All the girls blushed.

"Mira!" they all chided blushing. Mira giggled.

"Come on girls let's knock 'em dead" she said winking. The others giggled and nodded.

"Not to mention knock a certain lightning dragon slayer dead" Yui whispered to Lucy and Levy who snickered.


"You ready Laxus?" Freed asked, a slight amount of sadness evident on his face. Laxus smiled nervously and nodded.

The girls all entered the guild hall one after the other and the boys were all flabbergasted. None of them had even in their wildest dreams expected the girls to look this stunning.

The girls looked at the boys staring at them gaping and giggled amongst themselves.

The boys then realized that Mira had purposely given them ties matching the dresses of the girls.

"Tongue tied Natsu" Lisanna teased winking.

Natsu turned pink and his eyes never left Lucy. She looked gorgeous in her red strapless knee length dress that went into layers with frills waist down. Lucy was turning pinker by the second.

The girls giggled and pushed Lucy towards Natsu.

"Yu chan! Levy chan!" Lucy managed to say before being pushed into Natsu's hand for a dance.

"The color surprisingly suits you very well" Natsu said turning a little pink. Lucy blushed red.

"Thanks" she said smiling back at Natsu.

Gray could do nothing but stare as Yui looked absolutely breath taking in her baby blue halter neck ankle length dress. The color suited her so well.

"The color of ice" he thought to himself smiling as he walked towards her and held out his hand.

"May I have this dance?" he asked his face turning pink in embarrassment. She giggled in response and nodded holding out her hand as well.

Levy who was wearing in a silver one shoulder ankle length dress was in the arms of a very embarrassed iron dragon slayer and though he looked stiff Gajeel was very gentle with the tender girl in his arms.

Lisanna who chose to wear a purple off shoulder below knee length dress was turning scarlet as Aayan had a hand protectively around her waist and was smiling at her all through the dance.

Erza who wore dark blue ankle length dress was dancing with Jellal and both their cheeks lightly pink.

Laxus let go of Mira after the dance was over and took to the stage.

"Friends, can I have a moment please?" he said on the mike. Everyone had stopped dancing with an arm around their respective partner's waists.

Freed though was a little sad had a proud expression on his face.

"Mira, I have a question to ask you" he said looking at the white haired beauty who was wearing a baby pink knee length dress with lace detailing.

"What is it Laxus?" she asked her face pink.

Laxus walked down from the stage and stood in front of Mira. He took a deep breath before nervously going down on one knee.

All the girls around squealed. Mira stood with shock and happiness overcoming her as she covered her mouth with her palm her cheeks a soft red.

"Mirajane Strauss, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" he asked looking at her with a small smile on his lips.

"Yes" Mira said her voice barely a whisper.

Laxus grinned and placed the ring on her finger. He picked her up and swirled her before letting her down. The two lovebirds shared a chaste kiss before smiling at the others. Mira was blushing so much.

All the girls immediately surrounded Mira and the guild erupted in celebrations. The night passed with lots of fun and booze.

-2 days later-

It was normal guild morning with Natsu was pacing back and forth waiting for Gray to come. He so badly wanted to fight with his frenemy.

"What's wrong Natsu? Your pacing the guild like there is no tomorrow" Yui walked up to him raising her eyebrow.

As soon Natsu saw her his grin became even more evident.

"Come on Yui fight me" he said getting excited his signature grin in place. Yui smirked.

"Fine I accept" she said grinning, "Fire Guardian Fairy transform"

A glow surrounded Yui and she was in her fire Guardian form, but strangely it felt a little different than her usual transformation.

"Alright I'm all fired up" Natsu said lighting his hands on fire.

"OUTSIDE" someone screamed and Yui and Natsu left the guild hall.

"I'm not the same Yui" Natsu said grinning. Yui smirked back.

"I'm not the same either" she said grinning with her gloves already encased in flames. Again Yui felt like something was different but in the excitement of the fight she let it pass.

Cana smirked and sat in a corner.

"Place your bets. Place your bets for the fight"

Happy looked from Natsu to Yui and back to Natsu and walked up to Cana.

"I place my bet on Yui" he said handing cash to Cana.

"Do you call yourself my partner" Natsu said pointing a finger accusingly at Happy. The exceed just shrugged.

"I can't lose more money. I need to buy Carla a fish" he said simply.

"I'll show you Happy I'll show you!" he said angered and turned towards Yui. She was already in the air with her wings fluttering beautifully.

"I'm defeating you here Yui" Natsu said grinning.

"Fire Dragon's Roar" he said unleashing a powerful attack at the girl.

To everyone's astonishment the flame attack was swirling around Yui's body in waves and she was grinning. Natsu was flabbergasted.

"What the hell!" he said shock etched on to his features.

"Natsu did you forget I mastered fire and awakened my Elementary Guardian form? The elements are mine to control" she said grinning.

"I guard the elements I control, how will they hurt me Natsu?" she said winking.

She was about to hurl an attack at him when suddenly she fainted with her attire back to her normal clothes.

"YUI!" Natsu screamed rushing to catch her before she fell.

-Inside her inner world-

"First!" Yui smiled happily before running to hug the older woman. Saishono smiled and hugged the younger girl back.

"How are you my dear" she said smiling tenderly at the girl, "and how many times do I tell you to call me Saishono?"

Yui giggled.

"I'm great. I even recovered remarkably fast after the fight Saishono" she said grinning. Saishono nodded and smiled.

"Why am I here now suddenly? Is there something I have to know?" Yui asked looking confused. Saishono smiled at the girl and nodded.

"Now that you have awakened your elementary form and mastered all your individual elements there is something you have to know about the mastered version of your Guardian forms" she said smiling at the confused girl…


"Yui…shit she fainted" Natsu said carrying the girl into the infirmary. Gray entered the guild hall just when Natsu was taking her to the infirmary.

"HELP NEEDED!" Natsu screamed and Wendy was immediately by her side. She checked her head first and smiled.

"Nothing to worry, Yui nee is just in her inner world" she said smiling at everyone. They all breathed a sigh of relief.

"Jeez why doesn't she give a warning before fainting like that" Natsu said sulking.

The others giggled at his childishness and Gray sat beside her bed taking her hand in his.

"Have you started something again Yui?" he thought to himself sighing with a tender smile on his face.

-With Yui-

"Something I have to know?" Saishono nodded.

"This is with regard to your advanced training. You need to get me four items before we start this advanced training" she said.

"Four items?"

"Yes, four keys"

"I need to get four keys? Why do I need keys and where can I find them?" she said looking confused. Saishono smiled.

"Have patience my dear" she said giggling. Yui pouted.

"The mastered versions of your Guardian forms need those four keys to be complete. One for each of your elements, those keys will be used to summon dragons of each specific element"

"Dragons?" Yui said her eyes going wide. Saishono nodded.

"Summoning Renga will not only cost you a lot of magical power it will also cause extreme strain on your heart making it possible to only call her out on the day of full moon or the days before and after it, which means you can only call her out about 3 days in each month" she said. Yui nodded.

"I know you summoned her a few weeks ago, and that day didn't fall on either of the 3 days. Yui if you do that recklessly one more time it could easily be fatal for you. Not just summoning Renga releasing your Elemental Guardian form also requires a great deal of magic power. Please don't be hasty or reckless with both these parts of your power" she said sternly. Yui nodded.

"If the dragons accept your command then your mastered version of your Guardian forms will be complete, and a tiara smaller than the one of the Elemental form will appear on your head with the color of the respective element completing the form" she said smiling. Yui stood astonished beyond belief.

"Not only that, once the mastered versions of your Guardian forms are complete, the Elemental Guardian form will also have a slight change, but first things first. You must complete the mastered versions of your individual Guardian forms"

"Wow this is really something" Yui said smiling. Saishono smiled back at the girl.

"Don't think this will be easy Yui. Each dragon key will test you separately and I'm not sure I can help you with that. You must gain the trust of the keys before you can obtain them" Saishono said. Yui paled a little.

"I knew there was a catch. So I'm going to be tested by each key? How?" she questioned.

"That is not something I know my dear" Saishono said smiling. Yui sighed.

"Do you know that each of your elements represent a quality of you?" she said smiling. Yui's eyes widened.


"Each of the elements' quality will be tested by the respective key" she said.

"Which is?"

"I'm afraid I can't tell you anything further. Acquiring the keys will not be easy Yui. Just because you mastered the elements does not mean that the keys will trust you" Saishono warned the second time. Yui nodded looking determined.

"I will get the four keys I promise Saishono" she said. Saishono smiled at the girl's determination.

"I shall inform you when and where to find the first key soon. Until then strengthen your elements" she said smiling. Yui nodded…

-In the infirmary-

Yui woke up feeling strangely tired.

"This is the first time I'm feeling so tired just after visiting Saishono" Yui thought to herself.

Gray was sitting next to her and smiling. She smiled back.

"Welcome back beautiful" he said smiling and squeezing her hand. She blushed.

"Thanks Gray"

The two teenagers walked back into the guild hall hand in hand.

"Want to finish the fight Yui?" Natsu questioned. Yui shook her head forcing a smile.

"Not today Natsu…maybe another day" she said.

Gray noticed that she was forcing herself to smile at him and he carried her bridal style out.

"G-Gray what are you doing?" she asked turning a little pink. Gray said nothing and walked out without a word. Yui was a little shocked that he said nothing.

They both reached the grassy area close to the guild and Gray made her sit down.

"What did that lady tell you? Why do you look so tired?" he asked. Yui sighed.

"So this was what that was" she thought to herself before smiling at him.

She explained everything Saishono had told her in detail and Gray's eyes were becoming wider with every word she said.

"That lady really does not have any idea on what those tests are?" he said looking suspicious. She shook her head.

"That's what she told me"

Gray sighed.

"First Minikui and now a quest for finding keys to summon dragons and not to mention each key having its own test. You seem to have a knack for trouble Yui"

Yui held his hand and squeezed it.

"Don't worry Gray. Nothing will happen to me. I have a lot of people around me who care about me. I have you by my side Gray. I don't need anything more than this"

Gray smiled tenderly at her and she smiled back.

The two teenagers stood to go back to the guild when she winced in pain.

"Yui what's wrong?" Gray asked growing concerned. Yui shook her head.

"I don't know Gray, ever since I woke up I feel strangely tired like I have been training for a month without food or sleep" Gray frowned.

"My spell will never fail it has worked beautifully"

"Then its best if you go back home and sleep for today" he said looking concerned.

"That's right sleep…keep feeling tired and leave your elements in their current state"

Yui nodded and Gray carried her back to the guild to tell Danzo and Ushina what had happened. She had already fallen asleep.

"That's right…I will make sure from today that you don't strengthen your elements any further. That could mean trouble for me. You will not complete your individual forms Yui. I will make sure of that"

The hooded figure watched Yui and Gray enter the guild before walking away.

"Yui Fayette you will pay for what you did to my father. I will break you right from the inside and destroy you"

Gray walked into the guild and walked up straight to Danzo and Ushina.

"Papa Mama I think it's best if Yui sleeps at home today. She is already asleep and besides there is something I need to tell the two of you and Aati oji san. Is it alright if I could accompany you two to your house?" he questioned.

Ushina nodded, Danzo said nothing forgetting that Gray had called him Papa after seeing Yui sleeping in his arms. The three of them headed back.

As soon as they had reached home Gray placed Yui in her bed and closed the door behind him. He went to the hall and explained everything Yui had told him. Ushina and Danzo were shocked.

"Please tell Aati oji san too, I will inform the others at the guild" Gray said Ushina nodded. Gray left the house after bowing to both of them.

"She would never have been tired after just visiting her inner world. I'm afraid this is something more than what it seems Danzo…I'm scared she might be in danger" Ushina said her hands trembling.

"Did you forget how she saved all of us and this world from Minikui? She is strong Ushina. We mustn't doubt her. Even if what you doubt is true Yui will find a way to defeat it. We must be her pillars of support Ushina" he said placing a hand on Ushina's hand and smiling. Ushina hugged Danzo he hugged her back tenderly.

"We have a lot of lost time to make up…10 years" worth of time" he said hugging her. A few tears escaped Ushina's eyes.

"Yes…10 years" worth of time" Ushina said her voice barely a whisper. Danzo held her tight with one hand on the back of her head and the other gently wrapped around her waist.

"I hope everything will turn out to be alright…please stay safe for our sake Yui…" Danzo thought to himself his face grim…


Oji san means uncle

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