The Fairy Girl

Teasing And A Promise To Fulfill

Yui, Lucy and Levy had become fast friends right off the bat. Their love for books being their main bonding pointer. Yui didn't have a place to stay in and she asked if the other two knew of any place where she could stay. Levy looked downcast as currently Fairy Hills was full and there was no room available. Lucy asked if Yui would stay with her and pay half the rent along with her. Yui jumped at the idea and immediately agreed. All three girlfriends looked at each other and grinned.

The three girls walked into the guild and went to the bar stool and ordered their drinks. Meanwhile Levy went to sit with Gajeel and Pantherlilly with her book and Jet and Droy had sullen faces as she didn't sit them. Lucy giggled at the scene in front of her. Yui looked at her and asked why she giggled.

"Levy likes Gajeel you know" she said while grinning and giving a sly look to Levy. Mira immediately nodded and agreed with her. Yui grinned and asked Mira in a whisper

"Does Lucy like anyone?"

Mira grinned evilly and whispered back to her,

"OF COURSE! She likes our Natsu though she won't admit it out loud".

Yui looked at Lucy, then at Natsu and back at Lucy and started laughing so loudly that Levy heard the noise and went to ask her why she had laughed so loudly. The four of them were quickly joined by Cana and Erza.

"Why did you laugh so loudly Yui?" the girls collectively asked her. Yui grinned before speaking,

"I just heard that Lucy likes Natsu" she said while holding her stomach and laughing silently again.

The other girls quickly started smirking and giggling. Lucy turned red and started stuttering,

"I-I d-d-don't l-l-li-like him"

"Your stuttering just proved it Lucy'" Yui said started teasing her in hushed tones.

Mira was squealing and started teasing the poor girl too.

"You like Laxus don't you Mira? And your teasing me huh?" Lucy countered having had enough of the teasing turning the attention towards Mira.

Mira immediately blushed as Lucy mentioned Laxus' name. Yui smirked,

"Wow Mira how come you haven't told us anything yet?"

Erza smirked with her eyes glistening. Mira saw this and immediately said,

"Well Erza you shouldn't be laughing at me when you yourself are smitten with Jellal" Mira said quickly shifting the attention.

Erza immediately turned the color of her hair. Cana was absolutely enjoying herself but nearly spat out her booze when she became Mira's next target,

"And you Cana, don't you like Bacchus?"

The girls were teasing each other and turning red at the others' comments when suddenly Levy said,

"Wait a minute we didn't ask Yui as to whom SHE likes"

Lucy followed her example and grinned.

"I think I can reveal now that I saw Gray and Yui blushing at each other yesterday"

Yui didn't like where this was going as she started turning red herself.

"WOAH hold it there is nothing going on between us alright? I'm perfectly home free!"

Mira smirked and said,

"Well I don't think so. I agree with Lucy here" Mira said her matchmaking habit immediately surfacing.

Yui facepalmed and was about to reply back when Natsu came behind and interrupted their little girl talk.

"Hey newbie you never told us what magic you use. When are you going to tell us?"

Yui looked at Natsu and the girls for a moment. She saw Gray waiting for her answer while smirking. She smirked back at him,

'My magic is a rare one. I have the power to transform into four guardian fairies and if I can control my four elements at one time I can become the Elementary Guardian Fairy that can control Renga the legendary elementary dragon. That's what I think but books say that Renga can only be born if a fairy with the power of the four elements ignites a lost key while using all four elemental powers at once which I don't possess at the moment. I can control ice, fire, earth and wind but unfortunately I have mastered only two elements out of my four elements which are ice and earth. I can control fire and wind but I haven't mastered them yet. I need to master all my four elements before I can combine their power. But I can combine my power of ice and earth" she said smiling.

"Unfortunately I couldn't find anyone to help me master fire and wind…and I need to master all my four elements before I can fulfill the promise I made to my mother…' Yui said her eyes getting a faraway look in them.

"Hey don't worry I can help you master fire and Wendy can help you with wind" Natsu said trying to comfort her.

Yui looked at Natsu with surprise her eyes widening,

"Really are you a fire mage?"

Natsu pointed to himself proudly and said,

"I'm a fire dragon slayer and I learnt my magic from the great fire dragon Igneel himself"

Wendy smiled and nodded,

"Yes and I shall help you master wind as I'm a first generation sky dragon slayer like Natsu but I learnt my magic from the sky dragon Grandine" Wendy said cutely while smiling at Yui.

Yui looked at both of them excitement brightening her eyes and hugged both of them together.

"Thank you so much minna…I can't say how happy I am now"

Everyone around cheered for them. Laxus watched from above and wondered how strong Yui would be if she indeed mastered her four elements and if she could be a worthy opponent for him.

"Yes she would Laxus. A more than worthy opponent. Even I would think twice before seriously engaging her in a fight if her powers were in their complete state" Makarov said while looking at Laxus reading his mind.

Laxus smirked and said,

"Well well now that could be interesting".

"Hey Natsu when do we start training?" Yui said looking at him.

"Right now Yui"

"You couldn't have said anything better Natsu, LETS GO!"

"Fire Guradian fairy TRANSFORM!" she chanted.

Yui's body glowed brightly as she said those four words. Her long black hair changed into a flowly hairstyle instead of her usual high ponytail. A bright orange and red colored ribbon neatly framed her bangs in place. Her outfit became a flame colored dress that ended just below her knees, with elbow length gloves and knee high boots of the same color to match her dress, but that was not the most striking feature. On her back a pair of flaming wings erupted. She flew and assumed a stance in midair and her wings though flaming were almost translucent and fluttered beautifully.

"Come on Natsu show me what you got" Yui said grinning.

"You bet I will and I won't be holding back Yui, you better be ready to get serious" Natsu said grinning at her.

Gray was completely amazed by how beautiful she looked even though she was about to get into a brawl with Natsu. He immediately turned a shade of red and looked away when he noticed Mira smirking at him.

Yui, Natsu and almost the entire guild went outside to have their fight to prevent damage to the guild. They smirked at each other. Yui gloves started glowing with fire and Natsu too had his hands engulfed in flames.

"LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" they said while lunging at each other.

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