The Fairy Girl

The Fight And Settling Down

~ Previously ~

Yui, Natsu and almost the entire guild went outside to have their fight to prevent damage to the guild. They smirked at each other. Yui gloves started glowing with fire and Natsu too had his hands engulfed in flames.

"LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" they said while lunging at each other.


"Iron Fist of the Fire Dragon" Natsu said as he lunged to attack Yui.

"Fire Flare" Yui said as she skillfully dodged Natsu's attack and gave him a clean punch to his back.

Shock was etched onto Natsu's features when he realized that not only had Yui dodged his attack but she had also managed to give him a good punch to his back.

"Well well I expected nothing less Yui. You might be a good opponent after all" Natsu said while grinning.

"But this fight is far from over Yui. Fire Dragon's ROAR!"

A full-fledged attack was headed towards Yui. Everyone expected Yui to be slightly injured by the attack but no one heard her murmuring those four words which even with Natsu's heightened senses he had barely heard it.

"Ice Guardian Fairy Transform"

The smoke slowly cleared.

"Is that all you got Natsu?" Yui said with a smirk.

Everyone was in awe. Yui's flame colored dress had changed into one of pure baby blue color: the exact shade of ice. Elbow length gloves of the same color adorned her hands. Her feet were covered with knee length laced boots that matched her gloves and dress. Her hair was adorned by a headband that matched her dress and framed her bangs while the rest of her hair was in a high ponytail. Her wings which were flame colored earlier turned into the exact shade of ice with snow at its tips. These were translucent too and were even more beautiful than her flaming wings.

"This color suits her so well…she looks beautiful…" Gray thought while looking at her. He noticed most of the men staring at her and immediately got pissed off and crossed his arms over his chest and looked at Natsu silently ordering him to finish the fight sooner.

Natsu was staring at her with his mouth wide open,

"WHAT THE HELL! What is this form?"

Yui smirked,

"This is my Ice Guardian fairy form. I changed to nullify your attack. I can change my guardian forms whenever I wish to; I'm not going easy on you Natsu"

Natsu smirked,

"So that was what I heard you mumbling huh" Yui grinned back while nodding.

"Fire Guardian Fairy Transform"

A glow surrounded Yui and she changed into her previous attire.

They both fought with full force against each other until both of them were exhausted. Yui was standing with difficulty and Natsu had fallen face down onto the floor.

He raised his hand and said,

"Well that's enough training for one day Yui. We can continue tomorrow."

Yui fell on her knees and grinned with the last amount of energy she had.

"I couldn't agree more Natsu. You're a damn strong mage".

The guild members around cheered at the draw and Gray smirked.

"Well she certainly has improved from the last time I saw her…I wonder if Lyon would recognize her now"

Lucy helped Natsu stand while Gray went to Yui and carried her bridal style. Yui blushed,

"I'm ok Gray. You don't have to do this"

"Nonsense I can see how tired you are Yui. Don't worry I'm just taking you inside the guild you need some rest" Gray said while smiling at her.

Meanwhile Lucy's face turned pink as she helped Natsu inside.

Meanwhile Juvia looked at both of them and was turning angrier by the minute.

"Gray sama is mine…love rival is pretending to be tired so Gray sama would carry her. SO UNFAIR!" she thought to herself while biting her nails.

-Meanwhile in a dark castle a few miles away from the guild-

"Master the guardian fairy you seek has joined Fairy Tail. Do you wish for her to be brought here your Highness?"

Minikui looked at his faithful mind slave and smirked,

"No let her be as she is. She has mastered only two elements, she can't be of any use to me now. Besides those fools are training her to master her other two elements which proves beneficial for me. I need her to master all four for me to summon Renga"

A golden key with a figure of a dragon in its handle glistened in the low light in his hands.

"Soon I shall rule this world. Just wait for me Yui…I have a very big surprise for you…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Minikui's evil laughter resounded in the room while his mind slave took his leave.

"Ask your wife to prepare a good meal for me"

"As you wish your Highness"

-Back at the guild-

"That was a splendid fight Yui. I haven't seen anyone except Gray fight him with that intensity" Mira said while smiling.

Lucy immediately agreed,

"Yea you were totally awesome"

"Tomorrow I shall help you with your wind element but I don't know much of fighting. I'm only good with healing magic but I shall fight you with all the attacks I have" Wendy said while smiling at the older girl.

Yui smiled softly at Wendy,

"I appreciate what you're doing for me Wendy. I hope you will do your best" she said while ruffling the younger girl's hair.

Wendy nodded while smiling cutely.

"Don't you dare do anything that will tire you Wendy" Carla said while crossing her tiny arms.

"WOAH did you just talk?" Yui stared at Carla with wide eyes.

"Oh I'm so sorry I forgot to introduce her to you. She is Carla, my exceed" Wendy said.

"Oh that's nice" Yui said while smiling.

"Happy and Pantherlilly are exceeds too. Happy is Natsu's exceed while Pantherlilly is Gajeel's exceed" Lucy said while smiling.

"Wow talking cats are a rarity or what" Yui said while laughing lightly and the others laughed with her.

The girls watched as the usual brawl continued when Yui said,

"Let's head home Lucy it's been a long day and all I want right now is a nice, long bath to ease my aching muscles"

"Sure Yui" Lucy said while smiling.

Both girls hooked arms and walked out of the guild doors after waving goodbye to everyone.

"Ne Lucy you never told me what kind of magic you use"

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I'm a celestial mage. I summon spirits and fight along with them. Do you want to see one?"

"Sure" Yui said while looking excited.

"Well here comes, my most favorite spirit" Lucy grinned and summoned Plue.

"If I'm thinking right had Loke heard that he would probably be sulking right now" Lucy thought to herself muffling her giggle.

"Pun pun" Plue said while shaking.

"OMG he is SOOOOOOOOO cute Lucy. Would you mind if I hold him?"

Lucy shook her head and grinned and Yui carefully picked Plue up.

"Hello little guy, I'm Yui and I'm your master's new friend. Would you be my friend too?"

"Pun pun puuuuuuuuuuun" Plue said while nodding his head and smiling.

Both the girls laughed and headed to the place Lucy was renting.

"Wow Lucy the place is awesome" Yui said while grinning.

"Would you mind if I could take a bath first?" she asked apologetically.

Lucy shook her head and gave her a set of towels and asked her to go in.

Yui grinned after coming out,

"That was one awesome bath, I'm glad I settled here with you Lucy. I'm with my best friend what more can I ask for right?" Yui said while grinning.

Lucy grinned back and said,

"Of course but there is something I need to warn you about though"

"What's that?"

"Sometimes, erm no there is a danger of ALWAYS finding Natsu here. Hell he can be found here rather than at his own house" Lucy said while sulking a little.

"Does that mean he sleeps in your bed with you too Lucy" Yui was laughing while holding her stomach, while Lucy turned beet red.

"Shut up Yui"

After Lucy showered, both the girls shared the bed and went to sleep.

"Aww man this girl took my place" Natsu thought to himself while sitting at Lucy's windowsill and watching the girls sleeping.

"I hope it isn't going to be this way for forever" Natsu said while sulking and dragging his feet back to his house.

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