The Fairy Girl

Nightmare, Determination and Visitors

She was in a dark corridor unable to see anything when she noticed the figure of someone lying on the ground. She walked as fast as her little legs could carry her and stood next to the figure.

The corpse had a huge pole right through its heart.

"Papa…Papa…Please wake up" little Yui said her voice shaking with tears. Her tiny hands were soaked with the blood of her father.

A little further away was the corpse of her mother. Her clothes torn in innumerable places and there was a deep gash to her throat.

"Mama…Mama Papa isn't talking…please at least would you talk to me…" she begged her mother while placing her tiny hands on her mother's cheek.

She stood in between the corpses of her parents and screamed when she saw him…the man that murdered her parents. She turned and ran away as fast as she could but she still could hear his horrible laughter and him saying,

"You can run all you want Yui but I will find you one day…"

Yui woke up sweating and screaming holding both sides of her head, her bangs plastered to her face due to her sweating. Lucy bolted awake and immediately turned to her,

"What's wrong Yui? Why did you scream? Did something happen to you?" Lucy asked her voice laced with concern.

"I…I saw my parents…dead…and a man threatening to kill me…" Yui said her voice shaking and her body trembling.

Lucy immediately hugged Yui.

"It's ok…everything will be fine. We are all there with you Yui, we will never leave you. No one in Fairy Tail leaves their nakama behind. We are family. You shouldn't worry Yui" Lucy said while rubbing Yui's back and allowing Yui to hold on to her as much as she wanted.

"I promise Mama I shall perfect my elements and defeat Minikui…I shall avenge Papa's and your death Mama…I promise" Yui thought to herself with a tear sliding down her lovely chocolate brown eyes.

Yui had calmed down after a few minutes and let out a deep sigh,

"Thank you so much Lucy…but I would like it if you wouldn't tell the other guild members about this…let's keep this between us ok? We can tell Levy too if you want…" Yui said while looking outside the window.

"Sure Yu chan" Lucy said while smiling at her beloved nakama.

"Thanks Lu chan…"

The girls smiled at each other and then realized that they had to head to the guild. Yui showered first and came out quickly and decided to make breakfast for Lucy.

Lucy came out of her shower wrapped in her towel and entered her hall to the wonderful smell of bacon and eggs coming from the kitchen. She entered the kitchen to find Yui already dressed in her red floral top with a matching skirt that ended just above her knees and cute red heels.

"Wow Yu chan I can't wait to eat", Lucy while grinning,

Yui grinned back and replied,

"Hehe thanks Lu chan do change and come we can eat and head to the guild. Wendy said that she would help me with my training today. I can hardly wait"

"Of course Yu chan"

Lucy changed quickly into a white tank top, a black skirt to go with it and her boots. The girls ate their breakfast and left for the guild.

This time instead of Lucy alone balancing on the edge of the lake both girls amused themselves by balancing on the edge.

"Be careful Missies!" the boatmen rowing in the river warned them.

"Don't worry we shall be careful" both the girls said and waved at them.

They hooked arms and walked into the guild.

"Good morning minna!" both girls said greeting everyone.

"Good morning Lucy and Yui"

Both girls walked to sit at the bar at their favorite seats, which was right next to each other, and started talking to Mira. Cana was with her booze as usual, Erza was eating her strawberry cake and Natsu and Gray were involved in their usual brawl.

"Do they always fight Lu chan? I mean like EVERYDAY?" Yui asked while looking surprised.

"Yes they do" Lucy said not bothered at all as she was used to witnessing them fighting every day.

"It's almost like seeing Gray and Lyon fighting when I was with them and Ul", Yui thought with a small smile gracing her lips.

"Ne Mira have you seen Wendy around?" Yui asked Mira.

"No I haven't seen her since morning Yui"

"Hmmmm, I was supposed to train with her today" Yui said pouting, a little disappointed that Wendy hadn't come yet.

"Aww don't worry Yu chan I'm sure Wendy will come soon" Lucy said while smiling.

Yui grinned and nodded and decided to entertain herself a little by watching the boys brawl.

Erza had just finished her cake and stood when she noticed the boys fighting. She walked right up to them and banged their heads together and left them on the floor.

"What was that for Erza? Popsicle started the fight" Natsu said while cradling his sore head.

"Don't you dare lie flame brain"

"Wanna go ice breath?" Natsu said while head-butting Gray.

"Now you shall see the 2nd version of Happy Yu chan" Lucy whispered to Yui while giggling.

Erza turned around and asked with a scary aura around her,

"Are you two fighting?"

Quickly both of them slung their arms over the other.

"No way, we are best of friends" Gray said.

"Aye sir" came Natsu's reply.

"Good" was all Erza said before she walked away from the boys.

Yui laughed while holding her stomach as Lucy giggled beside her.

Gray and Natsu immediately let go of each other and glared at each other before walking away as soon as Erza had turned her back.

Yui and Lucy laughed harder while Mira giggled and went back to her work.

Suddenly the guild doors opened and few visitors stepped through the shadows and revealed themselves.

Lyon, Ren, Sherry, Chelia, Eve, Hibiki, Ichiya, Jura and a few others walked in.

Lyon immediately searched for Juvia in the crowd and sulked when he couldn't find her. He saw Yui staring at him with a wide mouth but he couldn't recognize her either. Feeling a little creeped out Lyon walked up to Gray and asked him who the girl sitting next to Lucy was. Gray wanted Lyon to get the same kick to the gut he had gotten for forgetting Yui and smirked as an evil idea came to his head.

"YUI LYON HAS FORGOTTEN YOU! HE JUST CAME UP AND ASKED ME WHO YOU WERE!" Gray screamed so that Yui could hear him.

Lyon turned pale as he realized what Gray had done and turned to see him smirking while Yui rushed at him looking EXTREMELY pissed. Lyon held his hands in front of him in surrender to no avail, he got a kick to his gut alright and a kick that was 10 times worse than the one given to Gray. He struggled to get up, but despite her anger and disappointment, Yui hugged him before he could speak another word ,or rather groan in pain.

"Why did you idiots promise to remember me and then forgot me" she asked her voice laced with hurt.

"I'm sorry Yui. I didn't forget you it's just that I couldn't recognize you cause you're all grown up now" Lyon said while smiling softly at the girl.

"There's no way I would forget the girl whom I think of as my little sister now would I, Yui?" he said while ruffling her hair. Yui smiled at him while wiping her tears away and sat cross legged next to him.

"Sorry for kicking you that bad though you did deserve it" Yui said while sticking her tongue out at Lyon.

Lyon laughed and sat up cross legged like Yui while wincing in pain a little.

"DOES ANYONE HAVE HEALING POWERS HERE?" Yui screamed feeling guilty at what she had done.

Chelia immediately came up and healed Lyon in no time. Yui thanked her and asked her name. The girls started talking to each other and Lyon took this chance to slip away and talk to Juvia. Chelia noticed this and looked a little sad. Yui noticed the change in her new friend and decided to ask her what was wrong.

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