The Fairy Girl

Promised Training And An Announcement

~ Previously ~

The girls started talking to each other and Lyon took this chance to slip away and talk to Juvia. Chelia noticed this and looked a little sad. Yui noticed the change in her new friend and decided to ask her what was wrong.

~ Currently ~

"What's wrong Chelia? You don't seem so happy… do you want to tell me what happened?"

"It's nothing Yui. It's just that I love Lyon and yet no matter how hard I try he always goes off and talks to Juvia. He doesn't pay any attention to me…"

Yui turned and turned to where Chelia had pointed and bingo she found Lyon desperately trying to get Juvia's attention but Juvia seemed to have eyes just for Gray. Gray looked plain annoyed at how Juvia was clinging to his arm and repeatedly shook her off to no avail. She just kept on clinging back.

Yui sighed and turned towards Chelia when she noticed Eve looking at her with a tint of pink in his cheeks. Yui immediately smiled finding a clear solution to Chelia's problem.

"Chelia maybe you're wasting your time on the wrong person" Yui comforted Chelia.

"Don't turn around suddenly but Eve is looking at you" Yui whispered to Chelia.

She turned and blushed when she realized what Yui said was true. She looked at Lyon with a longing look in her eyes and she turned to Eve's direction. Determined not to blush but blushing anyway she walked towards Eve and started talking to him. Both of them were blushing. Yui smiled happy that Chelia had finally moved on.

Before she could turn she saw three men at her heels. Hibiki, Ren and Ichiya were around her. Immediately she found herself sitting in a chair that appeared out of nowhere and started to get annoyed when they started flirting with her.

"Would like a glass of juice my lovely lady" Ren asked her.

"No" Yui said calmly.

"Would like anything to eat gorgeous" Hibiki said his voice husky.

"NO" she said a tick mark appearing on her head.

"Would you like to try my lovely parfum, men" Ichiya said standing in his classic pose.

"I SAID NO YOU DIMMWITS!" Yui shouted a bit angrily pissed at how persistently they were flirting.

Gray noticed what was happening and immediately frowned. He unhooked his arm from Juvia's and walked straight to Yui.

"Are you alright Yui?" Gray asked glaring at the three men.

"They just won't leave me alone" Yui said while sulking.

"Wanna come with me?" Gray said with a tint of pink in his cheeks.

"Sure" Yui said while trying to fight her blush.

"Do you have any idea why they have come to our guild suddenly Gray? Is Lyon in our guild?" Yui asked Gray.

"I'm not sure Yui. Don't worry though they would tell us soon enough and no Lyon isn't part of our guild. He has joined Lamia Scale"

"Oh" Yui said while looking a little disappointed that she can't see him as often as she thought she could.

"Don't look so upset Yui. If you would like I can take you to see him once in a week. Is that ok?"

"OF COURSE!" Yui said while smiling brightly.

Gray smiled back warmly.

"But uh Gray…" Yui said looking a little embarrassed.

"What is it Yui?"

"Your shirt"

"Damn" came Gray's reply as he went to look for his shirt and finally put it back on.

He smiled sheepishly at her and she giggled.

The guild doors opened again and this time Wendy and Carla entered.

"Wendy your finally here I was starting to get worried" Yui said while walking towards Wendy.

"Gomene Yui san I overslept" Wendy said while looking down,

"It's ok Wendy nee chan won't be angry at you for that right?" Yui said while ruffling the younger girl's hair.

Wendy immediately hugged Yui and said,

"Can I really call you nee chan?" with tears in her eyes.

Yui wiped her tears and smiled at the little girl,

"Of course you can Wendy. The first day I saw you I started thinking of you as my little sister". Wendy beamed at the older girl.

"Yay" Wendy said giggling and Yui smiled broadly before engulfing her in a warm hug.

The others noticed the exchange between the two and smiled warmly.

"Hey Wendy remember the promise you made to me about the training? Do you wanna help me now?" Yui asked looking hopeful.

"Of course Yui nee but it's best if we take this outside"

Yui nodded at the younger girl and they both went outside. Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray and a couple of others followed them out.

Lyon saw Yui walking out and decided to see how his little sister would do and followed Gray out.

"Ready Yui nee?" Wendy asked while looking determined,

"Of course" Yui said while grinning.

"Wind Guardian fairy TRANSFORM"

A bright glow surrounded Yui's body as soon as she gave her command. Her top and skirt changed into a long sky blue dress that ended just below her knees. Matching gloves and calf length boots adorned her hands and legs respectively. A beautiful pair of sky blue wings that were white at the tips appeared behind her back. Her bangs were in place by a headband that matched her dress while the rest of her hair was in a low ponytail secured by a ribbon that matched the headband.

"Yui nee, you look beautiful" Wendy said while smiling cutely. Yui blushed slightly and said,

"Come on Wendy we have a training to finish"

"Yes nee chan" Wendy said getting her determined look back.

"Roar of the wind dragon"

"Wind hurricane"

Both the tremendous attacks from the girls met in the middle and Yui's attack being stronger cancelled Wendy's Roar and hit her.

"I'm sorry Wendy" Yui immediately flew and comforted the little girl.

"It's ok Yui nee. I've fought battles before, way worse than this" Wendy said giggling.

"Especially the one with me" Chelia said as she walked towards the two of them.

Chelia appeared next to Wendy and healed her.

"Thanks Chelia"

"Don't thank me Yui san I was only helping my friend" Chelia said while smiling. Yui raised an eyebrow.

"Friend? You two know each other from before? Also you mentioned something about a fight..." she asked.

"Yes Yui nee in the GMG we fought against each other and became friends later" Wendy said while smiling and Chelia nodded her head.

"Wendy my element is too strong for you. I have to fight someone else"

"Would you fight me then?"

"Are you sure about this Chelia san?"

Chelia nodded her head.

"I'm a Wind God Slayer I may be able to give you a decent fight Yui san. It's the least I could do for helping me Yui san" Chelia said while blushing.

Yui nodded and grinned understanding what Chelia had said.

"Alright Chelia san let's GO!"

"Sky God's Boreas" a black spiral wind charged at Yui.

"Wind blast" Yui counter attacked but her attack was nullified by Chelia's attack.

Yui smiled,

"Maybe you were right Chelia san, you may be able to put up a decent fight but I'm not going easy on you"

"Wind hurricane"

A blast of pure wind energy in the form of a strong hurricane charged towards Chelia.

"Sky God's Dance" came Chelia's counter attack.

The tremendous attacks met in the center and slightly hurt Chelia.

"A God Slayer versus a Guardian Fairy…I'm not sure who is going to win in this match", Lyon thought as he watched the match with complete focus. Everyone's attention was on the two girls who stood facing each other.

"I'm not done yet Chelia, Wind Fairy Punch" Yui said while looking serious.

The tremendous attack hit Chelia straight to the gut. Chelia flew behind but managed to get a strong foothold again.

"Sky God's Boreas" Chelia countered quickly using the smoke from earlier as a smokescreen with Yui barely avoiding the tremendous attack.

Both of them fought all out and Yui soon reached her boiling point,

"Wind spears" she chanted.

Hundreds of spears made of wind lunged at Chelia who barely had time to counter.

"Chelia san are you hurt?" Yui asked feeling a little guilty on going all out on the little girl.

"Don't worry Yui san nothing will happen to me" came Chelia's voice.

The smoke cleared and the girl was seen completely healed with slightly torn clothes around her midriff and the lower hem of her skirt.

"I can heal myself very fast and I have worked on perfecting it while under strong attacks. Your attack was extremely powerful Yui san if I hadn't perfected my technique I may not have healed myself completely" Chelia said while smiling.

Yui smiled back at the girl and decided not to push her further.

"Let's stop this now Chelia san. I think I have trained enough for today" Yui said while smiling at the younger girl.

A glow surrounded Yui's body and her casual outfit returned. She walked towards the younger girls and hugged both of them tightly.

"Thank you so much you two and if I was too hard on both of you I'm sorry" Yui said while smiling softly.

Both girls shook and their heads,

"No Yui san you had to do what you had to do to train. I don't think either of us think of you in a bad way" Chelia said while smiling.

"She's right Yui nee" Wendy said while hugging the elder girl.

Yui smiled and hugged the little girl back. Everyone smiled at what had happened and decided to reenter the guild.

"You all should head in now. There is an announcement that your guild master and I have to make" Jura said while looking grim.

Yui looked at Gray and he nodded back at her. Everyone entered the guild eagerly waiting to hear the reason why the representatives from the other guilds had come to visit them.

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