The Fairy Girl

Grim News, A Promise & Harder Training

The guild members and those who had visited entered the guild chattering and anticipating what announcement Jura and Makarov had to make.

"QUIETEN DOWN YOU BRATS!" Makarov commanded. The guild immediately quietened down.

"Now say what you had come to say Jura"

Jura nodded,

"I have grim news to deliver. I have heard rumors of a dark mage who is collecting disbanded members of dark guilds and forming his own dark guild named Travelling Coffins. However he has been shifting his base quite often and it has been impossible to catch him so far. Rumors say that he owns a key to unleash a powerful force that would enable him to conquer the world however he can't activate the key yet. He is gathering a powerful army and strengthening his guild and soon he would capture the source he needs to activate his key. Unfortunately we have no idea as to what source he needs to activate his key"

Yui looked down and her bangs covered her eyes. She was growing increasingly angry just because she knew exactly what Jura was talking about and dreaded the day Minikui would come for her. Her fists were tightly closed and she waited for Jura to finish what he was saying before she could reveal what she knew.

"The man's name and what source he needs are not known however my sources claim that he has two faithful mind slaves with him whom he trusts with all his information. One is a man and the other is a woman who are middle aged and extremely powerful mages. Their whereabouts are currently unknown and are expected to be staying with him all the time. He is rumored to have powerful dark magic and –"

"ENOUGH! I don't want to hear more of that bastard's praise!" Yui screamed on reflex.

She was shaking with uncontrollable anger. Everyone stared at her with open mouths and wide eyes. Even Jura was surprised by the girl's outburst. Tears of pure anger filled Yui's eyes as she continued to shake with anger.

Makarov looked grim and motioned for the girl to walk up to the front. Yui did as she was told, wiping her tears with the back of her hand. Makarov looked at her his face grim,

"My child I think it's time you told the guild and the others gathered here what needs to be known"

Yui nodded and looked up at everyone.

"Minna I can tell you the exact news. That bastard's name is Minikui and his magic is shadow magic. He is a known criminal and has done many unforgivable deeds…he murdered my parents too…" Yui said her voice shaking and laced with sorrow.

The entire guild was in shock and Gray tightened his fists while his bangs covered his eyes. Lucy's eyes filled with tears and Natsu's hand was already engulfed in flames his face revealing considerable rage. Erza looked at Natsu and motioned him to calm down while Yui continued,

"I have a hunch that the key he owns is the very key needed to summon Renga, the legendary elementary guardian dragon, and the source he needs to activate that key…is me"

The entire guild erupted in chattering.

"He isn't going to get you Yui" Gray said immediately.

"Of course not" Lucy and Natsu said at the same time with determined looks in their eyes.

"No one can touch our nakama" Erza said looking defiant.

"I will never leave you lil sis" Lyon agreed with the others.

"I SAID QUIETEN DOWN YOU BRATS!" Makarov said pretending to look annoyed but had a smug smirk on his face.

Tears of happiness filled Yui's eyes at the amount of love her guild had for her.

"Finish what you have to say Yui" Makarov said turning to her before looking at the others.

"Yes Master. Minna I thank all of you for everything you have said but I have a promise I made to my mother that I have to fulfill. I promised that I would avenge my father's death. I need to grow stronger and perfect the last two elements I haven't mastered yet. This is my fight minna, I have to defeat Minikui"

"This is isn't only your fight Yui, this is our fight. You need all the strength you can get to get past his guild of dark magic users. We shall fight with you Yui but we also shall guard your pride. We shall leave Minikui to you" Gray said in an absolute tone that Yui knew she shouldn't challenge.

He looked so determined to fight alongside her. Yui nodded and smiled at him.

Erza slapped Gray's back,

"Well said Gray", she raised her sword high in the air.

"Fairy Tail shall go with you Yui"

The entire guild erupted and agreed.

"So shall Lamia Scale" Lyon replied.

"As shall Blue Pegasus, men" Ichiya said as he stood in his classic arms crossed pose.

"Thank you minna…" Yui said with tears of happiness in her eyes.

-After the meeting -

"We have to train harder and build up our magic and stamina" Erza said to the others as soon as the meeting was over.

"Yes we have to. I saw a training ground not far from here we can train there" Yui suggested.

The others agreed and they decided to leave for the training ground after lunch.

"Yui, could we talk to you alone?" Gray asked Yui with Lyon standing behind him. Yui looked at the two of them and nodded.

"Why didn't you tell us about what had happened" Gray asked while looking down with his bangs covering his eyes.

"Couldn't you trust us with just that much? Is it fair to Ul? She died without even knowing your past…is that fair Yui?" Gray asked with his voice laced with hurt. Lyon looked grim and stood next to Gray waiting for Yui's answer.

"She knew of my past Gray…it was just the two of you who didn't know…" Yui said in a whisper.

Both boys had shock etched onto their faces. Yui continued with her eyes glazed with tears,

"I didn't want anyone's pity! I just wanted to get stronger. I wanted to perfect my elements and avenge the bastard that killed my parents. I knew if I had told you two before you guys would have behaved differently and looked at me with –"

"NO, we never would have treated you with pity Yui. We knew you were strong. You mastered the element even before we did. After being with us for that long you could have trusted us at least a little Yui…" Gray said while looking hurt, and placing his hands on her shoulders.

"I'm sorry…I'm really sorry" Yui said with tears running down in quick succession and her fists tightly clenched by her side.

Gray said nothing and pulled her into a hug. Yui hugged him back and whispered,

" I never meant to hurt either of you…I'm really sorry…"

"Shush Yui…it's alright…" Lyon said while smoothing out her hair.

Yui sobbed on Gray's shoulder for a while before she calmed down. She blushed when she realized she had been in Gray's arms the whole time. She broke the hug and looked at both of them with a soft smile on her face.

"Come on you two, the others would be searching for us right now" Yui said while pulling Gray and Lyon into the guild.

Juvia saw Yui hooking arms with Lyon and Gray and turned red from anger. Yui walked up to Mira and hesitantly unhooked her from the boys' arms.

"Go on boys go have your lunch. I don't really feel like eating today" Yui said while smiling.

"No you're eating with us" Lucy and Levy stood defiantly next to Yui.

"Erm…its ok Levy chan and Lu chan I –"

The girls looked at Yui with their arms crossed and frowning and Yui nodded while gulping. The girls smirked at their victory and took their food and pulled Yui to come and sit with them. Gray sighed and relief that Yui would be eating and Lyon smirked at Gray's reaction.

All three best friends were looking at each other and smiled before eating their food.

"Don't worry about Minikui Yu chan. We shall fight with you" the girls said while smiling softly at Yui.

She nodded and smiled at them before filling her mouth with food.

"Dhaanksh" Yui said with her mouth full of food.

The girls laughed and continued their lunch as they had promised to train afterwards.

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