The Fairy Girl

Training and Meetings

Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Yui and Erza set out for the training ground after they had finished lunch. They decided they would walk and go so that the food they consumed wouldn't interfere with their training. They hadn't thought that Levy and Gajeel would accompany them but since they had escaped before Juvia could cling to Gray they didn't question them and of course the exceeds had followed them.

It took a good twenty minutes to reach the ground by walking. Happy and Natsu walked off to train alone and their example was followed by Gajeel and Pantherlilly. Levy and Lucy decided to train together. Erza, Yui and Gray were contemplating on whether they should train alone or together when a pigeon had interrupted their talk. Erza noticed a note attached to its leg. She removed the note and let the bird fly.

"Come and meet us under the bridge close to the training ground. CS"

"Does CS imply Crime Sorciere Erza?" Gray asked looking thoughtful.

Erza who had a light blush coating her cheeks, merely nodded.

"Huh? Crime Sorciere? What's that?" Yui asked clearly confused.

"Crime Sorciere is an independent guild formed by Jellal, Ultear and Meredy" Gray explained.

"Ultear is Ul's daughter you know"

"What I thought she was dead! That's what Ul told me!" Yui said immediately.

Gray nodded

"I know that's what we thought too but Ultear didn't die in fact she is very much alive. It's a long story on how she stopped doing crimes and how I came to know her. I shall tell you later" Gray said while smiling.

Yui shrugged,

"It's ok now the question is who all are going to meet them" she said.

"Since the others are all busy training I think if only the three of us go it wouldn't be a bad idea" Gray said.

"Right let's go" Erza said agreeing to Gray's idea.

Yui just smiled and walked along with her while Gray lagged behind a little watching their backs.

The bridge wasn't too far away and the three of them soon met the people they were supposed to meet.

"It's been a while Erza" Ultear said smiling.

"And so it has Ultear" Erza said while smiling back.

"Hello Gray, how is Juvia?" Meredy said while smiling.

Gray smiled.

"Yea she is good Meredy" Yui giggled and looked at Ultear.

"I don't want to trigger bad memories if any but you look a lot like Ul, Ultear…" Yui said a tender smile gracing her lips.

"Are you someone she knew? Who are you" Ultear asked slightly confused.

"I was her student too like Gray and Lyon…if I could talk to you alone there is something I would love to tell you" Yui said while smiling.

"Sure we can but for now you need to listen to us" Ultear said looking at Jellal and motioning him to talk.

"Yes we haven't called you here to small talk. There is something important we need to tell you" Jellal said looking serious but slightly happy that he could see Erza again.

"What is it?" Erza asked understanding this was important.

"Have you heard of the guild Travelling Coffins?" he asked.

Yui immediately grew tense and the other two nodded. Jellal looked surprised but continued,

"I have found their current base and tried to disband it but I couldn't and their leader –"

"That bastard Minikui" Yui said while curling her fists.

Gray placed his hands on Yui's shoulders and motioned her calm down. Erza asked Jellal to continue. Jellal looked at Yui in surprise but calmed down after seeing her deep navy blue Fairy Tail mark. Satisfied that the information he was about to give will be safe he continued.

"Yes…he is an exceptionally powerful wizard. His shadow magic is of the like I have never seen before. He is very, very powerful. I know that the Alliance is about to make a move but I would advise against it for the time being. We need to get extremely strong before we can attack them again. I'd say that we would need at least 4 months before we can attack him again" Jellal finished while looking grim.

"But finding his base wouldn't be a problem for me. I have a very good tracking chip placed on one of his mind slaves. It won't be detected and I can keep track of where they would shift their base"

"Good work Jellal" Erza said while looking serious.

"I have to get stronger…I need to defeat him…I need to defeat that bastard" Yui said while falling on her knees. Gray pulled her up and spoke.

"Ultear could you awaken her second origin? I think it would help her attain the complete state of her elements" Gray asked. Ultear nodded.

"Yui do you think you could tolerate a little pain?" Yui nodded though she was confused.

"Come with me then"

"I shall come with you guys" Gray said.

"So shall I" Meredy piped and the four of them walked to an isolated place leaving the two love birds alone. Jellal and Erza looked at each other and blushed.

Jellal looked at Ultear and she gave warning look back that said "if you don't tell her I will!"

Jellal gave a sigh and turned to Erza.


Ultear cast the spell on Yui to unlock her second origin and Yui immediately screamed in pain. Meredy quickly tied a cloth around her mouth and shut Yui and Gray together in an unused carriage. Gray held Yui the whole time and soothed her. She held onto him writhing in pain. Yui's body glowed in her elemental colors before finally glowing whitish silver and subsiding. Yui fainted immediately after that.

Gray panicked and called Ultear and Meredy immediately to see what had happened. Ultear asked Gray to calm down and said that this was just a side effect of the spell. The three of them could see Jellal and Erza walking hand in hand from where they had been sitting.

"Finally he said it!" Meredy said jumping for joy.

Ultear and Gray both just smiled and refrained from commenting.

"I wonder what she wanted to tell me though" Ultear said while looking at the unconscious Yui in Gray's arms.

"I don't know either but something tells me we all will be meeting each other very soon again. Maybe you could ask her then" Gray said while smiling.

Ultear smiled back at Gray.

"I think it's time we left Ul. We can't be around the same place for this long at a time" Meredy said looking at her and Ultear nodded.

The two women bid their goodbyes to Gray and said they would tell Erza to go straight to the training ground.

"Oh damn the training ground" Gray said while smacking his head.

Yui stirred in his arms. He immediately soothed her and she fell asleep again. Gray carried the girl bridal style to the training ground and decided he would train the next day with Natsu.

He walked and was soon joined by Erza on the way to the training ground.

"Is she alright?" she asked him seeing Gray carry Yui in his arms. Gray nodded.

"Yea she will be fine if she takes rest today I guess"

"We can't train anymore today. We have to tell the others what had happened too" Erza said and Gray nodded.

They soon reached the training ground to find Lucy and Levy flat on the ground with Natsu and Gajeel sitting next to them. Erza concluded that they might have been tired due to the extensive training they took today.

"Natsu take Lucy home and make sure she is safe. Gajeel the same goes to you for Levy and Gray take Yui to your place I shall come tomorrow and check on her. Be warned boys if any of the girls tell me anything proactive you boys are as good as mincemeat" Erza warned with a scary aura around her.

Gajeel tsked and proceeded to carry Levy to Fairy Hills while the other two boys sweat dropped.

Gray calmed down after she had left and proceeded to take Yui to his house. He unlocked his apartment carefully without waking her up. He took her to his bedroom and carefully tucked her in. She mumbled in her sleep and slept with a peaceful expression on her face. Gray watched her peaceful expression return and smiled softly at the girl who was asleep and went to the hall.

"I guess it's the couch for me today" he said while sighing.

Yui woke up the next morning in a cozy bed and slightly sore. She groaned and stretched her arms yawning. She bolted up when she realized it wasn't Lucy's apartment. She carefully went to the hall to see Gray sleeping on the couch. She smiled and realized what must've happened. She took a bath and started to cook breakfast in return for his help yesterday. Gray woke up to the smell of pancakes and went into the kitchen to find Yui with her usual outfit and wet hair, fresh out of a shower, along with an apron.

"Damn she looks too good…it's almost as if she is my…WAIT WHAT! GRAY get yourself together you idiot!" Gray thought to himself while shaking his head.

Yui saw Gray and blushed at the fact that he wasn't wearing a shirt.

"Gray go have a bath and come I've prepared breakfast. We can eat and head to the guild" she said while smiling. Gray nodded.

Both of them left for the guild together after having breakfast with a tinge of pink on their faces. They were halfway to the guild when they heard a shout.

"Stay away I said I'm NOT coming with you bastards"

Gray and Yui rushed to the source of the voice and they found a guy about their age facing off about fifteen men in cloaks.

"Hey are you alright? Do you need help here?" Yui said while walking up to the guy.

"What's your name buddy?" Gray asked the guy. The guy looked at Gray briefly before looking at the men.

"I'm Aayan and I think I could use all the help I can get. These guys just don't want to leave me alone!" he said while looking annoyed.

Yui and Gray nodded to each other.

"Well you're not facing these bastards alone Aayan. We shall fight with you" Yui said looking determined.

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