The Fairy Girl

The Fight, A New Recruit And Family


"I'm Aayan and I think I could use all the help I can get. These guys just don't want to leave me alone!" he said while looking annoyed.

Yui and Gray nodded to each other.

"Well you're not facing these bastards alone Aayan. We shall fight with you" Yui said looking determined.


"Ha would you look at this two measly fairies and a lost dragon wish to fight against death" one of the assailants said laughing.

"We shall see who is laughing in the end morons" Aayan said defiantly.

"There is no way a bunch of dark magic users like your selves are going to defeat a first generation Earth Dragon slayer like me" he said with a look of pure anger in his eyes.

Gray looked surprised that he met yet another dragon slayer while Yui grinned evilly.

"That's right and you lost even the tiniest chance you had as this guy is backed up by us"

"Enough with the talk" the man who was supposedly leading the group grunted.

"We are from Travelling Coffins and soon you shall be placed in yours" the man said with a sinister smile.

Yui grew immediately angry as she realized they were from Minikui's guild. The leader of the group stepped forward,

"No one shall interfere I shall handle these kids myself" he said while smirking.

"Dark spirit attack"

A number of spirits charged at the three teenagers. Yui merely smirked.

"Earth Guardian Fairy TRANSFORM!"

Yui's body glowed and her usual outfit was replaced by brown dress with green embroidery which ended just above her knees. Matching elbow length gloves and knee high boots adorned her hands and legs respectively. A beautiful pair of brown wings with green markings erupted on her back. A headband that matched the dress and wings framed her bangs in place and a ribbon with the pattern of the wings held her hair in a high ponytail.

"Earth wall defend" Yui chanted.

Immediately a wall made of earth erupted in front of the teenagers and protected them from the dark spirits that were multiplying in number.

"Earth Dragon's ROAR" Aayan said.

The spirits were hit by Aayan's attack and started to disappear.

"Ice Make: Sphere"

A sphere made of pure ice locked all the attacked spirits that were reforming into it. Yui quickly added a layer of earth around it so the barrier would hold out.

The three teenagers looked defiantly at the leader who cursed under his breath.

"Dark shadow wrap" came his voice.

A long sinister looking shadow travelled at immense speed right at Gray.

"Talons of the Earth Dragon" Aayan neatly cut up the shadow into pieces.

"Arigato Aayan" Gray said while nodding to Aayan. Aayan nodded back.

"Earthquake attack"

Immediately a tremendous earthquake shook and the minions of the leader immediately fell to the ground clutching their injured body parts.

"Ice Make: Lance" Gray said unleashing his attack.

A thousand lances were launched at the already injured minions. They were hurt so badly that they couldn't stand at all. The leader evaded both attacks and kept only himself safe.

"Earth Dragon's ROAR"

The tremendous attack left the minions completely immobile on the floor.

The leader cursed while the three of the teenagers laughed.

"It's time to combine two of my elements and too bad i have already mastered both of them. Let's give this shady bastard a taste of his own medicine…Wind and Earth combine!"

A glow surrounded Yui's body and her gloves changed color at the wrist into sky blue. Her entire attire had a mix of blue in it including her wings.

"Dust hurricane" she said while unleashing her combo attack.

A hurricane powered by the earth and wind element charged at the leader.

"Shadow wall"

A wall of shadows erupted in front of the leader and took most of the attack but her attack had still managed to throw him back a few feet.

"Wing slash of the Earth Dragon"

"Ice Make: Cannon"

Aayan's attack managed to injure the leader even more and before he could counter Gray's attack fired leaving him completely defeated on the ground panting.

"Earth flower grasp" Yui said her voice laced with anger and venom.

The leader was surrounded by earth in the shape of a lotus that was restricting him. He struggled against it to no avail. His tired body refused to help him.

The three teenagers surrounded the man. Yui pulled him by his collar and said,

"You will go and tell that bastard Minikui that I am coming for him. If he has the guts let him come and try to get me" she said looking extremely pissed and angry.

The aura of anger around her failed to subside and she flew in the air with him still held by his collar and dropped him while in midair. The man landed with a sick thud and fainted.

"The fight is over Yui…calm down" Gray said while trying to calm her down.

She nodded and dispersed her magic, her wet hair from earlier all dried up. She walked up to Aayan and asked him if he was a part of any guild. Aayan shook his head.

"Do you wanna join Fairy Tail? More than just being nakama, we look after each other like family. Do you want to join us?"

Aayan nodded looking excited.

"It sounds great to me"

Yui and Gray grinned,

"Come on let's get you there"

The three teenagers headed towards Fairy Tail while laughing and talking.

-Meanwhile with Lucy and Natsu -

The sunlight shined its rays on the two people sleeping on the bed and the blue exceed curled at the foot of the bed. Lucy blinked and felt warm. Unconsciously she leaned into the warmth.

"Yui come on get up its time to go to the guild and -"

Suddenly Lucy felt hard abs.

"When did Yui have such abs…" she turned to find a mop of pink hair and a tan face.

She screamed while kicking him in the gut.

"Oww Luce what was that for?" Natsu said while rubbing his eyes and still looking sleepy.

"How many times have I told you NOT to sleep on my bed?!" Lucy said looking extremely red.

Happy was still blissfully sleeping seemingly unaware of what was going on.

"Aww Luce you know your bed is more comfortable than the couch" Natsu said while sulking.

"Besides -" he got another infamous Lucy kick before he could complete his sentence.

"What the hell Luce" Natsu said while giving his best puppy eyes look. Lucy immediately turned away and blushed.

"I'm going to take a shower you better be out of my house by the time I'm back"

"Please Luce couldn't we go to the guild together after eating breakfast?"

Lucy eyed him skeptically.

"Fine whatever, I'm going to take a shower at least go take a shower and come back" Lucy said while sulking.

"FINE! I shall be back soon" Natsu said while jumping out of the window.

"Use the door you BAKA!" Lucy shouted but he had already left.

"What am I going to do with this guy" Lucy said while shaking her head.

She finished her shower and went into the kitchen to cook breakfast when she heard her window open.

"Natsu please set the table will you?" she said from the kitchen.

"Sure Luce" Natsu replied from the hall.

After a few minutes Natsu came and stood next to the doorway of the kitchen sulking a little.

"Luceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I'm hungry" he complained.

"I'm almost done Natsu. Just a few more minutes" she said without looking up from the pan.

Natsu looked at her while she was working.

"She looks cute when she looks focused…WAIT what? Did I just say cute?" Natsu blinked at shook his head.

Lucy noticed his strange behavior and afraid he might spoil her kitchen she sent the guy to the hall.

They both had breakfast while Happy had two raw fishes and the three of them set on for the guild.

-With Gajeel and Levy -

Levy woke up to find Gajeel's head on her bed propped by his elbows and sleeping while sitting on a chair. She smiled softly realizing that not only had he brought her safely to his house he had also watched over her the entire night. Pantherlilly was out in her garden looking for good kiwis to eat. Levy blushed at how much Gajeel cared for her and giggled lightly. The noise made Gajeel stir in his sleep.

"Lily get me something to eat will ya" he mumbled and fell asleep again.

Levy carefully got out of bed as to not disturb the iron dragon slayer and showered. She dressed and made breakfast for both of them. On cue, Lily returned with the kiwis he had just plucked and gave them to Levy. She washed them and gave them to Lily after she had cut them up. Lilly nodded and went to hall and sat at the table and started to eat.

Levy prodded Gajeel and tried to get him to wake up to no avail. The slayer was dead sleeping. Levy looked distressed and asked Lily to help her.

He smirked and screamed,


Gajeel bolted up and immediately took a defensive stance.

"What happened to Levy Lily?" he asked his voice in a panic.

Lily smirked while pointing to the red faced Levy. Gajeel's face immediately turned pink.

"Aah…aah…erm…is…br-breakfast ready?" Gajeel stammered. Levy nodded and pointed to the table.

He nodded and ate without a word. Gajeel glared at Lily who merely smirked and pretended nothing happened.

The three of them finished their breakfast and headed to the guild together.

-At the guild-

"Mira nee we have a new recruit with us" Yui called out.

"Coming Yui" Mira said and walked towards the girl.

"Hello there, I'm Mira, what's your name?"

"I'm Aayan Hikyu and I met Yui and Gray on the way here and they suggested that I join Fairy Tail" Aayan explained.

"Alright I think you should go and meet our Master and ask him if it's ok for you to join, he is upstairs. I have the guild stamp and you can find me at the bar if he agrees" Mira said while smiling. Aayan nodded and went to see the Master.

He went to the bar looking for Mira a few minutes later.

"Uh excuse me do you know where Mira is? I need her to stamp the guild mark" Aayan said to the girl who had her back to him.

Lisanna turned around and both of them locked eyes.

"She will be here in a moment. I can call for her if you like" Lisanna said while smiling. Aayan broke from his spell and nodded at her.

Her snow white short hair, electric blue eyes and gorgeous figure had captured him the moment he locked eyes with her. He blushed and turned away while waiting for Mira.

"Mira nee you need to get the stamp, it looks like Master approved a new recruit" Lisanna called out to her elder sister.

"Coming Lisanna" Mira replied form the storage. She returned and smiled apologetically at Aayan.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting. Where would you like your mark?" she asked Aayan.

"On my right arm" he replied.

Mira nodded and stamped him on his right arm and it glowed before turning a deep brown. Aayan grinned and the rest of the guild welcomed him. He looked at Lisanna and she had looked back at the same time. They shared eye contact before she smiled and turned to work.

"Welcome to the family" Yui said grinning receiving a grin in return from Aayan.

"I think I finally found family after you Chikyun" Aayan thought while smiling fondly and thinking of his foster parent.

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