Secretly Falling (Dolan Twins)

Chapter 11

Ethan😘: (insert photo)


Ethan😘: what the fuck is this Mads?!?


Madison: my ex

Ethan😘: why is it on your profile pic?

Madison: he died... I was pregnant and lost the baby

Ethan😘: oh my God... I had no idea

Madison: because I don't talk about it!

Madison: part of the reason I'm going to Florida.... My family hasn't seen me since I lost him and the baby

Ethan😘: I'm so sorry Mads

Madison: it's fine I'm tired and we just landed

Ethan😘: go get some rest and text me when you wake up 😘

Madison: okay E

Ethan😘: bye mads I love you

Madison: I love you too E, bye

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