Secretly Falling (Dolan Twins)

Chapter 13

E: hey are you okay?

Mads: yes why?

E: I saw your status on FB

Mads: stalking me now are you stalker?

E: hey that hurt!

Mads: I'm kidding boo boo

E: I know 😘

Mads: 😘 how ar-


E: what?


E: baby?


Mads is typing

Mads: fuck off Ethan!

E: what the hell Madison?!

E: what did I do!?

Mads: you existed that's what!

E: wow you're a fucking bitch!

Mads: wtf is going on?! My phone isn't working properly that wasn't me Ethan!

E: I'm supposed to believe that bullshit?

Mads: phone is hacked and it's my fault? You know what? Fuck you, Ethan!

E: who would hack your phone?

Message undelivered


Message undelivered

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