Secretly Falling (Dolan Twins)

Chapter 14

Gray: Hey babe!


Gray: Kris? It's been like 4 days please answer me?


Kris is typing

Kris: this is her brother I haven't seen her or Logan since last night, they are supposed to be back in like an hour

Gray: she left her phone?

Kris: yeah! Logan has his though try to hit him up, they went sight seeing and went to a party with my friends

Gray: thanks man

Kris: np

Texts between Logan & Grayson

Gray: Logan? Is kris okay?

Logan: I don't know! She disappeared on me late last night

Gray: are you telling me she's fucking missing?!

Logan: possibly! It's not my fault! She excused herself to use the bathroom and never returned, please don't tell her brother I lost her

Gray: wtf man! Go find her!

Logan: wtf do you think I've been doing all fucking night?!

Gray: I'm sorry! Just let me know when you find her please

Logan: will do Grayson!

Kristen's POV:

I groaned in pain as I woke up in a basement I don't recognize the last thing I remember is drinking with Logan, excusing myself to use the bathroom, then when I got out of the bathroom I was hit from behind.

That was 4 days ago! Logan must be going crazy and my brother is probably so pissed off.

I sit up on the mattress on the floor and look around, I'm not alone there is another girl around my age in the room as well. I hear footsteps then a thump, I gasp and take a few deep breaths.

The door opens to the room and the other girl screams then stops confused.

"W-Who a-are y-y-you?" She stutters, scared out of her mind.

"I'm Dean and I'm getting you girls out of here, we don't have long, let's go!" The guy who's name is apparently Dean says.

I stand up, then fall back down, weak and dizzy. I didn't feel good and I was tired. Dean comes over to me and picks me up bridal style,

"I'm going to get you help Kristen, it's okay."

"How do you know my name?" I ask Dean looking up at him.

"I know everything about you, I'm best friends with your brothers," Dean says, walking out of the room with the other girl behind us.

"You can't tell them.." I begin to say.

"I have too, but when we're safe," Dean says not looking down at me.

Everything goes black after that, I wake up 4 hours later in a hospital room, with Logan sleeping next to me on the hospital bed and my brothers arguing with the doctor. I groan in pain and my brothers go silent, Logan wakes up.

Logan reaches over to the nightstand and grabs my phone and puts it in my hand,

"Text Gray, he's going crazy."

"Okay," I say quietly .

Texts between Gray & Kris

Kris: hey babe! Sorry some shit happened...I'm okay though

Gray: omg! I thought you were dead! What happened?

Kris: I'm not ready to talk about it...

Gray: Okay, maybe when I pick you up?

Kris: I'm not going to make my flight on Friday, it's pushed until Tues or Wed now

Gray: are you still coming back?

Kris: yes it's just going to be longer than I expected I'm sorry...

Gray: send me a pic?

Kris: I can't I'm sorry...

Gray: Kris did someone hurt you?

Kris: I said I don't wanna talk about it yet!

Gray: shit I'm sorry, I didn't mean to push

Kris: it's whatever

Gray: Kris?

Kris: what?

Gray: I love you so much

Kris: I know Grayson

Gray: aren't you going to say it back?


Kris is typing

Kris stopped typing

Gray: Baby?


Kris: it's Logan, she refuses to touch her phone now... she just needs some time Grayson, it'll make it better

Gray: make what better Logan?

Kris: she'll tell you when we're stateside again , but for now just go easy on her okay?

Gray: Okay I can do that

Gray:(insert photo)

Kris: her response was to say xoxo back

Gray: thanks bro

Kris: anytime see you on tues or wed

Gray: Okay

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