Secretly Falling (Dolan Twins)

Chapter 15

Gray: hey babe! You on the plane yet?

Kris: just got on, ill text or whatever when I can I have to shut my phone off

Gray: okay babe!

Kris turns her phone off until she's able to use wifi. She puts airplane mode on and texts Grayson from the chatroom site in dms

Dms between Kris and Gray

Kris: I'm in the air! This shit is scary

Gray: it'll be okay! I'll be at the airport when you land

Kris: I'm scared

Gray: me too baby

Kris: everything will be different from that moment on...

Kris: we can't go back once we meet.

Gray: I know love, but no harm will come to you

Kris: okay...

Gray: I love you Kris

Kris: I know Gray

Gray: why won't you say it back?!

Kris: I can't...

Gray: are you okay?

Kris: I'm fine Grayson

Gray: relax babe, I just wanted to know

Kris: sorry I'm tired

Gray: then sleep

Kris: I can't...

Gray: why?

Kris: I-

Kris: it's nothing don't worry

Gray: I am worried though...

Kris: 🛑

Gray: I can't I love you that much Kristen

Kris: I-

Kris stops messaging as tears begin to fall, she was kidnapped for 4 days and was saved by a friend of her brothers. Dean is still in London with my brothers. Logan and I are on the plane home. Logan pulls me close to him and I rest my head on his shoulder as the tears pour out.

Logan decides to message Gray.

Logan: Gray I think she needs a break from typing. She's exhausted

Gray: okay tell her I love her and I'll be there to pick her up

Logan: I will, she actually just fell asleep surprisingly.

Gray: good let her sleep. I'll see you guys in 9 hours

Logan: you got it man! Bye

Gray: bye Logan.

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