Secretly Falling (Dolan Twins)

Chapter 16

Mads: hey!

Ethan: what's up lovely?

Mads: nothing really about to board a plane to go back home

Ethan: have a safe flight love

Mads: Thanks I'll try

Ethan: you okay?

Mads: I'm okay Ethan, I'm just very tired and things were emotional

Ethan: can I pick you up from the airport?

Mads: sure, I'll be there at like 4pm

Ethan: I'll be there, with a sign saying Madison I'm Ethan ❤️

Mads: okay love

Ethan: message me when you can baby

Mads: I will! I'll see you at 4pm

Ethan: I'm nervous

Mads: so am I. I love you

Ethan: I love you too Madison

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