Secretly Falling (Dolan Twins)

Chapter 4

Kris: I can't do this!


Kris: I'm freaking the fuck out!


Kris: Gray?


Kris: why are you ignoring me baby?


Gray: fuck off slut!

Kris: wtf Gray?! What did I do?

Gray: you're a slut that's what you did!

Kris: how? I only talk to you!

Gray: that's not what I was told earlier!

Gray: you've been sending nudes to guys?!

Kris: no! I've been at work ALL fucking day! I just got home!

Gray: uh huh sure!

Gray: fuck off

Kris: Fuck you Grayson! I fucking hate you!

Gray: good!

20 mins later

Gray: Hey babe!


Kris: fuck off Grayson! I fucking don't want to hear from you again!

Gray: what did I do? I just got home... I left my phone there I've been working all day

Message undelivered

Gray: fuck!

Message undelivered

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