Secretly Falling (Dolan Twins)

Chapter 5

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Mads-Madison (Kristen's best friend)

Monty: Kris?

Kris: what?

Nora: chicken butt! 😂🤣

Mads: oh Nora! You never fail to make me fall off my chair or spit out my water

Nora: why thank you! I think I'll contact Netflix about my Comedy show Noras Horses 😉😏

Mads: oh uh Nora? I think it needs a better name! Nora's Got Jokes!

Kris: Monty are you going to tell me what's going on?

Monty: uh Gray is texting me...

Kris: so?

Monty: he still has no idea why you're pissed

Kris: then he's a fucking idiot!

Gray: Kris... Please unblock me! I have no idea what I did!

Kris: I don't want to speak to you!

Mads: back the fuck off Gray!

Ryan: daaamn what did I miss?!

Bart: a lot girl a lot!

Logan: well damn!

Anna: he really fucked up...

Gray: I have no idea what I even did! I was at work and left my phone at home I swear! And there was no messages from you... You can ask my brother!

Kris: no thanks! I'm good

Mads: just leave her the fuck alone Grayson!

Gray: I need to know what I did then I will

Kris: (insert photo here)

Kris: (insert photo here)

Kris: now go to fucking hell, Grayson!

Gray: that wasn't me! Those aren't even in my phone! 😭

Kris: whatever! I'm leaving!

Gray: no, please! Let me fix this!

Nora: noooo

Anna: don't!

Mads: please babe don't! I'll come over with junk food!

Logan: don't! Please bestie!

Bart: no don't leave!

Ryan: no!

Monty: please no!

Kris has logged off

Monty: good job Grayson!

Gray: honestly that wasn't me... I need to go ask Ethan if anyone was home and in my room yesterday

Ryan: you do that

Mads: imma kill you gray... My best friend won't even answer her cell now!

Kristen is sitting in her bathroom in her bathtub crying with the shower on.

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