Secretly Falling (Dolan Twins)

Chapter 6

Bold will be Ethan

Reg will be Madison

Unknown Number: Hey babe! We still on for tonight?

Madison: uh what? Who is this?

Unknown Number: Ethan from last night, were you that drunk you don't remember giving me your number?

Madison: uh what? I don't remember getting drunk last night.....

Unknown Number: isn't this Isabella?

Madison: nope! I'm Madison

Unknown Number: pic?

Madison: creep!

Unknown Number:(insert photo here)

Madison: daaamn! You're hot if that's even you...

Madison: (insert photo here)

Madison: no face shots sorry... I doubt you'd wanna see my ugly face 😂🤣

Unknown Number: naw you're gorgeous

Madison: nice try stranger

Unknown Number: aw come on! You totally are

Madison: I gotta go! I'll text you later tonight if you'd like?

Unknown Number: okay beautiful 😘😏

Unknown Number: I'll be waiting

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