Secretly Falling (Dolan Twins)

Chapter 7

R U Crazy? Chatroom

9 people are active in the chatroom









Mads-Madison (Kristen's best friend)

Kris has entered the chatroom

Kris: anyone awake? Mads fell asleep on me

Monty: me!

Logan: me!

Ryan: Me!

Kris: is Gray active?

Monty: no he's asleep on my floor

Kris: okay good

Logan: you still mad at him?

Kris: that would be an understatement I swear I've never cried like that over a guy before...

Ryan: you were crying?! Imma kill him!

Monty: Ryan relax girl! He made you cry?

Logan: I'll slap him silly

Kris: yes I cried! It's his fault, those texts are awful and I didn't do anything wrong!

Ryan: I know babes!

Monty: he's still trying to figure out who touched his phone because more than one girl was in his room when he wasn't home, Ethan explained it to him but doesn't know which girl texted you

Kris: wow I don't even know how to fucking react to that

Monty: relax, he wouldn't try to hurt you, he's falling in love with you!

Kris: ya right, and I'm a mother fucking president keep on dreaming

Ryan: Damn

Logan: savage!

Monty: you aren't dreAming Kris it's real, you should hear how he talks of you when you guys aren't texting

Kris: just stop Monty! I'm already crying...

Kris: I-

Ryan: imma kill Gray!

Monty: relax Ry, Kris why are you crying?!

Kris: it doesn't matter!

Logan: aw Kris don't cry!

Kris: I-

Ryan: it's okay sweetie!

Logan: Kris check your DMs

Kris: Okay....

DMs between Kris & Logan

Logan: Kris tell me what's wrong?

Kris: I-Uh-he

Logan: calm down and please explain in English hun

Kris: I think I love Grayson...

Logan: oh my God...

Kris: I- don't tell him!

Logan: secrets safe with me babe

Kris: thank you, Logan!

Logan: anytime Kris, now do you need me to come over?

Kris: please?

Logan: I'll be at your door in 10 mins unlock it

Kris: okay! Just don't be loud Mads is asleep on the couch

Logan: you got it boo! 😘

Kris: see you soon!

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