Secretly Falling (Dolan Twins)

Chapter 8

Kristen's POV

I faintly heard the front door open, I stayed sitting in my window seat looking out the window as tears fall down my face. My heart hasn't hurt like this in along time, not since Joey hurt me. Things just aren't always as they seem, my bedroom door opens and closes softly. I don't move, the tears just keep silently falling, a wonderful trait of mine is I've mastered silent crying. It's sad I know. I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me, Logan held me close and let me cry onto his shoulder as he rubbed my back.

I felt broken inside all over again, I knew deep down that Grayson was telling the truth but, my insecurities are getting in the way now that other girls go into his room. I don't know if I can do this with him anymore now, I feel like I'm not the only girl he wants. I know it's so stupid but my thoughts are so out of control right now I actually wanna drown myself. After I finish crying, I go downstairs and grab a bottle of my brother's liquor out of my freezer and open it. I grab two glasses and place ice cubes in them and bring them upstairs along with the bottle of booze. Logan is flipping through Netflix sitting on my bed. I sit next to him and hand him a glass then fill it up with Whiskey. I then fill my own as Logan says,

"Mads is going to be mad that I'm here."

" I don't care, it's my house, she's just living here, " I say as I take a sip of my whiskey.

Logan knew Madison would get mad but he came over anyway because he knows when I drink, we sleep together. God knows he hasn't gotten laid by Sabrina in a while, she's stuck on her ex and won't give it up much. Problem is I don't think I'll be able to sleep with Logan, my heart wants Grayson in my bed. Sleeping with Logan would totally ruin anything with Grayson. IF he found out. Logan's my childhood best friend/neighbor, also one of Madison's many exes.

Also, Logan is the first guy I EVER slept with. Logan placed his hand on my thigh and my mind was made up. I needed this, I was sexually frustrated. I let the liquor do its thing and I let Logan do his.

I'm now sitting in my bathtub, taking a bubble bath with roses and regretting what I just did.

Grayson's POV

I was drunk on Monty's floor, I just woke up to Monty saying something about Logan. I needed more liquor and a girl, I needed to fuck. I was definitely sexually frustrated because of Kristen and I knew I would regret what I was about to do but I didn't care. I got up and stumbled slightly out of Monty's bedroom, he was busy on the phone with Sabrina, Logans current girl and Ethans Psycho ex. She has this clingy possessive thing going on. I went to the kitchen to grab my unopened bottle of Whiskey (him and Kris both love their whiskey!). I was about to head outback when I accidentally bumped into June, Monty's younger sister by 1 year.

"I'm so sorry Jay, " I say reaching out in time to grab her before she falls onto her ass.

"fucking a G!" she squeals, looking up at me.

"you okay?" I ask her smiling at her.

"yep! Wanna fuck?" she wiggles her eyebrows.

I start to chuckle and then dead serious say, "Absolutely, where?"

"My hotel room, I have one I pay for that Monty doesn't know about," she winks at me and steals my bottle from me, taking a huge swig.

"Let's go baby," I say, letting the liquor do its thing.

I let her lead me out of Monty's , I take a peek at his bedroom window and see him standing there shaking his head at me as he argues with Sabrina.

I shrug my shoulders at him then lift the bottle up taking a big swig and he rolls his eyes then turns his back to the window.

I get into Jays car and she drives us to her hotel room. When we get there and things happen, I instantly regret them all and leave her asleep naked in her hotel room. I get dressed and go back to Monty's wanting to hit anything and everything for the royal fuck up I just did.

I lay down drunk and go into the chatroom and DM Kristen.

DMS between Kris and Gray

Gray: Kris I fucked up so badly... I need to see you face to face ASAP


Kris is typing

Kris stopped typing

Gray: Kris please baby I'm so sorry, we need to meet though I can't keep doing this...

Kris is typing

Kris: if I say yes everything changes

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