Secretly Falling (Dolan Twins)

Chapter 9

Bold will be Ethan

Reg will be Madison

Madison: Hey there 😉

Madison: (insert photo)

Ethan😘: I wish I was there 😉

Ethan😘: (insert photo)

Madison: oh my God! 🔥 I'm slightly turned on

Madison: oh shit I didn't mean to type that last part!

Ethan😘: oh I am too

Ethan😘: fuck! You got me all sorts of crazy

Madison: I'm good like that 😘👌

Ethan😘: I wish I could meet you to face to face right now, but I need time.

Madison: same here

Ethan😘: at least were on the same page

Madison: yes we are ❤️

Ethan😘: what are you up to?

Madison: (insert photo here)

Ethan😘: you're on a plane?!

Madison: yeah my parents want me to visit so I'm on my way to Florida

Ethan😘: damn I wish I was with you

Madison: haha too soon to meet my folks E, were not even together yet

Ethan😘: we could be...

Ethan😘: if you'd do this internet thing until we are ready to meet each other

Madison: hmm let me think about it, I have to turn my phone off were about to take off. I'll message when I can! 😘😘😘

Ethan😘: okay hun! Have a safe flight!

Madison: thanks boo!

Ethan😘: 😘😘😘

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