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A New School Guardian


Chiaka grows up as a human, but strange things have always happened around her. When she takes up a job at Cross Academy, while she discover the truth about herself and the world around her?

Romance / Adventure
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The first vampires were humans with a genetic mutation. They are called the ancestors.

Purebloods are their descendants, their bloodline contains not a single drop of human blood. Pureblood can have multiple special abilities and form the top of the pyramid (one can also refer to them as the A level vampires).

Aristocrats are descendants of the ancestors as well but their bloodline contains some human blood. They can have a special ability and they are right below the purebloods in the pyramid (the B level vampires so to speak).

Next are the common vampires. They are born as vampire as well, but their bloodline contains so much human blood that they no longer have any special abilities. They make up the third layer of the pyramid (and can be called C level vampires).

On the bottom of the pyramid are changed humans. These are vampires that were human at birth and have been changed into vampires by being bitten by a pureblood. (They are called D level vampires).

And last are the E level vampires. They have no place in the pyramid. They are changed humans that over time lost their humanity and control. When a vampire becomes a level E, said vampire is hunted down by the Aristocrats or the Hunters Association.

There were screams and shouts all around. Izumi looked at her husband and he nodded. She sighed and hugged her daughter close to her body before laying her on the table. She cut her finger and drew a circle around her. Then she made sure her daughter drank some of the blood that was sipping out of her finger. She stepped back and took a protective stance in front of her son and husband.

They still needed to perform the ritual and if she couldn't save them, she would be damned if she couldn't at least save her little Chiaka. Her son stepped forward next. She was so proud of him, her little Daichi. He drew another circle and made sure that Chiaka drank some of his blood. Even though he was young, he still knew what this meant. It meant that none of them were going to make it so they would save his baby sister. As he stepped back his father took his place.

Drawing the final circle and feeding his only daughter his blood he completed the ritual. All there was left was to initiate the transport. There were three of them so he knew that she would be save, without any memories and with her vampire instincts looked away securely. Yuudai knew that if by some unforeseen way Chiaka was to drink a pureblood's blood, her memories would return. He tried to find peace in being able to save his daughter but he could not.

He decided to cast another spell, if she ever was awakened she would be able to access all the knowledge of him, his wife and son plus all the memories they had of her. It was the only thing he could give her and took peace with ensuring that she would know that she was loved. He looked at Izumi and together with Daichi they formed a circle. While holding hands they focussed all their energy on the little girl, sending her to a human family who would raise her as her own without any knowledge of the truth. The circles glowed faintly and then Chiaka disappeared. The three turned around, took up arm and opened the door. They knew who they were facing and that they would not survive, but they would take as many with them as they could…


A confused woman opened her door and looked around. She had heard a strange noise and wanted to know where it came from. Then she heard a soft cry. At her feet, wrapped in a blanket, lay a baby girl. She didn't see anyone around, so she picked up the baby and walked inside. She couldn't have any children even though she was dying to have one, so she would raise this little lost girl as her own.

While explaining the situation to her husband, she tried to think of a good name. It seemed like it just drifted into her head. While looking at the baby, she saw that her hair was red. When he asked the name of the child, she suddenly looked up. She hadn't heard a word of what he had said, but she answered his question anyway. Chiaka.

"Chiaka, stop reading and get your coat we need to leave!" she shouted at the now 18 year old girl. "Yes, mom" Chiaka answered bored. She putted the book in her bag and went to get her coat. She had been dreading this day for weeks now. Her mom was forcing her to go to the local college to gather information and pick a study. The only problem was that she had no idea what she wanted to do. She had aced all her classes and passed with the highest marks her school had ever seen, while she hadn't even tried to study. Of course her parents were very proud, they had even thrown a party to celebrate the news.

She decided to try and pick a study before they reached the college. It was only a short walk and once they got there, her mom would run straight to the business section. Her mom really wanted her to go and work at some big company so she would earn a lot of money. Though her mom claimed it was for her welfare, she was pretty sure that her mother wanted it so she would get a better social standing. They never had to miss anything, but if you were rich people tended to treat you differently, with more respect.

If it was her choice she would go and study something like parapsychology. Not because she wanted to learn more about it, but because she thought it could help her understand herself better. For as long as she could remember, strange things happened around her. Once she had gotten so angry that it was like there was a mini earthquake. And she hated big crowds, they always gave her headaches. So she had become a loner, an outcast. She didn't have any friends so the main thing she did was reading, to the irritation of her parents. She looked up and saw that they had arrived at the college already. She realized that she still hadn't made a choice. Ah well might as well make my mom happy then, she thought with a sigh.

"Chiaka" her mom said to get her attention. "Please behave today, you really got to be more social. And try not to freak anyone out, or anger them". "Yes mom" they had been telling her the same things all week and she could dream it by now. Looking around on the campus they saw a lot of people. Great... Bring on the headache, I'm glad I brought painkillers with me this time. While walking toward the entrance she suddenly had the feeling that someone was walking towards her. She looked up and met the eyes of a guy that was clearly coming at her. She glared at him while thinking that he would better not hit on her, else she would stick his eyes out so he could never look at a woman like that again.

She chuckled when the guy made a sharp turn and walked away from her and her mom quickly. Yep, she had been right. They continued their way into the building and started to look around. It didn't take long, or she was already bored again. "Mom, I'm going to catch some air. Take as many folders with you as you want" She added, since she knew it would keep her mom busy for a while. She quickly made her way back outside and soon spotted a nice tree to sit under. It provided enough shade, so she didn't have to put on her sunglasses. When she was close to the tree she took her book out and started to look for the page she had been reading. She didn't pay any attention to her surroundings and ran into something solid. She dropped her book and looked up seeing a man with long blond hair who looked out of place on the campus. Maybe he's a teacher, she thought. She quickly bowed and apologized.

The man waved off her apology and picked up her book, looking at the title with interest. "You like the books from Kim Harrison?" he asked. I looked him in the eye and took my book back before I answered curtly. "Yes, she has a nice writing style and I like books about supernatural beings". The man seemed a bit surprised. "I'm sorry, I didn't introduce myself. My name is Kaien Cross, I'm the headmaster of Cross Academy". When he saw my puzzled look he explained some more. "Cross Academy is a private school. It isn't very well known because there are quite a few children of important people who attend the school". She nodded and then became puzzled over the fact that the headmaster of a school is on a college campus. When she asks him about it he explains that he's looking for someone who can help his teaching staff.

"Well, I'm Chiaka and I was planning on reading, but why don't we sit down? I'd like to know more" She said with a smile. And he launched off in an explanation that took up the better part of an hour. In short, his teachings staff tried every method but still a lot of students of the day class had troubles with one subject or the other. So he had come looking for someone close to their age who would be able to tutor them. Suddenly from out of nowhere her mother appeared. "Well that would be no problem for my Chiaka, she's a straight A student" She leaned closer to her daughter and said that she knew that she didn't want to go into business and that teaching was more her thing. Chiaka thought about it and realized that her mom was right, she enjoyed helping people and had no problem with explaining things to them.

While she had been thinking her mom had been continuing her conversation with Cross-san. As it turned out everything was arranged. Cross-san would drive them to their house and her mom would help her pack. When she and her mom were busy packing, her mom told her that housing and food were included and that she didn't have to pay anything from her salary. Chiaka looked at her mom in surprise. "That means that you can buy as many books as you want, without having to worry about anything essential" She was at a loss for words, all she could do was hug her mom and say "I love you, mom". They closed the suitcase and walked downstairs, where she said goodbye to her dad. She got in the car with Cross-san and they drove off.

On the way to the academy, Cross-san explained that the day and night class shared the same building for instructions. The day class had separated dorms for the boys and girls, while the night class only had one dorm which was mixed. The day class was not allowed to be outside their dorm after twilight and the night class wasn't allowed to be outside during the day. She would be helping out the day class students, and they would be from all years. Her room was being prepared for her and she would start next week. "Did you have any questions left, Chiaka-san?" "No, Cross-san. Your explanation was clear" "Please call me by my first name" "Ok... Kaien-san" She added with a smile. Yes she would make an excellent tutor Kaien thought. When Chiaka looked out of the window she saw the academy. "It's beautiful" she said breathless when they got out of the car. "Thanks, Chiaka-san. And welcome to the Cross Academy" Kaien Cross said formally. He showed Chiaka to her room and left, so she could settle in at ease.

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